Monday, July 26, 2004

Cast of Clowns

Here's a list of the people who I'll probably be writing about!

EX Hubs: My ex-husband of course!
Princess/Prin: My daughter (13 years old)
Bear: My son (11 years old)

Mom and Dad: Enough said
EX-MIL and EX-FIL: The EX-Hubs parents (duh!)

My oldest sister who is 4 years older than me (also the black sheep of the family)
Rambo: Sis#1's husband
Tea: Sis#1 and Rambo's oldest daughter
Annie: Tea's daughter
Jane: Sis#1 and Rambo's middle daughter
Ray: Sis#1 and Rambo's youngest daughter

Sis#2: My older sister who is 28 months older than me
Jello: Sis#2's husband who I adore
Mickey: Sis#2 and Jello's oldest son
Kay: Sis#2 and Jello's middle daughter
Theo: Sis#2 and Jello's youngest son

LilSis: My younger sister who is 12 years younger than me
Shorty: LilSis husband
Alex: LilSis daughter

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