Monday, December 31, 2007

Taking care of business

It's actually the taking away the remnants of the kids' gifts.

You parents know what I'm talking about. The boxes. The plastic wrap. The cardboard innards. The extra hard plastic ties that are used to tie the toy to the cardboard innards -- the stuff that'll create cuts all over your hands if you're not careful. The black plastic pieces that the hard plastic ties are woven through. The soft plastic ties (kind of like hair ties) that keep the tiny pieces attached. TOYS are the most SECURE things.

We were gone from Sunday to Friday. Our trash pick-up is on Thursday and Monday. Unfortunately, the Hubs did NOT place our trash bin out on the Thursday before we left. So for today's trash pick-up, we had residual stuff from the previous week. We sure did need that extra space. The bin was packed. And then the Hubs kept a huge bag of dry stuff in the garage because it wouldn't fit into the bin.


I saw the trash guy come by and take care of our bin around 7:30am. [lightbulb flashing]

I ran and grabbed a bag from the kitchen bin. I opened the refrigerator and got out the yucky fruit and the leftover pizza, which was there from last week. I also grabbed the big bag from the garage. And what did I do? I went out and threw it all into the bin outside. AND....I rolled the bin across the street to my neighbor's house. You see, they are out of town until Jan they didn't have their bin out. It's not like we get charged for each pick-up. We get charged a standard amount each month no matter if we set out our bin 2 times per week or not. I took advantage of the fact that the trash guy was going up the street and would take at least 10 minutes to come back the other way. He had to go into 3 cul-de-sacs before he hit the guy across the street's house.

So instead of having to wait to get all that extra stuff taken away on Thursday's pick-up? I was able to get rid of it all today. YEAH!

Now have you done this? Seriously...anyone?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dear Santa...Part 1

Last Sunday morning, the kids headed out to the store with the Hubs to get bottles of water and snacks for the trip out. I supposedly was going to turn off all the toilets and to double-check that we'd turned everything off. But I was running around like crazy grabbing presents and putting them under the tree. I was a maniac! I worked from the back of the tree to the front. And under the front of the tree was a little package along with a note.

Dear Santa,

Since we're leaving today I wasn't allowed to leave you cookies, so here is a bag of peppermints. I hope they make you feel extra sweet.


I couldn't help but STOP and write a note back to her.

Dear Princess,

Thank you for the peppermints. It was a nice change from cookies. I'm going to eat one now and save the rest for later on tonight. I do feel extra sweet.


P.S. I was so glad to hear that you received high marks on your report card. Keep up the good work.

I put the note on one of the lower branches of the tree. I also unwrapped one of the peppermints and put the wrapper on top of the note.

The drive out to my folks was uneventful. The car was packed to the gills. The Hubs put the kids in the very back and ended up having to place packages on top of the middle seats, which were folded down. The kids were comfy but I didn't like the fact that there was stuff blocking me from them. We headed out around 10am and got there about 4:30pm, so a good 6 1/2 hour drive. And yes, we did stop about midway to grab some lunch and stretch out. It was COLD in Yuma. It was a little breezy so it felt like the cold air was cutting through us. We were in light sweatpants/leggings and short-sleeve t-shirts.

The kids didn't sleep one iota on the drive out. They just watched 3 movies and chatted and got on each others nerves. Neither of them wanted anything from their activity backpack. Makes me wonder why I even pack that thing for trips. Of course, if I didn't pack it and bring it along? They would probably be wanting something from it. The Hubs stayed busy just driving and listening to his iPod. I did my duty as DVD movie changer and ringmaster. I also stayed amused with a find book -- kind of like "Where's Waldo". So it was a nice drive out.

When we got to my sister's house, the kids went off with their cousins. It was like the Hubs and I didn't exist. But that's the way it is. And I'm glad it happens. The kids and their cousins pick up right where they left off. It's like no time has passed since they saw each other last. It's great to watch them all together. It was a nice relaxing evening. The Princess, my nephew, and my niece decorated a gingerbread house too!

The next morning was Christmas Eve. None of us had to buy any other gifts, so we kept close to home. BigSis and I decided to gather the kids and walk down to the park (2 1/2 blocks away). My BIL's sister lives half a block away up on a hill, so as we walked to the park we saw my BIL's sister's son sitting on the fence of his backyard. We yelled up to him and he waved. Soon enough, he and his brother were down at the park with us (their Dad walked them down). The kids ran around, went down the slides, and rode the swings. We sent the girls to collect pinecones off the ground. After an hour or so, we headed back up to the house. We didn't have enough snacks or drinks with us.

We had a simple lunch and then got the pinecones out for a craft. We decided to make pinecone trees! We gathered the supplies and set the kids to work. Only took them an hour to finish, but we ended up with additional decorations. The kids headed into the backyard and ran around more. We all ended up in the backyard throwing the balls around. It was SO fun just being outside with the kids on a beautiful day. LilSis and Shorty showed up a little while later. My folks were going to come out after a late service at their church.

Did I mention that BigSis was hosting my entire family for Christmas? My clan was in my youngest nephew's room. LilSis and Shorty in my niece's room. My folks in my oldest nephew's room. BigSis, Jello, and their 3 kids were going to sleep in the master and the den next door (which had 2 large couches). So it was a FULL house!

We all woke up late Christmas morning. The kids played together while we made breakfast. There was no whining or anything. They knew we'd get to the gifts as soon as everyone was awake and had a chance to eat. We gathered into the livingroom and....took photos! Of course, we each (LilSis, BigSis and I) had to take photos. We're not all together often so we took advantage of the situation. As soon as we'd "captured the moment", we handed out gifts and let the kids loose. It was an open free-for-all. I ended up just watching everyone open their gifts. It was so fun just watching.

Then my BIL's side of the family started showing up. My BIL's older sister and her son. My BIL's younger sister, her husband, and her two boys (who played at the park with us). Then we had our Christmas lunch. We all contributed food to it. And what a lunch it was. It was a beautiful buffet of food. Deep fried turkey. Gravy. Baked green beans with onions on top. Homemade cranberry sauce. Yams and marshmallows. Salad. Cheesecake. Chocolate Cake. Chocolate cookies. Chocolate fondue with cherries, strawberries, apples for dipping. YUM! We spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies and catching up.

Before it got too late we headed out to my folks house. BigSis and Jello had plans for their kids the rest of the week -- I think snowboarding? But what sucked is that my Mom had to work Wed/Thu/Fri. So she only got to see the kids at the end of the day. And we didn't hang out at the house either. But I think I'll leave that info for my next post....

Friday, December 28, 2007

We're back safe and sound

Just a quick note to let you know that we're back home safe and sound.

We left Sunday to spend 5 days with my family. We arrived back here at home about 4 hours ago.

The kids were excited to open up the rest of their Christmas presents. We always switch spending Christmas with my family and the Hubs family. So every year, Santa drops off gifts where we're spending Christmas AND he drops off the rest of the gifts here at our house. That Santa is a smart guy. He knows that we've only got so much room in our he doesn't drop everything off in one place! [wink-wink]

Anyway, the kids had a blast opening their 1st round of gifts. And had an equally fun time opening their 2nd round of gifts.

We've got laundry started. We won't get finished with it until sometime tomorrow.

The rest of the weekend will be low-key. We're going to stick close to home. No plans on venturing out.

I'll give you more details about our trip sometime this weekend when I'm more rested.

Hope you had a fabulous holiday with YOUR family and friends! Can't wait to read what you've all been up to!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy birthday to you....happy bir...Uh...

Yesterday we drove up to see the Hubs family. His Mom's birthday was earlier this week and we wanted the kids to help celebrate her birthday.

We picked up the food and we got to my ILs around 2:30pm. The Hubs told his family that we'd be there by 3pm with the food. It was going to be a LATE lunch/EARLY dinner kind of situation. We got there and said hello. The kids ran to see my FIL. Then my SIL called up. Apparently there was an issue with her mailbox. Remember how I mentioned she moved? Well, the key they provided wasn't working. And she was trying to get her mail. Get her mail on Saturday? The Saturday before Christmas? Uh-yeah. So she was all worked up and on a mission. And finally was able to get someone to get her mail out. She JUST moved in. What kind of important mail couldn't wait until Wednesday?

Anyway, she was still at her house trying to get this all figured out. And it was 2:30pm. She was supposed to be there before 3pm. And she lives about 45 minutes away. People. She didn't show up until about 3:30pm. Yeah, we ended up eating without her. Again. This happened at Thanksgiving.

When my MIL was on the phone with the SIL, I took a walk over near the tree. And I decided to hussle the kids' presents into our car. It took about 3 trips. But I got it done. I was able to fit everything so that the kids wouldn't even know the presents were in the back. YEAH!

My SIL did finally show up. And she brought all the presents in with her through the door in a big ruckus. Uh... That definitely was suspicious and not discrete at all. My kids both still believe in Santa.

But my SIL finally ate. The kids played. Fun right? Then my MIL goes over to the stereo and starts blasting Christmas music. And then announces that we all need to go into the livingroom to open presents.

What the F?
MIL: Son. Come on over and open presents.
Hubs: I'm not the one you need to ask. [I'm next to him shaking my head]
Me: But the kids still believe in Santa. How are we supposed to explain all the gifts? [I say in a muted voice to my SIL who is on the couch 3 feet away]
SIL: Well, tell them he came early.
THAT is the response I get from my SIL that has no boyfriend/spouse, no kids, and 2 dogs. And NO the kids did not open gifts. My MIL opened her birthday gifts. I mean, that was the reason I was told that we came up there. We were there to GET the kids gifts and to celebrate my MILs birthday.

Needless to say, my MIL and my SIL were perturbed. They gave me the cold shoulder the rest of the afternoon. My SIL had a visible pissed-off look on her face on the couch. Okay, they didn't get to watch the kids open their gifts. But the Hubs and I weren't even originally scheduled to be up there at all yesterday. It's our year that we spend Christmas with MY family. So we were up there to get the gifts. I shouldn't be surprised that they had their own plans for the day without checking with me/Hubs. Typical.

But the Hubs had to get the gifts that my SIL had trounced into the house into our car. And he had to do it in front of the kids. I was able to get the majority of the gifts into the car earlier while the kids were busy. I mean, my MIL didn't even realize that the gifts that were under the tree were GONE. So now the kids SAW gifts from my SIL being taken to the car. [sigh]

Am I being unreasonable? I don't think so. Both my kids (almost 5 and 7) still believe in Santa. TOTALLY believe in him. They know Santa comes on Christmas Eve. My daughter is as smart as a whip. She's got a memory like an elephant. Seriously! So I'm just supposed to tell her Santa came early? Like she is going to believe that one. But I think that this is going to be the last year we'll be able to have the fantasy of Santa. And that breaks my heart. That I could go 7 years with the fantasy and aura alive. Only to have it messed up by some adults who want what they want.

I'm mad. I'm pissed. I just can't believe it. Just another reason not to like my SIL and my MIL. They just want CREDIT with the kids for what they purchased for each of them. And guess what? Before she got all wound up? My SIL mentioned to me that she wants to take the kids for about 4 days during the summer. Uh-right. I don't think so. Her one dog GROWLED at my kids when it saw the kids stayed at my SIL's house the last time. AND that same dog growled at the Prin when she was helping with the move to the new house. I don't trust that dog. So the kids are staying with my SIL unless that dog is at the dog-sitter for all those days. You hear about family dogs who are as sweet as pie and then suddenly lash out at the family. Knowing that my SIL's dog growled at my kids with my SIL in plain sight? NOPE. The kids are definitely not staying when the dog is there. Just another reason for my SIL not to like me. Because I'm protecting my kids, eh?

But I'll be in and out. We're heading out to see my family today. The bags are mostly packed. we've got some final items to get in. And when the Hubs and the kids are in the garage packing the car? I'll be in the house grabbing all the presents and putting them under the tree. So when we come home? It'll be like Santa visited us here too! We are bringing a couple gifts with us to my folks house as well. But every year we have the BIG present opening here at the house. I told my daughter a long time ago that Santa knows that we travel every year, so he brings some items to wherever we're spending Christmas. But most of the stuff he drops off here at the house because he knows we can't fit everything into our car.

And how is YOUR holiday going? You staying home and hosting? Or are you headed out on the road/airways to your final destination? If you're traveling today? We might pass each other on the road. If you see a family of four in a gold-sand colored Ford Freestyle? That MIGHT be us! So wave! And we'll definitely wave back to ya!

Friday, December 21, 2007

She's a maniac

Lordy bee! That's how I'm going to be tonight.

Tonight is the last night that I can really wrap gifts. The last package of goodies came via UPS yesterday afternoon -- after the kids came home for the day. So there was no way I could wrap until after they were asleep. But alas...that didn't happen either. I got wrapped up with some online stuff. Tonight! Tonight! I've got about 10 gifts I need to wrap and HIDE. Oy! For some of you, wrapping ten presents is no big thing. But for me? It's going to be a challenge.

The sound of ripping paper. The crinkling of paper. That'll definitely get the kids attention if they are not totally asleep. I know my kids. The sound of crinkling paper will just attract them like bees to honey.

Then there is the HIDING of the gifts in a convenient location.

I have to get it done. I will. I know I will. But I'm just stressing about it. I'm sure when it's all done I'll be happy as a clam.

But tomorrow? I'm going to have to PACK enough clothing/stuff for the kids and myself for 6 days. SIX DAYS! I'll probably end up having to use my Mom's washer/dryer. Our first real get-away since forever. We haven't been away for 6 full days since the kids were born. So it'll be an adventure. LOTS of family time. And time to explore San Diego. We're planning on going to Scripps Aquarium and the Space Theater. It's going to be FUN!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Spreading the holiday cheer

This morning the gals at $tarbuck$ made my day.
Me: Grande Gingerbread Latte please?
Barista: Sure...I'll give you a Venti if you sing a little bit of Jingle Bells.
Me: Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horsed open sleigh. HEY! Oh wait? Or did you want...Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock? [cracking up laughing]
Barista: [laughing with me] got it! Venti coming up for ya!
She went off and started my drink.
Cashier: So you got a Grande?
Me: Uh. Yes...and a pumpkin loaf please.
Cashier: Okay. Now do you make coffee at home?
Me: Oh yeah! If I'm not here picking one up then I'm making something at home.
She hands me one of those bags of coffee grinds when she gives me the pumpkin loaf.

THEY ARE SO NICE! Totally made my day. Who knew that a little smile, singing, and laughter could get me more coffee for free?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday pageantry

The Bear was in his first holiday "production" this evening.

The entire daycare has been practicing 5 songs for about 3 weeks now. They had hand motions to go along with the words. SO cute.

I found out on Thursday that the Bear would have a SPEAKING part, not just be one of the choir.
Teacher: Do you think he'll be okay with the crowd?
Me: Yes.
Teacher: I asked him and he said he would but I wanted to check with you.
Me: Yes. He'll definitely be okay with it. He's not shy about people.
At yesterday's practice I got to watch the production. The kids' choir from the church. The angels were the Bear's class. The Bear and two of his cohorts? They were the inn keepers. The name of Bear's inn? The Holiday Inn! What was the cutest is that his hotel had a little window that he just peeked his head out of.

So today was the actual production. We had to bring the Bear in for prep at 5pm. The event didn't start until 6pm. But they had to get the kids changed into their costumes and organized. Thankfully, we came early enough to secure an aisle seat that was diagonal from the Bear's hotel. So when the Bear got into his "hotel" he looked out the window. And I knew he was looking for us. I waved. The Princess waved. I could see his little face turn slowly. He had a look of uncertainty in his eyes. But when he saw us waving at him? His face broke out in a wide grin and he waved back. I gave him a flying kiss. And he returned it back to me.

Soon enough it was time for Mary and Joseph to start looking for a place to stay. They knocked on the first inn and the little boy said his lines very softy. And the couple was turned away. Then they knocked on the second inn (Bear's inn). The narrator began to read that part of the story and....
We have NO room. Try the next inn!
The audience heard the Bear's prematurely stated line. The narrator continued the part of the story and...
We have NO ROOM. Try the NEXT INN!
My little guy didn't need a microphone at all. It was as clear as day. And he wasn't yelling his lines. His voice projected perfectly so that everyone in the audience could hear what he said. I was amazed. We heard him better than the kids who were twice his age (the ones who were the 3 Kings). I guess my Mom's pride could visibly be seen. The lady to my left asked if the Bear was my son. I guess I was giddy!

So the Bear's first go at acting was a raving success. He's a ham. I should expect more productions in his future.

How are your kids' holiday productions going?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Broken or bruised?

I've been a gimpy girl for a while now.

Gimpy, you ask? Yes. I've been limping about for about 2 1/2 weeks. I've been trying NOT to bend two specific toes on my right foot. My middle toe and one to the left of it. Why? Because three weeks ago, I noticed that the tips of the toes were tingly and numb.

Tingly and numb? Just two toes? What could that be caused by? Well, I didn't know. And when YOU don't know something, where do you go? Internet! Yes, I googled myself silly and got myself all whirled up. Diabetes? My father has adult-onset diabetes where he has to now take insulin. Multiple Shlerosis? That can flare up at any time. Pinched nerve? Then I'd have to figure out what nerve was causing it. My brain was on overload. It was broken. I could still move my toes. But moving my toes? Was causing more pain. Hence, the funny walking to avoid bending my toes. You know how HARD it is to walk without bending your toes for over 2 weeks? And I went to the mall on Saturday!

Anyway, after getting myself all riled up for 3 days and when I was on the verge of calling the doctor, I finally remembered that I had raked my toes up against our metal scale in the bathroom one night when I hadn't pushed it fully under the vanity area of our bathroom. I mean, I really crunched my toes something awful. When I remembered the incident, I couldn't believe that I'd forgotten about it! Because when I scraped those toes, in my mind I was thinking "Oh my freaking goodness that hurts all to HE&*!!!"

Once I remembered the incident, I concluded that I had badly bruised toes. And what do you do with bruised toes? Nothing. You just let it heal. Some folks on the Internet said that they taped their toes as if they'd broken them -- to help immobilize them to assist in the healing process. Me? I went the cheapo route and just massaged my foot about 5 times a day to increase circulation that would help the healing process. I wore socks to keep my feet warm (remember the tingling?) which would keep the blood flowing to my foot. And I walked my funny walk.

Finally after 2.5 weeks, I've bent my toes. But only while I was sitting down. Just a few times today. I don't want to overdo it on my first day. But I think my toes are now healed. Whew! Halleluia! Now I can run around with the kids this weekend!


And my "strange" post from the other day? I'm sure that looked odd for you regular readers. I was actually serious about people getting back to me too. I was trying to help a friend who is in IT recruiting get some "fresh" resumes, but no one did [sniffle-sniffle]. Anyway...thought I'd just make a note of my failure to get people to respond and move on. I guess I shouldn't get into the marketing field, eh?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another rainy day

What is going on?

People? I woke up this morning and noticed that the only "light" int he house was from the holiday lights strung up on the banister and the snowman/reindeer on the planter ledge. Where WAS the SUN? The sun was no where to be seen. I looked outside and it's cloudy. AGAIN. It's been raining off and on since I woke up.

My complaint?

It rained last weekend. Actually, it rained Thursday afternoon to Saturday night last week.

And this weekend, the rain started a little bit on Friday and has continued to now. And it's still continuing to rain.

But the rest of the week? No rain. NO RAIN! The rain just waited until it was the weekend. That's how I feel. It made yesterday's trip to the mall not the most fun. When it's rainy, I feel like just chillin' at home. But we did go to the mall and we did a little bit of shopping. But we had to wear jackets because it was freezing (well here for AZ) and windy. I mean, it was 47 degrees on our drive to the mall! By 10am, it's normally around 60 degrees at the lowest. So this winter storm really made it cold. And what sucks about having to wear a jacket, is that once you're inside the mall you want to take off your jacket. And WHO ends up carrying said jacket(s)? The Mommy does!

So we're going to hang at the house today. I've got some craft materials. I'm thinking the kids will "make" some paper ornaments. Last night, we made a really long colored-paper chain that we'll put up in their play area. They've got a miniature tree with colored lights, so the paper chain will go nicely with the color scheme.

What do you do when you're "inside" for the day with your kids?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

...and he goes out of his way for them again...

Yesterday when the Hubs was taking a nap, his phone rang. Logically, whoever called went into voicemail. When the Hubs woke up and I was making dinner, he checked the message. I was surprised when he actually started dialing his cell as he walked towards our office.

Hmmm....I wonder who it was?

He walked back into the family room less than 2 minutes later.

Me: So who'd ya call?
Hubs: My sister.
Me: Your sister? What'd she want?
Hubs: She's moving next weekend and she wants my help.
Me: Uh-huh. And?
Hubs: She let me know what time she was starting so I know what time to leave here.
Me: Wait. What? You're going to help her?
Hubs: Yes...
Me: You're going to be gone an entire day and you didn't bother asking me?

I had to walk away. I was so pissed. He is going to drive up 2 hours. Help his sister move for 6 hours. And take another 2 hour drive home. He only gets 2 days off a week. And he'll be gone away from us an entire day. Does he deserve a day away? Can he do things he wants to do? Sure! For the last 6 years, he's purchased season tickets for his university's football team. He goes to the home games (which are 2 hours away from where we live) every fall. So he does get to get away and do something he enjoys.

What ticks me off even more is that when we moved down here, my SIL balked at the Hubs' request for help. When we moved down here, the Bear was 14 months old and the Princess was 3. AND we only were taking about 1/3 of our belongings with us. We were moving into temporary housing and had already put the rest of the 2/3 of our stuff into storage. So my SIL did not help us one iota. It was too much OUT OF HER WAY is what she told the Hubs. And now? She had the nerve to ask the Hubs for HIS help. It's not like she doesn't have my FIL and a couple uncles and all her supposed friends, who all live nearby, to help her!

I'm not mad at the Hubs. He always takes he high road when it comes to his family. He helps them no matter what. It just that my SIL (or MIL or BIL in other situations) has the NERVE to ask the Hubs for his help. The Hubs gives and gives and gives to his family. And they never give back to us. Sure, they give to the kids. But the Hubs and myself? Not so much. I can't believe other people's nerve. I can't. It baffles me.

Friday, December 7, 2007

You gave me promises...promises...

Today, I was supposed to get "something" delivered.

I was told on Wednesday via email that I would receive that "something" today.

At 2:30pm today, I emailed the person who told me that I'd be receiving the "something" that I hadn't received the item.

At 3:30pm today, I received a response back from this person stating that I would not receive that "something" until Monday.


This person told me I'd receive this "something" today and didn't bother letting me know about the delay until I asked WHERE it was.


If I hadn't asked about the "something", would this person have let me know about the delay? I doubt it.

If you as a business person give someone a date of delivery, then you do all YOU can as a professional to meet that deadline. If there's a delay? You let that person know about the delay ASAP. You don't wait until the person asks. I can't believe how UNPROFESSIONAL this person has behaved.

[shaking head in disgust]

Don't promise what you can't deliver!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Making Mommy Laugh

I bought new clothes for the kids. It's cold now in Arizona and they didn't have enough long pants/jeans/sweats. So they each got at least 4 new pair of bottoms. And what happens all the time with new clothes is that they each need help with their top button. This morning was no exception.
Princess: Mom! Would you please help me with this top button?
I snap the button. And then I look at my child. Why the heck are these pants short? I KNOW I didn't buy my girl capris. I take a closer look.
Me: What are you doing wearing your brother's jeans?
Yes. My daughter had grabbed her brother's pants and put them on without realizing it.

I just about busted a rib laughing so hard this morning.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Don't believe everything you read

It's really interesting how things work in life. There are the good people who we are BLESSED to meet and be a part of our lives. Then there are those people who make our lives horrible. The people who hired me in my first job after I took a mommy-break when I had my kids? THOSE were awesome people. The people who ended up in management this year, are a part of the second group of people who end up in our lives.

You all know I'm out of work. You all know that I know longer work for that company. We parted ways. Yeah...Happy Holidays to me! Actually they've pretty much dampened my holiday spirit. I'm trying hard to keep it (as you can see with the decorating I've been doing).

It's just that I still can't believe there are companies out there that are just....BLEAH! Anyway, I visited their website recently and was SHOCKED to see what they've written as their "culture". There is stuff about integrity, humility, a place where you can make a difference, and a responsibility to make a difference in the world by giving back.

Reading this on their website made my stomach churn. Sickening. Just sickening. I can't believe companies out there exist. That they'd publicize themselves to the world as such....but in reality are NOT like this. If I was an existing employee and read this, I would be SO embarrassed. Especially if I was an employee that knew all the details about what has been going on the past few months.

So as we all know...don't believe everything you read on the internet. Really research. Really look. Open your eyes. Don't just trust people like I did. It's sad...but it's true.

But I do miss the original group of people I worked with. They were outstanding people. We were a great team. My heart is sad that chapter of my life is over. Even though we didn't see each other much, I felt so tied to those people. We all worked hard. And we could rely on each other no matter what. Now that support system has disappeared into thin air. And that is what's sad. We've all parted ways and have blown into the wind. I only wish them success. They are the people you WANT to see succeed. Honest. True. Genuine. Hmmm....I do miss them. So surround yourselves with good people. Your heart will not be let down.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rescue me!

I forgot to mention that the Princess and I went on a rescue mission on Saturday night.


It rained from Thursday afternoon to Saturday, so the ground was wet. And our penguin? Our blow-up penguin in the backyard? Well, he "fell down" and couldn't get up by himself.

You see, when the Princess and I drove up the street from our little Chinese dinner we noticed that we couldn't see the penguin.
Princess: Mommy! The Penguin!
Me: Okay babe. Let's go out and see what happened to him.
Princess: Poor little Penguin!
Turns out that the things that we'd nailed into the ground had pulled loose due to the now soft dirt and the wind. So the little penguin didn't have a chance. I had to get the hammer. I had to re-locate where the penguin stood because the dirt area where he originally was located was all torn up. The Princess held the metal "nails" while I repositioned the penguin.

Once we got the penguin back up, the Princess was SO happy.
Princess: He's fixed! The poor little guy. He's so cute again!
She hugged the now tall standing penguin. She was so glad that we were able to fix him. And now every night she checks on her little friend to make sure he's okay.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

And even more stuff went up

The Hubs and the Bear left us around 2pm today to go up to watch the ASU/UofA game. The last game of the season. What the heck is the Bear going to do now? Oy!

Since the boys were gone, I had to figure out what the Princess and I were going to do. I didn't want to head out to the movies again. That has typically what we've been doing when the guys go up to a football game. This time we stayed close to home. Mainly because it was raining the last couple of days. Last night the wind picked up hard. I didn't want to deal with any crud that comes along with bad weather.

Once the boys left, the Princess and I broke out the decorations for the front yard. Yup. I relented. We had our lighted candy cane and snowman lighted window forms up in the garage window, but I HAD to get more things up. I just had to. I got the 6 walkway Christmas trees set in an arc in the front of our center bushes. When I opened the box, I found out we had colored lights instead of white. I was okay with that because the figures in the window were very colorful. I then broke out the big A-frame ladder and hung bulbs up on our front two trees. Don't worry, I purchased "shatterproof" bulbs so they'll be fine outside. I also used zip ties to secure the bulbs to the branches, so those puppies are NOT coming down. Lastly, I wove two sets of strand lights on both of the trees. The two trees flank the bushes. So these white lights would frame the little color-lighted Christmas trees. I didn't get the strand up into the high branches because the trees are WAY too tall. I just wound the strands around the base and up around the first main branch-off branches.

We ate dinner at our local Chinese eatery. The wait staff knows us. We've eaten there at least once a month since they opened almost 2 years ago. We ate orange chicken, pork lo mein, and veggie fried rice. It was so good. Then we headed home and watched Spiderman 3. It was the first time we watched it. There were some parts where the Princess got "scared" so now I know that I need to watch this with the Bear when HE first watches this tomorrow. No matter what...he is going to LOVE this movie. My little guy puts on his Spiderman costume about 3 times a week. He just had it on this morning as he ate his pancake breakfast.

Anyway, that was my day. The Princess is tucked away in her bed upstairs. By now, the Hubs and the Bear are about 1/3 of the way home from the game. But I must say...that I'm really happy that the entire house (inside and out) is decorated for the season. That everything is done and now we can just enjoy our time. Now...if I can only get some shopping done! ARGH!