Tuesday, August 30, 2005

All about cars

The Hubs said we'll be buying me a new vehicle in the next couple of weeks.

This means I'm going to need YOUR help getting ideas on which cars are good quality. What you LIKE and DISLIKE about the car you own.

Remember, I've got two kiddos (one in a carseat and one in a booster) so keep that in mind. I don't know if I want a sedan or not. I know regular cars are better on fuel (I drive a mid-size SUV right now). I don't know if I want a wagon or not either. You can see that I need LOTS of help to narrow down my list.

Here are the things I need:

1. Good gas mileage
2. Side curtain airbags
3. Quiet interior
4. Spend less than $25k

Stuff that I'd like:

1. DVD player
2. The ability to seat 6 people
3. Keyless entry

Vehicles I'm contemplating:

1. Honda Accord
2. Toyota Camry
3. Nissan Altima
4. Kia Optima
5. Ford Freestyle
6. Mazda 5
7. Chrysler Pacifica
8. Chrysler 300
9. VW Jetta or Jetta Wagon

So HELP! Please also add the particular model # of your vehicle so I know which specific one you're referring to (since the manufacturers have like 5 different levels for each type of vehicle).

Monday, August 29, 2005

Bak in the grind

I'm better now!

The cause for all the angst? Money.

Turns out my husband has been reviewing our finances this week. His conclusion? I need to go back to work. At least part-time.

I haven't worked outside the home since August 2000! I feel so weird. I don't want to go back to work. I want to have one-on-one time with my Bear. The kind of time that the Princess had with me. But alas. I need to find a job.

Today? I cancelled (withdrew) from the two parks & recs courses I had the Bear signed up for. I also sent my resume to 5 places. I'm also in the process of investigating daycare facilities.

To top it all off? My car started making funny sounds this morning. I do believe it's the transmission. I put a call into our regular mechanic and he recommended a transmission repair shop. Our mechanic's shop is not equiped with all the computer equipment and software needed for my vehicle (my car is a 1998 so it's not new).

So hopefully the car can get fixed tomorrow morning. And not for a bundle of money. The Hubs said that we'll start to check out cars. I'm actually going to let HIM pick it out. I don't want him complaining anymore about MY vehicle.

That's the gist of what's been going on. What's been causing the stress. Thanks for the well wishes and positive thoughts!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Hollow shell

Do you have moments in your life where you feel like a hollow shell?

I'm at that state of being right now.

I feel worthless.

I feel empty.

I feel like a servant.

I feel limp.

My head feels numb.

My eyes on the verge of tears.

I feel like an old dish rag that's been used all day and then thrown in the trash.

If I don't rely on anyone, I feel like I can accomplish more. But life is about being WITH people, isn't it?

How can a look or one sentence from another make a person feel less than they are?

Don't worry about me though. I'm sure my attitude will be better tomorrow. I've got to buck up. Keep a stiff upper lip. Continue on my journey through life with a smile.

But right now? My heart is sad.

Maybe next week

People. People!

The latest is that SHE should be able to close by the end of next week.

That's right. She still hasn't closed on the place. At dinner last night, the Hubs said that emails were blasting back and forth between his immediate family regarding the townhouse. Turns out the person (I don't know a name or job title or this person) who was in charge of getting all the paperwork together didn't START this task until Tuesday -- August 23rd. Yes! That's a full EIGHT days after she was told she was going to close.

I don't know about you. But someone's ASS would be up shit creek if I was the one delayed. But the lesson here? Don't use a boyfriend of a friend. A boyfriend who is just starting in this business.

As for my SIL? She got an extension on her lease from her landlord. They don't have another person lined up for the house yet so it's not going to put anyone out. It'll just be a couple more days to pay for on a rental.

Oh the drama of it all!

Another thing goes wrong

I don't know what it is but my neighbor? The Guy Across The Street (GATS)?

The man who is notorious (ALREADY) for making bad decisions? The one who made fun of my yahoo email? The one who had his water turned off because of a leak? The one who had a bunch errors to get fixed?

About 1 1/2 weeks ago, he told me that his TV (a huge 40 inch one) wouldn't turn on. He said that he tried it one morning and it wouldn't work. He talked to his wife when she came home and she said that she'd found him past out on the couch and everything but the TV was on. We had a huge storm that night. He figured that his TV shorted out when a bolt of lightening came too close to his house. But I digress...

GATS had been telling people about a month ago that he was using a particular internet service. He kind of smirk-smirked when a couple of us said we were using the local cable company for our television and internet service. You know the look I'm talking about. The expression where you know the person is thinking "What a dork!" He told us that once the subdivision was filled up and the two other subdivisions next to us were built up that our internet service would slow down because of all the traffic. "Fine and dandy Mister Know-it-All" was what was ringing in my head.

Anyhow, imagine my surprise when I received an email from him last night. An email that had an extension from our LOCAL CABLE company.

I guess the other service didn't end up working out for him, eh?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Light up the night

My Dad (the only male in the house) had this thing about safety.

Here are a few things he stamped into our brains:

1. To check all doors, windows, and sliding doors before going to bed.
2. To park near a lamp post if you are out at night (so we can see under and into the vehicle).
3. To carry keys in our hands when we walk to our vehicle or to our house (to be used as a weapon or to get IN quickly).
4. To lock our doors as soon as we get into a vehicle (as both a passenger and as a driver). This was WAY before carjacking became an issue.

He also taught us to always have a flashlight (with extra batteries) in the house.

And you know what? I have FIVE of them in my house. One miniature one in the top drawer of my bedstand in the event the lights go out in the middle of the night and I need to get to the kids. The other four are in a kitchen cabinet next to half a dozen candles and matches. I've got 2 regular sized ones and 2 jumbo sized ones (the kind that can light up a room).

The Hubs laughed at me once when he saw my stash of flashlights. He laughed until we had a couple blackouts at night. The time when he was in the shower. Yeah...he stopped laughing at me after that. I took one of the big lights into the bathroom and stood it up so that it shined on the ceiling. It cast a nice glow into the room as it reflected off the ceiling and the walls. The Hubs was able to finish his shower in leisure, while I had the other big flashlight in the family room.

And now thinking of flashlights. I do have to restock this house with safety gear. I've got my handy first aid kit in that same cabinet with the flashlights. I do need to get a couple new fire extinguishers (one for upstairs and one for downstairs).

Now do you have your safety gear all in one spot? What have you got?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Eat it up!

Last night I made some steamed veggies. You know the typical blend of carrots, green beans, corn, and peas?

What amazed me is that BOTH my kids ate their veggies.

Okay. My kids don't generally eat their vegetables. They only relish in dark green lettuces when we have salad.

Anyway, last night I tried a silly tactic. I picked up a pea and held it between my thumb and pointer finger.

"Bear? Look!"

As he turned to look at me, I showed him the pea. And then I popped it into my mouth.

"Ummm! Yummy!"

He then checked out his plate. Grabbed a pea and popped it into his mouth. The expression on his face was priceless. He wrinkled his brow as he chewed that one pea. Then he did that open mouth mashing like he was trying to savor it. Then he turned to me and smiled.


I then did the same tactic with a piece of corn.

"Ummm! Yummy!"

He mirrored my movements. He stopped midway. The Princess turned to him with a piece of corn in her hand. She popped it in.

"See Bear? Yummy!"

He then threw his one piece of corn into his mouth.

After that? It was all about the veggies. He ate a ton of them. The Princess ate the 15 pieces or so that were on her plate (a feat unto itself).

Hopefully the two will continue to relish in the flavor of simple vegetables. [crossing fingers & toes]

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My snacks got busted

The Princess school tries to stress good eating habits. They talk to them about healthy foods. Fruits. Vegetables. Protein.

Good, right?

I pack a couple things plus her sandwich in her lunch bag. She gets to choose which item she wants for her morning and her afternoon snack.

Me: "What did you decide to eat for your morning snack today?"

Princess: "I ate my tortilla chips."

Me: "Then you ate your Teddy Grahams for your afternoon snack?"

Princess: "No. They're still in my lunch bag."

I was very surprised at this because she loves them.

Princess: "Ms. J told me that I should put the Teddy Grahams back in my bag and eat my chips."

Me: "Why honey?"

Princess: "Because we're not allowed to have any chocolate-y stuff at school."

Okay. Okay. I packed chocolate flavored Teddy Grahams into her bag. And she got BUSTED for having them. Dang it all!

Today? I stopped by the grocery store and picked up some HEALTHY snacks. I bought nectarines (which I'll cut up for her) and grapes (which I'll slice in half) and baby carrots. I also bought stuff for blueberry and banana-nut muffins.

I've washed all the fruit and they're ready to eat. The carrots are separated into little snack size bags. I'll throw in a little container of ranch dressing for dipping. The muffins are all baked and cooling off. I'll be putting each into a baggie and freezing them until the night before I need them.

Healthy snacks? Okay! Got the message!

And the close still isn't closed

You will remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned that my SIL was buying a townhouse?

She STILL hasn't closed on the deal people!

I have no idea what the hold-up is. The Hubs doesn't know either. He briefly spoke with her on Thursday and didn't ask her what was going on. My BIL told the Hubs today that she hadn't closed as of today. Even my BIL doesn't know what the issue is. Apparently, my SIL is really ticked off and my BIL didn't want to ask.

I know that I would ask my sisters what was going on if they were in this situation. I know that they'd need to vent. I know that I give some comforting words.

The Hubs? His reasoning for not getting the story?

"I'm giving her space. That's what we do."

Ha! I think they're all woosy. I'd get the nitty-gritty. But alas. I am not getting into the mix.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Yeah...I'm back to that old look

YES! You're at the right place!

I couldn't help it. I felt compelled to revert back to a look I had months and months ago.

I love the color blue. So soothing. The deep blue is so calming to me.

The white for the entry sections? So that everyone can read my garbled writing with no problems.

The frilly background from the last look? I couldn't handle it anymore. I'm just not a frilly kind of girl. I think of myself as low-maintenance. Or am I like Sally and think I'm low maintenance when I'm actually a high maintenance girl? Hmmm...

As for the yellow? I think it highlights my links quite nicely. You can clearly see whose blogs I take a daily look at.

What's funny? Blue and yellow and white were my high school colors. Am I reverting back to THAT period of my life? E-gads!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Is that an owl?

My kids crack me up.

Around 9am, we stormed the master bedroom. The Hubs was still passed out. He needed to wake up. RIGHT NOW!

The kids promptly climbed up onto the bed. Invading his space. The Princess lay on my pillow closest to the Hubs, who rolled over to look at her. The Bear plopped himself on the pillow next to his sister. He pulled the comforter over him and started to make snoring sounds.

"Hwaaa-poo. Hwaaa-poo."



The Princess started to make owl noises. Not tiny ones either. She was belting them out. The Hubs? He continued laying there looking at her. He lay still as the Bear threw off the covers and started to march across the bed. He carefully placed his feet where no body parts lay.

While they all were on the bed? I snuck out to get donuts. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know that's not the most nutritious breakfast. But hey! It was 9am. It's a lazy Sunday. All we need to accomplish today is a trip to the grocery store to load up on food for the week. As I'm 'working' on the computer, the Princess is also on hers 'working'. She's busy trying to perfect a computer game.

How did YOU wake up on this fine Sunday morning???

What's wrong with this?

Okay...what's wrong with these two bottles?

It's the same manufacturer. The same size bottle. We just bought the one in front last weekend. The one behind was purchased about a month ago.

Do you see it?

Why does the used up bottle say "AS ALWAYS 1g carbs" and the new bottle say "2g carbs"?

What happened that they suddenly gained another gram of carbs? Did someone actually go in and measure the number of carbs and the manufacturer had to change their labels?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

All cleaned up at 10am

Now I've learned. If I ever want to have a garage sale? Always coordinate with the neighbors.

We had a TON of cars out in our neighborhood this morning. About six of us decided to sell stuff. A couple of the neighbors sold big pieces of furniture. The one had two leather couches that went for an amazing $150. The other neighbor sold a bunch of big oak night stands and a dresser.

I was able to unload 98% of the stuff I had out. I've only got about 7 men's shirts left.

The final number? I made $350 in less than 2 hours. I'm happy to be rid of a bunch of things. I'm more happy that other people will be able to use the stuff I don't need anymore.


The kiddo shuffle

Another reason I'm loving our neighborhood.

While us parents were out trying to get folks to buy our stuff? The kiddos around here were doing the shuffle.

My house was host to the two kids from across the street.

One 10 year old was in the cul-de-sac with J (also 10).

J's younger brother (5) was in the house of the girl (6) next door.

Now? The kids that were at my house are now down the street at another 5 year old girl's house.

I can't wait for all the kids to broaden their friendships. I'm thinking in a few years all the current kindergarten girls will be scheduling sleep-overs at each other's houses each Friday.

Now that our section of the development will be completely lived in by the end of August (the house next of us closes in another couple weeks)...I'm sure we'll be scheduling a neighborhood block party since it is also getting cooler out. I just LOVE our neighborhood!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Sensitive to sound

When the Princess was a baby, she hated the sound of plastic. You know how you crush up a plastic grocery bag after you've emptied it? You know how the Diaper Genie sounds when you push a dirty one in and twist the top? The Princess would become UNGLUED when she heard that type of sound. I don't recall when the stopped reacting to the sound of crumpling plastic bags.

The vacuum would also make her become a crying maniac. As a baby, I'd have to hold her in my arms as I vacuumed. That was the only thing that would calm her. It wasn't like I pretended to suck her up with the nozzle or anything either. She just did not like the sound. Now the Bear? He was fine with the vacuum for the longest time. I think it was when we moved to this house that he suddenly became nervous around the vacuum cleaner. I now have to hold his hand while I vacuum. Thankfully we've got an upright, so I vacuum with my right hand and hold his hand with my left. I just have to throw the cord over my right shoulder so it stays out of the way.

When gets to the Bear are the sound of a bird pecking on the top of our fireplace. It actually sounds like a woodpecker. And the darn bird peeks on the metal part up there so it's loud!

What sounds are your children sensitive to?

All prepped

I've got all the items that I want to sell out in the garage. All the items have got 'suggested' prices on them.

My plan of attack in the morning? Get the sheets down to lay items on. Get the ladder situated on the two A-frame posts so I can put hangars on it. Get the electrics & toys out on the sheets. Get the clothes hung on the ladder. Then drag all the big items (ride-on toys, pack-n-play, stroller) out.

I've got 20 $1 bills. I've got a couple $5's. And I've got a roll of quarters. I'm only going in increments of $0.25. I don't want to deal with pennies. No nickels. No dimes. Like I said. I'm going out with $40 worth of change. Let's see if I can make some money tomorrow!

I'll let you know...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Arms up high....reach...reach...reach!

I am SO gall darn tired!

This business of getting up early has whooped my behind. And it's not a tiny behind either.

I can't wait for the weekend. I think we'll have to take a family nap when the Bear goes down at his usual time after lunch. By the way? Today? He didn't nap. He banged his little figure of Buzz Lightyear against his crib. He flopped about. Made "huff & puff" noises. Right now it's 1:40pm and he's watching a movie. I'm sure he's tired but fighting it. I'm sure those eyelids are heavy. But he's fighting the urge to let them close. Much like ME!

After we pick up the Princess from kindergarten, I'm going to be taking a snooze sitting up on the couch while the kiddos watch a video. Give me 5 minutes. That's all I need. Seriously. I need a bit of a recharge. I can't take a snooze now because I won't be able to shake the sleepiness out of my body. I know me. I can't let myself go down. Not yet.

So how am I trying to stay awake? Surfing the web. Reading articles. Staying in an uncomfortable chair so I won't konk out. I'm also trying to take deep breathes, stretch my neck, and reach my hands up high in the air while I yawn.

Darn it all. I wish it would rain. That would be a FABULOUS reason to take a nap....

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Yard/Garage sale professionals?

I know that there are a bunch of folks who go out on the weekends to garage/yard sales. I know you're out there!

One thing I've got to know is WHAT do you typically buy when you're out there? Furniture? Knick-knacks? Clothes? Toys? What? What? What?

Like I mentioned earlier in the week, our block is having a neighborhood sale. You know how it is when you move. You unpack and realize "Why the heck do I still have this?" Lots of us were in temporary housing while our homes were delayed, so most of us packed away a bunch of stuff into storage. When we unpacked, I guess we all found stuff that we realize we didn't miss at all. Hence...the garage sale.

Here's a small list of things I'm trying to unload:

1. Kids shoes (barely scuffed)
2. High chair
3. Booster seat
4. Pack-n-play (fully loaded)
5. Kids videos (Disney & Baby Einstein)
6. Baby audiotapes (for sleeping/soothing)
7. Cordless phones (900mhz)
8. Men's dress button-down shirts (all pressed)...the Hubs thinks I'm crazy to have ironed them
9. Baby outfits

What's funny is that the other neighbors? The husband doesn't want the wife to come out this Saturday. Why? Because he thinks she'll shop at all our houses. Apparently, she doesn't like to throw out anything. Their 3rd small garage is full of stuff. Now he's worried that she'll come home with load of more stuff for their two girls...stuff that is being moved from our homes to theirs. He-he-he...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ding-ding-ding...school is now in session

Oh my, oh my, oh my!

What a traffic jam this morning! All because school has started for the city. Moms & Dads & other caregivers are on the road driving their precious cargo into school. There are quite a few school buses in the mix, but a TON of cars.

Instead of immediately getting onto the freeway, I took the streets back home. Mistake. BIG mistake. I had to pass by two schools. It took 25 minutes to get home. Normally, it takes me about 5. Yes. I learned my lesson. No more street driving home in the morning. I wonder if the afternoon traffic will be as bad? Hmmm...

So be CAREFUL out there folks. If you don't have a child or children, be cautious when your city's schools start their new term. If you live near a school? Heed those 15 mph speed limits. Yield to those crossing guards. Add a few more minutes into your commute.

More Artwork

Here's more art that the Princess pulled together.

Flowers in the rolling hills...
Two homes with one plain sidewalk and one colorful paved sidewalk...

See this Bear?

The purple bear (Share Bear) was accidentally put in a moving box and was not yet unpacked (since the end of March). The Princess started to miss it & began drawing it - many times over.

After seeing how much she missed the bear, I went on a search & rescue mission. I found the bear. Obviously. Now? The bear sleeps in the bed with her every night.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Getting into a groove

Now that school has started, we've not gotten into a routine.

I now get out of bed at 5:15am. Yeah. Craziness. But that's the time I get my head on straight before the kidlings wake up. I should clarify that and say before the BEAR wakes up. I have enough time to leisurely wash my face & brush my teeth. I get my coffee brewing. I get a cold sippy ready. Put the table mats down along with the plates/bowls/utensils. Then I sit for a few quiet moments drinking water.

The Bear has been waking up a bit after 6am. Of course, today he woke at 5:45am. He was able to see his Daddy this morning before he headed to work. Anyway, I sit with the Bear for a few minutes for morning hugs and kisses. I get his breakfast. While he eats, I drink some coffee. Once he's consumed all he need, I wash him up and get him changed into his daytime clothes. Then he watches a movie while I clean up and make the Princess' lunch.

A couple minutes before 7am, I go up and wake the Princess. I get her breakfast. While she eats, I get myself ready for the day. Put my contacts in. Brush my hair into a ponytail. Put some powder and mascara on. Then get into a comfortable outfit. By then, the Princess is finished with her breakfast. We get washed up, changed into an outfit, and pull her hair back into some new creation.

By then it's 7:30am and we're on the move. In the car. Out the garage. We've been listening to a Raffi tape every morning. It's actually 3 CDs compiled into one long 90 minute tape (each side 45 minutes). So we sing as I drive us to school.

Now. What's YOUR morning routine to get your kidlings to school?

Garage Sale anyone?

Anyone want to come to our first neighborhood garage sale?

The guy across the street (GATS) brought it up on Friday. All of us that know each other in the neighborhood were at a birthday party for one of the kids. We all settled on two dates. August 20th and September 17th.

Last night? The Hubs and I were outside letting the kidlings run around. One family (ONs) stopped by to chat with their two kiddos. GATS came out with his two kiddos a little while later. He said he really wanted to do it next weekend.

Me: "Who's gonna make signs?"

GATS: "We've got to put an ad in the free space in the paper."

Me: "So are you going to email everyone and let them know?"

GATS: "I don't know everyone's email. I'll just call them."

You know what? I'm going to participate in this garage sale because I have to get rid of stuff. But I am not going to organize it. I didn't decide on the date. He wants to have it so bad next week? Let him inform everyone. I know what I would do. I would create a flier and put it in everyone's mailbox. I know I don't know everyone's phone number so that way everyone that's moved in can participate.

I'm acting a little negative at the moment because GATS was acting like a 'know it all' last night.

Me: "What's your email again?" [turning to the other neighbors]

ONs: "Oh, it's ABCD at 12 dot net."

Me: "So you use 12 as your provider too?"

ONs: "Yeah we do. Do you? But you have a yahoo email, right?"

Me: "I did that for convenience. That way I can check my email wherever I'm at. At my folks. At my sister's. Doesn't matter where I'm at."

GATS: "Isn't it more expensive to pay 12 dot net and yahoo?"

Me: "I just use the free yahoo account."

GATS: "But it's so easy to check your email from anywhere. You just have to go to 12 dot net."

Me: "Uh..."

GATS: "It doesn't matter what computer you're using."

Okay. In my head I'm trying to formulate an answer. A justification for WHY I'm using yahoo instead of my internet service provider. I know with some ISPs that I've used in the past that it's cumbersome to check emails on a computer that doesn't have that specific software on it. You people know what I'm talking about? But before I could say a word...

ONs: "I know when we moved to this house, we had to change cable companies so we lost our other email account. Using yahoo you always have it. It doesn't matter what ISP you use."

I knew I liked the ONs. This just gives me more proof that they are REALLY terrific people!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pluses & Negatives

Plus: Getting up when you hear the Bear do his wake-up call this morning.

Minus: Letting the Bear find me in our bedroom.

Plus:Realizing the Bear is in the bedroom and picking him up from beside my sadly tired sleeping body.

Minus: Putting the Bear in the toddler bed and telling him to "Go to sleep" and then getting into bed beside me.

Plus:Getting the Bear out of the room once you realize he is NOT going back to sleep (after 15 minutes of rolling to and fro on the toddler bed).

Now tell me...could YOU fall back asleep after all this? I tried. Valiantly. But alas I gave up and walked out to the family room.

Minus: Putting on a video to keep the Bear quiet and falling asleep on the couch. When the Bear obviously has a poopy diaper. Pee-yew! I smelled the kid right when I sat on the couch.

Plus:Having fed the Bear a little something.

Minus: Not cleaning after he'd had something to eat. AND not cleaning up the pizza & dishes you'd both used the previous evening while the Princess and I were out at the party. **

Minus: Realizing that I was up for the day and going back into the master bedroom to sleep.

**I didn't go into the kitchen at all after we'd come home from the party. I assumed that the Hubs had taken care of dinner and the clean-up. I swept the kitchen/nook and washed all the dishes before I left. So the mess that was there was obviously the result of their antics after I left.


I'm in a complaining mood. I HATE when that happens. But it's so irritating that he sometimes just thinks of his OWN needs rather than the family needs. Since I woke up?

1. Fed the Princess
2. Cleared & wiped down the breakfast table
3. Swept the floor in the kitchen/nook
4. Washed all the dishes
5. Got kids into daytime clothes
6. Sorted & started a load of laundry

That's all within 45 minutes. The Hubs was up for almost 2 hours with just the Bear before I appeared.


Shake it off! Put on a happy face now! Thanks for listening...uh...reading...

Friday, August 12, 2005

Making Mommy Grumble

Stay and hover near me when we're attending a birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza (kind of like Chuck-e-Cheese) instead of playing the various games and having fun with the neighborhood kiddos.


Waking up at 11:45pm complaining in your crib. Making enough of a fuss that I walk upstairs. I check your forehead. I recover you.

"Go to sleep buddy. It's still night-night."

Waking up at 3am coughing in your crib. I walk to the kitchen. Get some cold water in a sippy. I walk upstairs. I check your forehead. I hand you the sippy. While you sip, I recover you.

"Go back to sleep buddy. It's still night-night."

The positive thing about this is that you DO fall back asleep. Until 6am. The bad thing? I had to wake up twice. I walked up to your room twice. Instead of having a full night of sleep. The full night of sleep that your Daddy apparently got when he somehow didn't hear you complaining over the monitor. The Daddy who somehow slept through HIS alarm (4:45am) and MY alarm (5:15am) because he was sleeping TOO good. How annoying is that?




Hubs walks over to me just now.

Hubs: "Did you leave her any water?"

Me: "She's got the glass from last night, but it's not cold."

Hubs: "Hmmmmm..."

Me: "Why don't you got get her a cold glass of water and bring it to her?"

Hubs walks off. Gets the water.

Okay...why couldn't he just get the water instead of asking me?

Whistle while you work...

All you parents out there can relate to this I'm sure. A child will gravitate to a particular video/DVD. They can watch it over and over and over again.

My son? My Bear? His favorite is....


I am not kidding you!



This is how he asks me to put on the video.

Here is photographic evidence that the video has made it's way into our lives. In the first show, the boy carrying a Little Tykes hammer over his shoulder. His 'dwarf' outfit is accessorized with his sisters too small purple slippers that look like UGGS and his brown stocking cap (since we don't have any pointy ones). The second shot shows him continuing his march around the kitchen. The last shot is of him laughing hysterically because he was tired of me trying to take photos of him and he was hiding from me!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Now how the heck did that happen?


I'm in pain!

I've got an ingrown hair.

In that [clearing throat] private area up front. Just above the bikini line.

It's horrible. It's red. It's puffed.

It HURTS like heck! ARGH!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What's with the crying?

The Princess woke at 5:30am coughing. I ran a glass of water upstairs. She drank some and fell back asleep. I woke her up at 7am. She had a bagel & milk. She got dressed. We chatted about stuff at school.

This morning, the school opened up the side entrace. This is the entrance to the playground. The place the kids will normally congregate in the morning before school officially begins.


All of a sudden, I had a cranky monster on my hands. I'm not talking about the Bear either. The Princess was suddenly inconsolable and clingy.

"What the fuck?" was repeating in my head as I tried to calm her.


That was a teacher blowing on a whistle. The signal for all the kids to grab their backpacks (which they'd thrown in piles on the sidewalk so they could play) and get in line in front of their teacher.

My girl continued to make a fuss as we got her in "line". She would not let me back up from her. I asked her what was wrong.

"I'm TIRED!"

The kindergarten classes (there's an older group and a younger group) walked into the school last. The kiddos and I trailed behind. I tried to talk reason with her. I was still talking to her while she tried to bury herself into my shoulder when the kindergarten classes came back in after doing the morning "flag" ceremony. Finally? The kindergarten teacher asked me if I wanted her to just take the Princess. With a nod, the kindergarten teacher hugged my girl away from me.

"Call the office in 30 minutes or so. Just in case..."

I leave. The Princess goes reluctantly with her teacher. It was sad. It was difficult. But what the heck?

She went fine on Monday. She went fine on Tuesday. She was fine today until we walked into the playground.

I guess she might have been overwhelmed by it. The number of kids all running around. It was the small contained group in the classroom that she was comfortable with.

Tonight? That little girl is going to start getting ready for bed by 7:15pm, which means she'll be in bed by 7:30pm. Hopefully that extra 30-45 minutes of sleep will be what she needs to start the day off better tomorrow.

[crossing fingers]

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

It's raining, it's pouring...

...and I sent my daughter to school without a raincoat...

"Gad-nabbit all to heck-a-doodle!"

Yeah. That's me cussing. If my kidlings are in earshot, no real curse words are verbalized.

It had just turned noon when the rain started coming down steadily out here. The kids at school normally eat lunch outside on the picnic tables. I just hope the school let the kids eat their lunch inside today.

First thing to do when the Princess comes home? Stuff a raincoat at the bottom of her backpack.

It seriously DID NOT look like it was going to rain today too!

More home issues

You all have to remember my neighbor who had all those issues with his house?

He did eventually get the air conditioning issue fixed. The cause of the hot house? See when they moved in the original thermostat was not working. The repair guy came out and replaced the original with a new thermostat. The problem? The new thermostat was not calibrated. So it was off by 5 full degrees. When the thermostat read 75? It was actually 80 degrees. Oh boy!

I got a call from this neighbor yesterday morning. He and his family had been gone for about 5 days. Their last vacation away before his kids start school next week. They got home Sunday night about 9pm after a long 8 hour drive. They came home...to NO WATER. When he went to see what the issue was he found a note taped to his front door. The water company had come by and turned off his water.

"Uh-oh, right?"

No. It wasn't his fault. Directly. Turns out that one of the neighbors around here was taking a stroll around and saw water spouting out of the rocks in my neighbor's yard. So this good neighbor calls someone. The water gets turned off because of a pipe leaking.

The pipe that was leaking? It was pipe that got put in by those knucklehead soft water installers. The guys who someone got ROCKS in the pipes when they initially installed it?

Well, it all got fixed by 10:30am Monday morning. Turns out as I was chatting with my neighbor, he was walking around to his front yard. He found the hole that the leaking pipe was in? It was filled in. The installers had come and gone and had not bothered to let him know that they'd fixed it all up. Again...knuckleheads!

Goes to show you that you should THINK TWICE before going with the lowest bidder.....

Monday, August 8, 2005

Making Mommy Laugh

Imagine if you will...

Getting the kids ready for bed last night.

My daughter? Naked as a jaybird.

"In the rhythm! Cha-cha-cha!!!"

Please note that with each "cha" a fist gets pumped up into the air. The other fist pumps up on the next "cha". The hip also gets strategically swung to the side on each word. Get it?

"In the rhythm! Cha-cha-cha!!!"

She chants this over and over again while her brother is getting his bath. She even marches up an down the bathroom and down the hall.

"In the rhythm! Cha-cha-cha!!!"

My son? Highly amused by his sister's antics. He tries to join in.


Those two are something when they are in synch. Now sing with me!

"In the rhythm! Cha-cha-cha!!!"

"In the rhythm! Cha-cha-cha!!!"

Today's the day!""

"...the sun is shing, the tank is clean, and we're going to get out..."

Oh. Whoops. Sorry to steal that line. But that's how I feel.

Unfortunately, the sun is not shining. It's been raining since early this morning. We've got the leftovers still putting out a few drops. But I was able to see the most AWESOME rainbow this morning. It was so vivid. So bright!

I got up lickety split this morning to get myself ready for the day. I never have any idea how early the boy is going to wake up. But I went into 'organized Mommy' mode and jumped out of bed at 5:15am. My hair is done. Uh. Remember that I NEVER do my hair. Unless you call a ponytail or a headband fixing it? My makeup is on. Powder, liner, and mascara. Nothing complicated people. All I need to do now is change my clothes. But

"Uhhhh!!! Oh...."

Aha! The boy is up! It's 6:20am. Let the day begin!


I'm back!

The Princess is safely at school.

I just wish the school had given us more of an idea of what to expect the first day.

First, there is limited parking. Today? They had everyone wait outside until they 'officially opened' the school. So all the kids and their parents were waiting in the small front sidewalk area. Of course, many of us had to stand in the parking lot. Not the safest of situations. The director made a speech. Handed out gifts to the teachers. Then they rang the bell to start off the year. By the time we got INTO the school it was 8:15am!

We walked out kids into the classes. I helped the Princess find her cubby (it happens to be a top one). I had her find her name on one of the desks. Then we all headed outside again.

Why? Because it is the kindergarten class' responsibility to raise the flag on the pole outside of the school. We did the Pledge of Allegiance and sang "Oh Beautiful". It was nice. But by the time I got into my car with the Bear (seemingly permanently attached to my hip), it was 8:25am.

There was a little guy who WAS NOT fine with the situation. He was crying as his Mom sat him a desk. But he was dressed to adorably! He had a short sleeve plaid shirt with a tie! Oh! Just a note to myself to NEVER make the Bear wear something like that to school (unless he has to wear a uniform that is...).

Anyway, the Princess was fine. She was doing her quiet observation of everything around her. I could see her eyes dart around and could almost hear her brain thinking. She's doing exactly what I would do in a new situation. Watching. Looking. Listening. She'll do just fine.

Take a look at my big girl sporting her backpack! The next photo is when she's sitting at her spot at one of the tables.

Sunday, August 7, 2005

I'm getting ready

You know how school is starting tomorrow?

Not only is the Princess ramping up for the new year, I am too!

I actually went and purchased a day planner. Yes. One that I can carry around with me in my purse. One that'll show me the month as a whole and the week as a whole. I'm going to need to keep myself organized.

Not only is the Princess going to be on a regular schedule. The Bear has been signed up for classes as well. I've got him in two classes per week starting in September. By that time, I'll have the Princess routine to get to school down pat. The Bear will realize the 'get ready' routine by then too. There will be other things to fill up my days. Field trips. Books due at the library. You know.

I'm going back to a scheduling technique I used during college. Each type of activity had a color. Classes were yellow. Green was for work. Pink was for extra curricular activities. If any of the colors had bleed over than there was an issue.

Mommy: Yellow
Daddy: Blue
Princess: Pink
Bear: Green

Hopefully I'll be able to move onto this new phase (Mommy with kid in real school) without any hitches!

A BIG day tomorrow

SCHOOL starts tomorrow morning!

Rise and shine! Get ready! Go! Go! Go!

It's going to be interesting. I'll have to get up and get myself presentable before the Bear wakes up (much more of a challenge than anyone realizes). Get the Bear fed and ready for the day. Only then will I wake the Princess up at 7am. She'll eat breakfast, wash her hands and brush her teeth, change into her school clothes, and then I'll fix her hair. By then it'll be time to pack up in the car and head on out.

School starts at 8am. Since she's in the full-day program, I'll pick her up at 3pm. Long day? Yeah. But she's ready for it.

As she ate breakfast this morning, I mentioned that tomorrow she'll be off to school. You should have seen her face! She was so excited. I told that today we'd take a closer look at her new backpack. You know, all the pockets and where I'd be putting stuff (lunch box, two snacks, drink).

We've also got to pick out an outfit. I remember going through my clothes before the first day of school. What to wear? What to wear? I think I'll get the denim blue skort, a pink shirt, a pink short sleeve zip jacket with her pink/green tennies. This way she'll have some layering in case the room is cold.

Of course, I'll have my handy digital camera in my pocket to take photos. I'll probably take a couple here at the house, a couple in the car, and a couple at the school. I'll try to post those later on tomorrow.

Friday, August 5, 2005

Go figure...

One less child...yeah...

But the one I have? Bleah!

He's been OFF since the Princess left at lunch yesterday. He got a fever in the afternoon.

So he's had short naps. Upon waking, he's a cranky monster. He's clingy. He's NOT been any fun!

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Less drama...one less child!

My SIL will be dropping by around noon to pick up the Princess. The two will be together until around noon on Saturday.

Did you catch that?

I'll be with the Bear for two days. ONLY the Bear. Yeah, on Saturday the Hubs will be home so I'll only have one child!

That means tomorrow and Friday I'll be able to take a nap when the Bear does...instead of being cruise director for the Princess.

[happy dance - happy dance]

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

And the deal is still one

Folks, she closes on August 15th. She'll be moving into her townhouse that last weekend of the month.

Can you believe it? I guess the mortgage people REALLY screwed up when they spoke with her. Gave her a huge figure for her closing costs & her monthly payments. I don't know all the details.

One thing that is amazing is that she wasn't there for the inspection.

SIL: "I was in a meeting."

That's the response I got. I think a buyer's attendance at the inspection is KEY. You see what the inspector is looking at. How the inspector is looking at things. I know that I asked our inspector a bunch of questions as he was doing things.

In the report, it stated that some work needed to be done on the roof.

FIL: "Did the inspector check the ceiling for any damage?"

SIL: "Well, when I walked through there wasn't any kind of discoloration on the ceiling."

I know that if there was something going on with the roof that I'd have the inspector use one of those water meters to check for moisture. There might not be any stains showing because the seller could have painted.

The balcony off the master bedroom needs a new handrail all around it. There are chunks of stucco missing from around the exterior water spigot (I'm sure the bugs have found there way into the walls). The bathroom window has condensation built up inside it. Apparently, the vent fan is broken. A couple of the walls are pink.

My SIL was trying to recruit my FIL to do some work. Install a new bathroom vent fan. Put up a couple smoke detectors. Install a carbon monoxide detector. And whatever else she can sneak in there.

SIL: "I just want you to do the simple stuff. I'll get professionals to do anything difficult."

FIL: "Hmmm..."

SIL: "So how are those smoke detectors up there?" [pointing to the ones on my ILs ceiling]

Me: "I think you need to buy the ones that run on batteries."

FIL: "Yeah. Ours are hardwired in. If your place doesn't have the wiring then you need the battery kind."

SIL: "Where can I buy smoke detectors?"

Me: "Home Depot. Lowes. Ace Hardware."

SIL: "Then they should have them in Target, right? Because I've got to get a carbon monoxide detector too."

She did not know where to buy a smoke detector. Hasn't everyone seen them at the store? Even if you're not even going to buy one I'm sure everyone has passed the aisle where these things are located.

I'm happy that she's buying a place. That she'll be able to do whatever she wants to decorate. But I hope she hasn't bitten off more than she can chew. I hope the townhouse makes her happy. AND isn't a money pit for her. AND doesn't make my FIL into a constantly visiting repair person.

Monday, August 1, 2005

It's happened!

Remember this? That's not the case anymore.

As of today, LilSis is engaged!


She left me a voicemail this morning around 7:30am to give her a call. She sounded sick. She sounded tired. I didn't turn on my cell until 8am. I called her back and she broke the news.

I guess today is Shorty's birthday. Last night, the two of them went out to dinner with his family to celebrate the occassion. The two went for a walk on the beach later. They sat and chatted. Then he POPPED the question. Actually, he took the BOX out and then took a knee. LilSis told me she started to cry once she saw the box.

The two are going to my folks house this evening to discuss their plans. They haven't set a date as yet. They are thinking about May or June. I told LilSis that mid to late June would work for most people. As some people have kids in school and couldn't travel until the school year was over. I had my motives. There's the BILs cruise in April. Then there's the Hubs' cousins' wedding Memorial weekend. We've got two events to attend. Now it's THREE!

But I'm really happy for my sister. I've got to call Sis#2 and get her take on the event. But I do know that I'm going to have to go on a diet! And start to exercise! Got to lose that 15 pounds that's stuck around my middle. Now I've got incentive!