Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Send a note of encouragement

A friend of mine has a niece who was recently diagnosed with cancer. She just started treatments last week. She has a website where people can leaves messages. She is now tracking all the places that people write from on a map. If you could send her a note that would be SO great!

Thanks all!

Searching for a new baby

No. I'm not talking about adoption.

No. I'm not talking about a REAL baby.

I'm looking for a new laptop. I need to get a new one because the one I'm using is slowly dying. The fan has been turning on more often. I just have a feeling that this one is on a downward spiral. I'd like to get a new one before this one konks out completely. I'm sure there are more than a handful of you that have experienced a laptop that just dies unexpectedly. What a mess that is, eh?

Now I'm searching and trying to figure out what kind to get. I don't need anything fancy. I currently have 256MB RAM with a 28GB hard-drive. I want to have at least 1GB RAM with a 80GB hard-drive and a 15.4" screen. That's a step-up from what I've got now.

Also, any issues that you've had with Vista? Should I stick with Windows XP? Since I work at home, I don't get to talk a bunch with others about their operating systems so that's why I'm asking this question.

So PLEASE give me the manufacturer (Gateway, HP, Acer, Dell, Toshiba, etc.), make, model, specs, or any other info on your recommendation.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Yesterday, we all stepped out for dinner. We went to a restaurant about a mile from our house. It's one of those mass production places -- not a fine cuisine restaurant. A basic meal for a family when no one wants to cook.

We were seated and approached for our drink order within a couple minutes of sitting. And when I looked up? It was the Mom of one of the Princess' classmates. The gal who was sassy to the Princess. The one who want jealous of the Princess' long-standing friendship with one of the girls. The Princess has a hot-cold relationship with both girls. It all depends on how 'sassy' the girls are feeling. But the Princess just rolls with it. She lets the two girls approach her to play. This way she's sure they're in a good mood.

Anyway, the mom came up and we gave our drink order. When she came back with our drinks and completed getting our food order, I let her know that we recognized her.

Me: You're H's Mom, right? Princess is in her class.
Gal: Oh...that's right! Hi Princess, how are you?
Prin: Fine.
Gal: Did you go to the 'dance' last night?
Me: Yes. We did. We saw your husband with the kids. Were you working?
Gal: Yes. I had to work.

I pulled out my camera.

Me: I think I got some photos of H.
[scrolling through the shots]

Me: are a couple.
[I show her the screen and scroll through the shots of her daughter]

Gal: Oh...there she is! Hopefully, my husband got some photos. It looks like they had fun.
Me: Yes. The kids had a good time.
Gal: I'm not sure if you know but my husband and I aren't together. We're separated. About 4 months ago.
Me: Oh, I didn't know that. I'm sorry to hear that.
Gal: Earlier today, the kids and I moved up the road here. On the right.
Me: You did? Well great. We live up the road too. We're on the left. Since you're so close then we can get the girls together over the summer. They'll need something to do.
Gal: That would be great.

We exchanged numbers. So I've got options for the Princess when she's not at the Y.

But I seriously had NO IDEA that these two were separated. And if they were separated four months ago? That's just during the holiday season. Geez! What a time to be separated. Happy New Year! [bleah]

To tell you the truth? It makes sense now. The last time I saw H's Dad, I asked him if where his little guy was during the kindergarten round-up. He said something like I guess his wife didn't know about it. He sounded vague and detached. It makes all the sense in the world. Now.

It's just sad that their marriage is crumbling. they've got two kids that are my kids age. The daughter is in my daughter's class. The son will be in kindergarten with the Bear. It makes me sad. But this is the 3rd marriage that I've found has crumbled within the last 6 months.

The first marriage I found was heading for divorce was my former neighbor. Her husband actually is a contractor who works in the Middle East. He is in charge of the guys who repair the helos. He's done that job since we moved here into our house 3 years ago. We've only seen him about 4 times when he's come back and visited (for a week each time). It turns out this last visit during the holiday season, the two talked and they're heading for a divorce. I found this out soon after the Bear's birthday party in January (which the gal and her daughter attended). I just found out last month that a key reason for the divorce is that the gal? She's got a boyfriend on the side. Uh...yeah. She's also got a 17 year old son from her first marriage and 2 daughters (9 and 5) from this marriage.

The second marriage I found had ended was the Bear's buddy's parents. Again at the Bear's birthday party, I found out that she had just completed her divorce in the Fall 2007. She talked about what a struggle and adjustment it was to be a single parent to a 5 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. She's a teacher, so she'll be free this summer for the boys to get together.

There is just sadness in my heart that marriages are crumbling around me. Marriages that have kids involved. Kids that are my kids' age. It makes me realize how vulnerable marriages are. No matter how young kids are. Parents separate and get divorced all the time. This is just the first time I've known so many couples that are no longer together. [shaking head] It blows my mind.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Such a sensitive guy

I've mentioned to y'all how sensitive my Bear can be.

About 15 minutes ago, I heard something outside in the front. I couldn't figure out what it was. It sounded like a scuffle or something. I rushed over to the front door and flipped all the switches which turned on all the front lights. I looked through all the windows and lastly I opened the front door (but kept the security screen door closed). AND....

I saw a bird sitting there under the light. Sitting and not moving. It was awake. I saw its eyes open and alert. But it was just sitting quietly there. The Hubs was in the kitchen and I called him over. The kids came over too. And guess who got all upset? The Bear.

Bear: Birdie? Hi birdie. You okay?

Oh...the tears came when he realized that the bird was injured. I told him that the birdie was probably just stunned. That he'd hit the window and was probably just catching his breath. But the tears continued. He then left for a minute. Then came back.

Bear: Birdie? You still there birdie? You hurt?

This back and forth went on for another 5 minutes.

Prin: Mom? The Bear says the bird has a broken leg. Does it?


Bear: Mommy....I love the bird....

I went over and looked through the screen door. It looked like it was standing fine now. But then I heard someone skateboarding down the street. Apparently, the bird heard it as well because it flapped itself silly and flew away. It surprised us (the Prin, Bear, and myself).

Me: See buddy? The bird was fine.


Prin: I'm SO glad. The birdie can go home now to its babies.
Me: Yes. It can now.
Bear: The birdie was scared of the people.
Me: Normally birds are, but did you notice that the birdie was not afraid of you or us? It must have known it was safe right there in the front of our house.
Bear: Yeah?
Me: Yes. You were talking to it so sweetly. It felt safe right there.
Bear: Mommy....I love that birdie....

But this time? He left with a smile on his face with the last of his tears brimming in his eyes.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Get me some yummy-yummy

Halo Halo. I'd just LOVE to have some halo halo right now.

I'm watching Top Chef right now. The Quick Fire was to make a dessert. That's it. Some chefs made chocolate. One made a souffle. Traditional style desserts. But Dale? He made halo-halo. AND...he was named one of the top 3!!!! Wow! What's funny is that halo-halo is a totally simple dessert to make.

I remember making it as a kid by myself. The only thing that I needed help with is the crushed ice. You can't just use ice cubes. It's got to be crushed up. When we were little, my Mom would just get all the jars of stuff out of the refrigerator and crush ice. We'd gather round with a HUGE glass and scoop our own ingredients out of the jars. I never really looked at the labels on the jars. I'd just scoop out what I wanted. Purple stuff. White stringy stuff (coconut).

Now for you Filipinos out there. Do you use regular milk? Or do you use coconut milk? Or evaporated milk? We would use either coconut or evaporated milk. And did you put ice cream on yours? We didn't. But I know some friends who do.


Halo reminds me of being a kid. I miss that.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cringin with embarrassment

Are you ever in a social situation where you cringe. Not for yourself, but for someone else?

Yesterday, I had a moment just like that.

We drove up and attended the Hubs' cousins' daughter's first communion. They had a gathering at their house afterward. All his daughter's friends were there with their parents. All Hubs' family was there too. The cousins' parents flew into town. The cousins' uncle & wife were sponsors, so they were also there. My MIL, FIL, and SIL were also there.

Let me first say that the school where the ceremony was held was packed. There were about 150 kids going through and each had a sponsor. That's 300 people already. Then with family and friends? OY! So it was standing room only. We were able to sit only because we were over 30 minutes early. My SIL? She came about 5 minutes before the ceremony would begin. I guess she was at a barbeque beforehand and the drive took a little longer than expected. What I found rude was the my SIL and my MIL were chatting throughout the ceremony. They were sitting right behind me and the Hubs' cousin's wife. I could hear everything the two were saying.

Oh, how was your run?
What's going on with your dogs?
Did you talk to your brother today?

I'd think they'd be more respectful and remain silent and concentrate on what was happening. I mean, they are Catholics and it was a Catholic service. But I guess that's asking a bit much, especially from my MIL. At the Princess' baptism, my MIL brought in a plastic container with a straw filled with water into the sanctuary. Yes, it was summer. But the service was only an hour long. She couldn't wait to drink for an hour? Um....I'm digressing...

Anyway, after the cermony we all headed to the cousin's home. It was nice. The family members ended up in the family room chatting away. The friends ended up in the kitchen and breakfast nook. We all were happy as clams waiting for dinner to be announced. MIL brings up the topic of surgery issues. When people end up having surgery on the wrong this? And I'll paraphrase this next part...

SIL: It's like that lady who ended up with a new anus.
A couple people: What? What?
SIL: Oh yeah. There was a lady who came in to have her leg amputated. When she woke up, she had a new anus. I guess they got her mixed up with another patient who had a sphincter problem.

At this point I looked around at the Hubs because I knew a trainwreck was about to happen.

SIL: Can you imagine what she said when she woke up? "I sure must have had a good doctor because my leg feels fine....but my butt sure does hurt!" [takes a swig of her beer and laughs] I mean, you've heard of people putting an X on the arm or leg that the surgeon is NOT supposed to work on. But how on earth would you mark this one? [laughs again at her own joke]

The cousin's uncle and wife looked so uncomfortable. I mean, there was DEAD SILENCE in the room. I think that my SIL was a bit drunk. Wouldn't put it past her to drink at a barbeque and then drive to another event. She always says she's fine. I wouldn't seriously be surprised if one day we got a call that she'd been in an accident. I mean, she's I'd think she'd be more responsible.

But yeah....I was cringing in that moment yesterday. That brief couple minutes of awkwardness. What was amazing is that it didn't even REGISTER in her brain that she was being inappropriate. That what she was saying was not even close to being a good bit of social interaction. CLUELESS!

Say one word

Now, I’m stealing this from Miss Hotfessional.


Remember only one word answers.

1.Where is your mobile phone? Purse
2.Your significant other? Snoring
3.Your hair? Rollers
4.Your mother? Sweet
5.Your father? Crabby
6.Your favorite thing? Kids
7.Your dream last night? Exercising
8.Your favorite drink? Wine
9.Your dream/goal? Vacationing
10.The room you’re in? Office
11.Your ex? None
12.Your fear? Kidless
13.Where do you want to be in 6 years? Secure
14.Where were you last night? Office
15.What you’re not? Weak
16.Muffins? Pumpkin
17.One of your wish list items? Massages
18.Where you grew up? California
19.The last thing you did? Shower
20.What are you wearing? Nightgown
21.Your TV? Off
22.Your pets? None
23.Your computer? Laptop
24.Your life? Nice
25.Your mood? Restless
26.Missing someone? Sisters
27.Your car? Freestyle
28.Something you’re not wearing? Bra
29.Favorite Store? Kohl’s
30.Your summer? HOT
31.Like someone? Hubs
32.Your favorite color? Blue
33.When is the last time you laughed? Tonight
34.Last time you cried? Yesterday

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Me versus nature

Not so pleasant run-ins with nature:

The other day I went to fill our watering can to "feed" our potted plants in the front yard. At the side of the house next to the exterior faucet, I saw something fuzzy on the ground. I also saw something brown on the rocks about 6 inches away from the fuzzy mass.

Naturally, I called the Hubs at work to let him know that he had to deal with something when he came home.

The fuzzy mass? A bunny's tail.

The brown stuff? Some animal's poop.

We think that a coyote caught a bunny and ate it right on the side of our house. Of course, the tail wasn't anything good so it left it there. And it 'marked' our house as its territory. Yuck!

Hopefully the bunny that was consumed is the bunny that taste tested almost all my little flowering plants in my front yard. Yes. Nibble-nibble-nibble. We noticed the full-bloom flower heads along with a multitude of leaves disbursed all over the yard.

Now on Wednesday during the drop-off drive to the Princess school, I saw something grey in the street. It looked like some gym socks. I ended running it. As I looked in my rearview mirror, I saw feathers all up in the air. [ugh] I had run over a dead bird. And I had flattened it.

I felt SO bad. I had to remind myself that the little bird was probably already dead on the street before I got there. But to see those feathers flying in the air? Oy!


On the good side of nature:

At the kids' last swim class for this session as we waited for the earlier class to finish, the kids and I saw a hummingbird. We were sitting on the side porch area and the hummingbird flew down near the fence. It hovered near a big spiderweb. I have no idea why it hung out there for about 10 seconds, but it did. Just enough time for me to see it, point it out to the kids, and for us to watch in amazement. Those hummingbird wings just move SO quickly! We were close enough to it for the Bear to realize how different the hummingbird flies than other birds. He saw the blirr where he's normally see the wings casually flapping.

This morning I went by myself to run an errand (normally the Bear is with me since he's home full-time). As I came up the street closest to our house, a small lizard ran across the street. I had to slow down to make sure I didn't run HIM over. But he was quick.

Also this morning I went on a long walk by myself. I did this because the Hubs was home and I could take a LONG walk at a fast pace. I had to stop for a couple minutes to watch a hummingbird irritate some other birds. These other birds were bigger than the hummingbird, probably the size of an adult's fist. There were about 5 birds. And ONE hummingbird. These other birds were chirping away mightily as the hummingbird hovered and extracting nectar from the buds on that branch. The other birds moved to another branch. And then the hummingbird moved to the old branch the birds had been on. The other birds starting making more of a ruckus. It was TOO funny. This flitty little hummingbird was making the other birds nervous.

Since it's been getting warmer here, I'm surprised that I still haven't seen any snakes crossing any streets. Yes. Snakes. Soon enough I'm sure.

But have YOU had any interesting run-ins with nature recently?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More swimming news

The Princess was able to do a modified backstroke today. They call it 'kickers and fins'. She was in backfloat position and did normal kicking legs and put her arms next to her body and fluttered them out and in from her elbows. Last class she held the kickboard on her tummy while she got used to kicking while on her back. But today? She was able to do this 'kickers and fins' thing all by herself. The instructor was pretty surprised that the Princess picked it up so quickly. All the instructor did was guide the Princess by the neck through the pool so she didn't bump into anyone or anything.

And the Bear? He did his first cannonball! His instructor had the Bear go first. The Bear got all scrunched up like a ball. The instructor picked him up and launched him HIGH in the air. Once in the air? The Bear popped open his 'ball' into a starfish kind of position and flopped into the water on his back. Talk about big splash!

What was funniest was when the instructor approached the 2nd little boy. I guess the instructor asked him if he wanted to go as high as the Bear. Why do I think that? Because the little boy's head was shaking vigorously when the instructor spoke to him. And when he was thrown into the air, it was kind of low. I do believe that the height that the Bear got thrown kind of made the 2nd little boy nervous. My Bear though was all laughs and ever so proud of the big splash he made when he walked up to me after class. He's such a boy!

Friday, April 11, 2008

My own "AHA" moment

This evening I yelled at the Princess. She was doing something wrong. I'd told her before the right way to do it and she was doing it wrong. Not only was she doing it wrong, she was also being SUCH a sassy-pants. Those two things in combination make a very angry Mom.

When I tucked her in bed, she began to cry. I put my head next to hers and apologized for my outburst.

Mommies aren't perfect honey. We try out best every day to do what's right. Just like you try your best.

And just like that....I know that I don't have to be perfect. That I don't need to strive for perfection. Some ideal that is only a reality on tv. I just need to do my best. The best for me and my family.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I hope it's because I'm doing a good job

Wednesday morning I received a strange email. Not strange really. Just unexpected.

For my part-part-part time job, I get an email from my boss every morning. As the kidlings eat breakfast, I normally check my email and read over that day's work. No big. As I looked over my email list I saw my boss' name and I scanned to the message title.

New opportunity

What? That's not the normal message title. Opportunity?

I open up the message and it says:

A new opportunity opened up and I'd love to know if you'd be interested. Please give me a call sometime today and we'll go over it.

HA! Something opened up and he thought of me! ME!

I called him up around 10am (after my walk with the Bear). It turns out that the company assists a client in putting out a quarterly newsletter and my boss thought that I could help the client with the prep. In my head, I continued to Me?

Anyway, I have to prep & send my boss a blurb on a particular topic that he told me to write about. The client will look it over and decide if I'm the person for the job. I'm pretty excited about being in the running for this position. It's a great opportunity. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

He's got a sensitive soul

The Bear is all boy. Running. Jumping (or should I say leaping). Twisting. Turning. Laughing. Smiling.

He's all those typical categories that are often associated with boys.

I mentioned that the Bear had a breakdown when he watched the Bee Movie recently. Even though he's all boy, he has his sensitive moments.

A couple weeks ago, we were all piled on the couch watching tv on a Saturday night. A commercial came on. It was Sarah McLaughlin singing "In the Arms of the Angel". I noticed that the Bear started to wipe his face.

Me: Bubby. What's wrong?
Bear: The animals are hurt.
Me: Does that make you sad?
Bear: Yes. The animals are all hurt. The cat has an owee on its eye.... [begins to sob]

The Hubs puts his arms around the Bear.

Me: Oh sweet boy. The animals are getting help. See the animal doctors are helping them. Okay?
Bear: Okay...

Oh my word! He was just so sad. It broke my heart. Thankfully, the Hubs didn't say a word. He just hugged the Bear tight until he calmed down. My little guy has such a sensitive side of him. At least we recognize it, so we don't make him feel bad about showing his emotions.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The little fishies are growing

Today I received written swim evaluations for both the kidlings. And guess what? BOTH of the kids are being recommended to go up to the next level. I can't believe that about 2 months ago they both started at the bottom of the barrel. At tadpoles. They had no swim skills whatsoever. The first session was interesting.

The second session, which we're currently in, the kids are pollywogs. It's a four week session with classes two times a week. And Thursday is the last day.

I was told during sign-up that the kids would probably stay at the pollywog level for three sessions. That's how long kids normally take to get to the next level. You should have FELT the shock in my heart when both the kids instructors (they are in different classes even they are at the same swim level) recommended that the kids move up a level for the next session.

I would have NEVER guessed that the kids would move through the levels this quickly. I really credit their improvement to the patience of the instructors. I mean, the Princess would NEVER have put her face into the water voluntarily. But now? She does -- since she's already working on her "big arms" also known as the freestyle. Today, the Bear started working on the freestyle with his instructor.

Anyway...this proud Mommy had to tell you all. Couldn't help but pump up the kids progress. Now that the kids are getting more comfortable in the water...I'm sure this summer will be a whole lot more fun!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Something that made me pause

I saw something last week that made me stop in my tracks. I was actually talking to the Bear and I stopped mid-sentence. I did. I remember being hit by what I saw and just staring if only for a moment.

We were in $tarbuck$. I'll go in sometimes instead of going in drive-thru so that the Bear can look at the pastries. Also if we don't need to get anywhere then what's the point of drive-thru? So we meandered into the place and patiently waited for my Triple-Venti Caramel Macchiato with one sweet-n-low. If I get that extra shot I have to add a little sweetness into the mix. Anyway, I got my drink and the Bear shared my pumpkin loaf for a snack.

We sat in the corner table about 10 feet away from the barista. As normal, I people watched as we sat there. About 10 minutes into our snack I noticed a couple of gals and a little girl. They were finished placing their order and they waited at the table right in front of the barista's area. These gals were young, in their early 20's, and the little girl looked about 2 years or less. The gals were standing and the little girl decided to sit down. She placed a plain hot dog onto the table and climbed up onto a chair. Then she grabbed the hot dog and continued to munch on it. The gals started to get drinks and put one down on the table -- a frappucino. The little girl saw it and immediately put down the hot dog and grabbed the drink and took a LONG sip out of the straw. By then the gals and a drink carrier and had the rest of their beverages in order. The one gal picked up the frappucino that was on the table. Then they all left.

Okay. Does anyone have any idea what made me pause? Was it the little girl sipping that frappucino? Was it the little girl eating a cold hot dog at 8:30am? Was it the oblivious manner the gals had to the little girl? ALL THREE! I know. Some of you let our kids drink your frothy drinks. But the frothy drink in questions was not a fruity or non-caffeinated variety. And a hot dog? For breakfast? The kid was little!

I can't imagine this little girl when she's a teenager. If she's eating like this now? I can't imagine how healthy [cough-cough] she'll be at 15 or 16. I just had to shake myself out of that momentary pause. Seriously. This type of behavior is one of the reasons I don't want universal health-care. I don't want to be paying for people who give their kids crap to eat. I don't want to pay for those people who don't have any portion control. I don't want to pay for the resulting type2 diabetes that'll happen. I don't want to pay for the heart disease or the high blood pressure meds. Can you believe it? All these thoughts came into my mind in that moment.


Everyone has a right to parent their kids the way they see fit....but I had to get this one off my chest. What do you think about hot dogs for breakfast?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Off the wagon...and back on again

I'm fickle. I know I am. I start things and (when it comes to certain things) I drop off.

The KEY item that I can't seem to keep consistent?


I have been "off the wagon" for a couple months now. Yes. That is the reason why I haven't talked about any improvements in a while. ARGH! It's like a monkey on my back. I want to do it but I get distracted. Once I get injured/hurt then I can't back into it.

I know that I need to make the time for myself. MAKE THE TIME! But that is still such a difficult task for me. I put the kids, the Hubs and work ahead of those handful of hours for myself. What I need to do is keep in my mind that it's not hour just for myself. That it's an investment for the Hubs and the kids as well. I'll be stronger and have more stamina. I know I will after my body gets over the hump of getting used to being challenged.

I am so frustrated with myself. SO frustrated. I should have been at my target already if I'd stayed on track in October. I mean, I don't have much to do. I only want to lose maybe 10 pound at a max. But those 10 pounds? They have been my Achilles heel. Outsiders can look at me and say that I look fit. With clothes on I look okay. I cover up really well.

But when I'm standing there in the bathroom before or after my shower? Ugh. The jiggle in my tummy? The circumference of my thighs? The fullness in my face? Yuck-yuck-yuck! Thankfully, it's just the Hubs that sees this part of me. But poor guy...he has to see me like this. A big comparison from when we first met. But I was single and all I did was work and work out. I was at the gym 4 times a week for 2 hours each time. I was able to do an aerobics class and then ride for an hour with no problems. Now? I can't possibly do all that.

So.....I'm going to TRY to start a routine starting tomorrow. Tomorrow. I'll try to work out at least 3 times a week. That's all I can do right?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming

The kiddos are doing really well at their swim class.

I've already got them signed up for the next session. They were on the waiting list for this session but now they are IN! Woohoo! So they won't have a big gap in between classes. Just a week.

The kids have now been in lessons for a total of 5 weeks -- going twice a week -- 10 lessons so far. And they've made great progress.

The Bear still has no fear and listens to his instructor really well. The other two little boys get distracted. The Bear loves to do all the tasks and his instructor oftentimes let's him do things first. He wears goggles so he can easily see underwater and doesn't end up rubbing his eyes. He can do the backfloat once his instructor puts him into position. He can kind of do a doggy paddle as well.

The Princess is gradually getting over her fear of water. She can now do the backfloat as well. Unfortunately, she doesn't like to wear goggles so she is rubbing water out of her eyes. She and I talked after her latest class and she is going to try to wear the goggles next week. Why? Because she's going to be putting her face INTO the water a lot more. She is now learning "big arms". Yes! She is learning the freestyle! And this last class she actually jumped into the pool without anyone holding her hand. THAT is a major achievement. There's talk that she might actually go up to the next level -- goldfish!

I am so ecstatic that both of my kddos are doing as well as they are. I'm amazed at their progress. VERY glad that the Princess is getting over her fear of water. Proud that the Bear continually tries his best. Hopefully we'll have a more enjoyable summer with more "swim" days.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Get me some honey

I recently purchased a DVD of the Bee Movie. The Princess and I watched this movie at the theater. I thought that the Bear would get a kick out of the movie. Animated little bee with a mission? Yes, that's what I thought.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Bear was watching the movie on the big tv in the family room. I was busy working in the office. I was clicking away when the Bear came in.

Bear: You know what Mom? They shot Pooh Bear.
Me: What?
Bear: In the movie. They shot Pooh. He's dead.
Me: They did? I forgot about that.

The Bear turned away from me for a second. I noticed that his hand went to his face and wiped it.

WTF? Was he crying?

Bear: ...And Piglet was so sad! [his voice broke at that point]
Me: Oh Buddy! It's just a movie. They didn't really hurt Pooh. It's just a cartoon. They did it all on the computer.
Bear: They shot Pooh... [sobbing]

Oh my word! The kid was inconsolable for about 5 minutes. I had to hold him and let him get his grief out. I had to explain that they didn't really hurt Pooh. That it was just part of the movie. The movie was make-believe. They did it on the computer like the stuff his sister does on the Webkinz site.

I think that the main issue is that in the movie they HURT a character that he knows. A character that is always happy and kind. They hurt a "good" guy. And he thought that Pooh was REALLY hurt.


Little did I know that an animated movie would get my little guy so emotional. That it would touch him so deeply that he'd sob with sadness. Talk about Mommy guilt!

What movies or shows have YOUR kids watched that really got to them and made them sad or cry?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Interesting development

Two exciting events to tell you about!!!!!


LilSis and Shorty have closed on their townhouse. Since they are comfortably living with my parents at this time, they aren't moving immediately. They are going to take a couple weeks to paint the place first. LilSis is VERY excited to be on the cusp of moving into a place that'll be just theirs. A place where there are no roommates. Just the two to them. I'm ecstatic that they are starting this new chapter in their lives.


We're expecting a new baby to join the family. No. Not me! It's not LilSis either. It's actually on the Hubs' side of the family. No. My SIL did not self-impregnate using a turkey baster. Ha-ha! I think that's the only way she'll get pregnant. Okay. That wasn't nice, but she was the one that my MIL was expecting to get tons of grandkids out of. This is a thought she's had since my SIL was a young kid. My MIL never thought that the Hubs would get married and start a family. He was too quiet and reserved as a kid. But go figure that HE is the one with two kidlings.

So who does that leave? The Hubs' brother and his wife are expecting. This is the couple that never wanted kids because they love to travel. Their two dogs were enough responsibility. But I do think the fact that my other SIL...the married-in SIL's brother and his wife just had another baby. I think my other SIL was kind of influenced by that fact and ta-da! is now expecting. The baby is due in October, so she's just about 2+ months along.

The Hubs and I are very happy about this. We love the fact that our kids will have a cousin from HIS side of the family. Someone younger than them. We're telling the kids that THEY can be fantastic older cousins to this little one just like Sis#2's oldest son is with them. He plays with them. Let's them tag along. He's junior high...and he's so patient with them.