Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Here and back

Successful trip up and back.

No airline delays.

A little traffic. A crazy shuttle driver. But nontheless it was a good trip.

The hotel was fabulous. It was a Westin. The last time I stayed at a Westin was on my honeymoon in Maui.

This hotel? It wasn't a newly built building. It was a previously owned private hotel that was taken over/purchased by Westin. And they've done a lovely remodel.

My room had a very streamlined feel to it. Modern decor. Contemporary. The bathroom was nice. Open shelving under the sink. The wallpaper had a basketweave pattern to it. Beige. Two rectangular scones on the walls on either side of the mirror above the sink. The two scones provided an even light as I looked at the mirror. The plasma television was a nice touch. The LARGE desk was nice. The room had TWO beds. I chose to sleep in the one furthest away from the windows. The windows? They were floor to ceiling windows. It was a BEAUTIFUL view in the evening.

When I called for breakfast, the staff called me by name. I don't ever remember THAT happening! I felt so "special"! The gal gave me a 20 minute timeframe for breakfast delivery. So I took a quick shower to wake up and had slipped on the hotel provided robe when I heard a knock at the door. BREAKFAST! It took only a little over 10 minutes! It was totally speedy, which shocked me. And the order was prepared correctly and was still HOT. HOT! I savored that breakfast like no one's business. I ate it at the desk in the hotel robe with MSNBC on the flat screen and the drapes pulled open so I could overlook the scene outside. It was a unique moment.

Of course, the day turned out to be a busy one. I had to sit through a presentation, a couple meetings, and still get my work done. No big. I participated in surgery on a photo copy machine. We had to use wooden chopsticks and my tweezers to extricate paper out of a tiny area of the machine. Unfortunately, the drum of the photo copy machine was injured during the break. A darker streak appeared on the pages of the papers that flowed through. But at least the machine now worked. And then I had to deal with the traffic of getting OUT of San Francisco and to Oakland. A 20 minute trip turned into an hourlong voyage. But I had a fabulous conversation with the taxi driver. Where he grew up (2 hours outside Minneapolis). Where he currently lived (in the city). Where he'd like to live next (Florida). How SF is really pushing BioDiesel. Yeah. LOTS of interesting topics.

But I got home safe and sound. Right on time. To a sleepy house. The kids were happy to see me the next morning when they woke up.

Maw-mee! I MISS you SO much!

The BEST kind of welcome home ever!

Monday, August 27, 2007

You want me where? When?

Around 10am today, I got an email. I didn't read it as I was in the midst of something.

I then received an IM telling me to check out the email.

Okay. Okay. I get it. I need to read the email.

Apparently, the powers that be want to have meetings this Wednesday and Thursday. From 8:30am to 6pm each day. Uh. Okay. I touch base with my boss and he says that I don't need to attend Thursday but he hopes I'd be able to swing Wednesday.
Me: I'll talk to the Hubs at lunch. I'll let you know.
Boss: Also, you're going to have to make your own travel arrangements.
Me: Okay. Thanks for letting me know.
I email the Hubs at 11am. He doesn't respond. I twittle my thumbs and then call him at 12:30pm.
Hubs: They certainly gave you lots of notice. [sarcasm dripping from his voice]
Me: I know. But they said I'd only have to go up for the Wednesday meetings. Can you handle the kids for at least all day Wednesday?
Hubs: I'll forward your email to my boss. It should be okay. Just make your travel arrangements and I'll work around that.
Me: Okay. I'll get the flights made and forward them to you.
I check flights for Wednesday. There's nothing early enough that'll get me into the offices before 8:30am. This means flying up on Tuesday night. Ugh. And since I'm not staying for meetings on Thursday, I'm flying home Wednesday night. This results in the smallest break in routine for the Hubs and the kids. But this means a long couple of days for me.

After I'd made all my flight arrangements, I hear from the main office that I'm going to need to arrange a shuttle to get me into town. My flight arrives so late that the taxis are normally gone by then.

Then an hour after I made my hotel arrangements, my boss IMs me the link to a hotel that he and another guy are staying at.
Me: Thanks for the link. I already made my reservation at the hotel.
Boss: You did?
Me: Yes. I thought that location would be the most convenient to the office...
Boss: Okay. Good.
So I'll be out of town and out of touch for a couple days. Oh fun! Tomorrow after I drop off the kids, I'm going to have to pack for the one night. And I'm going to have to bring this giant laptop with me too. I seriously hate traveling with a laptop!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A reality check for me

I was expecting my monthly visitor on Wednesday night. It didn't show up.

I waited all day Thursday. It didn't show up.

I felt weird. I felt tired. Hmm...Could I be? I couldn't be. Are you getting what I'm trying to say?

For most, this kind of lateness would be a joyous tension. A lot of people look forward to this. But me? At this point in my life. In our lives? I don't know if we could handle it. The kids are older. The Princess is almost 7. The Bear will be 5 in January. We're at that point where we can go places without having to lug stuff with us. Just grab our keys, some bottled water and go. Both kids walk everywhere we do. At the grocery store they do ride on the outside of the cart but that's a grocery cart. EVERY kid likes to hang off the grocery cart!

Friday morning, my visitor still hadn't show up. STILL! I was a bundle of nervous energy. I couldn't keep it to myself. As I chatted with the Hubs alone in the office before he headed to work I was snitty.
Me: When are you going to make that appointment to get fixed like your Dad?
Hubs: Uh...never!
Me: Why not? I had the kids. TWO C-sections.
Hubs: And?
Me: What? What do you mean? Hrmph....would it change anything that I MIGHT BE PREGNANT?
I stalk off. Yeah. That's how I left him. His eyes bugged out in shock. A few minutes later, he tracked me down as I got dressed in our closet.
Hubs: So, what's going on?
Me: I'm late. Really late for me.
Hubs: When were you due?
Me: Wednesday night.
Hubs: And now it's Friday.
Me: Exactly.
So he left for work. I dropped the kids off at school. I went to the grocery store and picked up a test. I took it right when I got home. Negative. But still no visitor. I started working. Got wrapped up in all the issues.

And then at lunch? My visitor came. [sigh of relief]

I have to tell you that I'm relieved. It was a real reality check. It got me thinking about our life. We have our two that keep us busy and happy. Some parents can handle a bunch of kids. But the Hubs and I? We're content with our two kidlings. They're enough for us.

The Hubs has YET to make an appointment to get fixed up, but I think it's now deeply seeded into his mind. That he needs to take care of business for once. I carried the kids. I've done the birth control since we met. It's now HIS turn to take part. I mean, without protection? He and I are fertile. Seriously fertile. We got pregnant with our first in 2 months -- although pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Then we got pregnant with the Princess less than 8 weeks after my miscarriage. We weren't even trying. I hadn't even had a visitor yet and we got pregnant. Then with the Bear, we had just decided to try and we got pregnant that first month we tried. So yeah, we're a very fertile combination.

But are YOUR husbands' fixed now that you've had your kids? or do you plan on getting your tubes tied? or do you plan on having as many children as you'll be able to blessed with?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

How BRAVO sees the airwaves


Did you watch Top Chef last night? I adore that show. But I was sad to see who was asked to leave last night. GREAT chef. Good leader. Nice personality. Just a bad situation that resulted in that person not doing well for that challenge. The two "restaurants" did look a lot more refined. And the so called designer consultant? He definitely was an a$$. I'm with the chefs in saying that the guy wasn't pleasant -- who cares who he's related to! I'm disappointed in CJ that he didn't do more than one dish -- for the 2nd day in a row. He only concentrated on his one dish. OY! And what happened with Casey? She was so emotional last night. I found it totally entertaining watching Casey trying to dice those onions. Did she NOT see Sara FLYING? And Hung with that chicken? DANG! It was a fantastic episode.

And the new show Flipping Out? I LOVE this show! It's so funny. Much better and more entertaining that Workout and Blowout. Watching Jeff and his life issues. The people who work for him? They must have a high tolerance level. Jenni! When her eyes open that extra fraction? CRACKS me up! And her husband -- the trash guy? He-he-he! What I find interesting is Ryan and Jeff. The dynamic between the two is interesting. They're business partners now and used to be a romantic couple. Now Ryan has a baby girl. But have they mentioned that he's married? What's his wife's name? And Zoila? She lives with Jeff? Why? Does she have that much to clean? And she's the ONLY one who lives with Jeff. The rest of the team have their own places. Those realtors who wouldn't contribute $2500 each to close the deal? SELFISH & greedy. YUP! They couldn't do that little bit to close a $2.6 million deal? Geez! I hope Jeff drops those two chicks - especially the one who digs up the St. Joseph out of people's yards BEFORE their escrow closes. I read on Jenni's blog that the house that she dug the statue out from? That deal fell through on that house! ARGH! What's lastly amusing is how they all eat together. When its at the house, it's take-out from somewhere (lots of El Pollo Loco). What employer EATS with his staff on a regular basis like that? Nobody I know!

But these two shows are my FAVORITES this summer. Nothing violent. Just fun, fun, fun drama! What are YOUR favorite shows of the summer?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Put on a happy face...

[dripping with sarcasm]

About 2 months ago, the Hubs lets me know that his sister will be in town twice in August. One night she wanted to meet for dinner. The next time she wanted to spend the night. She had a few business meetings scheduled down here. Okay. Fine.
Me: What are the details? When?
Hubs: Don't worry about it Bunny. I'll let you know.
It's August.

Last Friday was when we were schedule to have dinner with her. On Wednesday, the Hubs spoke with his sister.
Hubs: We're going to meet her at Chili's at 6:30pm for dinner.
Me: Isn't that kind of late?
Hubs: Well, give the kids a late snack after they come home from school. They should be fine.
Okay. I decided I'd be flexible. Friday/Late snack/Late Dinner w/SIL -- that's what the post-it said. The post-it that I put on my desk to remind me.

Friday afternoon. 3pm. [Ring-ring]
Hubs: Hi my love.
Me: Hi Sweetie, what's up?
Hubs: Um. I just got a call from your sister-in-law.
Me: What?
Hubs: She wants to change the time to 5:30pm.
Me: Okay. Fine. That's a better time. I'll see you there.
The kids and I make it home from school around 4:45pm. Just enough time to go to the bathroom. Empty backpacks. Look at papers. Get fresh outfits. Wash their faces. Comb the Princess hair. I stuff a bag of crayons and some paper into my purse/backpack and we were out.

As I'm parking the car in the boonies, I see the Hubs walking along the sidewalk next to Chili's. As I try to get the kids unpacked from the car and get a hold of their little hands, my cell starts to ring. It's the Hubs. Yes. He's got his own "ring". I ignore it of course as we're walking up to the restaurant. We walk in and the kids run to the Hubs.
Hubs: Uh. Your sister-in-law isn't making it tonight.
Me: What????
Hubs: She just called. She won't be able to get here until 6:30pm.
So we end up not seeing her. I guess her meeting ran late. On a Friday night. And she didn't bother calling the Hubs until the time we were supposed to meet her for dinner. How rude is that?

It's 6:40pm Monday night and she's supposed to spend the night tomorrow. She JUST called the Hubs 10 minutes ago to confirm that she is going to be here. She calls the night BEFORE to confirm? WTF?!?! I didn't wash any linens for that guest bedroom. I didn't wash our guest towels. I haven't even swept or dusted or cleaned the bathrooms. She is going to have to deal with our dirty house. BECAUSE she did not call to confirm until just 15 minutes ago. BITCH! Like we don't have kids. Like we don't have jobs. Like we don't have anything better to do than roll out the red carpet for her arrival. Yeah....right....

God.... I HATE my husband's family! Just another notch on the stick on why I don't like them.


Okay....HATE is too strong a word. It's a word I don't like to use. But as I was writing last night, I was too wrapped up in my feelings and it came out. I seriously have issues with my SIL & MIL but I tolerate them. They are just not the kind of people I would normally ever associate with.

Before we went to bed last night, I asked the Hubs what time his sister would be coming over. 7 o'clock. But most likely she'll be late. She's notorious for being late (just like my BIL). The last time she spent the night, she was over an hour late. By the time she got to our house, the kids were in bed. She bought herself a late dinner (Mickey Ds) and commenced eating when she got here. She sat in our formal dining room. And placed her giant soda on my white linen runner. She used the runner for a coaster. Ummm...did I mention it was white? Anyway, we get the kids ready for bed at 7:30pm. They're in bed by 8pm. Why so early? Because that's the only way we can get them up at 6am and out the door by 7am. So my SIL will see the kids MAYBE for an hour tonight and MAYBE an hour in the morning.

Her work associates? They're staying at the La Paloma. A fancy shmancy resort hotel. It's a beautiful place. I've been there for lunch once. It's a top notch place that I could never afford.

But I'll "put on a happy face" for the duration of her short stay. It's not really going to be a visit. More like an inconvenience.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Almost free of their burdens

Last fall, we were surprised when one of our neighbors decided to move. She and her family had been in their home almost 2 years. Just two years! And she was moving into a new neighborhood by the same builder. She was actually moving into one of the SPEC homes in the new neighborhood.

"It's just TOO good of a deal to pass up!"

That's her response that is BURNED into my brain. She put her house up for sale in late August. I was shocked at the initial price point. It was WAY too high. $450k -- for a 4BR/2.5BA/Greatroom/2735sf!

The house is finally in escrow. Almost a year after it was put on the market, it's now in escrow. And the price that it's listed as? $375k. That's right folks. It's gone down $75k. Every month of so, she was adjusting the price down.

But we can't help but think about the carrying costs she's had to pay out for a year. The mortgage, insurance, and utilities! If she had actually listed the place correctly at the beginning (instead of being greedy), then she would have had a lot less stress. AND made more money. If she's listed it at $410k at the beginning, she would have sold it right away. But now her journey is almost done.

The other house in our neighborhood that's been for sale since October is ALSO in escrow.

The place is apparently a dump. The person who owns the place had planned on using it as an investment. So he only put the standard things in. The people who rented it for a year right after it was build had an at-home daycare situation. And the people I know who have been in the place say it's trashed. Eek! Then after the renters left, the guy who owns the place put it up for sale. That was in October 2006 for $430k -- 4BR/2.5BA/LR/DR/Family/loft/den/3025sf/2story

And now it's finally in escrow. The current internet price list? $339k. That's $100,000 less than the start selling price. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND!

The real estate market is crazy right now. But at least there are folks taking advantage of the low home prices. Just think that if people were conscious of the downslide of the housing market (it's only been going on for a year)....and they used the entire time to save money for a down-payment? They can get a home for a STEAL right now! It's definitely a buyers market.

But folks....don't just jump into a home. Buy the right home to fit your needs. Make sure it's in a good area. Make sure your monthly housing payments (which includes maintenance & insurance) is 30% or less than your monthly take-home income. Do NOT over-extend yourselves. Just because a company "approves" you for a loan, don't think it'll be do-able. Make sure you know how much you spend monthly compared to your monthly take-home. Be AWARE! Please. Let's be real. Buy within your means. And this horrible situation of foreclosures won't happen to you.

Friday, August 17, 2007

In and out like a flash

Yesterday before picking up the Princess, I dropped by JiffyLube to get my oil changed. I actually headed out of the house an HOUR before I needed to pick her up. This way I would have enough time to get the oil changed, right?


As I slowed down so that I could pull off the main road to get to the JiffyLube, I noticed the two cars ahead of me also were turning right. INTO the JiffyLube. Dang-darn-doodle! They got there ahead of me, so I figured I'd still have enough time to get it done.


The JiffyLube had all 3 bays open. 3 cars in the bays. 1 car behind the bays. And now these two additional cars ahead of me. Frick-frack!

I sat there for 10 seconds contemplating what to do. Wait? or leave? I left. I went to Office Max and Target instead. Yeah. I went shopping. I was pretty torqued up about not getting my oil changed too.

So this morning? I decided I'd slip out during the morning and get the oil changed. And when I pulled up to the placed they had 2 bays open. And only 1 car behind one bay. I slipped in at the 2nd bay. And a guy came up to chat with me straight away. He noted that I had a sticker on my front window, so he knew I'd be in their computer.
Attendant: Same oil as before?
Me: Yes. Same stuff.
Attendant: Okay. Just go in and have a seat. It should only take 20 minutes.
Me: OK. Thank you!
I took a seat inside the place. They called me out to the bay less than 3 minutes later. Already? My car was already in the bay being worked on? Yes! It's true! The service gal talked to me about extra services. AND as an aside, she complimented me on my haircut! I didn't take any of the extra services. Naw. I'll wait until my 30,000 mile check-up.

Anyway, the gal whose car was onside the first bay was sitting in the waiting room talking on her cell phone. She was pissed too. She was talking about her kids' school and what had happened that morning. She was pretty loud about how displeased she was.

I actually heard them pull my car around. I looked out the Venetian blinds and there it was! I got done first? YES! I guess they worked on my car before they worked on that gal was pissed. Just another reason for her to be pissed about the world!

But it's just another reason why I think it's good to be nice to the people who do anything for me. The attendant at the gas station. The person making my coffee at $tarbuck$. The customer service person for our subdivision. Being pleasant to the folks makes everyone's day better. You know?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Freaking pigs!

When I left yesterday to pick up the kids, I noticed that the two pots that held my newest flowers didn't look as "full" as I'd remembered them.

The original flowers that I placed in the two pots died about a month ago. I had put in about 4 plants into each pot. But 4 weeks ago? They were crispy. Dried up. GONERS! There was no recover for them. At. All. So I tore them out and dropped in 2 plants each. One small bushy type plant with teeny-tiny purple flowers. One that was basically iceplant with bright flowers.

This entire month, the new plants have been doing fabulous. They sat next to our 1-car garage. We'd water them every other day. It was great to see the flowers blossom. The iceplant would continually generate flowers. Once some flowers were dried up, more would generate. It was nice. I felt like I had a green thumb.

But yesterday when I came home with the kids, I went in for a closer inspection. The iceplants were smaller. AND there were pieces of it all over the ground! Pieces of my iceplant. On. The. Ground! Something had chewed up my plants! I suspected a bunny rabbit. The Hubs? He suspected it was a javelina. By the amount of material on the ground, I think the Hubs was right. That darn pig-like creature!

So now? I'm going to have to put my pots up on the shelf area beside the 1-car garage. Up high so none of the local creatures can tear my plants apart again!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The local stink

Yesterday (Aug 14th) was the first day of school for the city's public schools. And there was quite a ruckus after the kids were let out at the end of the day.

It turns out that the school district decided to give the 400 teachers a 1% raise. So the teachers protested after school was out. The teachers found out the details of the new contract on August 2 - almost 2 weeks before the school year started. I'm wondering WHY they waited until the first day of school to protest? Because it was the first day of school and they'd get more attention from parents & the media? But I guess, the State actually gave the school districts a 3% increase this year but the city only filtered 1% down to the teachers.
They've left the employees as an afterthough. They've taken care of everything else on their wish list and now they're telling the employees there's nothing left.
The talk on the radio this morning was all about this situation. I do believe that teachers are a valuable key in shaping our children. That they spend the MOST time with our children. They should be compensated. They should receive raises. But not everyone performs the same. Not everyone has the same teaching methods. Some teachers SPARK our kids imagination. Their yearn to learn. While other teachers just drag through the day.

In my OWN opinion, I think teachers should not receive the same raises across the board. That they should be given raises like I have been given raises throughout my career. Based upon PERFORMANCE. Based upon what I do. Not on how long I've worked in one particular job. I'll explain how we were compensated at one place I worked. At the beginning of each fiscal year, each employee sat down with their manager and discussed their job. Their goals. Areas that needed improvement. Additional deliverables. Extra course, seminars, and continuing education that would be done that year. ALL that was documented. This way, if the manager moved to a different area during the year the NEXT manager would know exactly what each employee was working on. And each quarter, we'd meet with our manager and go through the list of responsibilities and all that. We'd modify the list as necessary as our scope of business changed. Towards the end of the year, we'd go through one final review with our manager. Our manager would then perform a write-up of how each of us did. Then all the evaluations would be forwarded to the Director of our group. The Director would review all the write-ups. By this time, the Director would receive the $ figure that was designated to our group for annual raises. Then the Director would determine what % each of us would receive based upon our manager's documentation. So we all got different annual raises (if any). And that was that. It was our own fault if we didn't receive a large increase.

But this type of thing isn't done in our public school district. Everyone gets the same % which I find strange. But it's the current talk of the town. Just another reason why I've got the Princess at a small charter school. Yes. There's still drama at the school. But there's a lot less bureaucracy to deal with. I know all the teachers. I'm getting to know the faces of all the new kids and their parents. I get to touch base with the Princess current and prior teachers. I see their enthusiasm & energy. I make sure I let them know I support and appreciate them. I try to contribute when and where I can.

I've had fabulous teachers in my life. Teachers who inspire me to want to cram more into my brain. I'm in my 30s and I still remember my elementary school teachers. In 6th grade, we studied at our own pace. Each Friday, each student sat down with our teacher. And we created a "contract" for the following week. The contract detailed out all the subjects and lessons for the week. And when we finished one thing, our teacher signed off on that task. AND we had reptiles in our classroom. I got to take care of the one aquarium of lizards for at least 3 months during my 6th grade year. I remember how challenged I was as a 2nd grader, when I got placed in a combined 2nd/3rd grade class. And I was able to keep up with the 3rd graders!

Now the Hubs? He thinks I had a "fairy tale" school experience. I equate it to living in SoCal in the 70s. But the Hubs? He h-a-t-e-d school as a kid. I think it's because where he lived. He lived in Chicago - in the city (where my FIL was a cop). And I definitely don't want the kidlings to feel about school the way the Hubs felt about it as a kid. I want them to LOVE school. I want them to LOVE learning. I want them to absorb every bit of knowledge that's presented to them! Because that's how I felt! I looked forward to entering the class every day. And I felt that my teachers felt that way too.

And the way I felt as a kid? And how I felt that my teachers felt? I wish that the teachers of our city's public schools felt that way. I'm sure some of them do. But I wish ALL of them had that feeling. And I wish they had the parental support that my elementary school teachers had back 30 years ago. The support that some parents at the Princess' charter school give the teachers. We've got to get our kids to love learning. And the teachers and administrators that surround our kids each day can help give them that feeling. And we need to do our share at home too.

Did you love school as a kid? Do your kids love school?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I can't believe thet ransition was so easy!

It's Tuesday, August 14th...and it's the 7th day of the school year. SEVENTH day!

The Princess has had an easy-as-pie transition from summer to school year. She's loving second grade. She's enjoying her new teacher, (Ms. G) who is also new to the school and new to our city.

What's great is that I'm able to drop her off at 7:30am rather than right at 8am. She doesn't mind waiting around in the school yard anymore. She realizes that with an early drop-off, she has time to sit and chat with her friends. Because when class starts, there's really NO time to chat with every single buddy.

She is also enjoying spending time AFTER school. She's signed up for 2 afterschool "clubs" -- the Arts & Crafts Club (on Monday and Tuesdays) and the Book Club (on Wednesdays and Fridays). She finishes up at 4:15pm each club day, instead of the non-club time of 3pm. This allows HER to spend more time with her buddies and do something fun. AND it allows me to spend more time concentrating on work.

Her school has started a new lunch program too. They've a catering company signed up to serve the kids a HOT lunch every day. Last week they sent home a sheet that had lunches listed for the rest of August. I conferred with the Princess and she selected 2 to 3 hot lunches that she wanted to eat. This allows me to not have to figure out a lunch every morning. AND it's a real hot lunch. Not just sandwiches. They had spaghetti with meatballs yesterday. Today is chicken sandwiches. They're also going to serve quesadillas, burritos, chicken bowls, and loads of good stuff. What's great is that I didn't see a "repeat" lunch the entire 3 weeks they had listed on the sheet. So the kids will be getting variety.

What's been the BEST is that she didn't come home cranky as a bear since school started. When she started both kindergarten and first grade, she came home tired as all heck for at least 2 weeks. It was hard on HER and US! But this year? She's fine as fine can be. I think it's because she was going to the YMCA Day Camp all summer. She was active the entire break, instead of sitting at home being bored. So her body didn't get "lazy". AHA!

So it's been a good start. It's now 3:55pm, so I better head on out and pick up the kidlings. Hope the start to YOUR school year is a good one!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Trying to be sneaky

I tried calling the Hubs today around 4pm to find out if he was coming home early like he mentioned last night. I called. The phone rang. I left a voicemail.

Around 4:50pm, I got a call. It was the Hubs. I looked at the number BEFORE I answered the call and it wasn't his regular work phone. Strange.
Hubs: Hi babe. It's me.
Me: Hi. I tried calling you earlier and I left you a voicemail.
Hubs: Do me a favor....
Me: What's that?"
Hubs: Can you look at my nightstand and see if my phone is there?
Me: What? Your cell?
Hubs: Yeah. I don't have it with me.
Me: Hmm...well it's not here on your nightstand. Let me look on the desk.
Hubs: Yeah. I got to my car and realized I didn't have my phone with me.
Me: It's not on the desk. Or on the breakfast bar.
Hubs: I have no idea where I could have left it....
Me: Why don't you call your phone, so I can run around the house to see if I can locate it.
We hang up. I walk around the house. NOTHING.
Me: Well Sweetie, I didn't hear it ring at all.
Hubs: I'll be home in about 45 minutes.
Me: What?"
Hubs: I found it.
Me: You did? Was it in your office somewhere?
Hubs: [hesitating] I left it somewhere...
Me: Where is it?
Hubs: It's at $tarbuck$.
Me: You dropped by $tarbuck$ this morning and left your phone there?
Hubs: [sheepishly] Uh...yeah...
So the grumpy guy who left the house this morning got himself a little something at $TARBUCK$ this morning! Then he didn't want to admit that he'd gotten himself a treat this morning. Normally he gets a Grande Hot Chocolate (he doesn't drink coffee) and a raspberry loaf. YUM! He TRIED to be sneaky....but got caught! HA!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oh...I thought I was done!

Y'all....I got whatever internal issue that the kids had last week.It's been horrible!

*** WARNING *** If you're squeamish about reading TMI...then stop reading now!

If you read the Blue Sloth, then you know about his health issues (aka the darn Mola-Mola). Well, THAT is how I've been feeling. The internal pain. The intestinal bloating. That gaseous feeling. That was all I could think about Monday and Tuesday. How horrible this feeling was. And how Philip has to deal with it on a daily basis. Ugh!

The horrible feeling started Monday after dinner. I felt bloated. Like I'd eaten WAY too much even though I'd only had a cup of pasta and 3 meatballs. I sat on the couch and drank some tea. I tried to burp up the gas bubbles that I felt were welling up inside me. I burped a bit but it didn't help. After the kids were in bed, I even tried to make myself vomit to relieve the pressure. I can't stick my finger down my throat, but I did press my diaphragm up against the side curve of the oval toilet. This is a technique that works for me normally when I'm feeling nauseous. But this time? Nothing happened. Nada!

I went to bed early (10pm) but could not get comfortable. I could feel my digestive tract in an uproar. I kept trying to tell myself it would pass. That I needed to relax and let myself go to sleep. I ended up barely sleeping all night. I'd wake just as I felt like I fell asleep. I didn't fell like I got any rest at all. That's the WORST way to wake up. To feel like you didn't sleep through one REM cycle. Zombie time! That's how I felt all Tuesday. Like I was barely coherent. Like I was in a painful fog all day. I forced myself to eat a bagel Tuesday morning. But that's about all I ate the rest of the day. I then forced myself to eat a banana around 8pm. I had to have SOMETHING and that felt like the safest bet.

Now what happened the rest of Tuesday? It was NOT a good day to be me. The fog I felt? It was accompanied by MANY trips to the porcelain goddess. No. No vomit. It was the other end. It was the big D. Diary-ah! I didn't think I had that much IN me! Even though I wasn't eating, I made myself drink some water. Not much. But enough. Every time I sat down on the white porcelain, I had horrible pains. It just exited so violently! It stunk something awful too. The exit point hurt something awful too from all that exposure to that acidic stuff. Gross! Yuck! But that's what happened. Then again....that's why I ended up eating just the banana at the end of the day.

This morning? I still felt a little queasy. But infinitely much better than the previous day. Maybe because I slept all night. That dead sleep. The sleep of exhaustion. I could have slept for 4 more hours I'm sure. But I had to get up and get the kids ready for school. AND I had to work. But I did sneak in a nap instead of eating lunch. And I slept HARD. But it refreshed me enough to make it through the rest of the day. And now? It's 8:30pm. The kids are safely tucked in bed. I actually ate some dinner. Some minestrone soup (while the Hubs and the kids feasted on fettucine alfredo with shrimp).

The Hubs could tell that I felt better too. He knows that when I'm sick. I am REALLY SICK. I'm out for the count. So he steps up big time. He's had to get the kids through their evening routine 2 nights in a row. But this evening? I went outside with the kids. I prep'd their night-time snacks. I went through a catalog with them to get them thinking about Halloween costumes (I told you I like to plan!). I gave both of them their baths. And got them tucked in bed myself. This way he could get some extra work in.

But I tell's been a bad few days. But I've FINALLY made it through. And now? I'm going to take a nice long leisurely shower. feels good to be back to normal again!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Picture DAY!

The Princess has Picture Day today!

Can you believe it? It's only the start of the 4th week in school and they're taking pictures? At least we're getting over with it.

As she showered last night, we chatted about getting ready for the day. What outfit she'd be wearing. That I needed her to eat her breakfast and get changed, so we'd have time to really concentrate on her hair. And how DID she want her hair to be styled? If I give her this information the night before, she knows what I expect of her. You'd think she'd get ready without a fuss every morning, but that's not the case. She pulls the "I'm tired" thing at least once a week. She loves to drag her body around like it pains her to be awake. But as long as she's ready by the time we need to get out the door then I'm okay with it. I can normally get her into a good mood by the time she gets dropped off at the gate. I like our morning alone in the car. Our 10 - 15 minutes of singing and chatting. Just the girls.

Anyway, like I said, she'll be taking her 2nd Grade Photo today. I still can't believe she's in SECOND grade! She's in a bright pink short sleeved top with some gathering up along the neckline. She'll have two ponytails tied behind her ears and braids pulled forward over her shoulders. She's just a beauty in my eyes no matter what she wears. you know what she's going to be thinking when the photo is being taken? An ice cream cone! I told her to think of something yummy and delicious when they take her photo. This way she emits a genuine twinkle in her eyes. Her big brown eyes.

And in just a blink of an eye, I'll soon be telling you about my 16 year old having picture day. In a blink of an eye, my 2nd grader will be in high school. I know it. My beautiful girl. But for now, I relish in the fact that my girl and I still talk. I relish that she finds me in the morning to give me a hug. That if she's in a grumpy mood, I can help her improve her spirits. I can't wait to see the photo that'll capture my girl as she is right now.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I've made it through the rain...

Not the literal rain....

Through the sickness that overwhelmed my home since Friday evening.

Remember how I mentioned the other day that the Bear fell asleep on me? This was because his "tummy" hurt.

Monday afternoon, the Princess mentioned that HER tummy was hurting. This resulted in her staying home Tuesday and Wednesday from camp. The pain would come in waves. She'd feel fine for a while and then she'd come to me in tears. I'd end up having to hold her on my lap and stroke her back. She'd lay on the couch when she'd feel okay. Then she'd come to me when the pain was too much. For two days. Holding her. Trying to absorb her pain. She also ended up sleeping in bed with me. Of course, the Bear had to be near his sister and he ended up in the toddler bed in our bedroom. The Hubs decided to sleep in the guestroom while both kidlings were sleeping with me.

When I'm sick? I have the weirdest dreams. VERY vivid and strange. I know I roll around more and am over and under the covers. This is EXACTLY how the Princess is. She'd thrash about and mumble about so much. OH MY GOSH! I had to put pillows in the middle of the bed to "protect" myself. Seriously. After two nights of having to be on guard in bed, last night was a quiet one. Both kidlings were knocked out. The Princess silently slept in that dead sleep where she barely moved. THAT is when I knew she was going to feel fine this morning. No more strange dreams that caused her to swing her arms about and kick her legs. Yeah!

So today? I am in a much more rested state. I'm feeling more productive. I'm feeling more focused. Thank goodness. A rested Mommy is a better Mommy! Whew! We made it through this little viral business. Hopefully, it'll be the last of the sickies until flu season starts in a few months.

Now have you had to deal with any summer illnesses?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Support for the twins

This morning Heidi & Marisa were on the local morning show to talk about the new VicSecret bra.

That got me to thinking about how I get my support nowadays. It's not pretty. Basic stuff.

I remember when I was in my 20s that I had fabulous bras. I went to VicSecret and could buy any bra. I'd just try whatever on and it was all good. Nothing difficult about it. My girls were perky back then.

Now? After 2 kids? I have to "find" the right bra. Look for certain styles that will fit. I have to look for something that'll SUPPORT and hug my girls completely. You know the issue I'm talking about. You try on a bra and you get the spillage issue due to a too-small cup. Then when you go up a cup size there's too much extra room. And I can't just wear the satiny items. I need lined bras. I don't need any peek-a-boos through my summer shirts [how embarrassing]. ARGH!

It's one of the most frustrating tasks. You'd think it would be easy or fun. It USED to be. But as it stands now, I fret about going out and getting support for the twins. The best bra I've got right now? An old nursing bra. It fits me nice around my body AND it hugs my twins just right. Not too little. Not too much.

I think I'm going to have to break down and go to a bra-fitting place. There's a place about 5 miles away that helps women find the "right" bra. I'm sure it'll be expensive. I have to make an appointment! But MAN, I need something that fits correctly.

Now that YOU have had kids, can you still drop by VicSecret and pick up whatever you like? OR do you have to search and try-on and find one like I do?