Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh where is it?

This weekend, I found a beautiful desk for the kids.

The Princess has homework each weekday and I want her to have a place other than the kitchen table to get her stuff done. It's actually an "adult" desk - not a kiddy one. If I bought one of those kiddy ones, I'd end up having to buy two of them. See, I want BOTH the kidlings to be able to use the desk at the same time. I know that when the Princess is at the desk that the Bear will want to be there too. I also want to be able to fit the kids desktop on it too. Hence....the big desk. It's about 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep. BIG desk. I'm putting it up in the kids area. The loft. So they can use it when they need to.

We scheduled delivery for today. The guys came within the delivery window. They took the box out. Opened the box. Then the head guy came back up to the front door.

Delivery Guy: Ma'am?
Me: Yes?
Delivery Guy: We're going to have to come back.
Me: Why? What's wrong?
Delivery Guy: It's damaged.
Me: Oh?
Delivery Guy: Yes. Right out of the gate.

I guess they put it down too roughly when they unloaded it and dinged up the desk. So....the kids won't have their desk today like I'd hoped. Hopefully sometime this week though.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Free Hugs

The "Free Hugs" guy is going to be on Oprah today.

So if you've seen the snippet that he's done and love the caues, then watch Oprah.

If you haven't seen the snippet, then watch Oprah.

I'm not plugging Oprah....I'm just hoping that people take hugs freely into their lives. I'm not saying to hugs strangers. Hug your family. Hug your kids more. Hug your parents (they love that). Hug your friends. If you can't say "I love you", then give a hug.

Why don't you try to give 5 extra hugs today? See how it makes you feel...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Peeps and poop

Yeah. It's an entry about bodily functions. No. Not mine. The Bear's. My son? He'll be 4 in January. And we're finally getting to a nice comfy 'only' night time diaper.

Well, let me clarify that. The boy has been urinating in the toilet like a trooper at daycare since February. Underpants at school since then. I finally got comfortable enough at home to put him in a pair of underpants just a couple months ago. He finally was able to TELL me that he had to urinate. "Peeps! Peeps!" That's what he says. Then he and I go to the bathroom. And I have to tell you that I have been 'pointing' his urine into the toilet. Yes. He's been assisted. But two weeks ago? I told him that he was going to do it himself. "No. No. You do it." I just grabbed his little hand and had him position his own stuff down into the toilet. My hand hovered over his in case he didn't push it correctly. But he was able to handle the job correctly. Since then he's been taking care of business on his own. I just have to hang out and help him wash his hands. "I did it! I did it!"

We've just recently been making tremendous strides in doing #2 into the toilet. You see, my little guy previously would run to me with his hand on his bum "Poop! Poop!" and want a pull-up. The Hubs has been putting his foot down this last month about it. And the kid? Decides to poop at night. Or right when he wakes up in the morning. So he's been a stinky boy in the morning. But a week ago. the Hubs placed the Bear on the toilet in the afternoon. The Princess stayed in the bathroom reading to the Bear. And he actually did a #2. We all danced. We cheered. The Bear AND the Princess (his cheerleader) got stickers. Now we're getting him into more of a routine. He's been doing his #2 right before his night time bath. When I'm giving the Princess her bath, we put the Bear on the toilet so he can sit while the girls are chatting in the bathroom. A couple mornings, he's had little bits in his night time diaper but much smaller 'deposits' than before.

But I have to tell you that he has been so proud of himself. And he knows that this latest development makes his Daddy happy. It's gonna be SO nice when he finally gets these #2's in order. And only in the toilet. I know he won't be fully dry at night for a long while. My daughter was 4 1/2 when her body finally was able to keep stay dry. She was such a heavy sleeper and wouldn't wake up. I mean, she's the first one to get to sleep and the last one to wake up during the week. So I'm expecting the Bear to be at least 5 before he's able to be 100% in underpants. But we're making progress, so that's all that counts. YEAH!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Stay close

Since I had the kidlings, I've always been strict about certain things. One big thing with me is being safe in parking lots.

When we're out and about my kids are required to hold my hand or my husband's hand when they exit the car. When I'm out alone with the kids, they both exit from the driver's side. This way we're together on one side of the car. My daughter is usually the first one out and she waits next to the back rear tire while I get the little guy out. Then we move as a unit towards wherever we're going. When the Hubs is with us, he generally drives. So I get my girl from the right side and the Hubs gets the Bear out from the left side of the car. So we each hold one child.

My kids are not allowed to walk through parking lots alone. I don't care if they're just a step or two ahead of me. Nope. Not happening. They need to be attached to an adult. They also know they're not supposed to run around the cars. No playing around. No questions. No fighting. No complaining. Attached to a parent/adult. PERIOD.

There are parents who aren't as anal about this parking lot like me. I see this at my daughter's school during pick-up and drop-off. It drives me crazy. Just this Tuesday, I happened to park at the drop-off area. Normally, I park in the front of the school and we walk to the drop-off gate because I don't like to deal with all the cars. But Tuesday morning I saw that there were only a couple cars near the gate, so I parked. BIG mistake. By the time, I got back into my vehicle there were a bunch of cars. Out of one SUV popped 2 boys. The Mom was letting them walk across the parking lot by themselves. Then I hear her yell "Where's your backpack?" to the smaller trailing boy (who looked like was in kindergarten). He RUNS back to her car and grabs his stuff. So I can't drive because I'm afraid of hitting this weaving and bobbing kid. And other cars can't back out because this lady is blocking them in.

But we don't stop there. When I'm walking with one of the kids along a sidewalk, I'll make sure to walk on the side closest to the street. When we're going through a parking lot, I keep them closest to the parked cars. And as I walk I always look at each parked car checking for lights and drivers who are ready to back out of spaces. What's interesting is that the Hubs does this when we're alone together. He'll walk closest to the moving vehicles. He 'protects' me. I 'protect' the kidlings.

The reason I'm bringing this rule of mine is because an accident happened this week. Not with my kids. But one of the kids at my son's daycare. One of the kids in the Bear's class "got away" from the daddy and was bumped by a car leaving the parking lot. The other car was driven by another parent - not an employee. The child? A broken collarbone and a broken leg.

My heart broke when I read the letter that was distributed to all the parents. But then I thought again of my strict policy in parking lots. Totally makes sense now. Even to the Hubs who used to mock me about it. When he read the letter, he looked at me and nodded. Like he was glad that our kids were so good in and around parking lots.

So my friends and other readers.... please take care of your little ones in parking lots. Teach them the rules. Make sure they are aware that drivers don't necessarily see them. That walking close to your car is best. No running around. Make sure you hold their hands. And if they don't want to hold your hand? Put your hand around their shoulders or on their back. Keep them close. And safe.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

And we're off...

Hubs: We're leaving in 10 minutes.

This is NOT what I wanted to here. Last I heard we were heading out at 1pm. The football game that the Hubs and the kids were going to had a 3:30pm kick-off.

Me: What are you talking about Sweetie? We were going to leave at 1.
Hubs: No. We're leaving at 10am. The game starts at 12:30pm.
Me: What? It says 3:30 on the calendar.
Hubs: Oh. They changed the time.

That was ESSENTIAL information that I should have made aware of. I wasn't ready at all. I had showered earlier but I had not changed or put on my makeup or fixed my hair. Ten minutes? Oy! But I was able to throw on my makeup since I don't wear much. Powder, a sweep of eyeshadow, lipstick, and mascara. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. DONE!

The one thing I did rush was my selection of jewelry. I only wear my wedding band and engagement ring on a daily basis. So I happened to grab a pair of simple hoop earrings and my extra wedding band. My extra band was the one I wore when I was pregnant with the kids. It's a full size larger than my real wedding band. Anyway, once I got into the car I put the earrings on and pushed the ring onto my right middle finger.


When we got on the freeway, I felt an unusual amount of pressure on my finger. My right middle finger. I tried to pull off the ring. And it wouldn't budge past my knuckle. I tried about 5 times. Each time it would get stuck and make my finger turn all red.

Me: Honey. Stop at the first gas station next to the freeway.
Hubs: Why? What's wrong?
Me: I think my ring is stuck.
Hubs: What? Your ring?
Me: Yeah. Look at my finger!

I put my hand up towards him. And it was indeed more swollen than normal. We thankfully stopped at a gas station a couple minutes later and I shot out to the ladies bathroom. I wet my hand down and pumped a bunch of soap onto my right hand. I pulled and tugged. And tugged and pulled. I felt it stopping at the knuckle each time. But it HAD to come off now or else it would have to be cut off. So I tugged one more time and twisted the ring at the same time and willed it over my knuckle. I could feel my bones being pushed. I hurt like nobodies business. But it came off. FINALLY. I rinsed off my hands and ran triumphantly back to the car.

Hubs: Did you get it off?
Me: Yes. But look at my finger!

My poor finger. It was red. It was swollen. I felt like it was all bruised. But now it could "breathe". AND we didn't have to visit Urgent Care! YEAH!

Now what's the funniest thing that has happened to YOU when your spouse or significant other has rushed you?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Picture Day!

This Thursday my daughter's school has Picture Day! ALREADY!

I had to figure out which photo package we'd want/need. And figure out how many wallets we needed to add in for our family.

Now? We (The Princess and I) need to figure out what the heck she's going to wear for the photo! Last year she wore a shirt and a cardigan. The cardigan ended up looking askew in the photo. So this year? No layering. I'm thinking of a either a dark pink or dark purple shirt. With ALL her hair pulled back. So all you see is her bright smiling face. I mean, look at her up in the banner section at the top. She's a beauty. She looks nothing like me. ha!

I always HATED picture day. To have to smile at some stranger with a camera? I wasn't used to getting photos taken of me. My girl though? She's had photos taken of her SO much. She knows how to smile in a natural way in photos. Like I said...she's a beauty... especially on the inside.

When do your kids have picture day? Soon? Much later?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm in the minority?

I find it interesting that I'm in the minority. The minority? Yes. Being married. Turns out that us married couples are in the minority according to the 2005 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.

It turns out that more couples are living together.

I think that's a major shift. It's more acceptable in 2006 to live together than ever before.

I came from a very traditional family and so did my husband. More than ten years ago when my husband and I got serious, we did not live together. I had a condo. He had an apartment. Granted, I'd be at his place or he'd come to my place each night but we didn't cohabitate officially in one location. We kept up the illusion that we were living alone. I think it was more for our family traditions than what we wanted really. But then again, I think I wanted to live alone as long as possible. Have my own place. A place that I could call my own. Mine. Mine. MINE! That I was taking care of myself. That I could take care of my own vehicle. My own home.

Now are you cohabitating with your significant other? Or did you cohabitate before you were married? Tell. Tell me!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Halloween around the corner

My kidlings have their costumes. I've had them for about 3 weeks already.

My son? He has no idea I've got his Halloween costume. Hmmm.... I don't know if he remembers what Halloween is. Does your 3 year old remember going out last year? I haven't discussed it with my little guy but I HOPE he remembers. And WHAT is he going to be this year? Superman! He already has a cape (that I got about a year ago at Tar-jhay) that makes sounds based upon his movements. Either "whooshing' sounds like he's flying or "smack-whack" sounds like he's punching something.

My daughter? She is going to be Wonder Woman. Kind of along the theme of her birthday party. She has found and has worn her outfit already. This week while she's been off from school. She's been wearing it while her brother has been at daycare. So....my litle guy has no idea that he or his sister has a costume.

We've got our little Halloween lights out in front. We've got a string of 4 pumpkins that are stuck along the walkway to our front door. And we've got another pumpkin hanging on the little window beside our front door. Basic. Simple. Nothing elaborate. Nothing scary. My neighbor across the street? He's got 2 lighted jack-o-lanterns, 2 orange cactus shaped jack-o-lanterns, 3 tombstones in the yard, a skeleton hanging beside his garage, orange lights around his two front windows, AND orange spider lights with a black spider hanging above his front door. Yeah. He's got the most elaborate display in the neighborhood. All I can say is that he'd better have some dang good candy to hand out as well! Ha!

As for Halloween hand-outs, what do YOU give? I like to give the mini candybars. Snickers. Crunches. Reeses. 100 Grands. Maybe some Skittles in there too. I've never liked those twist wrap candies or Candy Corn. [blech] I guess that stems from when I was young and that's all my folks could afford. Oh yeah. And black licorice. Can't eat those either. I can eat red licorice but not black.

I can't wait for Halloween this year. The neighborhood is now finished so we can do a safe little loop around. No need to venture far like we had to last year. No construction to worry about. It's going to be great!

Come on...what's on your Halloween candy list? And what are your kidlings going to be wearing?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A little health scare

Remember how I couldn't pick up my sister and BIL when they flew into town for the Princess' birthday weekend? I went to my OB/GYN "Doc E" that morning. My annual. Which I hadn't had in like 3 years. Yes. I'm bad. But moving here I just never scheduled it.

Anyway, Doc E called me today with my Pap results. Dysplasia. Abnormal cells. The level is moderate/severe.

[deep breath]

This means I have to go in and have a colposcopy. Doc E said he'll do the procedure in the office. He'll go in like a Pap but will do a little more. They put solution onto the area to determine which are abnormal cells. Then they take some sort of scope and check out the cells. To see how "far" things have gone. I do believe they also take a sample out for further testing. To determine if the cells are pre-cancerous or not. Then after all that gets straightened out they determine a treatment. Laser. LEEP. I think there are a handful of things they can do.

So I'm a bit nervous about it all. About the entire situation. I'm healthy overall. Have always been. So this is my first real health scare (other than my emergency c-section with the Princess).

Have any of you ladies had a Pap which resulted in abnormal cells?
Have you had a colposcopy?
What was the result?
Anyone ever have a laser or LEEP treatment?

Feedback would be great. Just to get me over this bit of nervous energy inside me. Thanks in advance all...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ya gonna listen next time?

This weekend was nice. It RAINED around 10am!

What was nice was that we were able to open up the windows in the house. AH....fresh air. And it was cool air too. It had been a cold storm that blew through so the temperature dropped significantly after that morning shower.

Once the rain stopped, the Hubs started to open up all the windows in the house.

Me: Honey? You're opening ALL the windows?
Hubs: YUP!
Me: I normally only open up the windows under the patio there in case it rains again.
Hubs: It'll be fine.

It started raining again around 1pm. I walked upstairs to find my daughter's window (which faces south) screen had water droplets on it. I walked to the window. WET CARPET. I shut the window and sauntered downstairs.

Me: Your daughter's carpet is wet.
Hubs: Huh?
Me: Yes. The rain? Remember?
Hubs: Yeah.
Me: When you open the windows on a semi-cloudy day like today, you need to monitor the direction the rain is coming down.
Hubs: Uh. Okay.

Around 7pm (before getting the kids ready for bed), the Hubs went and closed the remaining windows that were open. Luckily, he did because during the middle of bathtime, the rain started up again.

After storytime and the tucking in ritual, I walk downstairs ready to take my own leisurely shower.


I heard raindrops. CLEAR as day. Like I was outside. Dang-and -tarnation! There must be a window still open! I ran to where I heard the water.

The OFFICE. Window. Wide open. My work laptop. A foot away from the window. The only saving grace is that we have shutters and the shutters were not completely open. If they had been? Someone would have received bodily injury.

My laptop? Didn't have a drop of water on it.

The shutters had water drops all on the inside. The window ledge had water on it. The wall below the window had a couple tiny streams going down. Onto the Hubs precious cherry floors.

Do you think the Hubs will listen to me the next time I warn him about something? Probably not. But I won't stop his (I hate to say this) s-t-u-p-i-d-i-t-y. I'll just make sure none of my stuff is ruined in the process.


Friday, October 6, 2006

It's good to be the king

Who knows what movie THAT phrase is from? I only ask because my husband used to say this to me and I'd look at him like "Huh?" He finally was able to show me the movie that the phrase is from and I knew why I'd never heard it before. It was one of THOSE adolescent weird movies (in my own opinion).

Anyway, who is the king? The PRINCESS is!


In her class, they play a game every Thursday called "King of the Mountain". It's basically a review for their Friday spelling test. You know the basic format. Each child spells a word. If the child spells the word correctly, the child remains standing. If the child misses the word, then the child sits down. My daughter? She LOVES this game. She is KING this week. That's right folks. She won yesterday's game.

ACTUALLY....she's won 7 out of the 8 times they've played this game. Yes. She's a good speller. This is the reason the Hubs and I can no longer spell words when we don't want the kids to know what we're talking about. We now have to have these discussions when the kids are in bed.

She's won 7 times. The one time she didn't win? Was because she had a doctor's appointment. And did I also mention that she is the youngest in her class? Yup. She was actually born after the normal cut-off for the public schools. And since they don't take exceptions we enrolled her into the charter school she's in. And now? She's the king.

We're so proud of how intelligent she is. We just have to keep on feeding her need to learn. It's good to be the king!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

A week off? Oh no!

Next week, my daughter is off from school. The ENTIRE week!

I wouldn't have even realized this until I read a notification in my daughter's reading folder. So I am going to have to figure out how I'm going to fill her days here at home while I'm working.

Homework from her mathbooks. Because she "loves math!"

Reading assignments. With a question/answer session to develop reading comprehension. I bought her an 8-book series so that she could get to really know some characters. It's the "Magic House" series. Anyone know it?

A new Leapster game. About animals. To keep her busy with a new educational toy.

DVDs. We have a bunch of them. But I'll rent her one for the week to break up her day.

Break out her paint-by-numbers kit. She's got a couple horse ones to paint.

But I am going to take ONE day off. So that she and I can spend one-on-one quality time together. I'm contemplating a trip to the zoo. I'm sure it'll be nice out too.

What do you do to occupy your kids when they have a week off from school?

Wednesday, October 4, 2006


Tonight is the Project Runway Reunion. ARGH!

Everyone is getting together to "dish" about what happened. Drama! Conflict! It's going to be fabulous. I can't wait! Let's see what Keith has to say about the cheating controversy. And Malan? Oh...that VOICE! It'll be a fun show.

Of course, I've already seen what the 4 designers created for Fashion Week. How could I NOT see it on E?

But it'll be great to see the finale...when is it? Next week? Whenver. It'll be fun to see the designers at home. How they are developing their show pieces. Fun, fun, fun!