Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doggone tired

Y'all? It's 6:47am and I feel exhausted.

It's the worst feeling in the world to wake up from sleeping and feel like you barely slept.

THAT is exactly how I feel.

So once I drop the kids off at school? I am going to crawl back into bed and sleep.

I pray to the sleepy goddess in charge taht I'll be able to fall asleep. Typically when I wake up for the day I'm up.So hopefully I'll be able get to sleep.


9am update

Right after I wrote that last paragraph, the Hubs walked by me.
Me: Honey. I feel horrible. I'm so tired
Hubs: Then go to bed.
Me: You'll drive the kids to school?
Hubs: Yeah. No problem.
Halleluia! I slumped into the bedroom, took off my clothes, and got into bed. NO. I wasn't naked. I was in my bra and underpants. Since the kids were still home there was still a bit of commotion. And where there's commotion? I couldn't sleep. But once they left? I must have drifted in and out of sleep. Because all of a sudden it was 9am and I was fully awake.

I'm still a little tired but not that hazy fog tired where you can't focus. I may go back to bed around lunch for another hour of sleep.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Illness has struck

Oh no. Not me.

Oh no. Not the kidlings.

Last night, the Hubs told me that he was feeling sick. I knew he wasn't feeling well when he grabbed his pillow from our bed and told me he was sleeping in the guest room.


This morning I knew that when I didn't hear the Hubs walk into our bathroom at 5:30am that he was not going to get up. I washed up, changed, and got my coffee started. But as I was pouring my water into the reservoir I heard something up stairs. It was the little Bear peaking downstairs at me.

Hi Bud! Daddy's not feeling well, so Mom is getting you ready for school all by herself. Okay?

When the kids hear this, they know that they have to walk downstairs on their own power. The Hubs carries each of them downstairs every morning. Yes. He does! He usually gets the kids and makes sure they have a good breakfast. Anyway, the Bear walked downstairs and I cuddled on the couch with him for a minute. I turned on one of our bright lights and went up to rouse the Princess out of bed.

The kids were great. They didn't complain. They didn't fight. They cooperated really nicely. And we got to school on time.

The Hubs was still asleep when I came back home. I thought since the kids were at school that I'd let him sleep as long as he needed. And he stayed asleep in the guest room for a LONG time. Can you say 11:30? Uh-huh. It's true. He stayed in bed until ELEVEN THIRTY in the morning. Whew! But he did feel much better when he emerged from his little sleep coma. He didn't really eat the rest of today but he was feeling better.


Just's only the beginning of cold and flu season.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Special time with my girl

Our trip yesterday was for the entire afternoon/evening.

After we visited our nephew and the rest of Hubs family, we went to the mall near our old house. We had dinner together at California Pizza Kitchen. This was a restaurant that the Hubs and I used to go to when we were still dating. There were at least 3 of them that we'd visit.

After dinner, the Hubs and the Bear went to a college football game.

The Princess and I? We stayed at the mall and walked around a bit. I had to buy some more face cleanser -- the new brand I'm using since the one I'd been using for 15 years suddenly stopped keeping my oily face under control. We also took some time into looking at things at Barnes&Noble and the new Lego store. It's always interesting to see what catches her eye.

But the main reason we were at the mall? To watch High School Musical 3.

Yes. I took her to see the movie. We ate popcorn and drank lemonade. It was fun. The movie was good. Definitely a conclusion to the series. Just me and my girl. I loved every minute of being alone with her.

Check out my nephew

My oldest nephew is a great guy.

He's intelligent.

He's got a big heart.

He takes good care of his younger brother and younger sister. He supports them to a T.

He's also GREAT at football.

One main thing about that I miss about not living near my sister is that I miss all the sports my sister's kids play.

Here is my oldest nephew in action.

Check out his touchdown!

Check out how he pushes the guy who is coming in to tackle him. His one arm push, while his other arm is firmly holding the football. Can I hear a woo-hoo?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Making Mommy Laugh

We drove up to meet our new nephew.

We left just after lunch. So the kids were fed and were watching a DVD in the back. At one point I turned around to see how they were doing. If either one had fallen asleep.

What did I see?

I saw the Bear. With his head tilted to the right. His opening of his polo shirt was pulled down to his upper arm. And his head was on his shoulder.

Me: Hey buddy. What are you doing?
Making music.

The kid was making music with his ear on his shoulder. MUSIC!

Doesn't take much to keep my kid occupied, eh?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3 Blind Mice...

Listening to the Hubs talk to his sister or Mom about stuff on the phone reminds me of....

The blind leading the blind.

Not to insult those of you who are visually impaired. I am legally blind myself, so I'm a kindred spirit.

Anyway, like I said....listening to them sometimes makes me cringe. Like tonight.

We heard the wonderful news that my BIL and my married-in SIL had their baby boy at around 6pm. Yeah! Unfortunately, he had a hard time breathing. We found out around 6:30pm that they were going to put a tube down his throat and also put him on a sugar drip solution. In my own mind, I figured he got some fluid in his lungs and was possibly diabetic.

Not 10 minutes ago, my SIL (the Hubs sister) called again. This was her 5th call since 6pm today. And she said that the little guy was in the NICU. Once the Hubs got off the phone I questioned him.

Me: So what's going on?
They've got him in the NICU. And they've got a tube in to help him breath.
Is he sedated then? Since there's a tube down his throat?
I don't know. But they've got a breathing tent on him along with that sugar drip.
Do they think fluid got into his lungs? Or are his lungs just not fully developed? Is the tube down through his mouth? Or is it one of those that goes down his nasal passages into his throat? And did they testing him for diabetes?
I don't know.
I mean, he was over 10 pounds.
Don't know what to tell you.

The Hubs had a 10 minute conversation with his sister at 8:45pm and gave me same information that he gave me at 6:30pm. There are some basic questions that need answered, don't you think? If you're going to call 5 times in less than 3 hours then you should get me some new information. What is the root cause of his breathing problems? Could he possibly have diabetes?

Talk about a simple item

We all know the fact that our governmental representatives rejected the first finance package that was put together. And then they approved the second financial package that was WAY more elaborate.

Here is a proposition that my state is voting on next month.

Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state.

That's it. That's all the verbage in the proposition. Nothing added. Plain and simple.

You like it?

I'm not necessarily touting that I only define marriage as something that is entered into between one man and one woman. I am amazed that this proposition is so simple. 20 words. TWENTY.

Wouldn't it be something if all the items that our government voted on were so simple and clear as this proposition? Wouldn't it make things more simple? It's oftentimes the items that are 'tacked on' that mess up items that are being voted on. [sigh]

More teeth are coming

Last night during dinner, the Bear had a tooth pop out.

Don't be alarmed. It wasn't due to a cavity. He's been working on it for a while. I had just looked at the status of the tooth before dinner and told the Hubs that the tooth was WAY loose. That he should pull it before putting the Bear to bed.

But alas! The tooth was so loose that when the Bear was chomping on some pasta, it popped right out. YEAH! The Bear placed the tooth under his pillow after dinner to make sure he wouldn't forget about it.

This morning? He was ecstatic about the money he found. It's only his second tooth that he's lost so it's still a new thing for him.

Also this morning was a visit to the dentist. Yes. It was time again for the kids' 6-month cleaning. The Princess did fine with her cleaning. The gal did mention that the two teeth that are loose and are "hanging on for dear life"still in her mouth are holding gunk at the gums. Gunk that could possibly affect the two adult teeth that are coming out. ARGH! I made a point in my head to continue to remind the Princess to shake her "snaggle teeth."

The Bear had issues with the cleaning. He cried and kicked and made a commotion. I tried to step in and hold his hands. But NO! He wanted to hold my head on his chest. Yes. He wanted to hug my head! Oy! But even as he held my head he kicked his feet and cried.

The dentist came around after the kids had their teeth cleaned. He let the Bear know that his two new bottom teeth looked "awesome". Of course, this made the Bear feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The Princess got her inspection second. The dentist took a quick look at all the Princess teeth. And then he commented on the two teeth looked like they were ready to come out. I said that I tried to pull them with string but they didn't budge. So what did he do? He took some gauze and grabbed the looser of the two teeth and twisted that sucker out. YES! He twisted it out in less than 5 seconds. HA! Then he took some more fresh gauze and grabbed the second tooth, which wasn't as loose. The Princess was uncomfortable so she was saying "ouch, ouch, ouch" when he was twisting the tooth. And it popped out after about 15 seconds. YEAH!

So it's been a couple days filled with teeth. How is it going with your young kids and their teeth?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My attempt to save money - today

Coffee? CHECK - It was a home brew made strong. I drank 3 1/2 cups worth from my giant coffee mug that I got for my birthday from the kidlings in September. I dropped in 2 teaspoons of sugar and about a tablespoon of Creme Brulee cream in.

Lunch? CHECK - I'm about to head out and make myself a quesadilla to go along with some tortilla soup.

Hair? CHECK - I've got a package of hair dye ready to go. I've too many sparkly silver hairs sticking out of my head. Of course, these hairs? They decide to stay in a club right smack dab around my face. Yes. There's a crop of them above each ear and at the top of my head as well. It's like a triangle formation? ARGH! Exactly what I DO NOT want.

So I didn't make a stop at $tarbuck$ this morning after dropping the kidlings off at school. I'm not driving out to pick up some tasty lunch that someone else made. Even though I'm craving a chicken enchilada or even some pork lo mein! And my hair? I'm going to perform an at-home color session. It's not like I can mess it up. I'm just dying my hair dark brown. I've got no highlights -- unless you call my grey hair highlights? HA!

What have YOU done today that has saved you a few bucks?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Beep-beep-beep is not what you want to hear

Last let me correct myself. This morning the Hubs and I woke up to a beeping sound. It was a fast-steady beep. An alarm?

Holy canolee! An alarm!

The Hubs got out of bed and walked over to the security alarm panel next to the garage door.

Hubs: Babe? What's it say?
WTF? The Hubs has 20/20 vision and HE couldn't read the panel.

I grabbed my glasses and bolted out of bed in one movement and ran over. Because the hallway was so bright I took off my glasses and placed my eyeballs two inches from the security panel.


That's what it said. BAT.

We were getting a battery warning for our security system. Can you say 4:15am? Yes. The darn thing was telling us it had a low battery at FOUR in the morning!

So I called the security people and scheduled for someone to come out and change out the battery. ARGH! Couldn't these darn systems go off when we're awake? Seriously!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Talk about a simple item

We all know the fact that our governmental representatives rejected the first finance package that was put together. And then they approved the second financial package that was WAY more elaborate.

Here is a proposition that my state is voting on next month.

Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state.

That's it. That's all the verbage in the proposition. Nothing added. Plain and simple.

You like it?

I'm not necessarily touting that I only define marriage as something that is entered into between one man and one woman. I am amazed that this proposition is so simple. 20 words. TWENTY.

Wouldn't it be something if all the items that our government voted on were so simple and clear as this proposition? Wouldn't it make things more simple? It's oftentimes the items that are 'tacked on' that mess up items that are being voted on. [sigh]

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Inklings of their Mom

I found out that Prince William and Prince Harry began an 8-day 1000-mile motorcycle rally, the Enduro Africa 08, through South Africa this weekend with 80 other riders.

The money raised by the Princes' participation in the event will be spread out between UNICEF, the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and Sentebale, which is a charity set up by Prince Harry to help disadvantaged kids in Lesotho.

What's funny is that the brothers expect that they'll take a few tumbles during the event and have a bet on which one will have the most falls. According to Prince Harry, "It's going to be very challenging and we're expecting to fall off many a time." He also stated that he was looking forward to spending some time with his brother.


This kind of information make me realize what a light these two have become. I really do believe that the foundation of support and love that their Mom gave them is what has made them turn into these young men. No matter how toxic their parents' relationship became, their Mom showered them with love. And she showed them about giving. How a kind look, a simple hand on a shoulder, and a small conversation can have a tremendous impact on a person in need.

Now I'm wondering when one of these young men are going to get married?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Finale is tonight!

OMG! The finale for Project Runway is on tonight!!!

I can't wait to see everything that transpires on the show. Okay. Okay. I did cheat and watch the collections on YouTube that were posted for Fashion Week. The quality of the videos weren't great though and did truncate the actual contestant shows.

I also am interested in the behind the scenes drama that may or may not have occurred before the models walked down the runway. There is always drama before the runway show. There just is.

But I'm very jazzed that tonight is the night. Are you going to be watching too?



I knew Leanne would win. I was rooting for Kenley but I knew her designs wouldn't be able to out-do Leanne's work. After watching the latest episode, I now realize why I didn't see Korto's wedding gown in the runway show. Ahh....

What drove me crazy is that all the ladies wore dresses to the show. I seriously think that Leanne should have worn some nice loungy black slacks instead of that pencil-shaped skirt -- as she walked awkwardly in those black bootie boots. Kenley's dress did look just like she normally dresses though.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back in school

The kidlings are back in school this week. We survived last week's Fall Break.

Funny thing is last week was warm (around the mid 80's-low 90's),so the kids and I were able to play outside during the day. THIS week, the kids in our neighborhood are taking their Fall Break -- as they attend the nearby public school.And the weather this week? We hit a record low yesterday morning. 43 degrees. And it only went up to 71 degrees. Yes. It's JACKET weather! So the kids in the neighborhood aren't swimming in their pools like they'd all planned to this week. AHhhhhh!

So my kids are wearing jackets in the morning. The Princess who is skin and bones is now wearing jeans and 3/4 length shirts. I'm going to get the kids their winter jackets this week after I get paid. It's definitely time to get them some warmer clothes.

But yesterday at swim class? Both kids felt like ice-cubes after they got out of the pool. Yes. The pool is normally heated to 90*. But yesterday was Monday. They don't keep the heater on over the weekend when no one is around. So they turned the heater on when the came in around 2pm and it wasn't fully heated by 4pm when the kids came. By the time we left, the water was around 87*. Of course, heating the pool didn't help when the kids came OUT of the pool. They were all shivering once the cool air hit their little bodies. Swim lessons do end next week though. [sigh] My kids have LOVED learning to swim this year!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Interesting how crazy people get

It only takes one person to make an entire group jump on board and get crazy or rude. We oftentimes see it nowadays with the Presidential election. Folks will say something horrible and then it turns into a big horrible scene.

I've witnessed something yucky that transpired over a couple hours via email. There was a local alumni group that happened to be sending updates about a collegiate organization. Fine and dandy. I didn't mind the updates. Even though I didn't attend this local university, I was a member of the collegiate group at my school that the alumni group represented. I'd read the emails and delete them. No big deal right?

Then I found the following string of emails in my mailbox this afternoon --
Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2008 9:30 PM
Subject: unsubscribe

How do I get off of this email.

I don't recall ever signing up for this nonsense.



Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 10:19:24 -0700
Subject: Re: unsubscribe

Why the hell did I Get this?



Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 17:43:22 +0000
Subject: Re: unsubscribe

Hey everyone

It looks like some people don't want to be on the lisserv. I am also a GP alumn and just wanted to say if you don't want to be on the listserv please just write back and say so, but please do not write rude or negative e-mails back. A current member is just trying to extend an invitation and deserves to be treated with the same respect you would want to be given.

Again if you want to be removed write back and say so but please be respectful in doing so.



Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 12:23:21 PM
Subject: Re: unsubscribe

Please remove me from the listserv. Thank you!



Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 12:46:58 PM
Subject: Re: unsubscribe

Dear God, you are all college graduates, act like it. Please remember how a listserv works, and stop replying to the entire group. STOP. Figure out how to email directly to the moderator of the listserv, NOT THE LISTSERV ITSELF.

See how people get all riled up after one person comes off negatively? What a horrible mess. I felt so bad for the person who started reaching out to the alumni of this particular group. I sent the person the following email:

If you would please remove me from the list on the "listserv" distribution I would appreciate it. I am an alum of the organization but was a part of the X chapter at [insert the name of my college here].

I do want to tell you that I do like the fact that you are extending yourself to the alumni in the area. It says a lot about you and the chapter at [insert name of local university].

Hopefully this little email will make this person feel better

So people? Please try to be kind. Don't be rude just because you get some email you're not expecting. At least it's from an organization you used to be affiliated with. At least it's not about enhancing your personal parts or anything lewd. If you had removed yourself from the list about 3 months ago when the emails starting coming then you'd be off by now. Seriously. Get a grip! Just because you're having a bad day, which you are most likely, don't take it out on others who may know someone you know....Just think about it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tacking on another job?

With the state of the economy, I am now contemplating adding another part-time job into the mix. Yes. I have one job that only requires me to write one article per day. That takes me about an hour each morning. Then I have a second job that flexes between 25 to 40 hours per week.

As I mentioned to y'all before...because these are part-time jobs that I'm able to work in the comfort of my home...I get part-time pay. Peanuts. Piddly returns. But returns nonetheless. You know?

This weekend I started looking at part-time jobs in the area. I couldn't find any virtual jobs that paid more than what I'm currently getting, so I did take a glance at jobs where I'd have to work in an office. But part-time. A couple of them look interesting. What makes them even more appealing? Is that the pay is a bit more than what I'm getting now. I may just shoot my resume over to see if they'd be interested in my qualifications. I also want to find out more about the jobs. Like where exactly they're located and what kind of hours they're looking to have someone in-house.


The really enjoy having virtual jobs. This kind of job allows me to have flexibility. And with grade school kids? Gives me the ability to have them home when they're sick or when they have vacation -- like this last week for Fall Break!

But we'll see. We'll see. I haven't mentioned any of this to the Hubs. But I think we need to get an additional 'buffer'. How about you? You thinking about adding to your responsibiliites?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cousin on the way

I mentioned to y'all that the kids' are expecting a cousin. That I'll be an aunt once again. The Hubs' brother and his wife are expecting a little guy any time now. The baby is actually due at the end of October. My SIL is scheduled for a c-section late next week. Yes. She's going to have a c-section. No. It's NOT a vanity issue. She actually had a large cyst removed from her uterus just a little over a year ago. The docs don't want her to put any additional strain on her uterus. Pregnancy is enough right? You ladies know how intense contractions can be. So that's why she's got a c-section scheduled.

But the baby will come soon. Soon! Yeah!

And you know what? This little guy I've mentioned? He isn't the only baby that's expected. No. No! Don't even think about it. I am not pregnant. But someone I know is....

Drumroll please!

LilSis and Shorty are expecting a baby!

Can you believe it? She just found out on Thursday. She took one test on Thursday night when Shorty came home from being out-of-town. And then she confirmed with two additional tests Friday morning. Since she was expecting her monthly visitor on Wednesday, she is just pregnant and is less than 4 weeks along. Both she and Shorty are fully excited. They called me after they spoke with Sis#2 and Jello. Actually it's only me and the Hubs and Sis#2 and Jello know about the pregnancy. They plan on telling everyone else (my parents and Shorty parents as well) at Christmas. LilSis is going to wait until she's at the end of her first trimester before letting everyone know about the pregnancy. Same thing that I did.

I am ecstatic that LilSis and Shorty are expecting.

You know what? My Mom and Dad are going to be so happy that LilSis is expecting. I'm sure this will influence my Mom to make the final cut and retire. So she can help LilSis out. Y'all know that I wished my Mom would have done the same for me. But she didn't. I entered into motherhood with no real mothering skills. I had to figure it out on my own. Anyway...

So the kids' will have TWO cousins! One by the end of this month. The other by mid-summer. Yeah!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finding bright moments

It's the fourth day that the kids are home that they'd normally be IN school. But alas, with FALL BREAK, they are home!

Thankfully, the kids have been getting along. For the most part. We've been doing little outings each day to break up the time here at home while I'm working.

Monday we went to the grocery store for an hour. We went up and down the aisles. Checking out stuff on the shelves. Talking about the fruits and vegetables in the produce section. We then baked some miniature pumpkin muffins. The kids love to help when I bake, which is rare. Since they enjoy it so much, I've got to incorporate that into our time more often this Fall season. We went out to swim class in the afternoon, so the kids burned a bunch of energy there. It was nice driving directly to class instead of having to wait an hour, which is what normally happens after school.

Tuesday we went to Tar-jay to get some stuff for me. Boring stuff. Deodorant. Contact solution. Shampoo. Hair dye. I thanked the kids immensely for letting me only buy Mommy stuff. Without having to purchase anything for them. You know how it gets when you're in Tar-jay. You end up buying WAY more stuff than you initially planned on buying. There's always something on sale. There's always an item on an end-cap that makes you stop.

Wednesday we went to Blockbuster to get me a new DVD - The Happening. I know. I know! But I HAVE to see it so I'm not left wondering. I still checked it out even after my favorite Blockbuster employee (the manager who knows me by sight) told me that he wants to write to the writer/producers of the movie and "get back those 2 hours of my life back". But he did say he wants to get my feedback when I return the movie to find out how I liked it.

Then we went to our new public library in our neighborhood. The Princess got her first library card. She even got to choose her own PIN! Getting prepared for using an ATM? Ha! Our library has self-checkout, so you scan your card and enter your PIN to check out books. Anyway, the Princess felt so big to be able to get her own card. She knows that she has now earned the privilege of having her own card. And she knows she's responsible enough to take of the books she checks out.

Today? It's 9:30am and we've already taken a walk to and from the neighborhood coffee shop. The kids walked happily in the cool morning air. Running and skipping intermittently while I walked behind them. We saw a large lizard sunning itself on some rocks. Of course, we spent a couple minutes just watching him stay SO still. The kids pretended to be like the lizard and stand like statues. It was too funny. The owners of the coffee shop were there today so I was able to catch up with them about what's been going on with them and their son, who is a senior in high school. I hadn't spoken to them for a couple months now as they've been ironing things out at their new shop.

Another bright moment happened on the walk home. On the walk to the shop, the firetruck and paramedics were headed out from the station with lights flashing and sirens wailing. On the way home? We saw the firetruck on its way back to the station. We stopped walking and the kids jumped and waved at the guys in the truck. And these guys? They ALL waved back to my kids. You should have seen the smiles on my kids' face!

So even though it's been a challenge to keep the kids happily at home - we've had some bright moments. I think we'll be heading out to the library again today as the Princess has already finished her 3 books. Yes. She did! Then we'll probably bake some blueberry muffins. [sigh] My kids. They're great. And they keep me on my toes. They're both shining stars that light up my eyes.

Monday, October 6, 2008

He loves to sing AND dance!

Y'all I mentioned the other day that the Bear loves to sing, right? Today he was belting out some original riffs in the back of the car today. I was chatting with the Princess and the Bear was singing away.

Me: Hey buddy. What're you singing?
Bear: A song.
Me: What's the name of the song?
Bear: I don't know.
Me: Is it a song you learned? Or is it a song that you made up?
Bear: It's a song I made up. About the moon!
So he was singing away about the moon because it was on the rise early this afternoon. It was around 3:30pm when the kids spotted it in the sky.

And on Sunday? You should have seen the little guy. We went to the park and someone was having a birthday party in the gazebo next to the kids play area. They were playing a CD of "Princess" related songs, so it was all kid appropriate music. At one point, the Bear ran out of the play area and onto the grass area. I looked over at him and he was bopping away dancing. It was SO tremendously cute. He was just moving and grooving out there alone in the open grass area. Not a self-conscious bone in his body. Just letting the song move him.

Thankfully, he DOES have some natural rhythm. He must get it from my side of the family. The only time the Hubs dances is when he's had a few alcoholic beverages. I'm only interested in his rhythm when we're alone. HA! I know. I know. I don't normally bring up that intimate stuff.

Anyway, so this week the kids and I are going to spend some time singing and dancing in the house while they're out of school. The Bear certainly doesn't need me to get going either. He realized yesterday that he enjoys the small riff of "Back in Black" that plays at the beginning of Iron Man when Stark is in the Hummers with the soldiers. The Bear will just shake what his Momma gave him when it plays for those 30 seconds or so. Adorable!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hold me...we're on the verge...

Tomorrow is Friday. Yeah!

But starting tomorrow afternoon, the kids won't have school for ten days. TEN DAYS.

Are we going to vacation? No. The school is closed for Fall Break. I didn't say Winter Break. I didn't say Spring Break. Yes. The kids have next week off for FALL BREAK.

So do you feel my pain? What the heck am I going to do with them for 5 days while the Hubs is at work? I mean, I still have to get my online job stuff done. ARGH!

What's nice though is that our neighborhood school is also having next week off. Our school schedules finally are in synch. I think I'm going to send my girl over to the neighbor's house at least once. But man, I am ill prepared for both of the kiddos to be with me all week.


Now do your kids have Fall Break?