Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back in school

The kidlings are back in school this week. We survived last week's Fall Break.

Funny thing is last week was warm (around the mid 80's-low 90's),so the kids and I were able to play outside during the day. THIS week, the kids in our neighborhood are taking their Fall Break -- as they attend the nearby public school.And the weather this week? We hit a record low yesterday morning. 43 degrees. And it only went up to 71 degrees. Yes. It's JACKET weather! So the kids in the neighborhood aren't swimming in their pools like they'd all planned to this week. AHhhhhh!

So my kids are wearing jackets in the morning. The Princess who is skin and bones is now wearing jeans and 3/4 length shirts. I'm going to get the kids their winter jackets this week after I get paid. It's definitely time to get them some warmer clothes.

But yesterday at swim class? Both kids felt like ice-cubes after they got out of the pool. Yes. The pool is normally heated to 90*. But yesterday was Monday. They don't keep the heater on over the weekend when no one is around. So they turned the heater on when the came in around 2pm and it wasn't fully heated by 4pm when the kids came. By the time we left, the water was around 87*. Of course, heating the pool didn't help when the kids came OUT of the pool. They were all shivering once the cool air hit their little bodies. Swim lessons do end next week though. [sigh] My kids have LOVED learning to swim this year!

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