Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Finale is tonight!

OMG! The finale for Project Runway is on tonight!!!

I can't wait to see everything that transpires on the show. Okay. Okay. I did cheat and watch the collections on YouTube that were posted for Fashion Week. The quality of the videos weren't great though and did truncate the actual contestant shows.

I also am interested in the behind the scenes drama that may or may not have occurred before the models walked down the runway. There is always drama before the runway show. There just is.

But I'm very jazzed that tonight is the night. Are you going to be watching too?



I knew Leanne would win. I was rooting for Kenley but I knew her designs wouldn't be able to out-do Leanne's work. After watching the latest episode, I now realize why I didn't see Korto's wedding gown in the runway show. Ahh....

What drove me crazy is that all the ladies wore dresses to the show. I seriously think that Leanne should have worn some nice loungy black slacks instead of that pencil-shaped skirt -- as she walked awkwardly in those black bootie boots. Kenley's dress did look just like she normally dresses though.

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