Saturday, October 18, 2008

Inklings of their Mom

I found out that Prince William and Prince Harry began an 8-day 1000-mile motorcycle rally, the Enduro Africa 08, through South Africa this weekend with 80 other riders.

The money raised by the Princes' participation in the event will be spread out between UNICEF, the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and Sentebale, which is a charity set up by Prince Harry to help disadvantaged kids in Lesotho.

What's funny is that the brothers expect that they'll take a few tumbles during the event and have a bet on which one will have the most falls. According to Prince Harry, "It's going to be very challenging and we're expecting to fall off many a time." He also stated that he was looking forward to spending some time with his brother.


This kind of information make me realize what a light these two have become. I really do believe that the foundation of support and love that their Mom gave them is what has made them turn into these young men. No matter how toxic their parents' relationship became, their Mom showered them with love. And she showed them about giving. How a kind look, a simple hand on a shoulder, and a small conversation can have a tremendous impact on a person in need.

Now I'm wondering when one of these young men are going to get married?

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