Sunday, September 30, 2007

Think before you answer me

Yesterday after we celebrated the Princess birthday in the mall, we drove home in separate vehicles. The 5 females in the minivan and the 4 boys in the Freestyle. Since it was already 5:30pm, we (gals) decided to just throw some spaghetti together for dinner. I knew that we had salad fixings and frozen meatballs at home, so it would be an easy dinner to fix. But I wasn't sure about something, so I had LilSis call Shorty to ask the Hubs about it.
LilSis: Hi honey. Ask the Hubs if they have pasta sauce in the pantry. (as the Hubs went grocery shopping last week)
Shorty: He said yes. There's sauce.
We still had to stop by the grocery store to get my father some crackers to nibble on AND some French bread for dinner. I decided last minute to grab a big jar of pasta sauce -- just in case.

We leave the grocery store and both LilSis and my cell phones rang.
Me: Hello?
Hubs: Are you still at the store?
Me: No. We're on X Street. We're 20 seconds from home.
Hubs: Ohhh.....okay. I'm going to go to the store really quick.
Me: Why?
Hubs: Uh....we need sauce....
Me: So we needed sauce? And you said we had some just how many minutes ago.
Hubs: Yeah. I thought the jar we had was more full.
Me: Luckily for you, I grabbed a jar of sauce on the way out.
What's funny is that Shorty was telling LilSis the same thing. Just another example of the Hubs answering a questions without really thinking about it. But like I said, he's lucky I grabbed a jar. OY!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

On the Radio...whoa-o-o-o...on the radio...

No. I didn't get to speak on the radio.

But an EMAIL that I sent to a local station did get read on the air about 10 minutes after I sent it.

There I was just responding to my work emails. And I heard the local talk radio guy start reading the email. MY EMAIL!

It was weird. I didn't expect him to read it on the air. I just wanted to respond to a blurb (the Bill O'Reilly ruckus) that he'd played as I listened on the drive home from the Princess' school. I'd heard a small snippet of it yesterday on the View. They only played the "controversial" portion before putting their two cents in. The talk radio guy played about 3 minutes. He allowed me to hear the actual CONTEXT of what O'Reilly was talking about. I found it interesting how an entire conversation can change a person's perspective of what is said. If you didn't hear the ENTIRE conversation, then you should hold any judgement until you listen to it all. But anyway....

I'm still excited that my email got read. The talk radio guy only said my first name, so no one knows it was mine. But now YOU do! The last time I was on the radio, I was on my cell giving a traffic update. That was like 12 years ago! So it's HIGH time that I made it back on the air.

Have you ever been on the radio?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Education day?

My son's preschool has teacher education day tomorrow. [clearing throat] On a Wednesday?

Holy shmuckers! What the heck am I going to do with the kid all day tomorrow? The preschool couldn't schedule the day on a Monday or a Friday? Having it on a Wednesday totally screws up any kind of peace for Thursday and Friday morning. The Bear will whine and cry about staying home with me. I KNOW he will. Any break in the regular routine causes a problem. Any deviation from the norm gets him stirred up.

And the Princess? I'm sure she's going to be complaining and moaning that her brother gets to stay home with Mom. But then again, she forgets that she gets vacations from school all the time. And we NEVER let the Bear know about those breaks. The 2nd week in October, she gets a week off from school. Fall break? But then again she gets like THREE days off in November. Then 2 weeks for winter break in December/January. Then 2 days off for Rodeo Days. Then there's Spring Break. ARGH!

But I hopefully will be able to get through tomorrow without an aneurysm. I'm going to have to load up on coffee (as it's already midnight and the kids get up at 6am). Maybe a run to Starbucks for a Triple Venti something or another and a pumpkin scone (which I love)? I am definitely going to need a kick-start in the morning. Most definitely.

We're lucky though because I work from home and am able to keep the kids at home with me. What are all those other parents who work in offices going to do with their kids? What do YOU do when your kids are off from school for a day/ a week? Who ends up watching your kids for you?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Shaken up

My mind is spinning.

My company had a big shake-up.

Based upon expenses & revenue that's coming in....they let about 8 people go. EIGHT people! Thankfully, I'm one of the SEVEN people who they've decided to keep on.

The people who are being let go are leaving TODAY!

I'm getting IMs from the people who are leaving. I just am at a loss for words when I'm talking to them.

I'm dizzy and confused. But thankful that I still have a job. I'm sad for them but relieved for me. Is that wrong?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Happenings

Saturday was our first celebration for the Princess' 7th birthday.

We were obligated to drive up and get together with the Hubs family. Since the Hubs and the kids were going to the football game last night, then the Hubs let his mother know that we'd be by in the afternoon to hang out. We ended up having an early dinner. She ended up making spaghetti. When I heard what we were going to eat, I looked at the Hubs and said "Brian!" That was the boy who served spaghetti at his wedding reception. Anyway, I bought an ice cream cake yesterday morning and had it in a cooler. It was good. Strawberry! YUMMY!

I booked the hotel where we spent the night -- which now receives a HIGH ranking compared to the other hotels we've stayed at this year. It had TWO QUEEN BEDS! Not just the normal "full" size we've seen. It smelled nice and was clean. There was hot coffee in decanters and lemon-water available on the main floor. It was right near the freeways that we need to get to the ILs, the stadium and home. PLUS, there were stores within walking distance around the hotel. So I told the Hubs that he could take the car instead of me dropping them off and having to pick them up. It was all good. The Hubs stopped about a block away from the hotel and dropped me off -- in front of a Bed, Bath & Beyond! woohoo! And off they headed to watch football, while I headed into look at housewares. I hit about 4 stores. My evening ended hanging out at Borders drinking a decaf and reading a book. It was NICE! I could have headed about a quarter of a mile up the road to the Z-Tejas and grabbing an adult cocktail but the Borders was a quiet way to end the evening.

The Hubs and the Princess were konked out cold this morning until about 9am. Of course, the Bear was up at 7:30am (sleeping in for him), so I had to get up. We headed out to a bagel place and grabbed some food. We ate in the lobby so that the two sleepy ones could catch some extra ZZZZs. But 9am was my limit. We went up and woke them up. And then promptly changed into swimming stuff. Yes. The hotel had a pool and I felt the kids needed a treat. We only spent an hour in the pool, but that was enough. They just wanted to get into the water. The COLD water. The Princess' lips were shaking by the time she got out. We took quick rinses and were headed home by 10:30am. And it took just over an hour to hit out driveway.

It's been a fun weekend. We're all still kind of tired. The laundry is going. The Hubs is down for a nap. The kids are playing with the new Leapster games that the Princess received yesterday. And we'll eating some barbecued steak in another couple of hours. YUMMY!

And how was YOUR weekend?


Heard this weekend:

"Oh my gosh! I can't BELIEVE IT! Did you see that? McQueen jumped!" followed by hysterical laughter. You wouldn't have known that the Bear has seen Cars about 30 times already.

"Mom! Did you see the Bear? He's HUGE!" This comment was made by the kids' cousin when they arrived at my ILs house. They just saw the kids about 2 months ago so we all found it funny.

"What? We've going to the pool? We ARE? Wahoo!" I surprised the kidlings with their swim suits this morning (along with their swim vests).

"Mom! You're going into the pool with us? No WAY!"

Thursday, September 20, 2007

All but one test back

Remember how I had my first physical recently?

I received a call from my doctor's physician's assistant yesterday. They are still waiting for one more test - the DEXA. But everything else? It's all good.

Blood pressure: 118/78

Pulse Ox Level: 68

Cholesterol: 167 (under 200 is good)

Diabetes: Negative

Thyroid Test: Normal

Intestinal Test: Normal

Mammogram: No abnormalities

DEXA: Pending

There are a few more tests they ran but I don't remember the specifics. I'm going to drop by the office and get a list of all the tests that were taken (along with the results).

But I'm healthy! Woohoo!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is anyone seirously watching this?

Is anyone seriously watching this coverage on OJ in Las Vegas?

OMG! It's on every friggin' news station. It sickens me that it's been given front page coverage. I'm going out of my way to avoid anything related to this freak. Just the same kind of way that I avoided any kind of coverage on the Monica Lewinski drama that happened way back in the day. How I'm avoiding coverage on anything Britney and Paris and Lindsay. There are just some individuals and their antics that DO NOT deserve our attention. Well....they don't have my attention. I just avoid things that I don't want to hear about.

I don't have any of the check-out magazines in my house. You know the ones I'm talking about. People. InTouch. It's just a waste for me. It's a waste of my money. A waste of brain space.

People do read those magazines. I don't begrudge the curiosity about what celebrities are doing. My Mom LOVES to read these magazines. But I consider celebrities as people who have actual talent. I don't consider people who are related to someone famous as a celebrity. I also don't respect anyone who thinks that behaving badly is something cool. All those 20-somethings who act like spoiled brats? Crazy. It's just crazy!

Anyway, so you know what I'm doing today. I'm in avoidance mode. No CNN. No FoxNews. No Headline News. None of that for me today. How about you?

Cracking down on drunk drivers

Today, a new law comes into effect in my town. And it's the TALK of the morning.

Folks who are tested with DUI levels above 0.20 will be considered "superextreme" offenders. And these people? Get a mandatory 45 days in jail. The people who test below 0.20 get 10 days in jail. And ALL these people (even first time offenders) have to get a device installed into their vehicle for 12 months that "tests" their alcohol level before the vehicle starts. What's interesting is that these offenders need to PAY to get the devices installed (est = $100) AND must go in somewhere to get monthly maintenance and pay for that maintenance ( est = $80/month). WOW!

If you want more info on this new law, go to this link....

Do I agree with this new law? Well, all folks need to do is get a designated driver. Agree which person in your group is going to NOT DRINK for that one evening. How hard is that?

I just find it interesting that people are all up in arms that the law is going into effect.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Games people play

No. Not the way people play on each other.

It's the games that people learn as they grow up.

I played "Life" and "Sorry". I loved to do word searches.

The Princess? She has JUST learned how to do Sudoku! The Hubs can't even figure out how to do the game. But the Princess? After a couple minutes of instruction from me, she basically did one on her own. I guess she got tired of watching me "play" with numbers and wanted to join in. And she was easily able to get the logic of it. She amazes me.

So today I've printed off a few puzzles from the internet. A few EASY ones. I told her that I would print her out a few so that she could work on it on her clipboard, while I worked on the puzzles in my book.

Hopefully, the Bear will want to "play" with numbers in a couple years. Then we can all sit quietly on the couch together doing these. What word or number games do your kids like to sit around and do?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hello? Welcome to Hotel Grace...

I emailed my family about 10 days ago about how we were going to celebrate the Princess birthday on Sep 29th.

Our neighbor whose daughter has the same birthday (not the same birth date) is having her party Sep 22nd. So I wanted my family to know what was going on. I let them know what we were planning. That it was going to be a celebration at a place in the mall that was geared to the little girls that would be in attendance. That it wouldn't be a big shebang here at our house.

Lil Sis and Shorty were the first to let me know they were coming out. Flying in Friday and flying out on Sunday. Fine and dandy.

Then about 5 days later, I got an email from my Mom saying that she and my father would be coming out. AND that they'd be bringing one of my nieces and one of my nephews.

Y'all...I've got SIX people coming out and staying with us! ARGH! Yes. I know. I emailed them and let them know what was going on. But SIX people?

This is the reason I made such a big deal about purchasing towels at Tarjay on Saturday. I had to some new towels. Ours are fraying. We haven't purchased a totally new slew of towels since we were married! Yes. We are still using those 10+ year old towels. But they were great towels. They've lasted a good long time. But we've been gradually throwing them out as the fraying has become more and more extensive. And now? I've got 10 new towels sitting on my couch. I'm planning on hitting Tarjay again tomorrow to see if they've got more of that same kind on the shelves. And if they do? I'm going to grab about 6 more. Or should I grab another 10? TOWELS!

But I also purchased a new mattress for the Bear's room. He's got an empty platform frame sitting in there. When we first got his bed, I didn't want to invest a bunch of money on a mattress and got him this inexpensive one. It's only about 6 inches deep. And for any adult it's as hard as a rock. No give whatsoever. But the Bear doesn't seem to mind. That mattress is in the corner of his sister's room. And THAT is where he sleeps. So that's why his bedroom frame is empty. So we're planning on putting all 4 kids (my two and the other two) in the Princess' bedroom all together. Then Lil Sis and Shorty will get the guest room -- which has a queen bed. My folks will be in our bedroom because it's the only one downstairs (my Dad can't climb stairs). So the Hubs and I will be in the Bear's room. On a new foam mattress that I just finished ordering. It's one of those foam mattresses (12 inches thick), so I hope it'll be mushy yet supportive. We'll see.

So we're going to have a full house not THIS weekend, but next weekend. It'll be nice seeing my family. I miss them!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Girls just wannt have fun **updated**

Today, actually later today will be GIRL TIME!

The Hubs and the Bear will be heading up to watch a football game. AND they are going to spend the night up there. The at-home games start at 7pm and normally end after 10pm. So the two boys will have alone time together. I think that my FIL is going to take the extra ticket (as the Hubs has 3 season tickets).

But the Princess and I? We are going to have OUR time together. I'm planning on running errands. All the things I put off to when I'm alone, but now I'm going to have my girl with me. She and I are both looking forward to it. She likes going out and looking at things. I like the fact that she and I can leisurely look around. We'll head to Tar-jay for miscellaneous stuff -- towels, shampoo, etc. I'm planning on some time in Barnes&Noble. Hopefully we'll be able to fit a movie and dinner in as well! Just the two of us.

There will be no time limits for our outing, since the boys won't be back until lunch tomorrow. So we might just even go out to breakfast tomorrow morning and head out to the park. Just the girls. Like it used to be before I had the Bear when I didn't work. Time to relish how interesting and beautiful it is to be with my daughter. My girl who will be turning 7 in less than 2 weeks.

Now what are YOU doing this weekend?


It's now 9:30pm and the Princess is out cold in my bed.

We managed to run errands. Tarjay awaited us and we went. In and out of aisles. We could have stayed in there another hour or so, but we had what we needed. I can't believe how much I spent on BATH towels! I only ended up getting 10 of them. I wanted to get a few more but that was all that was on the shelves. I'll probably go back during the week and grab more if Tarjay has restocked the ones I selected. Were the towels unique in any way? No. Just large white towels. No one gets their "own" color. I like to throw them in bleach every month or so. And I can't stand having nothing matching. That's how I grew up. With a few towels of one color. A few towels of another color. NOTHING MATCHING! In my type-A mind it drove me crazy. But I wasn't the one who purchased them. I was stuck with what was in supply.

The MAIN reason we left the store was because I was starving. I was beginning to feel dizzy because I was so hungry. So we ended up at El Pollo Loco (thanks Jeff Lewis for all the marketing during your show!). We sat and talked and ate. We shared our entrees. It was nice. She's definitely my child. She loves the crispy chicken skin.

Then we headed to the mall. We got our tickets for Stardust. We meandered the mall. We checked out the clothes in Old Navy. We hung out at Barnes&Noble. Then we finally got into the theater. We got bag of popcorn & lemonade to share. Theater #5 was empty when we got in there. So the Princess ate popcorn and danced to the music. That is what she did until the lights went down. I have to tell you that it was FREEZING in that place. The Princess ended up sitting on my lap for 3/4 of the movie. Thankfully, we sat in the row behind the handicapped section. So no one was in front of us -- only the metal bars. So I was able to sit relatively comfortable with my legs up on the bars with her on top of me. That cold theater just gave me an opportunity to hug and to hold my girl for 1.5 hours. And then it was over.

"Mom. Where are we going now?"
"Home baby."
"But I'm hungry."
"You're hungry?"
"I am."
"Okay. How about XXXX?"
"Oh yeah. Let's go there!"

So we ended up stopping at a place that only she and I got to. We ate there. And she ATE like she hadn't had any popcorn. It's crazy how much good she can put away when she's hungry.

But now, she's asleep. Tired as tired can be. She'll be in bed with me tonight. Sleeping the opposite direction than me. I've got a big pillow set up between us. It was nice. I loved spending this time alone with her.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Did ya have to do that?

Nothing is as unsettling as hearing your child scream. And THAT is what I heard now.

The kids and I just got home. When they get home from school, they take off their shoes, their clothes, and head to the bathroom. I normally take that time to head into the office and start up my laptop.

"MOM! I NEED YOU!" followed by muffled cries

WTF? I ran over to the half bath and found my daughter.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?"
"MOMMY! I can't get my poo-poo out!"

I put her brother's step stool in front of her. Have her put her feet on top of it. Have her lean forward. And I rub her back. She calms down with remnant tears running down her cheeks. A couple minutes later....

"Okay. Okay. It's coming now."
"That's good."
"I'm okay now. I was kind of freaked out."
"Yes, you were."
"I remember when this happened when I was wearing my brown dress when I was in the 1st grade."
"Oh yeah? You remember that happened last school year?"
"Okay. I'm going to give you some privacy now."
"Thanks Mommy."
"Always remember, I'm here for you no matter what."
"I do. I'll remember."

Hopefully she will. Whether its a little constipation or her first period. I'll always come running when she or her brother yell in THAT way for me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My heart still hurts

I remember that morning 6 years ago. My heart broke. And I got mad.

Today? My heart still breaks. And I'm still mad.

I'm upset that something like that happened in our country. That such violence occurred in the "Land of the Free".

I'm a very patriotic person. My parents brought me up to be thankful to live here. They grew up without the opportunities we have here in the United States. As immigrants, they made sure we looked at our lives. I remember when I was 4, he made sure I knew the Pledge of Allegiance and knew what it meant. That I could sing the Star Spangled Banner. That I could sing America the Beautiful. That I could sing My Country Tis of Thee. That I could sing God Bless America. And KNOW what these songs meant. So that I could sing them with feeling and emotion. When I was four!

My Dad also made sure that we worked to improve our lives. He ingrained in us that we aren't GIVEN anything in life. That our life here is what we built it to be. Nothing is handed to us on a silver platter. We should never expect things to be given to us. We have to EARN it. Like our freedom. Our military is working for us to maintain our freedom.

I must say that if I was in my 20s and single? I would have joined the military with no hesitation. My Dad, who retired from the Navy, made me appreciate the fact that the military is what helps our country remain free. My husband, who was a Navy officer, did his time in the Middle East. He went over there twice. And I'm sure if and when our children are old enough? We'll let them go to fight for our country. It's a hard one to swallow for me because I adore the both of them....but that is how my family has been brought up.

What upsets me are those people that join the military and don't expect to go anywhere. They join to get money to go to college. They join to learn a trade. They join and don't expect to SERVE? They don't expect to be sent anywhere? My head spins that they expect to gain and give nothing in return.

When I see military jets and hear the rumble in the air? THAT is the "Sound of Freedom". That's something that reminds me of what kind of country I live in. It reminds me of all the military people who have given their lives so that we can have freedom in our country. I appreciate our nation.

On the radio this morning, they are talking about how much people in our country are complaining about the military. That "our children" have to go to the war. That the President doesn't know what he's doing. The commentator is saying that the people in our country seem to be LESS PATRIOTIC in this day and age than during the World Wars. That during WWI and WWII, the people of the United States banded together and fought together. But you have to remember, those were the times where family was first. It was about family and community. Now? People think of themselves. What can I get. How much can I make. What's the easiest and quickest path to what I want. It's a me, me, me world. And that may be why our nation seems less patriotic. It makes me sad.

But I'm rambling. There's a jumble of things rattling around in my mind. But I'm remembering the day. Remembering how I felt. Remembering why our troops are where they're at. It's a day I'll always remember.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I was covered!

Last night the Hubs and I got hot-n-heavy. I don't normally discuss our moments of intimacy. I'm private for the most part. But the moment that initiated last night's event actually was from Saturday. The day we went to the wedding?

BEFORE the wedding, we drove up to the mall to pick up the Hubs pants that were tailored. His birthday present from H### Boss. They were a handful of cash but he deserves them. They look GOOD on his keister too! [insert wolf whistle sound here]

Anyway, we ended up grabbing a couple pretzels and lemonades and sat down to chow down. The kids were still in their casual clothes, while the Hubs and I were dressed in our outfits. I knew the kids would be more comfy in shorts and tshirts on the 1.5 hour drive up. I wasn't sure if they'd eat snacks in the car during the drive and I was NOT going to take any chances. So casual clothes for them. ANYWAY, so while the kids munched on their pretzels, the Hubs and I stood on opposite ends of the bench drinking our lemonades. And he was LOOKING at me.
Me: What's wrong?
Hubs: You look really nice in that dress. [said with a twinkle in his eyes]
Me: Thanks Sweetie. I thought it would be nice.
Hubs: Yes. It accentuates your assets really well. [said with a naughty boy look]
Me: What?
Hubs: Yes. Your ASSETS. We're going to have fun when we get home.
Apparently, my dress spotlighted my breasts. I was covered up! It was a black & white print dress with short cap sleeves, an empire waist, with a back bow and draped down to the top portion of my calves. The top portion criss-crossed and made a v neckline. Covered & conservative. But I guess my push-up bra and that peek of breast was enough to get the Hubs attention. And although we were both TOO tired to do anything on Saturday, he cornered me last night. Ha!
Me: So that dress really got your attention?
Hubs: Uh-yeah! You definitely got my attention.
Me: That's too funny.
Hubs: I'm sure people were gabbing about it after we left.
Me: What are you talking about?
Hubs: I'm SURE my Mom and my Sister discussed it after we left.
Me: What? You think they were discussing my boobs?
Hubs: Definitely!
Me: But I was covered up! Your sister wore that tank dress that only went to her mid-thigh! SHE is the one who was dressed inappropriately for the wedding!
Hubs: You weren't dressed inappropriately. It's just that your breasts were really center stage -- even though you were covered up. You looked really nice.
Me: Thanks Sweetie. I just think it's funny that my breasts would be a topic of discussion for your sister & Mom.
I had no idea that a push-up bra and a dress would result in so much discussion and get my husband riled up. I guess I know how to entice him when I want, eh?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

At least it wasn't cold spaghetti

The latest family wedding is over. Overall it was fun but MAN there were bumpy moments.

It was an outdoor wedding at 5pm in Arizona. So it was hot. No fans. No misters. So we sweltered for about a half hour. We sat on the far right of the right section of sitting so we got the "most" shade from the trees that surrounded the area. I felt SO bad for the groomsmen. They were in their long sleeve shirts and jackets. AND they were in the sun. I'm sure they were sweating like crazy.

The wedding started at 5pm. My SIL got there as the procession was going down the aisle. Instead of standing in the back and not disturbing anyone, my SIL decided to walk to our row and ask us to move over.
Hubs: Why don't you go over there?
SIL: Just scoot over.
Hubs: Maybe you should show up on TIME.
SIL: Shut up!
She then proceeds to push her way through the narrow row and then "share" a chair with my MIL on the inner portion of the row. Now what would YOU do in that situation? Coming in late, wouldn't you just go stand in the back at least until the processional finished? Ugh!

In the reception hall that was in the building next to the outdoor wedding site, we were able to select where we were going to sit. The sun was shining through the the windows above the entry doors. My MIL selected a table in the sun and right on the dance floor. My BILs wife and I selected a round table in the corner which was in the shade AND furthest away from the dance floor. We ended up at the table in the shade. Of course, with it being the end of the day the sun was moving like crazy. And we eventually ended up in the sun. And we sat in the following order in clockwise order --> The Princess, SIL, the Bear, the Hubs, me, BILs wife, BIL, MIL, and FIL. But since the sun was setting, we spent the least amount of time in the sun. Thank goodness. But that didn't help because...
MIL: Well, there goes the idea about sitting at a table that was in the shade!
My BILs wife and I just looked at each other and blinked. Yeah. Whatever!

The waiters set out the bread baskets. Unfortunately, there was nothing to put them on. Don't these people watch Top Chef?
SIL: Anyone want bread? But we've got nothing to put them on!
MIL: No plates?
My MIL moved napkins and looked around the table. No. There were no plates on the table. My SIL gave the kidlings a roll and got one for herself. A few minutes later, I stopped a waiter as he headed back to gather more bread baskets.
Me: Excuse me? Are there any bread plates?
Waiter#1: Oh no. There aren't any. We weren't provided any.
Waiter #2: What? What's wrong?
Waiter #1: She asked if we had any bread plates.
Waiter #2: Oh yeah. You'd think they would have given us some since they were serving rolls but they didn't give us any.
Me: Okay. Thank you. At least we know. I just asked and they weren't provided any bread plates.
Once I got settled back at the table after going through the buffet line, I decided it was time to gather some bread. The basket still sat in front of my SIL. She was busy getting the kids' ketchup, so I got up and walked around the round table and got the basket. I saw down, selected a piece of bread, and then offered some to the Hubs, who sat to my right. He got a piece and as I rotated myself to the left to offer the basket to my BILs wife when I heard....
MIL: Can I get the bread over here?
Me: I'm passing it around.
The basket goes around and finally gets to my MIL. She and my FIL get some bread.
MIL: There's no butter left!
I ignored her. When I got the basket there was barely any butter so I chose not to get any from the little tin. I saw there was hardly any butter so I chose to pass the basket (especially since she wanted it so desperately). A few minutes later, I stopped a waiter who was walking by empty-handed.
Me: Excuse me? May we please have more butter?
Waiter #3: Oh sure. I'll be right back.
He came back in another minute and handed me the little tin. There was like one teaspoon of butter in there. I took a swipe of the butter and was putting it onto my bread, as the Hubs took a little butter.
MIL: Can you pass that butter over here?
Me: Uh...I'm using it right now.
OMG! I handed it to the Hubs cousin's wife who took a little as well. Then my MIL got it.
MIL: They didn't give much, did they?
I don't think anyone responded to her. So she just hemmed and hawed to my FIL. My FIL flagged down a waiter, asked for more butter, and found out that they ran out of butter. HA! So it was the caterer at fault. Not the wait staff.

We ended up eating baked chicken with a mushroom dressing, pot roast (which was sliced for us), small baby potatoes, and corn. The Hubs and I joked quietly to each other that at least it wasn't cold spaghetti. About 10 years ago, we attended an outdoor wedding reception where the only thing to eat was cold spaghetti. And it was an outdoor reception in the evening in December. It was COLD outside and they didn't have any heaters. Brrr... So this reception was much nicer.

But as buffet food goes, what we were served was disappointing. The chicken was dry, even with the mushroom sauce on top. The pot roast was dry as well. And we didn't have steak knives to cut with. We had to use our butter knives, which made eating a little more challenging.
SIL: I think I'm going to have to go through drive-through after I leave here!
What my SIL failed to notice was that the wedding videographer was less than 10 feet away from her shooting wedding party (which was the table to my left). And y'all know what a piercing (translated as loud) voice my SIL has. I am SURE that the equipment picked up on her comment. I wonder what her cousin (the one who got married) is going to say if that clip makes it into the final wedding tape. AH! She never seems to get the fact that she has to turn DOWN the volume.

Anyway, to try to change the topic I asked my SIL about her job search. There's no where for her to go up the ladder where she's at, so she's got to move on to get to a higher payscale.
Me: So how is the job search going?
SIL: I have an interview on Monday with XXXX in California.
Me: Really? That's great.
SIL: Yeah. I was surprised I got an interview with them.
Me: Why is that?
SIL: I interviewed with them four years ago. They didn't have ANYTHING good to say about me.
Me: What do you mean?
SIL: Yeah. I went in there and I wasn't nervous. But I guess they read that as being cocky.
Let me tell you people that she can be a cocky bitch. Kind of like that bad attitude she had with the Hubs about trying to get a seat during the wedding. She acts like she knows everything. Even about stuff she has NO experience with. Like being a mother. Did you know that I caught her in a lie? While we were eating, the Hubs and my SIL started talking about the last Saturday's football game.
Bear: Oh the football game? Remember I had Skittles?
SIL: Oh yeah. You had a couple of those.
Me: What? Skittles at the game? [I look at the Bear]
Bear: I ate some.
Me: Bear, how many Skittles did you eat? A lot?
Princess: I know! I know! [raising her hand like she's in class]
Me: You do?
Princess: He had the WHOLE BAG of Skittles.
Me: The whole bag, huh? He's not supposed to have that much sugar....
I look at the Bear. I caught him with my eyes and he knew he hadn't told me the truth. I then look at my SIL. But she was looking at her plate. And she didn't look up. Let me say that the Hubs has mentioned to his family that the kids aren't allowed a bunch of sugar. I wouldn't have an issue if the Bear had a handful of Skittles (which would equate to about 5-8 candies). An ENTIRE BAG of Skittles is a whole other situation -- and is an ISSUE. So the entire table heard the exchange. My SIL got busted in a full out LIE. And the Hubs family got to see my reaction. My stern look. My statement that they are not supposed to have that much sugar. My intake of breath because I didn't want to lose it as I looked at my SIL. Hopefully, these people will listen THIS time (yeah right!). Because it's MY kids they're dealing with. And if they don't want to have the bitchy side of me come out? Then they'd better F-ing listen to our rules. Once my SIL has kids then she can give me her point of view on children and raising them. But until then? She better shut her pie-hole! Sorry...she ticks me off.

People, I know I'm complaining. Pointing out the negatives. But I did have fun. I did! I got to get dressed up. The kids got dressed up. We got to eat out and see the distant fringes of my FILs family (who we never get to see). But did you notice that all the awkward moments centered around my MIL and SIL? I had no issues with anyone else. NO ONE ELSE! Just those two. Those two....always those two!

Anyone else have one or two relatives that drive them crazy?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I had a good feeling just talking to her

This afternoon I met the person I'd selected to be my primary care physician.

As I mentioned before, the office is around the corner. I found that the office has a large waiting room. The chairs are spread out so you're not knee-to-knee with the person sitting across from you. There are large windows so I didn't feel closed in.

This first meeting was positive. It was a consultation really. The medical assistant got my weight and blood pressure. We chatted for a few minutes about my general health. The doc came in soon after.

My new doc? A lady. Yup! My first lady doctor in ages. She and I talked for at least a half hour. We discussed my family's medical history. I guess I should say I pointed out things about my father's medical condition -- glaucoma, adult onset diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, kidney stones. I let her know that it's because of my father that I wanted to get my baselines all done at this time. You see, he was about 40 when his health started going downhill. And I'm the daughter who is MOST like my father physically (as well as mentally).

We talked about my current health and concerns. We discussed what baseline tests I should have at this time. And things are rolling right along.

Today? I had an XRay of my right wrist/forearm to determine if there's anything wrong with my wrist. I let her know that about 8 years ago I tore a ligament. But now I'm feeling that tingling in my fingertips. She wanted to make sure the bones and all that looked okay.

Next Wednesday? I've got a baseline mamogram scheduled along with a DEXA (Bone Mineral Density test).

Next Thursday? That's when I have my full physical. Some blood samples will be taken so I won't be able to eat past midnight Wednesday and anything Thursday morning. I'll be able to drink as much water as I want though! Ha! It'll be an interesting appointment. I haven't had a full physical ever. But at least I'll get a full workup and know more about what's going on inside this skin of mine.

But let me tell you, I haven't felt this "positive" about meeting a physician since my OB in Phoenix. The one I picked by dropping by the office after the visit to the first OB I selected turned out yucky? Only after I spoke with him did I find out that he was one of the best OBs in the Valley. He was a fabulous obstetrician. I mean FABULOUS! His entire practice was top notch. Anyway, I think I found myself a good doc this time around. And I'm really happy.

Witnessed this morning

A parent stopped on the far side of the parking lot of the Princess' school. This person wasn't in a space. Just stopped on the right side of the parking lot. His child (who looked like a kindergartner) got out on the right side of the vehicle and commenced RUNNING across the parking lot without glancing right or left. I could have RUN that child over if I hadn't stopped.

As I drove down the highway, way off in the distance I saw a small pick-up truck on the left emergency parking lane. I saw it because it had its hazards flashing. I then saw some movement. There was a guy running down the leftside of the highway towards traffice. Turns out something he was hauling in the back of his truck had fallen off. It was a ladder! Thankfully, the fallen item was also in the left emergency parking lane and NOT in the leftmost fast lane.

Another mile down the highway, I saw a guy walking in the right emergency parking lane going with the traffic. Just walking. There was NO vehicle anywhere on the rightside of the highway. So I have no idea why this guy was walking out there. Any clue?

And there was a TON of rain this morning. I woke to the pitter-patter of rain on our house. It was weird! There's usually rain at the end of the day this type of year, but fresh rain in the morning? The kids and I watched the rain as we sat in the breakfast nook while they ate breakfast (dry cereal for the Princess and oatmeal for the Bear).

What was funniest though was that the kids went off for the day in jackets. JACKETS with hoods! Thankfully, I had some lightweight jackets in the closet for them. I mean, it rained today but it's still 80 degrees out there!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Menstrual Migraine anyone?

Y'all....I think I might suffer from this.

I realized that I had a migraine during my last couple of "womanly" days. My head hurt in the back left lower side. It was like a vice. I know my headache wasn't from being dehydrated because I was conscious about drinking loads of water (not soda or tea). Even after I took a couple Tylenol, the headache was still there. The meds toned down the pain but it was still lingering there. Even taking a nap didn't help. Does anyone suffer from this? I researched it a little on the web but I want to hear from ladies who actually suffer from this. Anyone? Advice?

I've actually scheduled a visit to a new general doctor this Thursday. I rarely get sick so I don't yet have a regular doc. But I found this one that is JUST around the corner! Less than 3 minutes away - door to door. That'll be nice when and if I ever do get sick. But this first visit will be a general consultation. I wanted to go in to go over stuff since I am getting older. I'm on the verge of a new decade [gulp]. I want to get some blood drawn to check my levels (cholesterol, sugar, etc) and get an assessment of my overall health. I want to schedule a mammogram and discuss the possibility of other baseline tests I should get.

I also think I've got carpal tunnel -- the early stages -- so I'd like to discuss what I can do for that. The tips of my fingers have been tingly and I'm getting a little numbness in my wrist. I definitely want to get some professional advice on this as I work on my computer every day. Anyone suffering from carpal tunnel have any feedback on what I can do for this?

I'm just glad I was able to get into this new doc so quickly. I just called this morning and I'm seeing her (yes my first lady doc in ages) on Thursday. Hopefully the follow-up visits will be scheduled just as quickly. That would be fabulous!

Monday, September 3, 2007

This weekend fun

We drove up for the day/night on Saturday.

The Hubs finally was able to get a REAL suit. The last suit he purchased off the rack about 10 years ago. It was time for him to get a new one. By REAL suit, I mean one that he actually got fitted for. Yes! He tried on a couple different jackets for the rep to determine which one fit him the "best". Then he tried on a couple pair of slacks. Then he got pinned! Next, we headed to another store and he selected two pair of flat-front slacks. These are my favorite style on him. But he likes the pleated style. I'm so happy he's going to have a couple pair of flat-front ones now. They'll just emphasize how up-and-down he is. Meaning how slender he naturally is. And it'll just make him look taller and modern.

It was a great time. I know my husband is accomplished. His career has developed so much and he's such a handsome man. I know this. But getting professionally fitted for a suit and a couple pair of additional slacks is just another indicator that HE himself could see how far along he is.

We had dinner with my ILs and SIL on Saturday. My SIL was late. Last of the group to show up. We had already been seated. The Bear's seat had him facing the front desk. He saw my SIL walk in.
Bear: TIA! We're right HERE!
Yes. He yelled to her when she walked in. I quickly put my hand over his little mouth so he couldn't yell anything else. My eyes were wide open as I looked from the Bear to the Hubs. I was mortified. But I hoped that my reaction conveyed to the rest of the folks around us that the yelling wasn't something I didn't think was appropriate.
Me: Inside voice please.
But what's crazy about it is that my MIL and SIL both were using their nightclub voices -- more than a few decibels above the appropriate conversation level. The Princess was sitting between my SIL and myself and I felt like my SIL was yelling. I could probably hear her if I was 10 feet away. THAT is how loud her voice was. I'm sure the table behind her could hear every single word she uttered.

I then dropped the Hubs and the kids off at the stadium. First home game for the Hubs' alma mater. I didn't go. The Hubs only has 3 season tickets. The kids always have a good time at the games. They transfer between the Hubs and my SIL. They always get their faces painted. They always get to drink lemonade and eat popcorn. They always look around for the mascot.

Me? I kept myself busy. I didn't feel left out. A few hours alone to do whatever I wanted? Hoorah! I decided to go down to my favorite mall that is located close to where we used to live. I took a couple extra minutes and drove by our old house. The current owners painted the exterior a darker color, as did the other 2 neighbors next door. What I found interesting is that the rest of the yard was still the same. All that they did was add some accent lights along the river rock we laid down. The place holds so many memories. It was the first house the Hubs and I purchased together. It was where the kids were conceived. It was the first home that the kids ever knew. The place where both kids learned to walk. It was nice just stopping in the street and looking at the house. And remembering those memories.

After that I drove over to the mall to buy the Hubs a couple more birthday gifts (Yes...that's why we got him that suit and couple pair of slacks). Of course, I HAD to purchase a couple things for the kids -- a couple fall jackets. I couldn't help it. It's going to turn cold before I know and they both don't have anything that'll fit for this coming season. For me? Nothing. I just went to watch the Bourne Ultimatum. It was a movie that the Hubs would never want to watch, so I took the opportunity to watch it alone. I don't care what the critics say. I enjoyed the movie. It tied in with the end of the 2nd movie. It put some closure into the story. What I didn't think was necessary was to have Julia Stiles back into the movie. Don't get me wrong. It was nice seeing her but her character didn't need to be in this one, you know?

Anyway, I headed out of the theater and immediately started driving up towards the stadium. I called the Hubs as I got onto the main road.
Hubs: Hello?
Me: Hey. It's me.
Hubs: Where are you?
Me: I'm headed towards Rural.
Hubs: Great. I was just going to call you to come on up and get us.
Me: Oh good. I'm on my way.
I moved quickly up the street but got locked up in traffic as I hit the area around the stadium. For some oddball reason, they had the 3-lane street streamlined down to one lane. Uh. Crazy? Yeah. It was a mess. I ended up sitting at this one location for 10 minutes. As I came over the ridge, I could see the gas station where I was supposed to pick them up from. And I could see the Hubs.
Me: Hey.
Hubs: Where are you babe?
Me: Turn around and look at the white and green sign. As you look at that sign there's a white truck with it's blinker on. I'm right behind him.
Hubs: Oh, I see you.
Since I was stuck in traffic, he got the kids and walked up the car. They got in and I BLASTED the air. I knew they were hot. And apparently they were sticky from the lemonade. I tossed the bag of wipes to the Hubs and he got them cleaned up. What's funny is that once they were strapped in, the traffic finally let up so we could get over to a cross-street. And we headed to the hotel we were spending the night in. The Bear fell asleep within 2 minutes of me driving down the street. He was OUT! It took the Princess about 10 minutes to konk out. But what's funny is that once we got to the hotel and opened the doors, the Bear was up like a SHOT! Once the car light turns out, the kid is awake. Not one ounce of drowsy. So he (thankfully) walked into the hotel. And he was chatty too! He's too funny. Unfortunately, the Princess is a cranky monster when she wakes and the Hubs has to carry her the entire way. She's all arms and legs, so I'm glad the Hubs was carrying her.

We all had showers once we got into the hotel. I ended up getting INTO the shower with each of the kidlings. Did I tell you that they both shower now? But they still need help with their hair and getting all their body parts. So in the bathroom at our house it's easy. They get into the tub and use the shower curtain to protect myself. But the hotel? They had a separate tub and shower. And it was a large glass enclosed shower. So there was no way I could help them unless I got in. No biggie. Now what do YOU parents do when you're at a hotel? How do you bathe your kids?

It's been a good couple of days. The Hubs got his football fix. The kidlings got to see the ILs and my SIL. And I got some quiet time. YEAH!

There WILL be more going on next weekend as we'll be attending a wedding. The Hubs' gal cousin's wedding. She is going to marry the father of her 12-year-old daughter. Yeah. JUST marrying him now. It'll be first time in about almost 10 years that my FILs clan is going to all be in one location. There's a lot of background drama that has occurred. We'll see if any of it comes to a head on Saturday. Family....whatcha gonna do? Roll with the punches. Hopefully there won't be ANY punches though....