Sunday, May 31, 2009

The lesser of two evils

About a week ago I injured myself.

I was playing catch with the Bear at the park. He had his mitt. I didn't have anything.

I didn't notice anything at first. But the next day I knew my thumb joint felt a little painful and weird.

Of course as many Moms do, I didn't get it checked out.

I could bend my thumb, so I figured it wasn't broken.

I just found a splint and wrapped my thumb.

It's been a week.

When I took off the wrap today I tested out my thumb. I bent it. And I heard a click sound.

Hmmm...that made me nervous. I did a couple more times and it clicked each time.


So? I headed out to the Urgent Care just in case there was a small little bone break or fracture.

One and a half hours later and $50?

I've got a sprain. Nothing is broken. Yeah!

The doc said to keep the wrapped (no splint) for the next couple of weeks.

Now WHY did I go today versus tomorrow?

Because we're traveling!

The kids and I are going to hit the road tomorrow for a week.

A week as a threesome.

The Hubs will keep the homefires burning since he's got work.

But tomorrow will be an interesting time.

We'll be headed on a route that I've never taken before.

I've already printed out a Mapquest map and taken a good look at it.

But I'll have my thumb wrapped the entire week away.

Because I've got a sprain!

The countdown...

Today is the Princess' second to last day of school.

Yes. You read that correctly. TOMORROW will be her LAST DAY at school this year! AHHHH!!!

Of course, this week there's probably nothing academic that's going on. I'm sure they're taking paperowrk off the walls and cleaning out stuff. Getting things ready for the big CLEAR OUT tomorrow afternoon.

There is a schoolwide swim party on Wednesday at a park but the Princess will not be attending. Parents are required to accompany kids in from kindergarten to second grade. And I don't want to have to supervise both her and the Bear. I've been to one of these swim things and some of the kids get kind of crazy. I have a difficult enough time being around those kids in my bathing suit without having to deal with other kids' antics. You know? They're good kids but all of them at a pool? Not my scene.

But we'll be starting summer vacation bright and early on Wednesday. I wonder if the Princess will sleep in? I can only hope so.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last day of an era

Today was the last day of the Bear's first baseball season.


The Bear had a fun time playing. He learned about the game. He loves to hit the balls with a bat. He loves to run around the bases. The one major element that he needs to work on is his attention span on the field. Actually when a batter takes too long to hit a ball, all the kids in the field seem to lose interest. Go figure!

Earlier this week with the kids out from school, I took them to the park in the morning. And I had the kiddos run the bases. Here's the Bear running flat-out around the bases.

Here is the Bear's last at-bat today.

While the Bear was playing, the Princess was off at the playground.

She did take some time to relax though. Doesn't she look worldly in her Hollywood sunglasses?

I'll have to find out when the next season starts. I don't know if they have fall ball around here. If they do? I think we'll be getting the Bear into it. But for now? Baseball is done. [sigh]

Friday, May 29, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Do you recall when I mentioned that my SIL lost her job?

In early November she told us that her boss had approached her and asked what she thought about the possibility of a coming RIF. My SIL told my MIL/FIL that she was seriously considering it because she'd get a package. She indicated that she'd been kind of looking for a job already so she could easily land one and be getting TWO paychecks! A-ha!

The Hubs got a call last night from my SIL. She JUST accepted an offer and is starting Monday.

So she lost her job a week before Christmas and just landed a job starting June 1. So it took about 5 1/2 months to find a job.

I seriously have to laugh because she was all giddy in November about the thought of having two means of income at once. That she was so cocky about how easily it would be to get a new job. Sure, she has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Masters degree. I know that I would dislike her if I worked with her. She is one of those people who puts out just enough effort to get by. She doesn't put in that extra bit to make things better/more efficient/nicer. You know? Probably why she was approached to be part of that RIF.

Anyway, I hope that she's now been humbled by the last 5 1/2 months. Hopefully she'll put more effort into this new job.

Did you lose your job in the last year? How long did it take for you to start a new one? Or are you still on the hunt?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blythe - gas & easy lunch ideas?

Wondering if anyone lives in Blythe? Or has driven through Blythe, California a few times?

I need to find out the best exit to fuel up the car and our tummies.

Ideas anyone?

The dark and quiet

It's 1:20am on Thursday.
What were you doing at this time?
Sleeping soundly?
Thought so.
I am awake.
I did go to bed a couple hours ago.
But now I'm WIDE awake.
I have NO idea.
But it's amazing how quiet the house is at night.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ABC needs to revise their webviewing

Yes. ABC!!!!

I watch things online all the time. Almost EVERY day.

But ABC? The way you've configured your online viewing sucks.

  • After each segment, you have to hit the [Click to Continue] button after a commercial.
  • There is no option for watching a show without these commercial breaks.
  • If I try to move the "window" the show sometimes restarts from the beginning.
  • There is no way to make the "window" smaller/larger.
Those people at have it together. You can watch an episode from their standard screen. OR you can open a pop-out window that you have make larger or smaller.

Right now I'm attempting to watch the second portion of the Grey's Anatomy Season Finale. I haven't watched the show since the first season, but I heard that it was a good finale.

Buying Supplies & Packing

The kids and I made a run to Tar-jay this morning. We had to pick up some items for our 7-day trip as the Three Amigos.
  • Contact lens cleaner
  • Toothbrush covers
  • Sunscreen for the body
  • Sunscreen for the face
  • Kids' soap for the hair/body (so I only have to deal with one bottle)
  • Unscented Eucerin (which we can all use)
  • Small pack of Wet Ones (I'll carry this in my purse)
  • Travel-size Tylenol Rapid Release gels (for when I get an inevitable headache)
I've got most of the kids' clothes set aside. Washed and ready to go. Jackets. Shorts. T-shirts. Jammies. I've still got to throw their swimsuits (the hotel has a heated outdoor pool) and goggles into the pile. And for me? I've got nothing of mine set aside as yet (go figure!).

I am contemplating something though. Since we're driving out, I was thinking of putting our clothes into plastic bins rather than dufflebags.

The clear plastic will make things easier to find. When we're at the hotel, I can easily stack the totes into the closet rather than having bags strewn on the floor. What do you think?

Have you ever traveled using these type of plastic boxes instead of luggage? Did you like it? Dislike it?

Monday, May 25, 2009

It seriously can't be that hard

After last Monday's game, Coach R made sure to yell up to us parents that we had a game on Thursday instead of practice. He wanted to make sure the kids were wearing their uniforms out to the practice field.

On Thursday about 30 minutes before the scheduled gametime, I piled the kids into the car after a cloudy day and drove to the practice field. No one was around. NO.ONE.

I guessed that people were just delayed, so I had the kids play on the park equipment.

FIVE minutes before gametime? We were still the only ones there.

I got the kids into the car and was about the get back onto the main road when I saw another Mom turn into the parking lot. She looked at me. I looked at her. I backed up and we waited a little longer together. Her son played with mine.

Twenty minutes after the scheduled gametime we called it a day.

No one else showed up.

I was pissed.

I found out at Saturday's game that everyone else got a phone call that there was no game. There are only 13 kids on the team. And TWO of the kids are Coach R's. So that's 11 phone calls max that needed to be made.

How hard is it to call 11 people? Apparently it's REALLY hard for our Coach and his girlfriend. Because two of us families didn't get a call.

I'm happy that the Bear has had such a good time with baseball. I'm just glad that this season is almost over.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Making a list and checking it twice

No. Not for Christmas.

It's a travel packing list.

I'm sure you all do it. You figure out where you're going and determine what you & your kids should wear.

Even though the weather is "if-fy", I'm still bringing two suits for both kids along with a life-vest and floaties. I'll be the only one in the pool with them (if it ends up being warm enough) so I want them both to the "safe".

I have to make sure to get a small pack of Wet Wipes and antibacterial gel. So when we're out and about I can still get the kids' hands clean. Traveling hee-bee-gee-beez. Germies!

But I'm definitely getting excited about our trip. It'll be about four days of just me and the kids together. To a very happy place that I haven't been to in over 20 years. I looked online and there's SO much more to see. It'll be like I've never been there before. It's going to be tiring, fun, irritating, and filled with wonderful moments.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who knew that it was actually two hours?

Yesterday, I had my much anticipated appointment at the Women's Imaging Center.

Since the Hubs attended the Bear's kindergarten graduation, he scheduled it so he had the entire day off. This way I could go to my appointment and not have to deal with having a neighbor or someone watch the kids. It definitely gave the Hubs an excuse to take the day off.

The Hubs and the kids actually dropped me off and picked me up from the place*. It was nice. This way the Hubs would have my car (much roomier than his little coupe) so that he could go and run errands with the kiddos.

Little did I realize that my appointment, which I thought would only be an hour, turned into TWO full hours. But as I was there, it didn't seem to be that long. There was a quietness about the place. After I changed into the white cotton robe, I sat in the waiting area reading a magazine. I was the only one in the waiting area and I read the magazine in total silence!

Anyway, what they ended up doing were the four regular mammogram shots first. I had my first mammo almost two years ago so I was due for another full set. The technician who performed yesterday's mammo was the same one who did my first one. Yes. I remember. I was definitely squeezed into the machine. It's not like I'm huge or anything (a C-cup) but mine are not the perky, manmade kind that stick out from my body at a 90-degree angle. You know what I'm saying? But we did a horizontal and a 45-degree shot of each breast.

The technician then changed up the "paddles" for the more intense shots. Yes. The technician changed out the parts that would squeeze me. This 2nd pair of paddles? Squeezed me even more. Yeah. More. This way they could get a limited and focused view of the area in question. I had another horizontal and then a 90-degree shot of my right side. All I did during it was breath like nothing was wrong. That's how I get through the uncomfortable feel. Acting like nothing is awry.

I was then asked to go back to the waiting area so that the radiologist could review the shots. I got to breeze through another magazine. But this time there were about 6 other ladies in the waiting room. It didn't seem very long when another cheerful technician (dressed in bright green scrubs) called me back.
Tech: Okay. So now we'll be doing the ultrasound in this room here.
Me: Excuse me?
Tech: Didn't they tell you we'd also be doing an ultrasound?
Me: No one mentioned anything about it.
In my head, I was thinking ultrasound? What? Did they think I was pregnant? It soon became clear that she was going to do the ultrasound on my breast**. Duh Grace! She put the gel on my breast and looked around.
Tech: Okay. We're done.
Me: Okay.
Tech: I'll go get the radiologist and let her know that we're done here. She'll come in and let you know about the results, okay? We'll keep the gel on here in case she wants to take another look.
So I lay there with the gel on my breast waiting for the news about what's going underneath my skin.

Y'all? I'm okay.

The radiologist looked at the mammogram taken yesterday and compared it to the first set that I took and saw that nothing had changed. The ultrasound confirmed that there was nothing going on.

I am ever so relieved. All this anticipation. All this stress that I've been having. But it's kind of a relief knowing that I've been pretty good about getting this portion of my body checked since I turned into this new decade of life.

So for those of you who haven't taken the time to get yourself squeezed and taken a mammogram, please go and get it done. If it's as clean as a whistle (which we all hope each and every time), then everything is great. You did NOT waste your time. I'm sure that you've been going for a yearly exam since you were a teenager and getting a PAP to ensure that your internal female parts are healthy. So put the same kind of focus now on your breasts. If you go every year or two and then they DO find something? You'll know that the discrepancy is something new, which means you've caught it early. Which means you've got a better chance with any treatment.

Now I can start summer vacation with a lightness in my heart and my mind!

And so last night after dinner? I did take the kids for ice cream at Cold Stone. It was delicious!

* And for those of you who thought it was weird that the Hubs dropped me off and picked me up? I think that was his way of "being there" for me. He didn't want me driving home alone if I'd received bad news. Isn't he great?
** A breast ultrasound is used to show the entire breast, including the portion closest to the chest wall that is hard to study with a mammogram. The breast ultrasound is used to verify if a breast lump is filled with fluid (equating to a cyst) or if it's a solid mass.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A little squishing is worth the sense of relief

Remember last month when I mentioned I was visiting my doctor?

The topical ointment that she prescribed to me worked. I no longer felt the endless itchy sensation on my breast. No more waking up in the middle of the night fighting the urge to scratch in that hazy daze of sleep. That definitely was a relief.

But today? I go in for a mammogram. This is a "just in case" verification for us to know if something is going on underneath my skin.

First on today's agenda though is going to the Bear's kindergarten graduation. Yes.

Yesterday was the kids' last full day at school.

We'll all attend the graduation and then zonk at home. I'll head on over to the testing site around lunchtime and be back (hopefully) within an hour.

It's going to be a lazy Wednesday. I'm so thankful that the Hubs will attend the Bear's graduation AND be with them while I go to the testing site.

To celebrate the start of summer? We're going to get ice cream after dinner tonight. Yes. It's over 100 degrees so ice cream will be fabulous. Cold Stone here we come!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just hear by Mommy's ears

Hmmm...I couldn't quite figure out which child said it as I sit at the front of the house in the den.
"Are you okay?"
"What happened?"
"I bit my tongue....again."
So my daughter has figured out that when she bites her tongue? Which is a weekly occurrence. Unless there's blood or a chunk missing that I've got no sympathy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The last moments of quiet [updated]

It's 9:15am.

I've been up since 6:15am.

I didn't need to be awake that early. But I automatically woke up.

Since I woke up?

Took the trash to the curb.

I took a 30 minute walk this morning.

I took a leisurely shower.

I put on some make-up.

I drank a HUGE cup of hot coffee along with a cinnamon-raisin bagel.

Brought the trash bin back into the garage.

Swept the front walk.

Now I'm on the computer ready to log into work.

In about another hour and a half I'll be headed out to pick up the Hubs and the kids.

Yes. They are scheduled to arrive before lunch.


I've missed them a lot. But I have relished in my time alone. The quiet. The clean house. Being able to do whatever I want without having to think about anyone else.

The most irregular thing I did? Walk around the house naked. Yes. N-A-K-E-D. No. I didn't do anything kinky. For those of you who color your hair at home, you know that you have to rinse out your hair pretty thoroughly when your "time" is up. Instead of rinsing in the sink or bending over the tub to rinse my hair, I just hop into the shower. Typically when I color my hair I just wrap an old towel around myself, put the solution on my hair, and wait for the color to set. Then it's into the shower I go. I don't like to deal with taking off clothes while I've got that dye on my hair. No sense in ruining clothes, eh? Anyway, yesterday while I was waiting for the color to set I walked out into the kitchen [giggle] and started a pot of coffee. It was SO weird to do. I just stood there stark naked waiting for the coffee to finish up.

But my time alone is almost done. It was nice. But I'll be happy to hear the voices of my loved ones fill the house once more.
------------------- updated @ 1pm -------------------------------
Everyone is home.

The kids are happily munching on some lunch.

The Hubs is safely tucked away in our bedroom taking a much needed nap.

I've got a load of dirty laundry started in the washer.

The loves of my life are now home safe.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Giving up some time

Yesterday after I dropped the Hubs and the kids off at the airport, I headed out to the baseball fields.

Why since the Bear wouldn't be playing?

Because it was our team's turn to do the snack bar and I thought it would be good if I'd give up a couple hours to help out. The Hubs had actually paid more money during registration so that we wouldn't have to help out do anything extra timewise. But since the Bear wasn't going to be playing and they needed some volunteers, I thoughtit would be the "best" way to spend my time that morning.

I actually ended up spending three hours at the snack bar instead of the 1.5 that I was designated for. I was signed up for 7:30am-9am, but someone didn't show up for the 9am-10:30am shift. So I stayed and hung out.

I ended up having a good time. The assistant coach's Mom was also helping out yesterday and she is a total bundle of fun. We ended up laughing a lot and working well together.

Can you believe that we ended up starting the grill at 9am? Yes! We had a couple requests for cheeseburgers at 9am. NINE in the morning! I guess these people felt hat a cheeseburger was just the same as a breakfast sandwich, eh? But we started the grill and got the burgers out in about 15 minutes. Yes. It was a gas grill.

The assistant coach's Mom also was there helping out. And she is a total bundle of fun. I definitely had a good time. We had a couple of other parents helping out so we had enough folks that worked well together. We laughed quite a bit and were able to get to know each other better.

What's funny is that once our players and their siblings figured out that we were at the snack bar, they would come by more frequently than normal.
Can I have a cup of water?
How much is gum? Can I buy a piece of gum?
I'm just glad that I was able to help out. A couple people on the baseball board came by the snack bar and were actually surprised that our team had so many volunteers. AND that we were all laughing and having a good time.

Now how has your "snack bar" experience been? Was it fun? Chaotic?

Friday, May 15, 2009

The vagueness grates on my nerves

I can't stand it when people from work do not clearly state their wants/needs on the emails they send out.

What the heck do you want?

If you were here? You'd probably hear me say that phrase at least once a day.

I work for a virtual company. This is my 3rd virtual job since I got back into the workforce. So I'm pretty keen at organizing my work, figuring out what I need to do and how I need to request things from others.

These other people that I work with? This just may be their first real experience with working with a virtual company. And it's pretty clear who is new to the game.

Just because we can't SEE you? We can tell if you're doing your job. Especially if what I need to do hinges on you completing your work. There are a couple folks that I need to email when THEIR workload is backed up. Which means I'm backed up. And I totally dislike being backed up on my work. I don't mind a 2 to 3 day delay on you completing your work. It's when the information has been sitting there a WEEK or more that I get all hot and bothered.

Then there's the guy whose team of four can't seem to get things straight. I'm having to deal with the fall-out. Just today I got blamed for something that was "active" in one sytem when apparently it messes up with this guy's team's system. one informed me specifically that I needed to modify my workflow. That's all I need. Don't give me two paragraphs of mumbo-jumbo. Give me one clear sentence saying to NOT click a certain flag. Is it really that hard?


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kelly is one cway-zee chick

I just watched the reunion for the New York cast of "Housewives".

Oh my good golly y'all!

That new chick Kelly? She's crazy.

I guess she's been pulling some strange stuff all season. You see, I watched maybe two episodes from the whole season. I watched the reunion just to get a sense of what happened from all the episodes that I failed to watch. Apparently, I missed a TON of drama between Bethenny and Kelly. Well? Kelly and all the other ladies actually. I can't believe I'm saying it but Alex actually looks "normal" this season because Kelly came on board. Jeesh!

I was trying to keep track of what Kelly was saying and she really doesn't make a whole heck of lot of sense. I understand why the other ladies were making references to "Kelly Time" and "...on this planet..." Kelly even zinked the Countess! Wowzers!

I won't be surprised if they don't ask Kelly to participate next season.

What do you think?

But one thing? WHY oh WHY do those ladies have to wear such SHORT dresses?

Getting giddy

I have to say that I'm starting to feel anxious.


Because the Hubs and the kids will be gone this weekend.


Yes. They'll be flying out around 7:30am on Saturday. They'll be flying in again around 2pm on Monday.

Did you calculate the time away?

I'll be without them for over TWO days!

Should I feel bad that I am giddy with happiness?

It's going to be like my one and only mini-vacation before the kids start summer vacation.

Summer vacation around here?

Starts Wednesday. Next week. Yeah....

So I am already trying to get summer plans finalized.

I've got summer swim lessons scheduled out.

We've got a trip to see my family and old friends planned.

I may start working on a 2nd trip out to visit my family -- after LilSis has her baby.

We have one weekend planned to visit with the Hubs family.

I've got places in mind to take day-trips to with the kiddos, since they're not going to any summer camps this year.

We've also got a big Disneyland trip planned. Just me and the kids.

It's going to be BUSY. So this last weekend alone is going to be nice.

Now when do YOUR kids get out of school?

Have you got your summer plans finalized?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's nice to hear a response

I mentioned the other day that I took a whole slew of photos of the Bear's team this season. And that I'd uploaded the photos onto a secure site.

Here's what I wrote to the parents:
My name's Grace and I'm the Bear's mom. Since the season began I've been snapping photos of all the kids in action. I've finally uploaded the photos onto one location so that you'd be able to copy and share these photos with your family/friends. I think you'll actually need to set up an account on "insert photosite" to see the photos but I didn't want to post the pictures up on an unsecure site that anyone could view. Please enjoy these action shots of your little baseball players. I'll continue to add photos to the album from upcoming games.
I don't know about you but if another parent did this? I'd send them a nice thank you note for their effort and for sharing. And I've actually have received two responses from the 12 emails I sent out. Yeah!

Here's the first response:
Great shots, Grace. Thanks so much for doing that!
Nice right? Just a simple note. And I totally appreciate it.
Here's the second response:
Wow!!! Wonderful pictures!!!! Thank you so much!!! I have to ask, do you do photography? You captured a great season, we sure had an awesome group!!
This one cracked me up. Do I do photography? HA! That comment tickled my funnybone so much. I just have a regular digital camera - Canon Powershot A720 IS - that has some zoom on it. When I do take photos I just take a bunch of photos. And odds are? I'm going to get a couple good ones in the bunch.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The Hubs and I just had a snippety moment.
Hubs: Honey? Is your garage opener in your car or in your purse?
He was in the family room getting ready to go outside. I was in the den working.

I got up and walked five feet to my purse.
Hubs: Well? Where is it?
Me: I don't remember. I'm checking my purse!
That little moment? It was like twenty seconds.

He couldn't wait another ten seconds for me to check my purse before he snipped at me. DANG!

It's like does he want any old answer? Or does he want the right answer?


I'd want the right answer.

So men? If your wives don't answer within ten seconds of your question? DO. NOT. SNAP. AT. HER. Because you'll end up with a fuming I am now. [sigh]

And maybe if he'd get the wall garage door opener fixed then we wouldn't have to rely on our little openers to get that darn garage open! AHHHH!!!!

----------------- 15 minutes later ------------------
We've made up.

I went outside to check on him.


Because he's changing the battery in my car.

I bought a new car battery this morning because it's been about 2 years since my 2nd battery died. Also, when I've been started the car for the last week it's kind of seemed to take a little longer to get started. You know?

It was a good thing htat I did go out there. Because the Hubs was having a little trouble getting the battery out. He couldn't quite get this little screw-on thingy off the battery. I got the owner's manual out and encouraged him a little. He finally fit something on top of it and was able to unscrew it. I helped him by holding the attachments out of the way so he could take out the old battery and then put the new battery in place.

So this evening squabble lasted just a smidge of time. Fifteen whole minutes.

What's the funniest? Is that I went outside AFTER I'd showered. I was in my plaid pajama bottoms and a short-sleeved t-shirt. And I had no qualms about being outside. Even with my neighbor across the street in his own garage working on his car. Hey! I was covered, right?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Making me laugh

All the kids on the Bear's baseball team know who I am.

Yesterday I had been in the field and taken a bunch of PHOTOS of the kids warming up. I was walking off the field when I heard the Bear yell to all his buddies.
That's my Mom!
Like all the kids didn't already know that I'm the crazy lady who always is snapping photos of the kids in action.

Truth be told. What I enjoy most about going to the games is encouraging them. I like to cheer. I do.
Good job!
Good running!
I'm vocal. And I'm not just vocal when it comes to the Bear. I don't know. I'm just one of those people who cheers for all the kids. Sometimes I don't remember their names quickly enough either. So? I just say their position instead of their name.
Good job catcher!
Good stop pitcher!
Good teamwork!
One of the boys totally cracked me yesterday."Z" was walking up towards homeplate for his turn at bat.
Z! Go hit that ball hard!
Without breaking his stride. The kid looked directly at me and winked. He WINKED. Like he was saying that he'd heard my request and that he'd smack that ball for me. And you know what? He did hit it and made it on base.

The kids on the baseball team are good kids. There's one that I don't particularly enjoy. But the rest of them I do enjoy. They really are good kids. They try hard. They work hard.

When I cheer for them? I LOVE seeing their eyes light up. It's like they can't believe that another kid's parent is watching them and giving them positive feedback when they've done something good. I found out that the Coach's kid "W" is finding it tough to be on the team. His dad is riding him pretty hard to do well. The one time that the Coach pitched for a game, W didn't hit the ball. But the very next game when the assistant coach pitched, W hit the ball every single time. So when I cheered for W on Saturday when he got to homebase? He looked over at me as he walked towards the dugout.
Did you see what I did?
Yup W. I saw. It was a good run, eh?
He was all smiles. And it was great to see him smile. He's a good kid.

But like I said. I think they're all good kids. And best of all? They ALL have fun while they play together. And hopefully I've captured their fun in the photos I've taken over the last couple of months. Over the weekend I uploaded all the team photos onto one location and sent the link out to the parents. This way they can enjoy seeing their little baseball player in action.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So happy they won!

The team that won The Amazing Race is the one that I liked from the get-go.

I am so glad they won.

I can see that through the race that their relationship has changed.

More even.

They visibly encourage each other now.

And watching the dynamic of their relationship change has been fun to watch.

I am so happy, happy, happy that they've won.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Morning baseball

This morning's baseball game was early. Earlier than normal. It was scheduled to begin at 8am. That's right! EIGHT in the morning.

We woke up like it was a regular schoolday. Ate breakfast. Headed out at 7:30am to get to the field for warm-ups. Oy! It was early. I ended up taking a stainless steel container filled with coffee with me.

And when the game started? We had SIX kids ready to play. And the other team had seven. Just enough kids to play. Whew!

And it was a FUN game. The most fun game of the season!

It was a FAST game since there were only 6 to 7 kids at bat. It didn't drag on with the less focused kids at bat. The boys got in four whole innings. At one particular inning they had each team have two rounds at bat. The boys were able to really hear the prompts from the coaches. The boys were able to focus on their particular position in the field. Yeah! The Bear was able to play at shortstop, second base, pitcher, and first base.

Even though there weren't a lot of us in the stands? We made a LOT of noise cheering. It was cool. And I got a ton of photos of the kids this time around. Since there weren't a bunch of us in the stands I wasn't blocking anyone's view as I walked around.

Here's the Bear during warm-ups practicing fielding a ball. He's all twisted around!

Here is the Bear's teammate giving him a hug during warm-ups.

Here's the Bear on the pitcher's mound and his teammate at first ready for a play.

Here's a shot of my little guy at a different angle on the pitcher's mound.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Failed to mention it

But I was out of town over the weekend.


Yes. I was on the road. And this time it was just the girls. The Princess and I were on a road trip together to go to LilSis baby shower.

Rather than take my car? I ended up getting a rental car. Enterprise was having a weekend special so I got a mid-size car.

Folks? They tried to stick me with a PT Cruiser.

Cute car. Yes. If I was just driving local I would have no problems with the PT Cruiser. I mean, about 4 years ago when I flew in to see my folks I ended up renting a PT Cruiser to drive around town. And it was a fun little car. But it definitely wasn't going to work since the PT Cruiser they had me inspect had NO CRUISE CONTROL. That was NOT going to work on a six hour trek to my parents house. No way. No how.
Me: I'm doing a six hour drive. Could I get a car that has cruise control?
Rental Agent: Sure. Let's see what else we've got.
The gal went into the office to talk to the manager and came back out. She led me to a black Pontiac G6. Let me say that the Pontiac G6 is a far cry different than a PT Cruise. Ya know?The PT Cruiser has an engine with about 150 HP while the G6 has around 250 HP. So there was definitely a power difference. Woohoo! Can you say passing speed?

The Princess was able to overtake the back seat. What she did notice was that the back seats were VERY different than from my car. In my Freestyle, she can easily see out her window. In the G6, she could look up at the sky because the seat was situated lower and windows were higher. But when she got tired, she was able to sink into the seat comfortably and fall asleep. For a LONG time. On the drive home? She fell asleep for almost THREE hours! That is totally unheard of. Normally she'll fall asleep for maybe an hour. But three full hours? She fell asleep as I entered the mountains and I had to WAKE HER as we approached our halfway point to get lunch/gas.

Here's the first shot I got of her with her legs criss-crossed and her head leaning back with mouth open. Then she was all slumped over in a heap.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people drive on long hauls. There was one particular vehicle that stayed in the left lane rather than move over to the right. Granted it wasn't too busy on the road, but still. Not only would it stay in the left lane, but it also hung out behind cars going the same speed. See? Here is the car that I captured in my left mirror. It stayed at that spot for at least 5 miles.

Then it jackrabbited ahead of me.

What's crazy is that this situation happend twice. Like I mentioned earllier, the G6 had cruise control. I kept it on cruise control except when I was passing slower vehicles. So it wasn't like I was varying my speed. I ended up overtaking this "left lane lover" after it had already passed me. It then hung out on my left for a bit again and then jackrabbited ahead of me. Oy!

By the way, the party? It was a blast. Lots of food. Typical. Regular pancit. Pancit palabok. Chicken adobo. Leche flan. Kuchinta. Puto. They even had sushi. And tons of LUMPIA.

I had a fabulous time seeing my family. And a great time with my girl.