Saturday, May 9, 2009

Morning baseball

This morning's baseball game was early. Earlier than normal. It was scheduled to begin at 8am. That's right! EIGHT in the morning.

We woke up like it was a regular schoolday. Ate breakfast. Headed out at 7:30am to get to the field for warm-ups. Oy! It was early. I ended up taking a stainless steel container filled with coffee with me.

And when the game started? We had SIX kids ready to play. And the other team had seven. Just enough kids to play. Whew!

And it was a FUN game. The most fun game of the season!

It was a FAST game since there were only 6 to 7 kids at bat. It didn't drag on with the less focused kids at bat. The boys got in four whole innings. At one particular inning they had each team have two rounds at bat. The boys were able to really hear the prompts from the coaches. The boys were able to focus on their particular position in the field. Yeah! The Bear was able to play at shortstop, second base, pitcher, and first base.

Even though there weren't a lot of us in the stands? We made a LOT of noise cheering. It was cool. And I got a ton of photos of the kids this time around. Since there weren't a bunch of us in the stands I wasn't blocking anyone's view as I walked around.

Here's the Bear during warm-ups practicing fielding a ball. He's all twisted around!

Here is the Bear's teammate giving him a hug during warm-ups.

Here's the Bear on the pitcher's mound and his teammate at first ready for a play.

Here's a shot of my little guy at a different angle on the pitcher's mound.

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