Thursday, May 7, 2009

Failed to mention it

But I was out of town over the weekend.


Yes. I was on the road. And this time it was just the girls. The Princess and I were on a road trip together to go to LilSis baby shower.

Rather than take my car? I ended up getting a rental car. Enterprise was having a weekend special so I got a mid-size car.

Folks? They tried to stick me with a PT Cruiser.

Cute car. Yes. If I was just driving local I would have no problems with the PT Cruiser. I mean, about 4 years ago when I flew in to see my folks I ended up renting a PT Cruiser to drive around town. And it was a fun little car. But it definitely wasn't going to work since the PT Cruiser they had me inspect had NO CRUISE CONTROL. That was NOT going to work on a six hour trek to my parents house. No way. No how.
Me: I'm doing a six hour drive. Could I get a car that has cruise control?
Rental Agent: Sure. Let's see what else we've got.
The gal went into the office to talk to the manager and came back out. She led me to a black Pontiac G6. Let me say that the Pontiac G6 is a far cry different than a PT Cruise. Ya know?The PT Cruiser has an engine with about 150 HP while the G6 has around 250 HP. So there was definitely a power difference. Woohoo! Can you say passing speed?

The Princess was able to overtake the back seat. What she did notice was that the back seats were VERY different than from my car. In my Freestyle, she can easily see out her window. In the G6, she could look up at the sky because the seat was situated lower and windows were higher. But when she got tired, she was able to sink into the seat comfortably and fall asleep. For a LONG time. On the drive home? She fell asleep for almost THREE hours! That is totally unheard of. Normally she'll fall asleep for maybe an hour. But three full hours? She fell asleep as I entered the mountains and I had to WAKE HER as we approached our halfway point to get lunch/gas.

Here's the first shot I got of her with her legs criss-crossed and her head leaning back with mouth open. Then she was all slumped over in a heap.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people drive on long hauls. There was one particular vehicle that stayed in the left lane rather than move over to the right. Granted it wasn't too busy on the road, but still. Not only would it stay in the left lane, but it also hung out behind cars going the same speed. See? Here is the car that I captured in my left mirror. It stayed at that spot for at least 5 miles.

Then it jackrabbited ahead of me.

What's crazy is that this situation happend twice. Like I mentioned earllier, the G6 had cruise control. I kept it on cruise control except when I was passing slower vehicles. So it wasn't like I was varying my speed. I ended up overtaking this "left lane lover" after it had already passed me. It then hung out on my left for a bit again and then jackrabbited ahead of me. Oy!

By the way, the party? It was a blast. Lots of food. Typical. Regular pancit. Pancit palabok. Chicken adobo. Leche flan. Kuchinta. Puto. They even had sushi. And tons of LUMPIA.

I had a fabulous time seeing my family. And a great time with my girl.

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