Thursday, April 30, 2009

He's almost done!

Can you believe that Phil K (from The Amazing Race) has almost completed his ride across the United States?

Those of you who watch the Bonnie Hunt show are already keenly aware of Phil's progress. bonnie has been touching base with Phil and doing feeds with him since the ride began.

I've actually been visiting the website every second night or so to watch the end-of-day video blogs that Phil has been putting together. The updates are about 2 days behind his actual ride date but that's because they've got to edit the pieces. But it's neat to see how he's doing "in person". You can see how some days are a struggle. The enthusiasm of the people who meet up with Phil is fabulous. I especially like the family who came to Phil's hotel with two pies. THAT was precious.

What's especially neat to see is that you can watch Phil's progress during the day. He's carrying a GPS tracking device that is intermittently updating the website. Here's his progress so far today (he just started riding maybe 20 minutes ago). You can see at the top that it gives you his speed the direction he's riding.

If you don't already know, the main website is

You can see Phil's progress map like the one above at

So if Phil is riding your way? Go out and meet up with him. Go out and RIDE with him. He's trying to raise awareness for a great cause - multiple sclerosis. Help if you can! Thanks!

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