Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Out and about minding my own business

I picked up the kids yesterday from school like I usually do.

Like 75% of the time, I didn't have any make-up on (remember I work from home) but my hair was a mess. I took some time to color it since I had WAY too many shiny white hairs glistening when I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday morning. There was NO chance in heck that I'd visit my family (especially my Mom) with too many white hairs showing. My Mom wouldn't hesitate to totally call me on it.

Anyway, I get the kids from school and we drive home like we normally do. No big.

I drive into the garage and unlock the garage door (to go into the house). I then walk back out to the mail box at the curb. I stand there at the curb and inspect the mail since at least once a week or two we get other neighbor's mail. In the corner of my eye I notice a white truck parked two houses up at my neighbors house with someone sitting in the driver seat.
"Bear's Mom?"
Someone is talking to me? I look over and see who is talking to me. It's the assistant coach (AC) to Bear's baseball team! And there I am with crazy hair and no make-up. Thank goodness I had the sense to keep my sunglasses on!
Asst Coach: "Hey! I thought that was you."
Me: "Oh hi!"
Asst Coach: "You guys live there?"
Me: "Yeah. This is us."
Asst Coach: "My in-laws live here."
That's right folks. The assistant coach's wife's parents live two houses up from me.

We (Bear, me, assistant coach, his MIL, and his 3 boys) all ended up chatting on our driveway. Turns out that the assistant coach lives in the subdivision just next to ours so he's there with the boys every week or so. Can you believe it? Too funny how everyone in our neighborhood is tied to other people we know. Small world!

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