Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I want me some pumpkin!

It's a TRAVESTY. Pure and simple.

My local Star-coffeeplace no longer has pumpkin scones. OR pumpkin loafs.


Who came up with that grand idea?

A marble loaf is not going to cut it. Never.

Strike. Strike. Strike! **

Oh. I guess not. I still need to get my Cinnamon Dolce Latte...

**As a sidenote...Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy on Sunday?

But it's just water, right?

I need some HELP people!

I've just been informed that Valentine's Day is two weeks away. TWO. WEEKS!

Have you got a gift lined up for your special sweetheart?

I got something in mind for MY husband. You wanna know what?


He-he-he-he! [snort-snort]

No. Seriously. That's what I'm buying for him.

In the land of the desert we've got LOTS of dirt. It's everywhere. So we need that thing in the baddest way. We need to clean off the back patio. We need to clean off the front walkway. We need to clean out our trash cans! It'll be easy to clean off our cars too.

As you can plainly understand...it's a gift that'll benefit us all.

The only problem is that I have no idea what kind will be sufficient for our needs.

SO.....I ask you my internet friends. Which one do you recommend. What manufacturer. What model. What PSI. What horsepower.

HELP ME please!

Monday, January 30, 2006

It's a happy baby dance...

Oh no...not for ME!

Did I scare you all?

Ha! One of my good friends (GF) from when the Princess was a baby is pregnant.

It took GF a long time to get pregnant with her son. Her son who is 4 days younger than the Princess.

We weren't sure if she'd ever had another baby because she had such an awful birth experience (which is a story for another day).

It was weird when I got pregnant with the Bear when the Princess was 18 months old. Turned out that our other good friend (GF2) was also pregnant. GF2 had a daughter who was 1 month older than GF's son and the Princess.

So GF2 and I were pregnant at the same time. AND we were due within 2 weeks of each other. GF was out of the loop on this one. GF was ecstatic for us though.

Turns out this pregnancy is a bit of a surprise. You see, GF turned 40 last year. So she didn't think she'd ever have another child. And they weren't trying for another either. So wham-bam...she's pregnant!

And she just found out that she's having a girl. FABULOUS!

I am so happy for GF and her husband. They are terrific parents to their son. Generous. Good hearted. I can't wait until JUNE!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Reading away...

It is such a joy to have an option nowadays at bedtime.

I have always read one book to the Princess after her bath.

Since November she's had a few options. She can have ME read her an entire book. She can read an entire book TO me. Or I can read a portion and she can read a portion (usually I take one set of pages and she'll take the next set).

It's so fun listening to her sound words out. Listening to her reading skills develop. Hearing the inflection in her voice when she realizes there's a question mark at the end of a sentence. She'll go back a couple words and read it so that it sounds like a question. And when there's exclamation point? She'll do the same.

I only need to help her every now and then when there'a word that goes against all the rules she's learned so far. You know how the English language is. She realizes that "PH" makes the "Ffff" sound instead of "pu-huh". She now knows that when she sees "KN" at the beginning of a word that the "K" is silent. Deciding what sound a vowel will make in a word still stumps her at times. And flowing the letters together needs a little more work.

But she is working at it. A LOT! And it's amazing sitting next to hear and just hearing her try and triumph over the words.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's a small world

We hear this comment a lot.

"It's a small world..."

I mean, EARTH is a huge planet. It is. There are so many places to live. So many places to visit.

All the gadgets and gizmos that people have in their backpacks, their purses, and attached to their arms and waists. Amazing!

But what really gets me is when you see someone you know. In a place you would never have suspected.

We've all been there. The days when we are a total mess. You parents know what I'm talking about. When you've just thrown on whatever outfit is handy (and hopefully clean) and you've barely had time to brush your teeth. You're out with your kids to do a quick errand when BAM! You see someone you haven't seen in ages. And you look like crap. Yup! The only thing to do is put a huge smile on your face and greet them. Right?

Okay...that is NOT the kind of thing I'm really referring to when I say "It's a small world...."

What I'm talking about is when you are someplace away from home and you unexpectedly run into a friend.

Now where is the most unique place that YOU have met a friend?

For me, I had just graduated from college. My folks bought me the BEST graduation gift ever. It was a 3 week trip to Europe. It was one of those for ages 30 and under. One of those not so glamorous but OH-SO-FUN quick trips through Western Europe.

I went with my good friend who had also just graduated. She and I had never traveled together so that in itself was an adventure. But that's for another entry at some other time.

We'd been on the trip for about a week. We'd left London. We'd seen Paris - The Louvre the Eiffel Tower. We'd been to the South of France. And we were in Rome.

After dinner that first night (around 8pm), the entire tour took a walk through the neighborhood our restaurant was located. It was a clear night around. Not a cloud in the sky. Cobblestone walkways between these old buildings. It was a picture postcard of what you would think old Italy would look like when the walkway opened up into an amazing square. It was an open area where a bunch of walkways ended up. It had a beautiful fountain in the middle. And it wasn't little. It was half the size of a football field.

What was even more interesting was that it was a weeknight and there were people gathered in this square. There was a group playing music. People walking about talking and laughing. It was so relaxing. Then...

"Delta Sig!" **

[pause-pause] What did I just hear? Did I hear what I think I just heard?

"Hey you! Delta Sig!"

I turned to the voice and it was a business fraternity friend of mine. And it was not just some fraternity friend. It was one of the most fantastically amazingly handsome guys in the fraternity. Think California golden haired surfer boy. All the gals around me were a-twitter as he and a couple of his buddies came over to me.

"What are YOU doing here?"

"No...what are YOU doing here?"

"I'm on a 3-week tour of Europe. How about you?"

"Oh yeah. We just got here (Rome) yesterday. We'll be headed back home next week"

"How long you been here?"

"Oh, we've been backpacking for about 4 weeks now."

Okay folks. You amazed? My friend had been backpacking through Europe for a month. And I had just got over there for a week. And we BOTH were in Rome. In this SQUARE. At 8pm at night. At the SAME TIME!

Now how much of a coincidence is that?

Come on...tell me...give me your story!

Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm SO important...yeah...right...

We've all witnessed it.

THOSE people.

You know the ones. The ones who walk through life thinking they are just SO important.

The ones who cut you off on the road.

The ones who turn right at an intersection when there are 3 signs saying "NO TURN ON RED".

Today, I came across one of THOSE.

I walked into the local taco shop for a breakfast burrito. There were 3 guys laughing and eating. Obviously, some construction guys taking a few minutes for breakfast and starting out their day. Then there was a gal sitting in a booth alone. With her back to the counter. Talking on her phone. Talking really LOUD.

I went up to the counter and smiled at the lady behind the counter.

"May I please have a #1 breakfast burrito to go?"

I paid and I sat on the side facing the counter.

I sat there quietly in a small booth.

A minute later.


The lady behind the counter had said something. My ears perked up because no one had moved.

"Number 1 breakfast burrito!"

I grabbed my purse. I walked over to the front of the counter and smiled with a puzzled expression on my face.

"Is that mine? or hers?" as I glanced to the other gal in the shop.

The lady smiled at me. She looked over at the other gal who was still talking on the phone. She picked up the bag and handed it to me.

"This one is YOURS."

I quickly walked out of the shop. The other gal in the shop? She was STILL talking on the phone. I don't even think she realized that I had walked off with the burrito that was supposed to be hers....

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Girls only

My husband and my son are gone.

Not gone. Gone.

They drove up to see my ILs. Actually, to help them MOVE. Remember?

Anyhow, they left around 4pm. And it's been SO nice.

The Princess and I went to Tar-jay and meandered through the store for 45 minutes. We got lipstick for me. Contact paper for an art project. And an insulated water container for her lunch. That's it! 45 minutes! Oh yeah....I forgot that darn banana-nut loaf from the indoor Starbucks.

We got home and neither of us was hungry. So...only the art projects at hand. She helped me cut up paper and photos. Then she helped me cut around the protected pieces of paper & photos after I put them all between sheets of contact paper. Who needs those fancy laminating machines? Contact paper works just as well.

We ended up eating a not-so-healthy dinner. Mini corn dogs. At 7:15pm. Uh...normally we would already be upstairs getting prepped for bathtime. He-he-he....

But she is now safely snoozing (read that as snoring) upstairs.

And me? I was able to get some work done. AND now I'm able to surf the net without anyone bothering me!

It is so nice when it's just the girls!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pipa Girl

Did anyone watch Regis & Kelly the other morning when they had that actor ".....Hughley" on for the 2nd day?

I just about snorted my coffee up into my nose during the banter they do first thing.

Kelly Pipa (as Regis calls) her put her hip talk into action.

She said "Homey" and "Damn" and some other slang word within a minute.

Even the actor "....Hughley" noted her street talk.

Kelly was a giggling fool and "....Hughley" was the dead-pan comeback.

It was TOO funny.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Duh guys!

Every Tuesday there is a radio station that asks 3 contestants a question out of the blue. It's a question that the radio station has rankings on. Like..."Who is the most downloaded film actress?"

This morning....

"Okay contestants, are you ready?"


"I'm good to go!"


"Here it is. FRENCH toast is a food. Name a food with a country/nationality in front of it...."


"Contestant #1?"


"You have an answer for us?"

"I don't know...."

"Okay. Contestant #2?"

"French fries!"

"Good answer. How about you Contestant #3?"

"Ummm...hot dogs?"

"Well, I don't know about that answer. Do you have an answer for us Contestant #1?"


"I guess, but they're not really known as Mexican Enchiladas, are they? Okay, do you have an answer now Contestant #3?"

"French toast!"

"Yeah...that's what we started with in our example."


"Here are the answers! #5...French roll #4...Italian sausage #3...French dip #2...Spanish rice #1....French fries! Which means that Contestant #2...you WON"

[cheering in background]

People? What was up with Contestant #1 and Contestant #3? How difficult was it to come up with an answer????

Friday, January 20, 2006

This little piggy went to market...

Pigs aren't weird. They are normal animals. On a FARM!

Out here in Arizona, pigs live. In the wild.

They are called javelinas (pronounced have-uh-LEAN-uh-s).

They are pretty ugly. Dark brown and hairy looking.

I had heard about these things but never seen one. Well, I get a glimpse of one once. But it was dead at the side of the road. You can only see so much at 50 mph also.

Anyway....yesterday. The windy day. With dust blowing. Dead bushes rolling across the road...

I was driving out to pick the Bear up from daycare when I saw some movement to my right. I was no more than 2 blocks from my house. I was passing the constrution site for the subdivision of homes they are building next to ours. I was going at about 25 mph when I saw movement to the right in the dirt area.

I slowed. I looked. It was 2 adult javelinas. AND a baby!

They were trotting along like they owned the place.

I had to chuckle to myself because I'd never seen one that close before. It was an odd sight because javelinas usually stay hidden during the day. They normally venture out only at night.

I relished in my sighting of these wild pigs. I continued to drive another couple hundred feet and saw more movement to my right. I was approaching the intersection so I slowed and peered to my right.

MORE javelinas. About 8 of them. Adults. Trotting in a somewhat straight line.

What the heck were these things doing out during the day?

Did the wind and dust disturb them from their afternoon slumber?

I couldn't help but laugh and think in my head...

"This little piggy went to market

This little piggy stayed home

This little piggy had roast beef

This little piggy had none

And THIS little piggy cried wee-wee-wee

All the way home..."

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sensitive parts

This is NOT an entry about s-e-x.

** If you don't want to hear about my body then DO NOT READ this entry **

It's about the fact that I currently have my underpants swooshing round and round in the washer.

My underpants? YES! Just mine. All by themselves.

Now what pray-tell would justify a load of just my underpants?

My sensitive girl parts.

That's right. MY underpants have to be washed in detergent that is perfume-free and dye-free and with no fabric softener.

The regular detergents and fabric softeners have something in them that irritates my netherworld.

So much so that I get yeast infections. E-gads! The itching! The burning! The yuck-yuck-yuck!

I wasn't sensitive like this before. Before I had children. I actually had never had a yeast infection until I had my kids. Somehow...they screwed up my system. After they came, my netherworld became sensitive.

I could not understand why I kept on getting these infections. COULD NOT!

Then lo and behold I read something on the internet and wha-la! My cure!

So my husband might wonder why the heck I buy another detergent when we get the humongous double jugs from CostCo. But he's not the one actually doing all the laundry, right? And wouldn't he rather keep my netherworld all happy???

Anyone else have to use the dye-free, perfume-free detergent????

Yellow: Proceed with caution

That's what we're supposed to do when we see flashing yellow lights and yield signs, right?

This morning from the weatherman...

"Looks like the wind is going to pick up this afternoon. It's not the best news since it's been a very dry rainy season for us..."

I didn't think ANYTHING about this statement as I drove home from dropping the Princess off at school.

Cut to the drive to pick up the Princess from school...

I'm driving down the highway. I notice a bunch of dust ballooning into the air to the right front of me. Then I notice the couple of cars WAY in front of me put on their brakes. They continued on. I proceeded more cautiously than normal.

Then I saw what they were braking for.

A huge dry bush was making its way across the 3-lane highway!

The thing must have been at least 6 feet long and 3 feet across. HUGE! Remember that I live in Arizona...and it was not a tumbleweed. Just a dry old bush.

Thankfully I was able to drive past it safely.

I have no idea what the people behind me (as they were way far behind) thought when they came across that thing sitting on the highway!

---Proceed with CAUTION!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mellowing with age...

On Friday, he had his three year pediatric appointment.

I was lucky to get it scheduled. I had just called on Wednesday inquiring if any of the docs in the practice were taking new patients. Thankfully, the one doc had an opening. On Friday. At 11am! GREAT time. Just before lunch. So the Bear would be in a good mood.

Let me tell you that he and all the people over at his daycare were shocked to see me there at 10:30am.

"What're YOU doing here so early?"

"Doctor checkup day."

They all gave me knowing nod.

The Bear ran to me when he saw me. He did look surprised though.

"Buddy, we're going to do some errands and then get some lunch. Okay?"

"Ohh-kayyy Mommy!"

Little did he know our errand was a doctors appointment! We got in the car and we drove. Past my daughter's school.

"Sissy! Sissy skoool!"

He was pointing and waving.

"Yes buddy. That's Sissy's school. We're not going there though."

We drove about two more miles and then searched around to find the right building. We walked upstairs. Went into the office. He found the toys right away.

I just love doctor's waiting rooms that have kids' books and magazines AND those bead maze things. This waiting room had about FOUR of those bead stations. Halleluia!

There was no one in the waiting room. I knew I had a co-pay and papers to fill out since we'd never been there before. I handed over my insurance card & my debit card and held out my hand for the clipboard of papers. You know. The TON of papers they have you fill out as a new patient.

We didn't have to wait long either. Maybe 2 minutes? I had just started filling out one of the pages when I heard...

"Bear? Bear?"

They were calling us back already!

AHHH...That's when the Bear figured out where the heck we were. Da-da-da-dummmmm...The doctor's office!

I took off the Bear's thick sweatshirt and his shoes.

"Could you step up here and stand still Bear?"

The nurse said in a gentle voice. He cautiously got up on the scale. He looked at her while she moved the balance things around.

"Okay. That's great! Now how about you step right here against this wall?"

He stepped over to the wall and backed up slowly. His big brown eyes looking up at her. She slowly pushed the height thing down. He stayed calm but tried to look up at the flat piece that was approaching his head. I could see that he was not sure about the procedure but was tolerating it. She barely touched his head when she said...

"Okay, that's it."

He stepped back to me in no time flat. But he didn't cry or make a fuss. Ahhh....success! We walked back to the examination room and relaxed. I figured that we'd be there for a while. I broke out a snack and handed him his water. Not 2 minutes later there was a knock on the door.

" Hello? Is there a little boy named Bear in here?"

It was the doctor! And she was so cool! She had short blond hair in a modern bob. She had tortoise shell eyeglasses. She was wearing sandblasted jeans with double layered long sleeve t-shirts and those suede slip-on moccassins.

The Bear looked at her in a questioning way. As his mouth chewed his Nutrigrain bites. She chatted with HIM first. Not to me! TO him! It was great. She was making sure that he was comfortable with her being there.

The entire time he watched her. You could see his brain working away. Thinking as he gazed at her.

He let her touch him. Our previous pediatrician couldn't touch the Bear without having me holding the kid in a vice grip. But with this gal? The Bear sat on the exam table. She checked out his reflexes. She even was able to listen to his heart, his tummy, and his lungs with the stethescope. No crying. She even got to check both of his ears and his mouth! It was GREAT!

Last year was a fiasco. I had to have the kid wrapped in my arms and legs so that the doctor could check him out. Definitely not a good way to listen to my son's lungs or heart!

Plus...there were no pokies this visit. The Bear is all caught up with shots. But the pediatrician did warn me that the 4-year-old visit will involve a round of shots. I guess they give the kids all the shots they need for entering kindergarten at that time. I've got an entire year before THAT happens so I'm happy. By that time he'll have seen the pediatrician a few times and shouldn't be alarmed when he gets poked.

I think we're going to happy with this doctor. And this practice. It's made up of FOUR female doctors!

It'll be good for the Princess. To show her how successful these ladies are. Plus, she's getting older and I want her to be comfortable with her pediatrician. You parents of girls know where I'm going with that one, right?

Anyway, the Bear ended up receiving a sticker AND a book out of this visit. I guess in their practice they give the kids an age appropriate book with every well-child check-up!

Hopefully next year the Bear will be able to tolerate the shots. He'll be older. Maybe he'll continue to mellow as he grows up.


*** As a sidenote, I can't wait for someone to invent a device that'll make initial DRs visits easier. I would think that someone would be able to create a small laptop that'll ask us for all our pertinent information in a basic format. I'm sick to death of having to write this stuff out. And the forms they give us can be so redundant. Then when we're finished typing the information in they can just download the information into their database and it'll update our records. Simple enought? Come on you inventors! MAKE IT!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sawing logs!

People? My girl is still sick....

Right now she is sawing some major logs on the family room couch.

About 30 minutes ago I finished making the Ramen soup that she requested for lunch. She's been feeling nauseated so she wanted something bland. And she loves noodles.

But she knows that when Mommy makes Ramen that she has to wait a bit for it to cool off.

Whilst she waiting for the cooling? She fell asleep. WAY asleep.

I don't have the heart to wake her. I know her tummy will be mighty angry when she does wake up. The hunger pangs.

But she's tired. And she's sick. So...she sleeps....loudly!!!

Sickhouse rules

Everyone has their own set of house rules. But what are your SICK house rules?

You know. When one or two or ALL your kids are sick?

Here at our house we've only two kids. So it turns out fine when we've got sick ones. One parent to each child.

As it turns out, my son goes with my husband. And I get duty when my daughter gets sick.

Oh..yeah...we're only talking night-time duty here.

When my son is sick he sleeps in our bed with my husband. This happened 4 nights ago. As we were getting ready for bed, we heard our son over the monitor.



He was inhaling his boogies! E-gads! He'd been doing it for a couple minutes when he finally let out a small cry for help.

The Hubs went up there and (lo and behold!) my son was dealing with a bloody nose.

The Hubs brought the Bear downstairs to our bathroom. He had blood streaks under his nose and on his hands. It had stopped bleeding. But he was bothered by the aftermath in his nose.

I got a fresh washcloth and wet it with some warm water. I wiped his face and showed him that his face was clean. I wiped his hands and showed him his hands were clean. I let him know that it was no big deal. Easy clean-up. But as I took a closer look at his nose I saw something peeking out. A boogie.

I was able to grasp the end of it with my thumb and forefinger. I pulled. And the Bear coughed. I pulled and pulled. The thing had to be at least 2 inches long! SERIOUSLY! It was a huge boogie with blood mixed in. No wonder the kid coughed when I pulled it out. It musta been all the way up in his sinuses!

Anyway, after the operation we decided to put the Bear into bed with Daddy. I trotted upstairs to the guest bedroom.

We all slept fitfully. My husband was amazed that the Bear sleeps like a rock. He moved very little while he slept. So I don't think my husband will complain when he's back on night sick-duty.

For the last two nights, I have been on night sick-duty.

Yes. My daughter has had a fever for the last two days. Thankfully, she had Monday off from school. But today she's home from school.

She and I have been sleeping in the master bedroom. I actually have to put a king-size pillow between us to keep her away from me. She tosses and turns normally. But this time around? She was solid as a rock when she slept. Of course, she did wake up each night when her fever got too high and she was uncomfortable. After some more acetaminphen, some cool water, and a good tucking in she went back to sleep.

We have our sickies with us because we're on the first floor and they are on the second. We'd rather be right there if they need us.

But what are your rules when your kids are sick? Do you make them sleep in their room? Or are they tucked into your bedroom at night?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weird habits?

Mel over at "Like Sands Through the Hourglass" tagged me. I NEVER get tagged! Woohoo! So of course I'm gonna play....

The first player of this game starts with the topic "five weird habits I have" and people who get tagged then write an entry about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and link to their web journals. Don't forget to leave a comment in their blog or journal that says you have been tagged? (assuming they take comments) and tell them to read yours.

  1. When I was working and I had a conversation with a not-so-nice person on the phone, I would reserve all my 'not-so-nice' comments until after I hung up the phone. I wasn't rude to these people. I kept an even keel. But after? Oh boy! [grumble-grumble-grumble] My co-workers knew not to interrupt me or try to speak to me during these venting moments. Once I was able to grumble under my breath for a few moments, I was back to normal.
  2. I have to put the right side on first. Socks. Shoes. Slippers. Gloves. Jacket. Sweater. Shirt. My right leg or right arm HAS to have whatever it is on first. If my left starts to inch ahead? I STOP! BRAKES! Then my right goes on its merry way. If I happen to put on the left whatever first? This is sick. I take my left appendage out and my right appendage goes in.
  3. I put the parking brake on whenever I park my car. I can be on the most flat surface. My parking brake has to be. Totally on. The car CANNOT move one iota after I've taken my foot off the brake pedal. Sometimes my husband will park my car and put the parking brake on partially and the car will move when he takes his foot off the brake pedal. DRIVE ME NUTS! If you're going to put on the parking brake then put it down all the way!
  4. When I'm in the car alone? I sing. Stuff that I want to listen to. Not Raffe. Not Baby Einstein. My stuff. From the 80s. And when I sing? I have to move my head. AND....use my hands. Yes. I'm one of those crazy singers. Would you rather see a crazy singer in the car next to you? or someone picking their nose? I'll take a crazy singer any day!
  5. When I wrap gifts, the two sides where we fold the paper down have to hit the bottom of the box/container. They can't hit midway. They can't be too long so that it finishes under the box. It has to match the edge of the box. Anal? Yeah. But that's what my Mom does.

So am I weird? Weirder than YOU? How about some answers from Sarangeti Summer Supine Bean's Dad & Holli

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Then don't act all hissy...

"Go! Look at the kids' rooms and the guest room."

"You are SUCH an attention hog."

Okay. What prompted that type of discussion? My husband and his attitude yesterday. Actually, he and I made those statements about an hour ago when we were putting the kids to bed.

WHY was I asking him to look at the rooms?

Because they were totally clean! All the toys were picked up. Fresh linens. I even dusted the windowsills and vacuumed!

On Friday afternoons, my husband is able to get off a little early. He tend to be home by about 4pm. Normally, he's home around 5:30pm.

Generally speaking, the kids will have an afternoon snack about 3:30pm. Right after they get washed up when we get home after school. This gives me time to clean up after them and get to work. They generally play upstairs until dinnertime.

Like I mentioned, my husband comes home early on Friday. And yesterday, my son didn't eat a snack until 3:45pm. I washed his hands and he took off upstairs. I went back to work. I didn't even look at the table.

Well, the Hubs comes home. He goes into the kitchen area and opens up the mail.




I leave the computer and look in the kitchen. The Hubs has got a big frown on his face. He's sweeping under the kitchen table.

He was ticked off. I left him alone. He was ticked off because of the mess that was left in the wake of the Bear's Arrowroot cracker snack. Crumbs on the table. Crumbs on the chair. Crumbs on the floor. I would have normally cleaned up after the kid. But yesterday? I didn't.

So...the Hubs was ticked off at the ONE time I didn't clean up after our child. The ONE time I didn't take the 2 minutes to wipe down the table and sweep the floor. Like I don't do ANYTHING to keep the place clean. THAT is how he was acting.

Let me tell you...that TICKED me off. That type of attitude. That type of behavior.

Anyway, that got me so ticked off I cleaned today. LIke I mentioned, I cleaned the kids' rooms. I also cleaned their bathroom and laid out new towels. I dusted all the windowsills and all the wood shutters. I vacuumed the entire house. I swept the floors. I got on my hand and knees and wiped the kitchen and family room floors -- that's the only way to see and clean all the sticky messes. I even did ALL the laundry (about 7 loads) and put it all way.

When the Hubs and my daughter returned from getting the 'new to us' television, we had the following conversation:

"Did your son take a nap while your daughter and I were gone?"

"Yes, he did."

"Did you have a good nap too?"

"Ummm...no. I didn't take a nap."

"Why not?"

"Because I was cleaning!"

And it didn't even seem like he noticed. I had to ask him.

"Can you tell I swept?"


"How can you tell?"

"The floors look shinier."

"How could the floors look shinier because I swept?"

"I don't know. But they do."

"Maybe they look shinier because I wiped the floors down."

So based upon the couple of conversations I've had with him regarding cleaning since yesterday, he made that comment at the beginning of this entry.

Now. If the work you were doing wasn't appreciated, wouldn't you kind of be pissed. When the one time you don't do what you normally do, you suddenly are unappreciated? Maybe I'm acting like an "attention hog" because you aren't giving me any attention....or showing any regard for the amount of work I do here.

Sorry that I'm complaining here. It's just a vent post. I just can't believe the attitude I got from his yesterday. All because I didn't sweep. Like it killed him to do it? HMMM?????

Friday, January 13, 2006

Am I the only one who's okay with it?

I have to tell you folks that I'm okay with the fact that Angelina and Brad are expecting.


Lots of people seem to take issue that the two are going to have a baby together.

If folks would just get over the fact that Brad was with Jen...maybe they'd see how 'right' Angelina and Brad seem for each other.

Granted. The two are not the 'golden couple' like he and Jen were.

Granted. Angelina has an extremely wild side to her.

But the way they are living their lives right now? Totally in synch. Philanthropy. Family. Career.

Jen seems to be focusing on her career post-Friends.

I do not agree with the comments that Angelina and Brad were flaunting their relationship. They were trying to hide their relationship. They were getting to know each other in quiet places. Her property in England. PRIVATE property. It's the tabloids...the paparazzi that were flaunting the development of their relationship. Can't everyone see that?

They've become an unconventional family unit. But it seems real. It seems tight. It seems right for them. I am definitely happy for them.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sibling love

Did you people see LOST last night? OMG!

**If you haven't watched it yet and don't want a spoiler then move on**

It was a fabulous episode. Great way to kick off the 2nd part of the season!

I lvoed the fact that they focused on Eko last night. He's such a quiet character. But you can see there was turmoil behind those big eyes of his. NOW we know why! I can't believe that he saved his brother (aka sibling love) from being forced to murder that old man. I'm just amazed that stuff like THAT actually happens. That those bad guys felt it was okay for them to do that in front of all those people. That there was no repercussions for their act. Blows my mind!

And the fact that Eko's sacrifice led him to a life of violence. A life he didn't want. But ended up being immersed in it. The fact that his sacrifice also led his brother to go into the priesthood. Amazing how one event can create a channel for person's entire life. Makes you just contemplate every decisions....

What FREAKED me out was when Charlie was up in the tree and everything started to blow up. Why? Because that big bad black smoke was coming through the jungle. OH BOY! And the fact that Eko just stood there and stared it down? That man is such a bad ass!

"I am not afraid of it."

Good golly! He's got some brass ones. Or maybe he is so settled with his past and his present. So resolved in what he is that he's not afraid of anything. You think?

But I have to tell you that the Hubs and I were cracking up at Charlie.

"What're you going to do? Hit me with your Jesus stick?"

You just HAVE to love that Charlie with his comments. He's got a bunch of faults, but he's funny. Did you catch it though when he blamed his brother for his addiction to heroin? When Charlie was saying that I kept thinking to myself "...so if everyone else was jumping off a cliff...would you?"

But again. It's showing us the parallels about how siblings treat each other. How these two men and their relationships with their siblings have affected their lives. That one moment in Eko's life resulted in a life of violence, but then turned into a religious one (so a good end). Charlie's relationship with his brother resulted in a life of addiction (a bad end).

Did you also catch the googly eyes that Hurley was making at Libby? He-he-he....looks like we're seeing a possible blossoming relationship there! But Hurley is such a good guy. He deserves some love!

I can't wait for next week!!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Move it over...move it over...

The Bear has moved to another class at daycare.

He is now in the transition class.


Yes. It's the group of older 2 and young 3 year olds that are still getting the hang of doing their business in the toilet. (Nice tie-in with my other post, eh?)

As of yesterday, we're sending him to daycare in underpants. UNDERPANTS!

They told me about 2 weeks ago that they'd be moving him to this new class. So to get prepared I found the coolest looking underpants. I got him a 3-pack of Batman briefs. AND I got him a 3-pack of Buzz Lightyear briefs. I also stocked up on cheap sweatpants. This is all he's going to wear while he's learning to live in underpants. This way he can pull them down easily on his own. No jeans. No khakis. Not for a while!

He looks too adorable for words in his little underpants too!

Anyway, his most favorite teacher at the daycare moved over with this group of 8 kids to this new class. So he's loving life.

On his first day in undies, he had no accidents. They put a pull-up on him at naptime and he was a little itty-bitty bit wet when he woke up 1 1/2 hours later. But he stayed totally dry the rest of the day. No accidents!

But of course, he's saving his poopies for me. He'll do a bit sometime after breakfast but before we leave for school. Then he does a bit sometime between coming home from school and dinner. So yeah...I'm still having to deal with those stinky poopy diapers but hey....he's in underpants!

Log jam situation

**If you don’t want to read about bodily functions or are easily grossed out then you should skip this one**

I have been absolutely busy with work. After I drop the kids off, I sit at my desk and I work. I drink from my jumbo coffee cup and tap away on my computer. Endlessly, until I suddenly realize that it’s time to pick up the kids. I forget to do things.

The last thing I thought I would forget is going to the bathroom. Yes. The bathroom.

I sat down recently on the 'seat of honor' when I realized that I hadn’t visited that room to do my ‘business’ in a few days. A FEW DAYS! I am usually a daily kind of girl. But a few days?

I pushed and pushed for about 5 minutes. Nothing. No movement. I realized that I was in trouble.

So I sat. And sat. Relaxing as I sat. I got to read a chapter in a book that’s been in rotation for quite a bit. I don’t know how long I was there. My inner workings were working! I felt that something was happening. I pushed and there was movement. It kept coming and coming. Until sweet relief. I was done.

I fixed myself up and turned to flush. OMG! What I saw in the toilet was not a pretty sight. A HUGE LOG. As I flushed, I thought “I HOPE it goes down!”

But I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

In this age of low flow toilets that thing didn’t move. I don’t think that even the toilets in the malls would have worked. Not even the high and mighty SWOOSH of those airline toilets would have moved that log of mine.

The log was jammed. I had to fix it. Somehow. Break it? YES! That’s right folks. I had to break up the log so that it would disappear. Down the mechanism and off into the pipes away from the house. And no. I didn't use my hands. EWW!! I found an old stick in the kitchen that was from a flower arrangement. It took 3 flushes to get that log clear.

It was gross. It was disgusting. But MAN! I can't imagine having to deal with a backlog (ha-ha) on a regular basis. Those people who are constantly constipated. E-gads!

Monday, January 9, 2006

Let's just celebrate tomorrow...

It's 9:15pm my friends.

And I have JUST turned off my work computer.

That's right. I took a small break to make dinner and cuddle with the kids before we carted them off to bed. And I continued to work.

HECTIC day today.

What's pathetic? Today was the Bear's 3rd birthday. And we did nothing to commemorate the day.

The Hubs and I both knew that Mondays are a bad, bad day to do anything. We're both swamped. We're both dead tired.

So we're celebrating the Bear's birthday tomorrow.

He doesn't know the difference.

I'm going to bring cupcakes & take-home bags & balloons for the kids at his preschool.

I'm going to buy a small chocolate cake from the grocery store tomorrow.

I am also going to go to TOYSRUS or Target to get some toy. I don't know what yet. But I'm going shopping!

But I'm tired. I'll write about the joy my little guy brings to my life tomorrow. Or the next day.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

We're inheriting a monster...

I mentioned to you all that my BIL is moving away, right?

He's moving himself and he's trying to lighten his load.

My ILs are purchasing my BILs leather couches that're in the family room.

My BIL has offered his big screen tv to us for a mere $300. It's a big tv for our standards. We've currently got a 32-inch tv that we've had for about 10 years. Not the greatest clarity. The speakers are not so hot. But it works. And that's why we still use it. We've got one other tv in the house. a 15-inch tv that I've had for 12 years. That's right people. We have only 2 tvs in our house.

Anyway, my BIL gave us the dimensions of the tv. The Hubs just measured the back of his truck bed. And it turns out it'll fit. The Hubs wants to buy the tv. And he wants to drive up and get it next weekend. OKAY....

Now, we won't need to put away money to buy that HDTV that we were planning on getting this summer. Whew!

But we'll have one HUGE tv in our family room. It'll just fit into the niche we've got. The tv? It's 53 inches tall. 22 inches deep. And 43 inches across. I don't know the diagonal measurement. HUGE, right?

What kind of tv do you have in your main room? How big is it? And how many tvs do you have in your house????

Thursday, January 5, 2006

You're doing what?

Y'all know I've got a tense relationship with my ILs. Actually, I adore my FIL. It's my MIL that I usually have issue with.

Remember when I told you that they accepted an offer on their house last week? Well, my MIL and my husband had an interesting conversation when she called him with that news.

She asked my husband to come up there (2 hours away) to help them move.

What? HUH?

Wait. Wasn't this the woman who balked when my husband asked my FIL to come down here to help us move our stuff to our new house? Mind you. We just moved in April 2005. And we have two children underfoot.

My MIL and my FILs reaction to our question puzzled us to no end. They acted like we'd requested them to cut off their hand or something. That's why we ended up hiring movers.

My husband? He is actually going to drive up there on a Thursday after work. Spend the night. And help them move on a Friday. He didn't seem to remember the reason we ended up with professional help last year. He seems to have blocked it out.

Well, he blocked it out until I mentioned it to him in great detail. He shrugged. And made a funny face.

He is SUCH the good son. I would have called out any family member of mine on their bad behavior. But none of my family would have acted like that...so....

I just have to say that my MIL is such a BEE-OTCH!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

I'm chating

You know how every year you send out cards. Then a day or so before the holiday...SOMEONE who you didn't send a card to that year happens to send you one?


This year I tried to lighten our list. I decided to NOT send cards to a number of folks we hadn't heard from since we moved to this new city.

Invariably? THOSE PEOPLE all sent us a card!

Quite a dilemma, right?

Well, I'm cheating! All those people happen to know each other. And I am sending them all....NEW YEAR'S cards!

AHA! I'm going to act like I didn't send out any holiday cards. I'm going to act like I opted to wish everyone a happy 2006 instead. I'm even using the same photo that I used for our holiday cards.


Sneaky you say? Hey...I'm just trying to dig myself out of the ditch I created for myself. PLUS, all those folks need our new address.

Problem? Solved. Drama? No drama. Just HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

A most heartfelt thanks

That is what I received today when I picked the Princess up from school.

I entered the kindergarten play area and waved to all the kids.

The teacher pulled me aside as the Princess began gathering her stuff.

"I wanted to THANK you for your gift."

"Oh....it was nothing."

"No really. I was so surprised to receive it."

"Well. My Prin really loves school and you're a big part of it. It's the least I could do."

"In my 20 years of teaching, I've never received cash."

"Well, I know that the Princess makes a lot of stuff for us at home. I can imagine all the gifts that you get FROM the kids. We wanted to give you something so that you could get yourself something."

"I did too!"

"You did? GREAT!"

"After we left the field trip, I went straight over to the pharmacy and got some Omega vitamins. I got the BIGGEST jar they had."

"I'm so glad you got something you wanted."

"With my high cholesterol...and those pills are pricey...that $20 was a blessing. Now I'll be sure to stay strong for the Princess and for the other kids."

My heart totally melted. I was so glad that she was able to get the pills that she needed. She didn't have to worry about whether she'd have enough. She didn't have to just settle for the little jar. Kind of tells you something about a teacher's salary too, eh?

Now you parents out there....do YOU give the teachers in your kids lives a monetary gift?

Sunday, January 1, 2006

We got busy today!

NO you freaks! Not the mommy & daddy alone 'busy'. I'm talking about busy cleaning up around the house.

The skies opened up and the sun shown down on our house. I was NOT the only one cleaning. The Hubs cleaned too! He hauled up off his toosh and did some chores.

We did laundry. I say "we" because he started the first load of wash. Yeah. I did about 4 other loads. And got them into the drier. And put them away. But he started!

We took down all the holiday decorations. He got the kids started with the tree ornaments. I got all the lights off (since I really twisted those cords around the branches this year). I then put everything in the big plastic bins. The Hubs did not keep the colors together though. He mixed all the creams with the gold and with the burgundy bulbs.


I was about the get all anal retentive and get all the bulbs together in boxes with their partners, but I didn't. I let it slide. I was just glad he started to get the tree un-decorated. Once the tree was bare, he undid it all and put it in the bag and put it into the garage.

Since he was putting that huge tree bag and 6 boxes into the garage. He took the time to sweep the garage and reorganize all the boxes we've got in there. This was the FIRST time since we've moved that he's swept that place up. He even discovered a couple moving boxes that we hadn't unpacked. We've not got our cactus margarita glasses and pitcher!

AND...drumroll please!

I reorganized all the cabinets in our kitchen!

Yes. I was a crazy person and moved all the plates, glasses, sippys, and miscellaneous stuff around in our kitchen. The plates, cups, and utensils are in the cabinets closest to the dishwasher and the breakfast table. I had originally palced them right next to the pantry. But that wasn't quite working out. No one wanted to put the dishes away because we had to walk 4 steps to and from the cabinets. I designated a lower pull-out cabinet as the 'kids' stuff. There are plastic plates, bowls, and drinking glasses for them to grab themselves! It worked out fantastic this evening. The Princes was able to 'set' the table herself!

Even the pantry got a 'face lift'. I put all our emergency stockpile up at the very top of the pantry. Now those 'hands off' cans of soup and fruit and all are out of site. So we now only see the stuff we're going to use at eye level. The emergency stockpile? It's our build-up of supplies in the event that the 'bird flu' comes our way. OR in the event that Mommy and Daddy are down for the count due to illness.

So we started our the first day of 2006 on quite a cleaning frenzy. Hopefully this bodes well for our family and for our home. That we all pitch in together to get things accomplished. That we all do more to keep the house clean and tidy. Thank goodness we've got trash pick-up in the morning. Our bin is FULL!

What did YOU do this first day of 2006?