Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life is keeping me busy

I'm tired.

It seems that I've been tired since Thanksgiving weekend!


It's been super busy at work....again!

And with the holidays upon us, we've got things scheduled during our "free" time.

Tonight was my daughter's 6th grade holiday band/orchestra concert.

Tomorrow I've got to take my car in to get something fixed.

Friday, the kids and I are meeting up with my Mom and attending our church's choirs' Christmas concert. Singing and bells. Then we're having a late dinner. It's gonna be great!

Saturday I'm taking the kids to Seaworld. When we went during the summer, I got the 2 for 1 deal. Two days for just one price. The place is going to be decorated so we won't go out there until lunchtime. This way we'll get to see the lights.

Sunday will be at home. I am definitely going to need a nap. I'd say in the two to three hour range.

Have the holidays ramped up for you? Are you already swamped with running here and there?