Friday, May 21, 2010

Things are looking promising

Just got off the phone with the Hubs and he informed me of some new developments.

I guess the Hubs spoke to his direct boss (Raf) on Tuesday about how he's looking for a new job out here in SoCal. The fact that I found a new job out here already (and I start this Monday!) and the kids are out here as well.

Raf was very understanding. Since Raf used to be a consultant, he knows a bunch of people in the industry. He told the Hubs to look on a few websites (of businesses that are almost identical to the one he's at in Arizona). If the Hubs found any that he was interested in that Raf would be more than happy to forward the resume to the folks that he already knows at these places.

Then yesterday Raf touched base with the Hubs and recommended that the Hubs talk to Raf's boss about his plans to leave. Reason being? Because there's a potential merger afoot and the Hubs name is up on the list for a possible promotion. Ay-yay-yay!

So the Hubs spoke with Raf's boss, who was also VERY understanding. And Raf's boss told the Hubs about a couple big-wigs at another facility that could possibly use the Hubs' talent.

Can you believe it? A couple folks are putting their reputations up there for the Hubs and helping him get a job out here. It's so awesome. I just hope something comes of it. And you know what? I think that the Hubs is feeling a bit better. I'm sure that the fact that these folks are willing to help him out makes him feel warm and fuzzy inside. That people DO appreciate his hard work. His willingness to jump in when needed. See that HE is the type of person who contributes without complaint. What can I say? I married an awesome man. I'm just glad the Hubs knows that other people appreciate him too.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reconnecting & keeping busy

The kids and I have been reconnecting this week.

The Bear has continued to be cuddly and a little edgy when he's tired. The Princess has been a  little short with her brother.

My last day at work was Monday. I had another FOUR hour conference call. That went along with the four hour call on Friday. Eight hours of training? And I wrote up about 25 pages of instructional material beforehand as well. I had about five hours of training myself. So I completed my obligation on getting the new guy up-to-speed on things. I gave him overview instructions as well as detailed field-to-field instructions for the main database tasks.

So now? I've been keeping busy with the kids. We've been lazy tourists. A local park and the movies. Seaport Village. Birch Aquarium. We've been out every day. I've got to relish in these days before I actually start my new job. Yes. My new job. Which I'll be starting next week. Yeah!

There was a nice lady who answered all the kids questions.

The kiddos had a blast touching everything in the tide pools & we even were able to watch the small sharks getting fed.

Yes. The kids definitely had a good time walking around and checking out the marine life. We spent the whole morning there and we were ALL starving for lunch when I took this pic of the kiddos. Those Chipotle chicken burritos were delish too!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The foursome all together

We've been a foursome again for about 4.5 hours.

The Hubs and the kids got to my folks house around 6:15pm. They were all smiles as they piled out of the car. It looks like they all actually extricated themselves from the car. I must tell you that the car was FULL of stuff. The Hubs was able to put a plastic bin between the kids so the two didn't even have to LOOK at each other the entire ride.

They did hit a hiccup. The Hubs put the movie DVD cases in the car. Unfortunately, all the DVDs were in either of two CD containers that sit on top of our tv in the family room. The kids failed to tell their father this. So (alas) there was no movie watching in the car.

Anyway, once the Hubs and I got the car emptied out. We set to getting the kids clothes situated in the closet of the room they'll be bunking in. I wasn't sure if everything would fit in the room. But it did mostly. Their jackets are in the other bedroom that my folks use as an office.

After we got the clothing situation settled, we sat on the couch. The kids quickly clamored onto us. We were like a blob on the couch. All touching. Each of the kids grabbed an arm. Yes. The Bear took my left arm even though he was sitting on my lap. The Princess took my right hand in both of hers as she leaned her head on my shoulder. My legs were draped onto the Hubs lap. We all kind of just relaxed and relished in each other's space. It was joyous.

Even though I've enjoyed my time as a single person for two weeks. I'm back into the reality of motherhood.The daily tasks of getting my young ones up and ready to face the world and then down again to rest their weary bodies. Me trying to sneak in hugs and kisses on their faces and even their necks when I can.

I'll have them with me. And now that they're here? I am going to miss having my husband near me. He's my partner in crime when it comes to the kids. He's my sidekick. My support. The one that keeps me sane when the kids are moody and on the brink of driving me insane.

But I'm continuing to hope that our physical separation will only be for a short time. That an opportunity will show itself. A wonderful new path where my husband can continue to grow professionally. A place where he can show what a great analytical mind he's got. Where he can be an asset and an irreplaceable resource. Somewhere that will appreciate him for his effort and his ability to get the job done. An avenue that'll allow us to be a foursome once more.

So now I must go. And spend time with my husband. Because before there was our merry foursome. There was a twosome. And I need to cultivate that duo just as lovingly as I do our foursome.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good!

Good gosh y'all, I'm going to see my kids tomorrow.

My kids.

I'm going to finally see them tomorrow.

After 14 days away?

I'll be seeing them face-to-face tomorrow night.


I have missed them.

But I have been enjoying my alone time as well.

After two weeks alone with the kiddos, I'm sure the Hubs is ready for a vacation. He's had a big job with taking care of them all alone. It'll be his turn for some alone time. The Hubs did admit over the phone that it'll be weird to be in our house all alone for so many days. Possibly months. Hopefully only weeks alone.

He's been applying to a couple jobs a week. We'll see if any fruit comes. [crossing fingers & toes]

But we know the economy is slow. That new jobs are hard to find. [sigh] So we'll see! And hope.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Uprooting myself

It's my 5th full day here and I'm like a hermit.


Where is here?

Can you read this sign?

How about THIS one?

Yes. I'm over in one state while the kids are w/ the Hubs in another one.

But I'm here with my folks. And it's going well so far.

I've been busy catching up on work. Trying to get as much caught up as possible because...


I gave them my two weeks notice on Saturday night. I email in my hours every 1st of the month and copy my immediate supervisor. Right after I sent in my hours? I sent my boss (and the President) my resignation email.

Then I drove just over 6 hours to my folks on Sunday. I left about 9:15am and arrived at my parents just a couple minutes after 3pm. Both my sisters and their families were there to greet me. It made me SO HAPPY to see everyone all at once. We unloaded the car, so I could get somewhat situated.

The only glitch was that my folks didn't have a router, so I had to wait until Monday night to get my computer set up. LilSis had an extra router at her house, so Shorty brough it over Monday after work.

Anyway, I guess my boss tried to call me on Monday morning. But (of course) I didn't get the message since I wasn't at home. She also tried to email me Monday morning. But (of course) I didn't get that message since my computer wasn't set up.

When I finally did get online Monday night, I email'd my boss back to let her know I'd be online Tuesday.

Let me tell you that it was an interesting conversation. It's funny how people suddenly appreciate you more when you decide to leave. My husband heard the message my boss left on our home phone and he said that she said something along the lines that "they were reeling about the news that I was quitting.". HA!

Of course, my boss did try to find out the reason(s) why I put in my notice. I decided to go the diplomatic route. It was time. I need a full-time job with full-time pay and benefits. Something I knew for a fact that they wouldn't give into.

I didn't get into the details about how I felt unappreciated for what I do. I didn't let her know that I didn't like the fact that they cut my hours down when they gave me a raise. I didn't remind her that when I only went 5 hours over my allocated hours for one month that the President had a hissy fit. I didn't tell her that this 2nd upgrade of the database we're using is horrible AND we wouldn't need it if they'd done the prep work properly the first go around during the 2nd half of last year.

Yeah. I've got issues with them. But there wasn't any need to tell my boss all that. You know?

So next Friday is supposed to be my last day. But they're trying to get me to stay longer so that I can train the next person. How am I going to train someone on the new system? I've been catching up on the first new system we switched to in December.

Now is definitely the BEST time for me to leave them. Before I get spitting bitter. I'm just doing enough now to stay caught up. They can all do the testing and junk. They're the ones who "built" the system. They can be the ones to iron out the issues.

But for me? I'm feeling a sense of freedom. Of liberation. And it's really nice.