Thursday, May 6, 2010

Uprooting myself

It's my 5th full day here and I'm like a hermit.


Where is here?

Can you read this sign?

How about THIS one?

Yes. I'm over in one state while the kids are w/ the Hubs in another one.

But I'm here with my folks. And it's going well so far.

I've been busy catching up on work. Trying to get as much caught up as possible because...


I gave them my two weeks notice on Saturday night. I email in my hours every 1st of the month and copy my immediate supervisor. Right after I sent in my hours? I sent my boss (and the President) my resignation email.

Then I drove just over 6 hours to my folks on Sunday. I left about 9:15am and arrived at my parents just a couple minutes after 3pm. Both my sisters and their families were there to greet me. It made me SO HAPPY to see everyone all at once. We unloaded the car, so I could get somewhat situated.

The only glitch was that my folks didn't have a router, so I had to wait until Monday night to get my computer set up. LilSis had an extra router at her house, so Shorty brough it over Monday after work.

Anyway, I guess my boss tried to call me on Monday morning. But (of course) I didn't get the message since I wasn't at home. She also tried to email me Monday morning. But (of course) I didn't get that message since my computer wasn't set up.

When I finally did get online Monday night, I email'd my boss back to let her know I'd be online Tuesday.

Let me tell you that it was an interesting conversation. It's funny how people suddenly appreciate you more when you decide to leave. My husband heard the message my boss left on our home phone and he said that she said something along the lines that "they were reeling about the news that I was quitting.". HA!

Of course, my boss did try to find out the reason(s) why I put in my notice. I decided to go the diplomatic route. It was time. I need a full-time job with full-time pay and benefits. Something I knew for a fact that they wouldn't give into.

I didn't get into the details about how I felt unappreciated for what I do. I didn't let her know that I didn't like the fact that they cut my hours down when they gave me a raise. I didn't remind her that when I only went 5 hours over my allocated hours for one month that the President had a hissy fit. I didn't tell her that this 2nd upgrade of the database we're using is horrible AND we wouldn't need it if they'd done the prep work properly the first go around during the 2nd half of last year.

Yeah. I've got issues with them. But there wasn't any need to tell my boss all that. You know?

So next Friday is supposed to be my last day. But they're trying to get me to stay longer so that I can train the next person. How am I going to train someone on the new system? I've been catching up on the first new system we switched to in December.

Now is definitely the BEST time for me to leave them. Before I get spitting bitter. I'm just doing enough now to stay caught up. They can all do the testing and junk. They're the ones who "built" the system. They can be the ones to iron out the issues.

But for me? I'm feeling a sense of freedom. Of liberation. And it's really nice.

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