Friday, May 14, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good!

Good gosh y'all, I'm going to see my kids tomorrow.

My kids.

I'm going to finally see them tomorrow.

After 14 days away?

I'll be seeing them face-to-face tomorrow night.


I have missed them.

But I have been enjoying my alone time as well.

After two weeks alone with the kiddos, I'm sure the Hubs is ready for a vacation. He's had a big job with taking care of them all alone. It'll be his turn for some alone time. The Hubs did admit over the phone that it'll be weird to be in our house all alone for so many days. Possibly months. Hopefully only weeks alone.

He's been applying to a couple jobs a week. We'll see if any fruit comes. [crossing fingers & toes]

But we know the economy is slow. That new jobs are hard to find. [sigh] So we'll see! And hope.

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