Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It was a great Saturday!

Seems like AGES ago already!

We all got up about 7am. Hubby got some bagels. I got ready for the day. I left at 7:45am for my color appointment at 8am. I got a partial highlight done. I actually didn't have to go through the double process business this time. I've got dark brown/black hair so in the past they've totally bleached the strands and then put a toner over it to get it to the color I want. Well, this place just used one process. The new highlights are a reddish gold and blend really well into the old highlights. Now I don't have hairs that have two inches of natural dark color at the roots and the gold highlights at the end! I think I'll be going to this place to get my color from now on (until we move to the other end of town at the beginning of the year that is). They didn't charge me an outrageous amount and it wasn't too busy in there either. I'm really satisfied with what I ended up with.

I went home to an empty house. Not a soul in sight! My next appt wasn't until noon so I had time to burn. You know what I did? I did 4 loads of laundry! I kid you not! I was able to get those things done -- bamm, bamm, bamm! While the wash was getting done, I was able to vacuum, clean both bathrooms, and detail clean the kitchen. It's amazing what a person can accomplish when there's no one to entertain, or to fix a snack for, or any fight to break up!

Got to my noon appointment and met my new stylist. I didn't even have to sit and wait. She was at the reception desk looking at her schedule. She's a nice girl. We had a good conversation while she trimmed up my hair. She actually complimented me on my color too! She didn't do as much texturizing on the top as I wanted, but I'll have that fixed up the next time I go in. By 1:30pm, I was totally beautified! Yahoo!

What did I do next? I went to the video store and picked up a DVD -- "View From the Top" with Gwyneth Paltrow. Then, I went to the library! I went up and down the aisles so slowly and picked up five books. I immediately started reading when I got home. I checked on-line to see what movies were playing near my house. I decided on "The Day After Tomorrow" because it started at a good time and it was only going to cost $3. Plus, it's a movie that I know my hubby doesn't want to watch. There's wasn't a good "chick" flick at this theater but I wanted to see an action flick anyway.

I got home about 10:45pm and continued reading until I finished the book. I didn't get to sleep until 12:30am! What's crazy is that I woke up at 7am even though I could have slept in! It was a great day alone though.

What books did I check out? (1) "The King of Torts" by John Grisham (2) "Bleachers" by John Grisham (3) "The Nine Month Plan" by Wendy Markham and (4) "The Ladies Auxiliary" by Tova Mirvis and (5) "Breakfast at Stephanie's" by Sue Margolis

Out & About...and back home again

We've been out and about today and already back home again (accomplished that by 10:45am).

What did we do? We visited Old Navy to check out the fall selection (plus they open at 9am). I really wanted to get the Princess something for when it gets cold. She's got some light jackets but I wanted something other than a typical zip-up sweatshirt thing. I saw the cutest jacket, but thought it might be too heavy for Tucson.

I ended up buying her the crocheted poncho instead. I got it in the pale pink instead of the burgundy that's in the photo though. This'll be easy for her to get on and off at preschool. No zippers to deal with! Just over the head and run!

Guess what's available at Old Navy as of today? Halloween costumes! One of the gals came from the back and told the other girls the shipment had come in. She had the cutest little "chick" costume in her hand -- baby/toddler sized costume. So if you're a planner & want to buy it now...then GO, Go, Go!

We then headed out to Play It Again Sports and bought a swim vest for the Bear. Yes, summer is almost over but the swim gear was 50% off! I bought one that'll fit the rest of this year and still fit next year. It's got one of those collars around his neck so he can keep his head up.

We then walked over to the Starbucks and got me a Tall Caramel Macchiato with a pumpkin scone. Oh, I LOVE that combination! I thought we'd stay and we found some of the comfy chairs. There were two older guys in the place. One guy was writing in a journal. The other guy (at a different table) had earphones on and was typing away on a laptop. My Bear decided to use the practically empty coffee house as a place to "practice" vocalizing. He was LOUD! I could tell that the one guy with headphones was amused because I saw his shoulders shake in laughter as I told my Bear to use his "inside voice". I'm pretty sure the other gentleman was annoyed though. He hunkered down over his journal and continued to write with an intense frown on his face. I was fully amused. It's not like we were in a library!

The last place we've visited today is the local Blockbuster Video. It's Tuesday! New release day! Guess what's out? The Passion of the Christ! Yes, that movie is already available out on DVD. I got it because I wasn't able to see it at the theater. I've not spoken to anyone about the movie or really listened to all the hype surrounding it. I tend to do this when I want to watch a movie without any preconceived impression of it. So I'll be viewing that tonight or tomorrow night-- after the kiddos are both asleep.

Did I have a busy morning? How about you? What have you accomplished today? If you're a Mom who got all your kids out the door in time for school/preschool/daycare -- I bow to you!!! That's a HUGE job already.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Is it about the purse?

Cast of Characters -- Older Sister: Second /// Older Sister Hubby: BIL /// Oldest Sister: First /// Younger Sister: Fourth

You know how it is when you get together with siblings you're close to. You talk about the past, right? When Second and her family visited me last, we chatted about First. Second, BIL, and I sat together one evening discussing the various qualities of First. How totally different she was than us (the other 3 sisters). How detached she is from us. How she doesn't communicate like the rest of us do. It's amazing how when we start talking about First we always go back to the time when First ran away from home when she was 16.

I always seem to come back to the fact that she took my purse. My purse? For those of you who grew up in the late 70's, it was one of those black parachute shoulder bags. I thought it was the coolest thing. I was wanting it for months and I finally got it for Christmas. I was so stoked to use it, but never got to. But guess what Second reminded of? First had given me that purse for Christmas! I couldn't believe that I'd forgotten that! She bought it for me and took it with her when she ran off. It's like she had it all planned out.

BIL mentioned that when we talk about First that I always get back to that purse story. I've never understood why I do that. But last night I put some thought to it as I lay in bed.

It was such a horrible time for me. The fallout from First running away was traumatic for everyone she left behind. My Dad was totally pissed. My Mom ended up going into a depression. Second threw herself into her sports to escape. Fourth was a baby so she doesn't remember it. There was so much tension and sadness in our house.

At that time I was in the 8th grade. What no one knew was that I had a boyfriend. Yes, I had a secret boyfriend. Of course, everyone in school knew we were an item, but my family had no clue. He was the first love of my life. We had a crush on each other since we met the first time in the 7th grade. But we didn't get together until the beginning of 8th grade.

You know what I did? Two days after First ran away, I broke up with my boyfriend. What? I broke it off with him. I saw how pissed off my Dad was about First. I knew that if he found out about my having a boyfriend he'd start giving me crap about it. I also wanted my boyfriend to have a girlfriend who didn't have to hide the relationship. My heart broke to do it but I wanted him to be free. There were so many girls at our school who adored my boyfriend, so I knew he wouldn't have any trouble getting another girlfriend. I wanted my boyfriend to be happy! I felt that he deserved someone better than me. That's why I broke it off with him.

He ended up treating me horribly after this. What sucked was that he was in a class with me. I recall on one day that he and another guy were saying unkind things about me and laughing. They weren't saying it loud but loud enough so I could hear them. I ended up asking the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. I quietly walked out the door, down between the bungalows, and into the girls bathroom. Once I was in the bathroom, I cried and cried. This was the boy that I still loved with all my heart. I couldn't believe how intentionally cruel he was being to me! I remember looking in the mirror and saying "ENOUGH" to myself. I totally remember saying to myself that I wasn't ever going to let anyone see me cry. At that moment, I learned how to turn myself off. Turn myself off? Yup! I learned to turn off my emotions. I learned how to cut people out of my life.

From that point on I was a different person. That's the moment when I learned to be a hard-ass bitch. Since that time, no one has seen me break due to their cruel nature. I wasn't a softie anymore. I had a hard edge to me. No one get through the barrier I'd decided to build around me. Oh...I was gentle and joyous with all my friends, but if someone was not nice then I didn't need them in my life. I was never mean to anyone. I just ignored those who weren't kind. What's funny is that because I wasn't involved in the cliques and gossipy nature of high school, the other kids interpreted that as my being mature. I knew everyone but was loyal only to my closest friends.

That moment of First leaving was the precursor of me changing. My family-life was a wreck and it's not a period of time in my life that I like to recall. I sacrificed my happiness -- I sacrified the love of my life. I wasn't a happy-go-lucky adolescent anymore. I knew that life wasn't always fun. I knew that life could be cruel. I knew people could be unkind and malicious. I knew I was no longer a child. I had to grow up. Maybe that's why I focus on the purse....

Quiet? What's that?

I'm jazzed & excited! Yes I am! Yes I am!

I am actually going to have a day all to myself tomorrow. Well, not ALL day. In the morning we'll have all the usual suspects present, but by 9am I'll have the place all to myself. But I won't even be home to enjoy it! I'll out and about getting beautified! Yes, you heard that correctly. While my hubby, Princess, and Bear are driving up to see my ILs.... I'll be at the salon! Not to one salon but TWO of them! I'm getting my highlights done at 8am. Then at noon, I'll be getting my hair cut & styled. The place I get my hair cut didn't have any time slots available for color, so I'm headed somewhere new for that. I wasn't going to wait another THREE weeks to get my hair colored.

My hair is in dire need of some highlight maintenance. I haven't had any color done since the beginning of March! Can you believe that? It's been almost 6 months! So you can imagine the roots that are showing on me. Then I've got all this gray hair making itself known. Yucko! Then it's been 9 weeks since I got my hair cut. What used to have some texture so that it would have some volume is long gone. My hair is now lying flat on my head. I can feel the split ends at the tips. My head feels all scraggedy.

By 2pm tomorrow afternoon I'll be able to relish in my freshly done hair in the quiet of the townhouse. Maybe I'll head out to the library before I go home. I can walk up and down every aisle at a slow pace so I can take a look at all the titles. I'll probably get a John Grisham. When I get one of his books I'm always able to get through it quickly. I don't know if I want to get anything too heavy or serious. Anyone have any suggestions?

Then I'll probably just pick something up for dinner. Should I rent some DVDs or should I head out to the movie theater? I haven't been to a movie by myself in ages! I don't even know what's playing! I feel so out of touch! But maybe watching a movie at the theater will be just the ticket to finishing off the day alone. Sitting in a cold theater eating a bucket of over-buttered popcorn with a large soda all alone. Sounds heavenly!

Now if you had a day all to yourself, what would you do????

Thursday, August 26, 2004

cheerleader & dancer

It's the funniest thing. Since the Olympics has started we've been watching a little every night. We clap and cheer. Guess who has started to cheer? Yup! My Bear has started to cheer on his own. If there's some sort of event on television he'll put his hands up (think touchdown signal) and say "Yeah!" Othertimes, he'll just clap and say "Yeah!"

When there's music on the television, he'll move his arms around. His best move is as follows: He'll lift one arm straight above his head, while the other is held out straight in front of him. Then he'll switch arms. While his arms are in motion he'll do his typical flashdance feet. My hubby hates it when the Bear does his horsey dance moves. I call it "prancing." The Bear will put both arms straight in front of him and turn his hands down. He'll get up on his tippy-toes and prance forward like a horse. It's the cutest thing! But, of course, my hubby thinks it looks "gay". Oy!

Gotta love Baby Einstein!

As you probably can already tell my Bear is quite a character. He's friendly to strangers -- he's always waving HI and BYE to folks. He's quick to smile when people speak to him.

Yes, he's a cheerleader and a dancer but he's also a kid with an established sense of humor. I'll put on any of the Baby Einstein videos/DVDs and he'll just start to crack up in laughter at certain points. I mean, none of us is near him and suddenly he'll erupt with glee. That's the best thing to hear -- a child who is seriously tickled to the funnybone!

I'm so happy he enjoys that series of videos/DVDs. My Princess used to watch them all the time. It's such great visual stimulation. From the animals to the poems. From the colors to the zainy puppets. It's simple and fun.

Yeah! Baby Einstein Rocks!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Gender confusion...

Okay, my daughter has been SO confused when they've had Olympic swimming on. She's getting confused as to what gender the swimmers are. Typically, we see guys in swim trunks and the gals in bikinis or bathing suits. But at the Olympics, the guys are wearing those body suits that go up all the way up their shoulders. PLUS, everyone is either bald OR wearing a swim cap with their goggles. They usually only show the swimming either full body from far away or from the shoulders up. So when we've been watching she asks "Mom, is that a boy or a girl?"

Amazing Race 5

Can I say it? What a JERK!

He's finally shown his true colors. Now all the Colin backers have got to realize what a selfish clod this guy is. Granted, the taxi driver was driving on a donut, but you are the one who selected that taxi. I couldn't believe he tried to keep money away from that man. "It's $50 or nothing."

He was cocky enough to think that the police were going to side with him. Go figure that Colin would say "Do you speak English?" like it's the only language in the world -- the language that EVERYONE needs to know. I adored the man who came back with "Do you speak Swahili?" I was dying from laughter on that note. Then Colin tries to shmooze the head police officer (sorry I didn't catch his official rank) by officially introducing himself. Then when things don't go his way he just says "We have to catch a flight" like that's going to sway these guys into deciding his way.

I was actually on Christie's side on this one. Colin acted like she messed up the situation by going down to the station. What did she mess up? She was being the concerned girlfriend making sure she knew what was going on. Like she's going to let him go off with those guys alone? What if she didn't follow him? Wouldn't he be more pissed off at her for not being concerned? She was in a no-win situation with this. Maybe it was just the editing but I never saw him say "I'm sorry for yelling at you." They did show her apologizing to him. But for what? Being concerned? He's SUCH a loser! I'm sure all the other competitors saw what a jerk he was to Christie.

Can you believe he had a gall to say to the Bowling Moms "Well that's what you get for driving so fast." What? They all want their drivers to drive as quickly as possible! What also offended me was how dismissive he was with the twins. Their taxi stopped and their driver gave the spare to Colin. There was no acknowledgement from him at all. No thank you or anything! How rude was that?

But the twins...the twins! I can't believe that the one twin was like "oh, follow them" even though her sister was like "I saw the flag back there!" Don't be a follower! Be a leader! These two need to make decisions and then support each other. I can't believe the one said "get over it!" and the other said "I'll get over it when I want to!" The one twin could have at least apologized to the other for not listening to her though. Oy!

But Chip has definitely mellowed out as the race has gone on. He's more about "giving positivity out to the world" now than he was in the beginning. I'm liking him more now. But the money situation! I wonder what that taxi driver was really thinking when Chip gave him all the various types of money from his pockets and hugged him. If I could only ready his mind at that moment! Now, why is Nicole bitching at Brandon? If she doesn't want to give money away then get change girl! You're the one holding the darn money! Get smaller bills already!

The race is dwindling down to the end now. I'm hoping either the Bowling Moms or Chip/Kim win this one!!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Olympics comments...


I didn't watch the men's gymnastics this year. Just wasn't into it as I've been in the past. I did catch the women's (or should I say girls') gymnastics. That Russian chick, Svetlana, has got a pursed mouth expression on her face 90% of the time -- is she just not a happy person? But she really looks WAY too thin - anorexic like. Her legs are like twigs! It doesn't help that she's head over heels taller than all the other competitors. I was glad that the Romanian girls won the team competition. It would have been nice if the Americans had won but they made the decision to keep that gal in even though she messed up on two events.


So much team spirit with this! The Aussies and the Americans are doing so well. It's great to see this "fun" rivalry. No animosity. No sneering faces. Just congratulations when the other team wins. It's wonderful to watch. Even my kids like to watch it!

Beach Volleyball

Are they just showing the women's matches? I haven't seen one iota of any men's beach volleyball. I must say that the male viewers are getting an eyefull. If any man didn't make it to the beach this summer then the coverage they've shown of the women's games should be enough. Those ladies definitely are in good shape. I know how much slower I am when I'm even walking on the beach... let alone running! But I must say that those bikini bottoms are quite tiny! I'd constantly be pulling that thing down if it were me!

Table Tennis

Now did anyone catch this? I caught like two games of this. Let me tell you that I was cracking up! I know these competitors have the BEST eye-hand coordination but I couldn't help but laugh. The one gal I saw had this crazy serve. She'd throw it WAY up in the air and then hit it. It's like she had a tennis serve technique of throwing it up so high. I'll never get that serve out of my head -- I can't wait until the next Olympics!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Don't you see the mess?

My hubby made dinner tonight. Yup! He made dinner. He heated some breaded shrimp in the oven and stirred up some Rice-a-Roni and warmed some rolls. He tried I guess but where was the veggie? or even some fruit? Oy!

I wasn't that hungry so I ate a little and washed my dishes (yes, we handwash things in our house). I also grabbed the Bear's spoon, bib, and cleaned off his highchair tray (big bulky thing that it is), plus a couple of the pots my hubby used. Okay, so I washed half the stuff, right? Well, I then went to entertain the troops and left my hubby to finish up the last of the dishes.

We put the kids to bed about 8pm and I took a shower. I went in the kitchen to get a glass of water and what did I find? A cup and saucer on the counter. A used sippy next to a dinner glass on the island. The coffee grounds were still in the coffee maker. There was a straw (that the Princess had used earlier) next to the sink on the counter. The ice tray empty on the island. Ummm....

Couldn't he see that all that stuff needed to get washed too?

Do I have to spell it out for him?


It's like he doesn't see anything unless it's right in front of him sometimes. He can walk through life with these blinders on. He still doesn't know where things are. When he was getting dinner together he asked "Where is the measuring cup?" Ummm....we've been living in this townhouse for FIVE months now, shouldn't you know?

Clean up the mess dude!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

My heart is sad...

I finally got around to calling the salon to get an appointment with the GREAT stylist I saw last time. She was the one who convinced me to not cut my hair as short as I'd wanted. She's the one who got my hair into a wonderful easy style. I had such a good time talking with her. You know how it is when you move to a new city and you have to find a new person to cut your hair. It's always difficult for me to find a stylist that I feel comfortable with and one that understands my hair, so I was ecstatic when the salon matched me up with her.

I should have seen her 6 weeks post original cut but I got busy with the kiddos. Now I need to get a cut like crazy, but I also need to get my highlights done. So I called a half hour ago to get an appointment for next weekend. I couldn't for the life of me remember her name and I couldn't find her business card! So when I called I told them the date that I'd been there and my name and the receptionist was able to look her up.

"Okay, the last person you saw was Serena."

Then there was a pause.

"I'm sorry to tell you that Serena passed away."

WHAT? When? What? This girl was only 21 years old!

The receptionist was able to get me an appointment next week, but my mind was racing about in disbelief. Of course, I couldn't ask her for details because she sounded like her voice was about to break.

After I hung up the phone I got on the internet to look up recent obituaries. It turns out that she passed away last Saturday! They just had services for her this week and laid her to rest on Thursday. The obituary, of course, had no details regarding her death but it listed so many of her loved ones.

"We are saddened by your untimely departure, but joyous that you are wrapped in God's arms. You were the sunshine of our lives and you would spread your light to everyone that knew you. Your spirit was comforting and gentle. Your giving ways touched many lives. You will be greatly missed but we are assured we will all meet again in heaven. You knew the right things to say when we needed it and you would just listen. We have learned from each other and shared our journeys. Thank you for blessing us with your tender heart, your mellow spirit, your priceless smile and more importantly, for being a part of our lives."

If I had made an appointment at 6 weeks like she'd suggested I would have been able to speak to her one last time. I only met her the one time but she was a ray of sunshine with a priceless smile. I only spent an hour and a half with her but her passing really saddens my heart.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Why do they linger on the death?

Be forewarned that this entry is not going to be positive. This is something I've never discussed my feelings about with anyone but felt I needed to get out.

About 7 years ago, my hubby's cousin D got married to J. A year later D got pregnant and had J Jr. Throughout her life D was a bit overweight. Her pregnancy with J Jr was riddled with issues. Her health was not the best after she gave birth to J Jr. But nonetheless D became pregnant again a couple years later. Her health continued to be an issue and she ended up having to take steriods while pregnant. She gave birth to a healthy second son, P. Her health, unfortunately, was never the same after that second pregnancy. There were a couple times that her husband, J, had to call 911 in the middle of the night because she had seizures. The doctors did tests on her but couldn't pinpoint what exactly was wrong with her. Then one night I received a phone call from my MIL. She said "We've lost D." My MIL was crying up a storm. Apparently she had another seizure and had passed in the night. She never regained consciousness. She left behind her husband and two young sons.

An autopsy was performed and it turns out she had a particular disorder that was never diagnosed. Her parents gathered as much information as they could about the disorder and wanted to sue the doctors who failed to make the correct diagnosis on their daughter. I don't know exactly what happened with this avenue of the story. But suffice it to say, her parents have had a difficult time with her death. They still are not over it. They can't seem to let go.

Even 4 years later they seem bitter. They are helping raise their two grandsons too. I hear that the youngest, P, is pretty frail too. I hope their bitterness doesn't seep into their every interaction with their grandsons. Every year they have a gathering on the date of her death. It's not like they got together to reminisce about her life either. It's more along the lines of rehashing what went wrong. Why? Why would they do that to themselves? Wouldn't you want to celebrate her life? The fact that she found the love of her life and gave birth to two beautiful boys?

I know my Mom would show respect for loved ones (my Uncle and my father's parents) that had passed on special occassions by setting a place setting for them at an extra table. It wasn't a way to remember their deaths. It was an invitation for their spirits to celebrate with us -- that we hadn't forgotten them.

I recall when D got pregnant that second time. Her parents didn't agree with her decision to get pregnant that second time around. They knew she wasn't in the best of health. But I remember that my SIL had gone to visit D while she was pregnant and D told her that she wanted J Jr to have a sibling. When I heard that I knew that she'd made that decision just as my own sister has in her life. My sister had issues getting pregnant after she had her son. She had about 3 miscarriages before she was able to give birth to a daughter. She told me that she didn't want her son to be alone in his life. So when I heard what D had said about J Jr, then I knew there was nothing I could say about her decision. Why would I? It was her life and her body. I'm sure in her mind she was doing what was best for her family.

When my SIL was conveying information about her visit with D, I do recall one comment that she made to my MIL. She said that "D is SO big!" My MIL and she then discussed how D was always such a "fat" girl. Then they went on to discuss how D's parents were upset that she was pregnant, etc. I couldn't believe that my SIL had said such a thing. For one thing, D was always a big girl. Second of all, my SIL has never been pregnant (from what I know). I couldn't believe they were discussing her weight. Granted, both my SIL and my MIL are both under a size 10, but to mock another woman's weight -- a pregnant woman's weight? How ridiculous is that?

Anyway, this was the last time that I heard my SIL and my MIL talk about D. Time went on and D eventually gave birth to P. More time passed until I got that call in the middle of the night. "We lost D!" You know what hit my mind when she said that? I recall the last time I'd heard her talk about D. "D is so fat!" There was never a positive word about her pregnancy, her sons, or her life. It's weird! The last time word I'd heard about D was negative. Then you call me and cry about her death?

How do you treat someone with respect when you know they are two-faced? When they only discuss the negatives in life? Why do these people linger on what's bad in the world? I guess my hubby has it straight "some people are happiest when they're miserable."

What do you think?

Thursday, August 19, 2004

It's all in the pretending...

My princess has a wonderful imagination....I love to playact with her...

My Bear went down for his nap. I had promised the Princess that we'd built a 'tent' and play camping when he went down today. After we were sure he was out cold, I set up the 'tent'. I put a sheet across our couch and secured it with the pillows. Then the Princess and I climbed in. We pretended that it was storming outside and that her kids (her Carebear, her doll, and her two stuffed doggies) were a little afraid. We had to settle them down. I told her a couple stories and we chatted for a bit. Then I said it was time for the 'kids' to take a nap. We all laid there and I pretended to breathe loudly. Next thing you know it....I'm passed out cold. I could hear myself snore. It was truly pathetic. Even though I realized I'd fallen asleep I let myself stay asleep.

Can you believe that my Princess let me doze there?

She just laid there and held her doggies. She's such a good girl (most of the time). Then I woke up and we continued on our camping adventure. We went on a 'hike' through the master bedroom. We were sure to stay on the marked trail. We even ventured into a 'cave' (the master closet) where we needed flashlights (pretend ones). We spotted a couple bats in the cave so we didn't stay long because we didn't want to disturb them. After we left the cave we went along the trail (the area around the bed) and spotted a deer and her doe! We then laid down a blanket and had snacks. We let the 'kids' run around, but made sure they didn't venture out of our sight. We then trekked back to the campsite and broke camp. We both had to go back to work so we had to head home.

What are we both doing now? I'm working here on my computer and my Princess is working on hers (playing an educational CD). We're going to be tired when we get off work -- when the Bear wakes up. It's amazing how you can spend your time when you're with a preschooler! The adventures we have!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

New friend

Isn't it amazing to watch your children make friends?

There we were (me, the Bear, and the Princess) this morning walking towards the preschool. Out of the blue I hear "HI Princess!" I look around and see one of the girls in the Princess' class walking in with her Mommy and her baby sister. The Princess hadn't heard the little girl, so I said "Princess, look Megan just said hi to you." The Princess turned around and said "HI Megan!"

The Bear and I went to pick up the Princess from school about 12:45pm. All the kids that had stayed longer today were playing out in the yard. When the Princess saw us she wasn't quite ready to leave because none of the other Mommys were there to pick up there kids, so we let her play a while longer. Finally about 12:55pm the other Mommys began to show up. LUCKILY...because the Bear wanted to get down and play. Well, I told the Princess we needed to get going and you know what she did? She ran off!!!! WHAT the heck? What she was doing was running around and saying "Bye" to the other girls from her class. I saw her head bouncing around the playground. It was too funny because I knew she was searching at one point because her head stayed in one place. The little girl Megan's Mom had just arrived and Megan was near me. My Princess ran around to where I could see her and I said "Prin, Megan's right here!" She then came running over and said "Good-bye Megan! See you on Friday!" Then came over to me and grabbed my hand. Yes, she was now ready to leave!

As a sidenote: The other girls were in the same class last year so they know each other really well. Hopefully, my Princess will be able to get to know each of them in the next few weeks.

More on the friend post...

It makes me a little sad but I just remembered what the assistant teacher said to me before we left from the school. Turns out that most of the girls in the Princess' class know each other. They were all in the same class last year, so they all know each other. I just hope these girls are being nice to my Princess. My heart just aches at the thought of her feeling sad about not being friends with these other girls. She doesn't even remember any of their names. I don't even know if any of them have spoken to her. I can't believe I'm crying as I'm typing this. I don't want her to feel left out or alienated! Is it Mommy guilt that I'm feeling? Yeah, I guess it is.

But one highlight is that after her prayers tonight she and I chatted like normal. She said "Megan is my best friend Mommy!" and she said it with a HUGE smile on her face.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Saliva City...Ewww!!!

Why do I have a kid who loves to put his fingers in his mouth?

It's all the time! He doesn't suck on them like a pacifier. He'll just shove one or two of them into his mouth and that's it. What's gross is when I pick him up and he grabs me (my hair, my shirt, etc) with his hand -- the hand that has the fingers that were in his mouth. I've been slimed many a time.

What's even more disgusting is when I see him take his fingers out of this mouth and then rub his face. So not only does he have saliva all over his fingers but on his cheeks too. Ewww!

Anyone had to deal with this? Help? Help! How do I get him to stop?

Still hopeful for a move...

So for those of you who've been reading this blog for a bit then you know that we just moved to Tucson in the spring. I've been mentioning to my folks that they should move down here from Southern California since it's so much less expensive to live here. They've been kind of giving me the brush off and telling me they're talking about it. Then my Dad's older sister passed away and he flew off to take care of the arrangements. His visit ended up being about TWO months long! Well, he just got back safely home to my Mom & younger sister this past Wednesday. He emailed me on Thursday to let me know he was back home. He mentioned in his email that he was going to talk to my Mom about coming out here to visit and to check out the homes around here. WHAT? Could it be? I know that I shouldn't get my hopes up since they've been living in SoCal for over 30 years but it would be a fresh start for them. A new house...a new environment...an easier pace of life... I'm just waiting to hear when (or if) they'll be out soon. {{{crossing my fingers}}}

Latest funny quote....

"Bear, one day you're going to crack my head!"

What's amazingly funny is that my Princess then came running up to me and said

"Mommy, Bear almost cracked my head skull!"

You've just got to love the way these preschoolers express themselves!

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Reading...who knew I had the time?

I've been craving to get some reading done this last week. I don't have the space to keep books, so I had to get to our local library. I figured that I'd be able to on Saturday (yesterday). When my Bear was taking a nap and my Princess was watching a DVD with Daddy, I headed out. I got a library card and began to browse up and down the aisles to see what was available. Oh...to go and just walk up and down the aisles of a quiet library was fantastic! I hadn't done that in ages it seems. I didn't know how long it would take me to read a book, so I only checked out three of them. I didn't realize the check-out period was THREE weeks! Anyway, I brought the books home and started on the first. I finished that one about 10 hours later. I picked up the second and finished that this morning about 8am. I got to the third and just finished that one up (3:30pm). I didn't get any difficult books though. I picked out some easy reads. I wasn't sure I'd be able to carve out some uninterrupted time for myself so that's why I picked out these books. I think I'll stick to the light reading for now. I just need an escape from reality and these easy reads fit the bill.

What did I read? (1) The Last Juror - John Grisham (2) The Cottage - Danielle Steele and (3) Ladies with Options - Cynthia Hartwick

Now how did I get through those books so quickly? Well, last night instead of curling up on the couch with my hubby watching the Olympics I sat and read. While I read my hubby puttered around on the computer. So we sat quietly in our bedroom doing our own thing but we were together. It was a nice way to spend our weekend night. I must say that it was relaxing. The only unfortunate thing is that meant less time on the computer for me. Now I'm going to have to drop by the library this week (maybe tomorrow) to grab more books!

What I found interesting is that this particular library branch has a TON of books on tape and a bunch of videos as well. I'm going to have to spend some time alone checking out that section of the library.

What happened while I was reading?


On the weekend, I like to have my hubby in charge of the kids sometimes. So as I was reading he fed the kids their lunch (Saturday & Sunday) and put my Bear down for his nap. That was very helpful, but there was a LOT more left to do. What, you ask?

  1. Do another load of laundry
  2. Empty the bathroom (both of them) trashcans and take the kitchen trash out
  3. Wipe down the kids' bathroom mirror as it is visibly dirty from someone's little hands doing an imitation of a windshield wiper
  4. Get a new hand towel in the kids' bathroom as the one sitting on the counter is soaking wet
  5. Grab the 5 sippys that he'd given the Bear this afternoon as they were strewn all throughout the great room & WASH them.

One thing that irked me tremendously was that yesterday he agreed to take the Princess to the pool in the complex today. Okay, so you think he had it together in his head what he needed for that stroll down the parking lot? He had to ask me where her bathing suit was. He almost walked out of the townhouse without a towel in sight (of course he remembered to grab his sunglasses!). Then when the two of them came back I realized he'd forgotten to put sunscreen on her! @#%% !!!!

What have I done since my kids got into bed at 8:30? (1) Cleaned the toilets (2) Wiped each bathroom sink & counter (3) Wiped down each bathroom mirror (4) Taken the leftovers that I know we're not going to eat out of the fridge (5) Taken out all the trash (6) Restocked the diaper changing basket (7) Prep'd for breakfast in the morning (8) Taken a shower....It's now 9:30pm.

What has he done since the kids went to bed at 8:30pm? (1) Laid on the couch and watched the Olympics....

Hmmm...Do you see anything uneven about the two previous paragraphs???

Friday, August 13, 2004

Which one to buy?

The Bear and I went to Target after dropping the Princess off at preschool (the 2nd day of class). I was returning a couple water bottles that I had purchased for the Princess to take to school. They were these cool purple insulated Rubbermaid's with a flip top. Alas, she was unable to flip the top! Oy! So those got returned. I was on a mission to get the Princess a generic yet feminine lunch box. I noted on Wednesday that all the girls that had stayed for lunch had an actual lunch box. How many "Hello Kitty" and "Princess" ones were there? Too many! I'm not one to buy the Princess clothes with characters on them and I didn't want to buy a lunch box with characters either. I wanted a basic lunch box, dang it! So there we were in the lunch box section searching. It took me about 15 minutes to decide. I tried the zipper on all the different models. I checked out the interior storage on each of them. I tried to determine if I could stick all the food I wanted to pack into each one. Yes, that's why it took me so long. I finally decided on a pink Aractic Zone insulated soft-sided lunch box. Okay, okay, okay...I submitted to buying something pink. But at least it doesn't have cartoon characters on it! I'm sure that stuff will become important soon enough. I showed the Princess the lunch box after she'd eaten her lunch today and she likes it. No questions regarding "Hello Kitty" or the "Princesses". Woohoo!

The Olympics start tonight

Goodness gracious! I had no idea until I just buzzed by yahoo and saw it on the tv listing. The opening ceremonies start at 7pm (prime time here in AZ). Wow! I'm going to need to buy a TV Guide just so I can keep track of what's on and when. I don't want to miss certain events. Tomorrow they've got swimming, diving, women's volleyball and men's gymnastics on already! Dang it! How am I going to watch it all? This is the time when I HATE not have a TiVo system. I've got that relic called a VHS recorder. Only one channel at a time!

What I find interesting is that not a lot of folks have made it out to the Olympics as everyone had planned. I guess with the state of the world there are a lot of tickets still available for many events. I guess the hotels and stuff had jacked up the prices in anticipation of the tourist madness but have ended up with lots of empty rooms. So I guess the prices should be skydiving since the Games are starting already. Hopefully there are some bargains out there for folks that have vacation time available and money to burn. Of course, I'm not one of those people. But it would be great for those who thought they couldn't afford to see the Olympics (in Greece too!) and now can. Check out for any bargains people!!!

Yelling? Anyone paying attention?

Why is it that the kids actually listen and get upset when my hubby yells?

When I yell they seem to stop and recognize the yelling and go on with whatever they were doing. Yes, you heard it! I DO yell! Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know I shouldn't but it happens. When the kids aren't listening and I've lost my last ounce of patience...I'll yell.

Tonight, my hubby got the Princess ready for bed as I washed the Bear. He kept on having repeat himself to give her direction and he was getting frustrated with her lack of attention. He ended up yelling for about a minute and half. Like I said I had my Bear in the tub. When the yelling started the Bear jumped in surprise. Then he looked at my hubby with a sad little face. Then he walked over to the edge of the tub where I was and continued to look at my hubby. By this time my Princess was crying and my hubby was telling her to stop crying. My Bear's bottom lip started to pout out. Then he started crying too. Oh! The sympathy crying!

The kids certainly don't act this way when I'm upset! But then again I don't continue to rant on. I usually make two statements at the most and then I'm done. I guess my hubby just has more of an impact than me.

Thursday, August 12, 2004


Today was the first day of the new school year! Yes, here in Arizona some of the schools started today and others start next week. Too early? They get out by Mid-May so it all evens out.

Yesterday we visited the school. It was orientation day! We met the Princess' new teachers, checked out her classroom, showed her where the bathroom was, checked out the cubby spaces, AND met some of the kids. We didn't stay long but it wasn't supposed to be a long visit. Just enough of a "touch base" so the Princess would know where she'd be going and who she'd see.

Anyway, this morning oatmeal was on the menu. The kids love oatmeal. For some reason, they didn't really eat much of it this morning. Argh!

I mentioned to the Princess that on Wednesdays she'd be staying longer at preschool because she was in the "Lunch Bunch". All that means is that she'd eat lunch at school and have free play. It's a way for the kids to have some unstructured time to get to know each other better. Anyway yesterday I asked if they'd be having the "Lunch Bunch" even though it was only the first day of school. YES! They were planning on having it as scheduled.

Well, I had forgotten to ask but I wasn't sure if I was supposed to make the lunch or if it would be provided. I was paying a little extra for her to stay longer each Wednesday, but was it enough to provide food? Just to be sure I packed a simple lunch (pb&j, raisins, & yogurt) in one of those little packages you get at the hospital when you have a baby that you use for bottles. I stuffed that in her backpack just in case they weren't providing the meal.

I packed the kids up about 8am -- yes, school didn't start until 9am. I had to drop by my hubby's
work because he made a copy of the Princess' vaccination records for the school to have on record. I wasn't sure about traffic that early in the morning either. It didn't take us more than 10 minutes to get to my hubby's office. I thought it would take at least 20. We went in and chatted with the staff for a bit. By the time we got packed back up in my car it was only 8:25!

What was I going to do between 8:25 and 9??? Go to STARBUCKS! Yes! We drove up the street and we all went in. I held the Bear until I ordered because I didn't want to lose my place in line. He was a squigly worm to say the least...until the next customer walked in. Then he was waving and saying "HI!" My son the "greeter"!

The Bear's antics were just the excuse we needed to start talking. The gal who walked in has a son who was starting at Gabrielle's preschool! She didn't have him with her -- her in-laws had him and they were dropping him off. So she didn't have any kids attached to her legs! Ha! Turns out that the gal and her family JUST moved to Tucson yesterday! They'd come out in May to find a place to live and had enrolled their son at the preschool at that time. I'll be seeing her every now and then when we drop our kids off at school. I guess I made a friend!

By this time we both had ordered our drinks and were chatting while we waited. The Princess was busy dancing her happy dance beside me. The Bear was walking to and fro throughout the Starbucks. He was highly amusing as he did his "drunken" walk around the place. I noted two gals who were sitting near a window looking at him and giggling at him. He was on the far end of the place when he stopped and looked. I knew he was going to reach out for what was in front of him -- the stainless steel coffee containers! I said "Baby Bear, please don't touch" from where I stood. I then noticed one of the gals have an "Aha!" moment and noted that she said "Oh yes Baby Bear!" It finally dawned on me that I'd seen this gal in this Starbucks before! She was the one who made the Bear a newspaper pirate hat when my sister was visiting! I looked at her & said "Do you come to this Starbucks all the time?" She said "Yes, I'm a regular!" I said "I do remember you. You made the Bear a newspaper pirate hat the last time I saw you!" I made another friend! So now I know that if I go into that location between 8am-9am during the week there's a high possibility of bumping into that gal.

We got to the preschool about 8:45am but that was fine. We were able to park in the parking lot -- there are maybe 20 spots. We got to the Princess' class & put her backpack in her cubby. I stayed until the teachers appeared and until more kids came. When we left, she was busy drawing with markers. I talked with the gals in the administration office and asked about the "Lunch Bunch" business. They said that I was supposed to pack the lunch. Yes! Just think of how disappointed the Princess would have been if I hadn't packed a lunch and she'd have to miss out on the free time?

When we came to pick her up, the Princess was happily playing in the classroom. Turns out the other kids who were doing "Lunch Bunch" on Wednesdays were all girls! No boys at all! She looked so happy and excited when she saw us. Not because she missed us but because she had so much fun. Yeah! I knew she would and so did she.

I can only hope that every day at school is interesting and stimulating for her. New teachers...new friends...new adventures!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Weighing in

I would LOVE to be in the shape I was in when I was 24. When I was 23 I decided to start going to the gym consistently. and it paid off. I ended up being able to do an hour of high-intensity aerobics and immediately get on a Lifecycle for 45 minutes. I started off at 120 and ended up at about 112. What started off as a small soft blob turned into a slender and lean muscled body. My girlfriends at work ended up being worried about me when I lost the weight. They thought maybe I was having an eating issue but I had an appetite as healthy as a horse. I could eat an entire medium pizza all by myself. I could eat a 12 inch Subway sandwich on my own too. No, no, no...I wouldn't eat both at one sitting! Ha!

Anyway, I met my hubby after I'd gotten into shape and was in a size 3/4. Since I've met my husband (which is over 11 years ago) I've gained 20 pounds (I'm now at 132). Let's face it! Time goes by and the weight creeps up. But listen, during my first pregnancy I gained 55 pounds. During my second pregnancy I gained about 35 pounds. With both pregnancies I managed to get back down to my prepregnancy weight of 130. I'm fine with my weight but I'm unhappy not being in shape. I know I've got muscles just waiting to get stronger. I know I've got the ability to burn off the extra fat situated as love-handles on my waist. It's finding the TIME alone to get it done.

I don't want my Princess to think about weight. She's almost 4 years old and I don't want to be one of those girls who has a critical eye on her body. Right now she's tall (38 inches) and lanky (29 pounds). She's always had a green bean shape to her though. She's been in the 90 percentile for height but in the 25 percentile for weight since she was born. I want her to have a good impression of her body.

When we discuss food in our house we talk about that we eat so that our bodies stay healthy and strong. We don't talk about diets at all. I've discussed with her how everyone's body is made differently. I compare how my Bear has bulky muscles and how my Princess has lean muscles. I compare how I'm on the shorter side and my husband is on the taller side. We discuss how God just makes everyone different shapes and sizes. I never discuss how fat someone is. I never discuss how fat I feel. Not in front of the kids.

I don't buy cookies or cakes or ice cream or sugary cereals. The kids love tortilla ships, yogurt, cheese, and oatmeal! My Princess knows that cakes/pies are for special occassions, like birthdays. She knows when we go to a party that she'll be able to eat that kind of thing. I tell her that eating sweet stuff all the time isn't the best thing for her body or for her teeth. She's fine with that answer. About every other week (usually on a Sunday evening after dinner) we'll go out and buy vanilla shakes from Dairy Queen. Their tummies are full of real food and the shake just tops them off. So we do indulge them but make sure to ration out these treats and don't make them an every day thing. My Bear doesn't drink any juice, he eats enough fruits to satisfy him. My Princess still drinks diluted juice (50/50). That being said, they've never tasted any flavor of soda as yet. I'm hoping to keep that stuff out of their system as long as possible.

I know that I can't keep all the sweets and junk food out of their system. With my Princess now in preschool three times a week, I'm sure she'll be asking about that kind of stuff soon enough. If I allow her to have it then I'm sure my Bear will want his share. But I'm hoping to give the two of them a healthy foundation of eating while they're young. This way when they're older they can hopefully make healthy choices. This way the issue of weighing in won't be an issue for them when they're adults.

Now was there a point to this entry? I seem to have rambled on here and there. Basically I just hope that I'm bringing up the munchkins to think of food as a way to keep strong and healthy. To believe that sweets and treats are for special occassions. To eat only when they're hungry -- not when they're bored. Hopefully with a good foundation they'll grow into healthy adults who aren't critical about their bodies. {{{crossing my fingers here}}}

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Maybe I'm being nit-picky? NAW!

One thing that really irritates me is lack of organization. Today we visited my daughter's preschool to meet her teachers and to check out her new classroom. We arrived and then were directed to the appropriate room. Turns out she's in a totally different classroom AGAIN! For the end of the last school year she was in one room near the front. Then for the extended summer session (3 weeks) she was in another room. Now this term she's in one of the back rooms! I'm not worried about which room my Princess is in...it's the way the orientation was handled that I have issues with.

We walk to my daughter's classroom and what's interesting is that you couldn't tell WHO the teacher was. They didn't have nametags so I couldn't readily tell who was who. They didn't have the kids' cubbyholes labeled so I couldn't show my Princess HER spot. She knows how to write her name so tomorrow she won't have any problem identifying which one is hers but STILL! Then they had some handouts on a table in six separate stacks. No one made any indication that we needed to grab these sheets either. I'm not saying that the place wasn't friendly OR wasn't enriching but the teachers needed to be way more organized than they were.

What would I do different if I was the teacher? I would have worn a sticker with my name on it. I would have put all the various information sheets together with a paperclip and put each child's name at the front so I was sure each family picked up the paperwork. I would have stayed near the doorway to great each parent and child as they walked in. At that time I would also point out the information packages on the table, indicate where the daily sign-in log would be located, along with the activity board where the daily schedule posted. I would have labeled each cubby so each child would know their special little spot.

Now was that so difficult? I understand everyone is busy but it would have taken maybe 20 to 30 minutes to get things more orderly. Don't you think?

Monday, August 9, 2004

Call that a salad?

There it was in front of me. Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, & cucumber all cut up into little bit-size pieces. Is that a salad?

Who would want just those three elements covered with dressing and say it was a salad? My ILs! My hubby's entire side of the family thinks those elements (oh...I forgot the croutons too) make up a salad. Then there's the option between the Ranch and the Thousand Island dressing. I haven't eaten Thousand Island dressing since I was in elementary school! When the world hadn't evolved yet!

Suffice it to say, I ate that salad like a trooper. Hoping that consuming TWO servings would give me some nutritional value. But it's amazing how many restaurants think that a salad containing those few parts is considered worthy of selling. I had to bounce on them but there's a Chicago-style pizzeria near us and that's exactly what they sell. They call it a "Garden Salad". I always want to say "There are more vegetables in a garden than that!"

Haven't people noticed that when they put darker lettuces that the salad has more flavor? It adds more flavor and more color. No, I'm not saying that a salad needs to have all the funny looking leaves in it (some of those have a bitter taste to it). I just think adding a variety of lettuces is essential to making a good salad. I'm a BIG fan of adding spinach. All it needs is a thorough gentle washing and it's ready to eat.

Then there's the additional textures to put in. How about some sprouts! How about some yellow, green, or red peppers! You can do a quick roast over the BBQ and cut these babies up for a sweeter taste. I just ate a salad on Friday that had semi-dried cranberries and walnuts in it! Some sweet and some crunchy. It was refreshing! I had to remind myself to buy more items for this week to throw into a salad. What to buy? Sunflower seeds! Oh that salty taste would add some kick. I'm thinking more cranberries for that sweetness. Then there's the option of getting some mandarin oranges, but then I'll have to add something crunchy in if I do that.

But really people! Don't just go for the standard iceburg lettuce. Grab some dark leafy lettuces! Tomatoes are good...but have you eaten a hot-house tomato lately? There's a much grander taste in those puppies. Experiment with your salad! Go for it!

It's 7:18am...let the GAMES begin!

I just heard the "wake-up" wail from the other side of the house....

Let the GAMES begin! It's Monday and it's a LONG way away to the next weekend!

Wish me luck!

The end of Monday...

Can I get a halleluia from ya people?

Yes! Monday is almost winding down to an end. It's now 6:35pm here. My hubby is feeding the Bear his before bed snack. My Princess is running around with a miniature frisbee that she happened to catch a glimpse of when my hubby opened the pantry to grab forementioned snack. I'm waiting for her to accidentally hit something with it and for my hubby to ROAR! It's an inevitable conclusion.

The Bear didn't take a morning nap. He slept for maybe 20 minutes and woke up because he had taken a dump. Well who could blame him for waking up? His poops stink up the place and I know I would never be able to sleep in a stinky room. So I got him, changed him, played with him, fed him lunch, let him watch Blues Clues, and put him down again. He slept for about 1.5 hours and started making wake-up noises. I went into his room quietly. He was sitting there and when I came in he flopped down on top of his blanket. I came over and rubbed his back. He lay there sucking on his pacifier and I noted that his eyes were still heavy. I continued to rub his back gently and he fell back asleep for another 45 minutes. He woke up at 4:30pm!

My hubby is trying to watch the pre-season game right now. It's kind of hard when both kids are clamoring for attention. They both want him to pick them up and toss them around. He plays rough with them both and they eat it up. Anyway, my hubby just can't wait until the real season starts. He's actually more involved with college football. He went to Arizona State University and follows their progress religiously. He even visits a chat board about the team and gives his opinion on many topics. It's so funny! He gets all riled up about what some people say on the board. He gets more wound up when there are negative articles in the paper about his beloved team.

As for me? I'm mentally preparing myself for everything that I need to get accomplished for tomorrow. From 8am-9am, we're going to meet up with my Princess' preschool teacher. We're going to check out her new room and find her cubby. She'll be starting the school year on Wednesday so I want her to attend orientation. After visiting the preschool, we're going to my Bear's GymRunners class at Gymboree. Then at 11am, I'm going to have to call the Honda service department to find out if they've received a part they need to fix my Passport. I brought the darn car in twice in the last few days. On Friday I brought it in and they supposedly fixed the issue. On Saturday morning on the drive to get bagels, the little ABS light went on again! So I had to bring it in again on Saturday. Well, they reran the test and told me they didn't have the part they needed. They ordered it today and it's supposed to come in tomorrow morning. Oy!

But I'm just glad today is over. We had a quiet day at home after all the running around this weekend. Whenever we drive up and visit my ILs on a Sunday, I like to have a quiet Monday at home. It's not fun being a kid and having to sit in a carseat for 4 hours in one day. You know?

On a different note...did anyone notice that I updated the format of my blog? I didn't want too many colors on it so I kept it simple. I thought shades of green as the backdrop would be refreshing with all the verbage in black & white. Like it? I'm glad I found out how to update the colors though. I can actually SEE my blogroll now. Comments, comments?

One thing I'm looking forward to tomorrow is that I'll be able to visit one of the various Starbucks and grab myself some special coffee. I think a Venti Caramel Macchiato will hit the spot. Yummy!

Saturday, August 7, 2004

Latest movie reviews in our house

13 Going on 30

I rented this movie yesterday from our local Blockbuster Video & enjoyed it immensely! I needed to see a good romantic comedy and this fit the bill. I think Jennifer Garner has classical beauty with comedic talent. You would never guessed about the comedic talent if you watch Alias!

Bob the Builder

This is the movie I rented for the kids' this week. It was the first Bob the Builder DVD that they've seen. I think the Princess enjoyed it a lot more than the Bear though. She's got a Bob the Builder CD game that she plays on her computer so she knew the introduction song. It was the Bear's first time seeing these characters so he wasn't as jazzed about it. Of course, I talk to the Princess about the lessons learned from the DVD -- working together, thinking about others, sharing, trying your best, etc. What I do object to is that the DVD reruns the episode without prompting! I have to really pay attention so they're not watching it endlessly!

Cold Mountain

I rented Cold Mountain last week and forgot to mention it. It was an interesting movie. It was such a transformation that the Nicole Kidman character went through. What a metamorphosis from a frail girl to a strong woman. I know that some folks had objections to this movie because Jude Law's character was a deserter, but his character also went through a tremendous change through the movie. Those two had a pretty racey love scene that I wasn't expecting. I especially enjoyed Renee Zellweger's portrayal of Ruby. The "best" scene was when she first met Nicole and Renee (aka Ruby) confronted that rooster. "Crack! I think we should put him in a pot." Amazingly funny! I think I understood it better when I watched it the second time with the commentaries (of course I turned the subtitles on). It certainly took a LONG time to get this movie from paper onto the big screen. I think the back story on how this particular movie was made really helped me appreciate it more.

Friday, August 6, 2004

Kids can say the most awesome things

This morning I had to bring my Passport in to the dealer to get some work done on it. My ABS light kept on turning on intermittently and I had no idea why. So off to the dealer we went. We stopped at an intersection and there was a homeless guy with a sign next to the light. Here's the conversation:

Prin: Mom, what's that guy doing?

Me: Oh honey, that's a less fortunate guy and he's asking people for some money.

Prin: Oh...so he's like that man near my school? (Note: There's a guy who is always at the intersection near her preschool)

Me: Yes honey...just like that guy near your school.

Prin: So he doesn't have any money?

Me: That's right honey.

Prin: So he doesn't have a job?

Me: Well honey, some places don't like to hire people that don't have a home.

Prin: Well, if everyone gave him some money then he could get a home and then get a job.

How simple yet profound was that statement? She figured that if we all gave him some money then he'd be able to get a place to live and then he'd be able to be hired for a job!

This conversation continued later when my husband was driving us to the dealer to pick up my SUV. I noticed that the "Check Engine" light had turned on again on my hubby's truck. He's taken the truck in twice already to a local mechanic to get it fixed. We chatted for a minute when he said that we'd be selling it anyway....

Prin: Daddy! You're going to sell the truck?

Hubby: Yes Prin, we'll probably sell it in a few years.

Prin: Daddy, why don't you give it to one of those less fortunate guys? That way they can get a job.

How precious was that? She thought it would be better for my hubby to give the truck to one of the less fortunate people so that they could get a job so they could have a place to live!

Her way of thinking and getting to a conclusion amazes me. Her selfless way of thinking that through just blows me away.

A number one and a two

Help me win this debate!

Please help me out with this little debate my hubby and I are having.

When you are using the toilet and your bodily functions are a number, what number is what function?

My interpretation: #1 = urinating & #2 = bowel movement

Hubby's interpretation: #1 = Nothing, #2 = bowel movement & #3 = urinating

His rationale is that #2 rhymes with poo & #3 rhymes with pee. This is one that I've NEVER in my life heard of.

Can you believe we're just having this discussion after knowing each other 11 years with an almost 4 year old and an 18 month old????

Thursday, August 5, 2004

The mayhem of the day

Why do kids think they can be sassy? Being a type-A personality myself, I know that when the kids are being horrible for whatever reason I need to be kind. But there are those moments when I just can't stand it anymore.

Here's the latest conversation with my princess:

Prin: I've got to go poo-poo Mom!

Me: Fine. Go right there in Mommy's bathroom.

Prin: La-la-la (as she's having her bowel movement)...Mom! Go over and put my glass and plate away. I'm finished eating my lunch.

Me: What? That's not my job. That's your job.

Prin: No, that's YOUR job Mom! (She hops off the toilet and walks over to me) Mom, you need to finish and wipe my bottom. (Note here that she doesn't do the best job at wiping the back part so that's why she's asking me to help out)

Me: Well, go over and grab a wipe for me.

Prin: (Throws herself onto the bed crying) No Mom! You go get it! (Please note that she doesn't have her underpants or shorts on)

Me: Go get it if you want me to help you. (She goes and gets a wipe and proceeds to let me wipe her) Now go over and flush the toilet.

Prin: No Mom! YOU do it! (She proceeds to stomp her feet & then roll on the carpet)

This is where I lost it! I walk over to the toilet and pull her along for the ride. I then give her a swift tap on the bottom.

Me: Now close the lid and flush the toilet.

(She proceeds to do so while crying)

Me: Now wash your hands. I am tired of this sassy talk and behavior. If you're going to act this way to me then all you're going to get is a spanking. I'm tired of trying to be nice to you when you're acting horribly to me. Got it?

Am I a bad Mom? I feel guilty but she's now laying there quietly next to my bed. I tried real hard to contain myself but MAN! If she's not going to respond to my being nice and talking pleasantly to her about her behavior then she's going to get the MEAN Mommy.

Okay....so now we've talked it out. She came over to me after 5 minutes of laying there quietly. She came with a much more pleasant attitude.

Prin: Mom?

Me: Yes honey?

Prin: May I please watch Bob the Builder?

Me: Honey, do you understand why Mommy spanked you?

Prin: Yes...because I was being sassy.

Me: So you know that when you act that way you'll be spanked, right?

Prin: Yes Mommy. I'm sorry I wasn't acting nice to you.

She's now busy watching Bob the Builder. We've made up and she did put her dishes & glass away while I set up the DVD. Do I feel better? Most definitely. Do you think she learned something? Maybe...

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

The Amazing Race!!!

Charla & Mirna are doing fantastic! I can't believe that the other teams don't like them. Those two girls are working really well together. What's interesting is that they're still BOTH having a good time doing the race and enjoying each other's company. They are using whatever assets they have to do well with each leg. Last night the two checked to see if there were any earlier flights than the one they already had booked to Cairo. Who could blame them? That's the SMART thing to do, especially when most of the teams are together. You have to find an edge with every step in the race. They took advantage of the lay-over and got an earlier flight. The other teams just sat around and chatted. Plus, it's not like any of the other teams were being kind to the cousins. These two girls are tough cookies no matter what anyone else says. Who else WALKED the entire way to the train station. Some might say they were stupid for not flagging down a taxi but they found their way to the station without missing a beat -- or complaining too much! Did they haul their butts over to the camels before the guys left? Yes...these girls were smart to bring a whistle. Some might say it was obnoxious but it got those guys' attention, right? Then they had such a fun time riding the horses and leading the camels. I tell you...that Charla is a trooper. She's had to each Road Block! Mirna may be the leader but Charla is a true worker bee! Props to ya girl!

With all the bad talk about the cousins, why didn't anyone make any negative remarks about Colin & Christie? Those two also did the smart thing and immediately went to a travel agent when they got the clue that they needed to get to Cairo. Even when they were already ahead in Paris, they still checked to see if there were any earlier flights. Luck was on their side because there was a flight leaving in an hour. The other teams wouldn't even have landed by the time the two took off! This team is TWELVE hours ahead of anyone else...why isn't anyone complaining about them?

Now as far as their lead...are they so far ahead that when the last team arrived in Cairo...were Colin & Christie ready to leave on the next leg? I mean it's a mandatory 12 hour rest period between legs so... anyone? anyone?

Are Marshall & Lance ever going to lighten up? Those two act so miserable all the time. I thought it was interesting last night when they made that comment "The Russian people are miserable." Can't these two guys see how miserable THEY are? But what's wrong with the one brother's knees? Does he have arthritis? An old sports injury?

Then Chip & Kim get 4th place for the leg. Chip did a good thing by helping the twins out. But he doesn't like the fact that he's now in 4th. Well, I'm sure the twins will do him a good deed now that they've made up for the taxi incident. At least these two seem to be having a good time (compared to the brothers). I could see the awe in Chip's eyes as they approached St Petersburg via train. Then when the two of them crossed the Nile River! You could tell that they were amazed to be where they were at.

I couldn't believe the Bowling Moms didn't say INTERNATIONAL airport when they spoke with their taxi driver. It might be one of those sneaky editing deals but I didn't hear them say it when they got into the cab. "Let's hope he understands" is all I can recall they said. But I wonder if the newly twisted ankle will hamper these gutsy Moms on the next leg. At least this won't be the only injured team (the brother's knees). Now how are these ladies going to get through the next leg without any money? That'll be interesting to see!

Getting more done...

I get a LOT accomplished if I'm in a pissed off mood. Anyone else? The last time I was thoroughly upset with my hubby I got a TON of stuff done. I think I end up cleaning when I'm mad because I know no one else wants to clean with me. Then there's that immediately gratification when I get something accomplished. This is what I did in one afternoon while my hubby took the kids to visit his folks (2 hours drive)

  1. Wash/dry/put away 6 loads of laundry
  2. Wash & dry the shower curtain & shower liners
  3. Wash/dry/replace the linens from all three bedrooms
  4. Iron 8 button-down dress shirts (double starch - thank you very much!)
  5. Vacuum all the carpets
  6. Sweep all the floors
  7. Shake out and vacuum all the small rugs
  8. Scrub the two tubs (walls & all)
  9. Scrub/clean/wipe down the toilets, mirrors, sinks, & cabinets in the two bathrooms
  10. Wipe down the kitchen cabinets & counters

Anyone else get a bunch done when they're letting off steam? What's YOUR anger outlet?

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

A few little happy snippets

Happy moments as of late....

The princess has been waking up lately and saying "I had a GREAT dream Mom!" After a couple hugs and kisses we chat about what the dream was about. The latest dreams have been about "Papa coming home to Grandma on a plane" "Going swimming underwater with Godmother D" and "I dreamed that I had TWO dogs!" I think it's wonderful that she remembers her dreams and that they seem to be good ones. The hubby doesn't recall his dreams so I was hoping my princess would be like me and remember at least one each day.

Last night my hubby and princess went to the grocery store after dinner. Normally we all go together but I didn't want the drama that sometimes ensues between the two kids so I stayed home with the little guy. To avoid any crying I took the little guy into his bedroom to straighten it out while my hubby got the princess into her sandals and out the door. I expected my little guy to run around looking for them but he didn't make a fuss or even acknowledge that they were missing! He ran around as if he was relishing in the fact that they were gone. He ran to and fro with a flat sheet dragging behind him (the kids had played parachute with it earlier in the day).

On Sunday we didn't have ANY plans. So my hubby came up with the idea to drive up the "mountain" so the kids could play up in a park up there. We piled into the car and dropped by Dunkin Donuts for a quick breakfast. We drove up the semi-windy road and drove and drove. It was a nice drive but we never found this so called park my hubby mentioned. Turns out we needed to drive abouat 20 miles up to get to the open space he was picturing. Oh well! It was a great idea and we had a nice drive. I ended up blowing bubbles in the car to keep the kids happy. I certainly do LOVE the Gymboree bubble solution...it lasts and lasts! My hubby got out of the car when we got home and had bubbles stuck to the hair on his legs! It was too funny!

Speaking of Gymboree...my princess started attending the Gymboree play and music classes when she was about 6 months old. Now that she's almost 4 I no longer enroll her in the classes. This summer when I've taken my son to his class I've had to put her in the back room where they have a babysitter. Today, the babysitter was late so the instructor allowed my princess to play in the class! She was in 7th heaven! She ran around but was so careful around the smaller kids. Even when she was trying to catch the bubbles she made sure to check around to make sure she wouldn't bump into any of them. The instructor came up to me after the class and said "Your daughter is SO well behaved!" Can you feel me beaming with pride????

Right now my little guy is dragging the miniature Dirt Devil vacuum between the master bedroom and the family room. He's pretending to vacuum the place. But then also he's switching it on and off when he stops somewhere in the rooms -- when he's checking something out. It's like he has to halt the noise so he can concentrate on what he's looking at.

Oh yeah! Today the little guy went down for a nap about 11:15am and stayed down until about 1:30pm! Woohoo! Hopefully he'll keep with that kind of routine so I can transition him into a later and later naptime.

When my little guy took his nap that gave me time to color with my princess AND do a couple pages in a workbook with her. It amazes me as to what concepts she understands. I bought a few jumbo preschool workbooks and tear out the pages I think she'll be able to do. What's interesting is that she likes to do "thinking" pages versus just coloring. If I let her she'd go through an entire workbook! I'm glad that she's so interested in learning....

The fall parks & recreations catalogue came out last Friday. I didn't know that it had but happened to see it when I took my princess to her hula class on Saturday afternoon. The call in registration for residents actually started on Saturday! DARN, darn, darn! Last time I ended up signing up late because I didn't know the catalogue came out. My princess only ended up with ONE class -- the hula one. Anyway, I was able to check the schedule and get both kids signed up for classes this fall. My princess is going to have TWO classes on Saturdays and my little guy will have one on Fridays (when my princess is in preschool). I'm SO happy I got them into the classes that I wanted them to experience.

I picked up my new eyeglasses last week. I've had my old ones since 1998 so it was high time I got some new ones. I didn't get a new pair sooner because first I got pregnant with my princess then I got pregnant with my little guy. Granted, the two are 27 months apart in age but that's the way things go. This new pair has thin frames and very much up-to-date in style. I only wear them in the mornings and in the evenings. When I go out I wear my contacts. Why? Because I am BLIND! Some folks say they're blind and aren't even in the same ballpark of blind that I am. I am about -12. Anyone in my range? Anyway, I'm just glad to get a new pair of glasses that I can see clearly through. Doesn't take much to make me happy, eh?

Gotta love Mondays on A&E

I have come to LOVE Monday nights because of A&E! It's the funniest reality tv there is anywhere on cable. Starts with Family Plots, which 3 sisters and a father all work at the same mortuary. Then the new show Growing up Gotti started last night (more on that later). Then it finishes off with Airline.

Last night Family Plots was mainly about how the mortuary handled the services, etc for a war veteran. I guess he was a real famous man who surrendered his vessel (he was the captain) and then was put in a war camp. I do believe that his surrender saved the lives of many of the men he was in charge of. The program showed the stress the mortuary was under to get things "just so" for this very public ceremony.

What I recall about Airline last night was the man who was trying to get 50 pounds of clams onto a plane. These weren't your average garden variety of clam. These things were the size of a one pound steak! They were HUGE! I kid you not! He was trying to get these things back to a restaurant where he lived. He said they'd just eat them raw with some soy sauce. Zowie! Then there was the guy who missed his plane. He didn't make it because he went to buy a McFlurry! Ha! Too funny! People sometimes have NO clue that they really need to stay near the boarding area and really LISTEN to what's going on around them. Don't rely on other people to know what's going on. YOU need to pay attention!

Then there was Growing Up Gotti... I could not believe what BRATS those three boys were being to their mother. I guess she totally adored all three but the mouths on those boys needed to get smacked big time. I couldn't believe how the boys treated their Mom and each other! Amazing! I couldn't believe how they treated their home and their property either. The guest house they used for a party months previously STILL hadn't been cleaned up. It's gonna be funny watching them make fools out of themselves!