Friday, August 27, 2004

Quiet? What's that?

I'm jazzed & excited! Yes I am! Yes I am!

I am actually going to have a day all to myself tomorrow. Well, not ALL day. In the morning we'll have all the usual suspects present, but by 9am I'll have the place all to myself. But I won't even be home to enjoy it! I'll out and about getting beautified! Yes, you heard that correctly. While my hubby, Princess, and Bear are driving up to see my ILs.... I'll be at the salon! Not to one salon but TWO of them! I'm getting my highlights done at 8am. Then at noon, I'll be getting my hair cut & styled. The place I get my hair cut didn't have any time slots available for color, so I'm headed somewhere new for that. I wasn't going to wait another THREE weeks to get my hair colored.

My hair is in dire need of some highlight maintenance. I haven't had any color done since the beginning of March! Can you believe that? It's been almost 6 months! So you can imagine the roots that are showing on me. Then I've got all this gray hair making itself known. Yucko! Then it's been 9 weeks since I got my hair cut. What used to have some texture so that it would have some volume is long gone. My hair is now lying flat on my head. I can feel the split ends at the tips. My head feels all scraggedy.

By 2pm tomorrow afternoon I'll be able to relish in my freshly done hair in the quiet of the townhouse. Maybe I'll head out to the library before I go home. I can walk up and down every aisle at a slow pace so I can take a look at all the titles. I'll probably get a John Grisham. When I get one of his books I'm always able to get through it quickly. I don't know if I want to get anything too heavy or serious. Anyone have any suggestions?

Then I'll probably just pick something up for dinner. Should I rent some DVDs or should I head out to the movie theater? I haven't been to a movie by myself in ages! I don't even know what's playing! I feel so out of touch! But maybe watching a movie at the theater will be just the ticket to finishing off the day alone. Sitting in a cold theater eating a bucket of over-buttered popcorn with a large soda all alone. Sounds heavenly!

Now if you had a day all to yourself, what would you do????

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