Thursday, August 26, 2004

cheerleader & dancer

It's the funniest thing. Since the Olympics has started we've been watching a little every night. We clap and cheer. Guess who has started to cheer? Yup! My Bear has started to cheer on his own. If there's some sort of event on television he'll put his hands up (think touchdown signal) and say "Yeah!" Othertimes, he'll just clap and say "Yeah!"

When there's music on the television, he'll move his arms around. His best move is as follows: He'll lift one arm straight above his head, while the other is held out straight in front of him. Then he'll switch arms. While his arms are in motion he'll do his typical flashdance feet. My hubby hates it when the Bear does his horsey dance moves. I call it "prancing." The Bear will put both arms straight in front of him and turn his hands down. He'll get up on his tippy-toes and prance forward like a horse. It's the cutest thing! But, of course, my hubby thinks it looks "gay". Oy!

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