Thursday, August 26, 2004

Gotta love Baby Einstein!

As you probably can already tell my Bear is quite a character. He's friendly to strangers -- he's always waving HI and BYE to folks. He's quick to smile when people speak to him.

Yes, he's a cheerleader and a dancer but he's also a kid with an established sense of humor. I'll put on any of the Baby Einstein videos/DVDs and he'll just start to crack up in laughter at certain points. I mean, none of us is near him and suddenly he'll erupt with glee. That's the best thing to hear -- a child who is seriously tickled to the funnybone!

I'm so happy he enjoys that series of videos/DVDs. My Princess used to watch them all the time. It's such great visual stimulation. From the animals to the poems. From the colors to the zainy puppets. It's simple and fun.

Yeah! Baby Einstein Rocks!

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