Thursday, July 29, 2010

Getting things in order

This Saturday I pick up the keys to our new place. Can you believe it?

I can move in on Sunday, August 1st.


I just can't believe that the time to move out of my parents' house is almost here.

That our stuff will be here not this weekend. Not next weekend. But the weekend after that.

THAT is when we'll be officially moving into our new place.

Until then?

I'll just be bringing the smaller stuff over from my folks' place.

But I am super amazed that the time is practically upon us.

We definitely have to move before the school term starts. That'll sneak up on me in no time. The last week in August will be a CRAZY one.


I did register the kids in school.

Unfortunately, they aren't going to be attending the one that's within walking distance from our townhouse.

They'll be attending the one that's a little over 2 miles from the townhouse.


Because the one near us is impacted.

Totally full!

So they'll go the next closest school.

But it's a good thing.


There won't be a whole MASS of kids like the other school which had over 600 students.

The kids' new school will have less than 200 AND it's only be open for 2 years.

So fewer kids with not a long history? That'll make it easier for my kids to make friends, you know? The Bear won't have any issues making new friends, but the Princess is just so shy (like I was when I was her age). [sigh] We'll see how things go.

Anyway, things are starting to happen. And I'm excited and nervous about it all.

I'll be with the kids in a new place all by myself. That is until the Hubs finds a job here. And he will. I know he'll find one. It's just a matter of time.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kid-free Day

Around noon yesterday, my SIL dropped by my Mom's house to pick-up the kids for the weekend.

Yes. I let my kids go off with my SIL for a couple of days.

We'd arranged it months ago.

I email'd her a couple days ago to verify the time that she'd be picking them up (between 12-1pm on Friday) and dropping them off (before noon on Sunday). She confirmed that the time were correct.

I don't have any clue what she's doing with them. She never let me know what they'd be doing. So I just threw shorts/t-shirts/jammies/toothbrushes into the kids overnight bags.

After lunch yesterday, I noticed I had a voicemail on my cell.

I guess my SIL asked my Mom if it was okay if the kids could go swimming at the hotel pool.

Say what?

I know it's over 85* here right now but did she bother mentioning that when we email'd each other a couple of days ago? Nope. Not a word.

And guess what?

The kids swimsuits (the ones that fit?) were in the back of my car in our "swim" bag.

Now why was the swim bag in the back of my car you might be asking yourselves.

Because on Sunday I'm taking the kids out to a park that's next to the ocean. And they're going to be wearing their swimsuits under their clothes.

Anyway....I'm sure the kids will be having fun with m SIL...but how about a little communication?

Needless to say, I'm a free bird all day today.

And guess what I'm going to be doing?

Nothing glamorous. That's for sure. I've been busy cleaning so far. Cleaned the bathrooms. Wiped down the staircase banister. Wiped down all the doors, door jams, and baseboards upstairs. On my 3rd load of wash right now.

But tonight? I'm stepping out on the town. Yes. Me! The one who hates going out.

I'm going to my high school class reunion!


Seriously. I'm heading out tonight to meet up with my old high school croonies. See how people are doing. Getting a couple drinks. Talking about our lives post-high school. It's going to be interesting. It's for adults only.

Then tomorrow is our high school reunion picnic. That's where I'm taking the kids in their bathing suits. We'll get to meet the kids of my high school buds. FUN!

But for right now? I'm relishing in some quiet. And getting things clean. So I can relish in the sweet scent of Pine-Sol and bleach. And savoring in the fact that the house isn't getting messed up 5 minutes after I finish cleaning a room.

I'm totally being a parent, eh?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And it's official now

The Hubs signed the lease agreement this morning.

I signed the lease agreement after work today.

I get the keys July 31st.

I can move in on August 1st.

The kids' new school starts August 25th.

When are we moving in?

Between August 1 - 24.

The Hubs has to pack the furniture we need. The kids beds. Their dressers. The rest of their "stuff". Pots & pans. Plates, glasses, and silverware.

He's planning on packing it all into a "pod" and having them ship it out to me here.

Then I get to unload everything.

Not by myself.

I'm recruiting my sisters and my BIL's. And probably my oldest nephew who is bigger than me. Seriously, he's a buff dude.

I'm excited.

While I love my parents to death for their support, it's going to be nice to be in our own place.

Monday, July 12, 2010

We got it!

I got a call from the agent around 10:30am today requesting some additional financial info.

I had to take a quick drive home and fax the stuff over.

I got a call from the agent around 2pm.

She let me know that we've got the place.



I meet up with the agent tomorrow after work to sign the official lease papers.

I'll be getting the keys on July 31st.

So we can technically move in on August 1st.


A small victory. But a much needed victory nonetheless.

Now we're just waiting for the Hubs to land a great job here so he can join us.

The kids and I miss him terribly.

And I found out yesterday afternoon that he was in a car accident.

Someone cut him off and he swerved to miss the other car. He lost control and ended up in the median area on the freeway.

What sucks is that the other driver didn't even stop. Probably didn't even notice the chaos he caused. And because he didn't stop? The highway patrol didn't write up a report. [sigh]

I thank the Lord that my husband is okay.

But his car did get banged up a bit.

So his car is now safely at the repair shop. The insurance adjuster is evaluating if the car will be worth repairing or not. The Hubs will find out tomorrow.

So this news about finding a place to live is some good news that we needed. And hopefully all the other pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. So we can once again be reunited into a foursome.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

But there's another place in the mix now

shared with you all the place I found on Wednesday.

The duplex on the East side of the freeway.


There's another place in the mix now.

It's a TRUE 3 bedroom, 3 bath place versus a 2 bedroom + den, 2 1/2 bath property.

And it's newer with a washer and dryer.

And it's closer to my sister's place.

And it's within walking distance of a good elementary school.

Here's the kitchen:

Here's a shot of the dining room and kitchen:

Here's a shot down the stairs:

Here's a photo from the kitchen looking out towards the dining/living room area and balcony:

Here's the full-sized washer and dryer that's right next to the kitchen:

Here's one of the secondary bathrooms:

What do you think?

Cute, right?

I saw the place Saturday around 2pm and faxed in our application around dinnertime.

I found out tomorrow if we get the place or not.

Crossing fingers & toes....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

May have found a place

've buckled down finally to find a place to live.

I've been living with my folks now for a couple months. And it's TIME to go.

The schools around here start at the end of August.

Now is the time to get into a place so I can register them for the upcoming school year.

I saw a place yesterday.

And you know what? I was sitting in my car waiting for the broker when I felt like I was moving around. I looked around and saw my car shaking.


It was that darn 5.4 earthquake that hit SoCal.

The earthquake SHOOK MY CAR silly.

But the place I saw?

Here it is.

I'm across the street looking at the unit on the right.

I'm standing at the foyer looking to my right into the livingroom that has a fireplace.

I'm still standing at the foyer looking towards the kitchen and the livingroom is on the right.

Still at the foyer here looking straight ahead towards the staircase. The dining room is the area under the chandelier. The arch to the right is the way into the kitchen.

In the far side of the kitchen looking towards the livingroom that you can see through the passthru.

Outside the kitchen sliding doors is this little paved area. The sliding door you see there is one off the livingroom.

The bedrooms are upstairs. For some strange reason I failed to take photos up there. What's nice is that there's an attached 2-car garage and the place is on a dead-end street.

So what do you think?

I sent an email to the broker letting her know that I want the place. That we need to meet up again so that I can hand in the application and deposit.

I hope I get it!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Afternoon at the faire

After working all morning, the kids and I went to the San Diego Fair on Friday.

I don't care what anyone else has to say about it. It will ALWAYS be the DEL MAR FAIR to me.

We found parking without any problem. Yes. There were lots of folks still driving into the place, but the parking attendants were right on task and directed us all to the proper place in short order.

We visited the pigs and cows. Of course, the people taking care of the animals had been there since the early morning. And you know when you're sitting someplace for a long time you eventually get bored. You NEED to do something fun. Something. Anything to pass the time. One of the boys sitting there looked at me as I walked by.
Ma'am?Watch where you're walking. There's some poop over there.
I look down. And there was a little plastic snake moving across my path. I look at the boy, shrug, and then step over the snake and continued to walk. The kid had the snake on some string or fishing wire. Unfortunately, the large man walking the opposite direction from me looked down. And immediately reacted upon seeing the snake. He jumped about a foot up in the air and audibly gasped. The boy and his posse cracked up. My sisters and I were also highly amused as well.

We spent a bit of time in the fun zone so that the kids could have some fun. They rode the rides. They had some snacks. They also played a BUNCH of games. We came home with at least 10 stuffed animals. And they weren't all small either.

What was super fun to watch were the folks riding the Sling Shot. And I have to let you know that Sis#2 and Shorty (BIL married to LilSis) rode that darn thing. They had a blast. They both enjoy those rides that have a high adrenalin rush to it.

My kids had a blast. And I had a great time as well. Yeah!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Med Change Day 1

Took Zantac last night.

Took my first dose of my new acid reflux meds this morning.

You know what?

[knock on wood]

My digestive system does seem a bit calmer.


I'm feeling a bit less acidic.

Less heaviness above my stomach.

Less of that taste at the back of my throat.

Am I on the cusp of really being on the mend?

[crossing fingers & toes]

I can only hope for the best on this medical gameplan.

You dealing with any medical issues right now?

How do YOU remain positive?