Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And it's official now

The Hubs signed the lease agreement this morning.

I signed the lease agreement after work today.

I get the keys July 31st.

I can move in on August 1st.

The kids' new school starts August 25th.

When are we moving in?

Between August 1 - 24.

The Hubs has to pack the furniture we need. The kids beds. Their dressers. The rest of their "stuff". Pots & pans. Plates, glasses, and silverware.

He's planning on packing it all into a "pod" and having them ship it out to me here.

Then I get to unload everything.

Not by myself.

I'm recruiting my sisters and my BIL's. And probably my oldest nephew who is bigger than me. Seriously, he's a buff dude.

I'm excited.

While I love my parents to death for their support, it's going to be nice to be in our own place.

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