Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kid-free Day

Around noon yesterday, my SIL dropped by my Mom's house to pick-up the kids for the weekend.

Yes. I let my kids go off with my SIL for a couple of days.

We'd arranged it months ago.

I email'd her a couple days ago to verify the time that she'd be picking them up (between 12-1pm on Friday) and dropping them off (before noon on Sunday). She confirmed that the time were correct.

I don't have any clue what she's doing with them. She never let me know what they'd be doing. So I just threw shorts/t-shirts/jammies/toothbrushes into the kids overnight bags.

After lunch yesterday, I noticed I had a voicemail on my cell.

I guess my SIL asked my Mom if it was okay if the kids could go swimming at the hotel pool.

Say what?

I know it's over 85* here right now but did she bother mentioning that when we email'd each other a couple of days ago? Nope. Not a word.

And guess what?

The kids swimsuits (the ones that fit?) were in the back of my car in our "swim" bag.

Now why was the swim bag in the back of my car you might be asking yourselves.

Because on Sunday I'm taking the kids out to a park that's next to the ocean. And they're going to be wearing their swimsuits under their clothes.

Anyway....I'm sure the kids will be having fun with m SIL...but how about a little communication?

Needless to say, I'm a free bird all day today.

And guess what I'm going to be doing?

Nothing glamorous. That's for sure. I've been busy cleaning so far. Cleaned the bathrooms. Wiped down the staircase banister. Wiped down all the doors, door jams, and baseboards upstairs. On my 3rd load of wash right now.

But tonight? I'm stepping out on the town. Yes. Me! The one who hates going out.

I'm going to my high school class reunion!


Seriously. I'm heading out tonight to meet up with my old high school croonies. See how people are doing. Getting a couple drinks. Talking about our lives post-high school. It's going to be interesting. It's for adults only.

Then tomorrow is our high school reunion picnic. That's where I'm taking the kids in their bathing suits. We'll get to meet the kids of my high school buds. FUN!

But for right now? I'm relishing in some quiet. And getting things clean. So I can relish in the sweet scent of Pine-Sol and bleach. And savoring in the fact that the house isn't getting messed up 5 minutes after I finish cleaning a room.

I'm totally being a parent, eh?

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