Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Heard the strangest thing on the radio

The strangest bit on the radio this week...

On a local radio station, they do a thing called "Second Date Update" every Tuesday. What happens is that someone who has gone on one date with someone wants to know why the other person hasn't called them for a second date. Easy, right?

The gal (Ashley I think) called in and told her story about how she met a guy at a weeklong conference up in Spokane about 3 weeks ago. The guy had a unique name - Parson. Anyway, she met Parson the first day and evidently hooked up with him every chance they got when they didn't need to attend a seminar. At the end of the week, Ashley flies back home to AZ. End of story, right? No.

Early last week, Parson calls Ashley and says he's being transferred to AZ. He mentions that he'll be in town in a couple days and they should go out on Friday. She waits for a call from Parson but he never calls.

So this morning this gal calls the radio station and they call Parson's cell phone. Here's a paraphrase of the conversation.

Radio Guys: "Hello?"
Gal: "Hello?"
Radio Guys: "Oh hello! Can we speak to Parson?"
Gal: "He's at work. Can I take a message?"
Radio Guys: "Well...we wanted to speak to him. Who's this?"
Gal: "This is his girlfriend."
Radio Guys: "Oh, hi! Do you live there or....?"
Gal: "Yeah. We've been dating for about four years but we've lived together for two years. I moved down here to be with him."
Radio Guys: "Oh really? Moved from where?"
Gal: "Spokane."
Radio Guys: "And where do you live now?"
Gal: "AZ"

Did you catch that? Parson has a long-term girlfriend and he hooked up at an out-of-state conference with Ashley. Who happens to live in the same city as he does? ARGH!

Ashley then gets into the call and relays the story of the hook-up to Parson's girlfriend. But get this....the girlfriend JUMPS on Ashley for what happened.

Gal: "So am I going to have to get tested for some STD?"
Gal: "Did you think a guy as hot as Parson DIDN'T have a wife or a girlfriend? What are you? Some ugly girl who needs to hook up with a guy to help define yourself?"

Can you believe it? She jumped on Ashley for hooking up with her boyfriend. Shouldn't this gal be pissed off at her boyfriend for cheating on her? Ashley was just letting her know that Parson was cheating on her. I just couldn't believe how the gal turned on the truth.

Anyway, once the whole story unfolds, the radio station allows callers to jump in on the conversation. One call came in....

Radio Guys: "Hello?"
Caller: "So we're sitting here listening to the radio and he jumps up and runs out..."
Radio Guys: "Who? Who runs out?"
Caller: "Parson! He jumps up and runs out and drives off in his car!"
Radio Guys: "Oh....he was listening to this whole thing?"
Caller: "Uh...yeah!"
Radio Guys: "Wow! I wonder where HE is driving to?"

So this loser guy Parson cheats on his girlfriend. He hooks up with a gal who happens to live in the same city as he does but pretends like he's from some other city. And his whole story is blasted on the radio station when he's at work. Oh... I'm sure this guy had a BAD day!

It's like Jerry Springer on the radio! All I have to do is picture the situation instead of having it flashed in front of me.....DANG! Morning Radio!

Monday, February 26, 2007

The BEST episode yet!

Did you watch the latest episode of Heros? OMG!

It was the best one yet! Lots of background information. Cleared up a bunch of things about a bunch of people. Halleluia! Answers! Just love it when they give me some answers! (Which is currently the downfall of Lost)

How the Haitian came into the picture...

How Claire came into HRG's life...

How HRG got into his line of work...

How the invisible guy knows about the others like him with special powers...

How Hiro's Dad fits into all this...

But who invited Eric Roberts into this primetime show? He's just gross. He's like the black sheep of his family. His sister is great. His daughter is beautiful. But Eric? Yucky! He's aging like Mickey Rourke is (but without the bad plastic surgery).

I hope they let Parkman out so we can see his smiley face again. What is that new tech's (the gal) power? How long is nuclear guy going to be contained in the paper factory? Where are Claire and the Haitian going to hide out? Even though they gave us some answers tonight, they presented us with more questions. Which is VERY satisfying as a viewer. This show has much better story development than Lost has had lately (and I still am watching Lost).

Even though I watched it tonight I'm going to watch it again tomorrow. I'm sure I missed all kinds of details. Didn't you just love it?

I forgot about this additional property whammy

After my husband's revelation about the possibility of moving to Southern California, I went and checked out homes that are currently on the market.

What did many realtors blast in BRIGHT BOLD RED on their banners? NO HOA! NO MELLO-ROOS!

Now I know that most communities have HOA to help maintain the public areas of a housing area. But the Mello-Roos? I had totally forgotten about. And many areas where my folks live have BOTH types of items attached to homes. The HOA in the area can be several hundred dollars to almost a thousand. The Mello-Roos? It's just another thing to add on TOP of your principal, taxes, HOA, and insurance.

So to these realtors out there who are trying to sell homes in THIS market? Touting that THEIR home has no HOA and/or no Mello-Roos is a huge deal. That can be upwards of $1500 of savings on some purchases. Can you believe it? That's an entire MORTAGE payment!

But I must say that I did see a bunch of homes that peaked my interest. What the Hubsa nd I have to decide is what's important to us. The "best" school district we can afford is something we have to put at the very top. Then we've got to figure out if we want acreage or not. The homes feel like they're stacked on top of each other in the city. If we are out further we could get up to half an acre! THAT would be awesome. Then there's the issue of a buying in one of the newer communities or an older community (which is an issue of home build quality).

Can you tell I'm already in fantasy mode? But I need to get this out of my system now. Do my research and checking online. Then I'll be able to take a step back and let it marinate. Let me excitement seep out a bit now. Away from the Hubs. I don't want to show him my excitement. If things don't work out then I don't want him to feel bad about it not happening. He knows I want to move back closer to my parents. My sisters. He knows how happy it'll make me.

So you people? You get to hear about my joy. My excitement. My hopes.


Definition: Mello-Roos is actually a region or District where a special tax is imposed on those real property owners within a Community to pay for services. This district has chosen to seek public financing through the sale of bonds for the purpose of financing certain public improvements and services. These services may include streets, water, sewage and drainage, electricity, infrastructure, schools, parks and police protection to newly developing areas. The tax you pay is used to make the payments of principal and interest on the bonds. Its usualy a monthly payment that is on top of your mortgage payment, taxes and insurance. There are some instances where you can pre pay a lump sum in order to get your mello roos withdrawn but you would have to live in the house a long time before it would pay off.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

If it happens then it'll be a positive change

The Hubs and I discussed the job offer. And it's a good offer.

The next step will be to get his current boss' okay. Then the company's okay. Then the new job, which will run alongside his current job, will start in August. Yes. That's SIX months away. It's quite a long time for "things" to happen. For obstacles to crop up. So I'm TRYING to temper my excitement.

The offer? It'll allow us to move back near my folks! And I wasn't even thinking about that. The Hubs actually brought it up after he gave me all the information about the offer. WOW! That comment surprised me. I wasn't expecting him to say something like that at all. I thought he'd just want to move back closer to HIS family. But no! He said if the job develops nicely then we'll seriously make plans to move Summer 2008. YEAH!

So I'm thrilled at the outlook. There are some milestones he'll have to get through but once he gets past those two initial approvals? It'll be gravy. All he'll have to do is get preliminary work organized and get things ready for August. AUGUST! God! That's such a long time away.

I'll be keeping my fingers & toes crossed!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Changes for me... us...

One of my online buds Summer has influenced me to make some changes in my life.

She and a bunch other of her readers are commiting to the T-Tapp exercise program for the entire period of Lent. You know how a lot of people "give up" things during Lent? Well, Summer is getting us involved to make changes in our lives. Health changes. Like I said, the other gals are doing T-Tapp. I'm just making the commitment to exercise 3 days per week. I currently don't have any kind of exercise program in my life. So 3 days a week is going to create some positive changes in my body. For sure!

Everyone is also making one additional modification in their daily routine. Some gals are giving up sugar! I'm going to commit to drinking at least 40 ounces of water a day. I know I need to drink water, but I never do. So I"m constantly in a state of dehydration. It's bad. So 40 ounces of water will be a big change for me. I've got a 16 ounce water bottle that I'm planning on filling up at least 3 times a day.

So we all made the commitment to Summer on Wednesday. I've been drinking my water. And my body has definitely noticed the change. I am visiting the bathroom SO much more often. But I think this increase in water will help with the dry skin on my heels and knees. I think it's going to eventually show up in a more healthy glow in my face. I think my entire body will get to a different level of 'comfort'. But I have noticed that this morning when I didn't drink 16 ounces by 10am that I was THIRSTY. It was a much more strong urge to drink than in the past. I find it interesting that even after only 2 days of consuming more water my body has tuned into it already.

As for exercise? I did a 2 mile walk today. I did sit-ups (only about 20 slow crunches). I did some isometric exercises for my sides (where my tire has developed) and my keister. I stretched after and it was good start.

So what are my stats right now? I'm almost 5'3" and weigh between 125 - 130 pounds. But my "stuff" isn't firm anymore. I would like to lose 10 pounds but that's not a necessity. I just want to feel better about my body. Be stronger. More firm. Increase my flexibility. I know I'll never get back to the shape I was in when I first met the Hubs without a huge commitment to the gym (which I was going to at least 5 times a week for a couple hours). I was only 110 and strong and lean. Yeah. No way am I ever getting down that low. So 10 pounds? That would create some major shifts in my dimensions. And that is what I want.

And here's the nitty gritty. My measurements!

Friday, Feb23
Right Upper Thigh:21.25
Right Lower Thigh:15.75
Left Upper Thigh:21.25
Left Lower Thigh:15.75
Right Upper Arm:11.25
Left Upper Arm:10.75

I'm going to try to provide weekly updates on how I'm doing. Not daily becuase that would be way too much for me. And for you. I'm sure that would BORE you all to high heaven.

So this is what I'm doing for Lent. You want to join in? If so, let me know. What are you going to commit to?

FYI.... the Hubs called about an hour ago. He's got the new job! He didn't provide me with any details as he left me a voicemail. We're going to discuss all the details when he gets home. I am just SO proud of him. This is the kind of thing he's wanted to do. And now he's going to be able to do it. It's not like he hates his current job. His current job is great. It's in the field he enjoys but he's dealing with his boss' clients. He needs to build his own but hasn't been able to find a successful way to do it. And with this new job? He'll be able to build it. Will he continue to work his current job and do this one on the side? I don't know. Like I said... he still needs to fill me in on all the details he found out today during his interview. I can't wait until the kids are in bed so we can really talk!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The reason why I don't fly northbound in the winter

Poor JetBlue. [snicker-snicker]

They've had to publicly apologize for wht happened this weekend. Cancelled flights. People stuck in the airport. People stuck on planes. A humongous mess.

But people, please help me understand WHY people get stuck on planes on the runway? Don't give me this explanation that there are no open gates. This is what I don't understand. Why aren't they parking planes at their available gates and letting those people into the terminal. Move the empty planes to a designated 'parking' area. Then allow the next set of planes to park at the gates. Don't EVEN say there was no way to move the planes on the ground. The traffic control folks move planes that are taking off and landing. Planes that are going at a high rate of speed. They can't organize planes going at 10 mph around the runways?

This big debaucle happened to Northwest Airlines a couple years ago, didn't it? I think I watched some special on it. Can't the airports or airlines agree to an action plan when this happens? It's not like winter is an odd season. You can prepare for it.

I remember my first flight I can ever remember about 20 years ago. It was only supposed to be a 6 hour flight with one short layover in Salt Lake. We ended up not being allowed to land in Salt Lake due to heavy fog or something. We did end up landing. In Boise, Idaho. Boise? YEAH! That was the closest & safest place to land. It was late at night when we finally got off the plane. And where we stuck in Boise? NO! Our bags were taken off the plane and we were able to gather our things in baggage claim. Then we had to lug our stuff to a huge bus outside. They then DROVE us down to Salt Lake. Once we arrived in Salt Lake we had to find our own connecting flights. But we weren't stuck. The sun was shining. We were all able to find out way out. But we weren't mad at the airline. It was what it was. Weather. And the airline had a plan.

So have the times changed so much that the airlines can't make a plan? Get prepared? Share information? Cooperate? Get it together people. Just because YOUR airline hasn't been faced with this situation that JetBlue was involved in doesn't mean it won't happen to your airline. THINK ahead. Get a plan. Especially for those hubs and sites that are located where WINTER really hits.

Monday, February 19, 2007

When vacations don't synch up

It causes havoc for most families. You know what I'm talking about. When the kids have a day off and you don't?

Today is Presidents' Day. The post office is out. The banks are closed. The stock market is not active. So this means my husband actually has a day off! As do many other parents. Woohoo! But my daughter? NOT! My daughter is in the 1st grade and she does not have Presidents' Day off. Nor do most kids in our city. The kids in our city have Thursday and Friday off.

Thursday and Friday? Wait. What? Why? The kids in our city have those two days off for what is called "Rodeo Days".

There is a BIG rodeo that comes into our city and it's a huge deal. There's even a parade happening on Thursday morning.

So my girl will off of school on Thursday and Friday. Thankfully, I'm going to be able to take Friday off. Thursday will be a stay-at-home play day for the Princess. Videos. DVDs. Creating a farm with her dollhouses, farmhouses, horses, and all. I mean, it's pretty easy for us to organize.

But what about all those other families out here? I know a few of my neighbors who are quite IRKED by this old hang-over bit from the farm days. They've got to burn a vacation day after they've already taken a day off.

Can you believe that the city still has these kinds of vacation days for our school age kids?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's the little things that help me...


Yes. Relax. Some people go through elaborate rituals to relax. Some have to get their tub filled with hot water with bubble bath, light candles, and drink some wine. But me? Not so much. Give me 20 minutes of quiet in a HOT, STEAMING shower? That is totally relaxing to me. Sweeping is also a relaxing activity if I'm alone outside. Give me a broom and a sandy driveway or front walk or garage? I'm relaxed by the end. Seriously. I find that simple task relaxing.

I recently started an activity that my family used to do throughout my childhood. Putting a puzzle together. A month ago, I was in Tarjay and bough a few new puzzles (100 piece ones) for the Bear & the Princess. He got a couple Spiderman ones. The Princess got a couple Hello Kitty ones. I saw a 1000 piece puzzle for about $6 and thought "What the heck?" I broke out the puzzle on Saturday and I'm halfway finished. I found that this simple activity relaxes me. That satisfaction of finding "homes" for a few pieces. It's wonderful for me.

I think the feeling I get from putting this puzzle together brings me back to when I was little. When we used to put a puzzle on our formal dining table. And we all used to walk by it and try to find a "home" for a couple pieces. Me. My sister. My Mom. My Dad. My Grandma. What would be the most fun is when a few of us would crowd around and quietly just work the puzzle. Not talking. Just being together around the puzzle. A way to connect without the complication of talking. Maybe that's why I love doing the 100 piece puzzles with the kids. A way to be together and just be.

What kinds of activities relax you?

They're here!

Got a call last night that....

GIRL SCOUT cookies are here!

We're probably ordered at least 10 boxes from various girls in the neighborhood.

Cafe Cookies, Trefoils, Do-Si-Dos

That means we'll have cookies in our house for the next few months. This means I'll probably be gaining a couple pounds in the next few months. OY!

But it's all good. I didn't order the really sticky ones. The ones I ordered are all good. YUMMY!

Friday, February 16, 2007

These never fail

I'm just watching the last 10 minutes of Pay It Forward.

It's one of those endings that never fail in making me weep. The type of crying where my tears burn hot from my eyes. Where my heart feels heavy. It's the kind of movie that makes me think about my life. The people in it. The people I love. How precious they are to me. How each holds a piece of my heart.

More movie endings that have this effect on me are as follows:

  • The Notebook
  • Steel Magnolias
  • The Green Mile
  • Legends of the Fall
  • Pearl Harbor
  • A River Runs Through It
  • Titanic

What movies do you rely on when you need a good cry?

I just HAD to get it clean

This morning after I dropped off both kids, I actually headed out to the carwash. My car was covered in dirt spots. You know those spots that stick to your car after it rains. All those spray spots? ALL over the body and the windows. UGH! It makes my car, which is a gold metallic) color, look horribly dirty.

My car is now clean. But not after I practically froze my fingers. When I went to the carwash ( the kind where you use the handsprayer yourself), it was about 39 degrees. Yes. THIRTY-NINE degrees. And the water was cold, cold, COLD! Once I finished spraying, scrubbing, and rinsing my car I was frozen. Actually, my fingers felt frozen. I had to sit in my car for a couple minutes afterwards with the heater on with my hands on the vents to thaw out.

When I came home I wiped the remaining water droplets off. I got some window cleaner and cleaned the inside and outside of my windows. Then I wiped down all the panels inside.

But I had to have a clean car to start out the weekend. You know what I mean?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Nice playing with you

Saturday night after dinner, I called one of our neighbors. D&M are a great couple. They've got two girls. One that's a year younger than the Bear (Ash). One that's 5 months older than the Princess and who is in the 1st grade (Allie).

Anyway, we hadn't seen Allie in AGES. Since the Princess already played with our neighbor across the street on Satuday, I thought it would be a good idea to invite Allie over on Sunday.

Around 11am, M dropped off Allie. The girls played for about an hour and then we fixed them some lunch (PB&J, grapes, blueberries, and tortilla chips). Then they traipsed upstairs for another hour. They came downstairs and I set out craft supplies for them. They did that for about an hour. Then back upstairs to play some more in the Prin's bedroom. The Bear kind of played along the rim. He enjoyed that because he ADORES Allie. But he soon took a break and laid out in the loft and watched Cars by himself. He ended up falling asleep on the carpet with his head on his floor pillow. The girls found him laying there and let the Hubs know. The Hubs could NOT believe the Bear just zonked out on the floor. But the kid does that at daycare, so it's not anything new.

Anyway, around 4:15pm I told the Hubs that he should tell the girls to start cleaning up. But I ended up doing that. The Hubs and the just awakened Bear went out to pick us up some dinner. So I told the girls they needed to clean up. They did and walked downstairs.
Me: Okay, it's already 4:30pm. I think we should take you home Sweetie. It's almost dinnertime.
Allie: But where's my Dad?
Me: I'm sure he's at your house.
Allie: But can I call him first?
Me: Well, we'll walk over and I'm sure he's there. But if he's not then we'll call.
Allie: But can I call him? I think he'd let me stay for dinner.
Me: Oh...I don't know. I think we'll just walk over and see what your Mom says.
We walk over there and both D&M come to the door.
D&M: Wow! You're home honey?
Allie: Yeah.
D&M: She always stays so long when she's playing with Prin.
Me: They had a laid back time. They dressed up. They played horses. They did some crafts. They had PB&Js for lunch and they just had some vanilla yogurt for a snack about an hour ago.
D&M: We're always so surprised that she stays so long when she's at your house. When she plays with D or O (the ones the Prin played with yesterday), a problem always comes up. They end up only playing for an hour at the most.
Me: Well, it's the Prin. She's really gentle and easy-going when she's got people over.
D&M: THANKS for having Allie over Prin.
Now can you belive it? Allie was over at our house for 5 1/2 hours and she wanted to stay for dinner. And when she plays with the other neighborhood girls, she only stays for an hour before some disagreement crops up. I've gotta say, that I am so proud of my girl for her ability not to make waves. She doesn't LEAD her guests into play. She takes turns. I'm so proud of the young lady she's developing into.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oh no...I'm not accepting that hand-off

Yesterday, the Princess was asked over for a playdate at the neighbor across the street's house (with D their daughter). I was inside at the time, as the Hubs had taken the kids out front while I finished cleaning the bathrooms. I went outside and saw the Bear and the Hubs picking up tree branches that they'd trimmed off. With the Princess gone, we hung out front and did some yard work then ventured inside.

The Bear and the Hubs lay on the couch and watched a movie together. Actually, the Hubs fell asleep while the Bear cuddled next to him watching. I started a 1000 piece puzzle in the front room.

[Ding-dong] I opened the door and found the Princess, D, O (a neighborhood girl who recently moved about 2 miles away), and D's Mom.

Princess/D/O: Hi!
Me: Oh hi!
Princess: Mommy? Can I go over into the cul-de-sac and play basketball with everyone?"
Me: Sure.
D's Mom: We wanted to make sure you knew where she was.
Me: Okay. Thanks! That'll be fine. Have fun!

I went and continued with my puzzle. Not 20 minutes later.

[Ding-dong] I opened the door and found the same crew.

Me: Oh hi again!
Princess: HI Mom!
D's Mom: it okay if they play over here? Or is it going to be too loud?

Internally I'm frowning and confused.

Me: Actually, the Hubs is taking a nap....
D's Mom: Oh. Okay. Come on girls, let's go over back to our house.

Can you BELIEVE it? She invites MY daughter over to her house. Then tries to pass the girls over to me so they can play at MY HOUSE? Umm... I didn't invite your child over to my house. If you invite kids over to your house, then you need to keep them! If you want them to leave then you let them know that the playdate is over. DO NOT try to invite your kids over to my house. MAN!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Tripping away

At lunchtime today, I went to the grocery store. Normally, we do our grocery shopping on Sunday. Actually, the Hubs does it 3 Sundays in a row and then it's my turn. It's a budget thing. That's how we've distributed the duties. But I always tend to buy the "extra" stuff that the Hubs would never buy. Yogurt covered raisins. Wheat germ. Carrots. Cinnamon raisin bread. Yeah. I splurge! [he-he-he]

I got out of my car and started to walk towards the entrance. I got a little distracted as I opened my purse and dropped my keys in. I took an extra moment to look inside to see if I remembered my cell phone. And in that moment? I tripped over a little bump on the sidewalk. Thankfully I landed on my feet. But I tripped. OBVIOUSLY tripped. And what did I do? I stood there and laughed out loud at myself. And then I continued walking into the store.

Every one of us has tripped. Over a bump on the sidewalk. On a curb. Over our own feet. It happens to us all at one time or another. And we've witnessed other people trip. Yes we have. That got me to thinking about tripping situations in my past.

When I was working in Phoenix when a bunch of us (about 10) went out to lunch. We went over to the Rosati's over on Broadway near ASU. Of course we went early so that we could find parking AND not have to wait a million years to get seating for 10. As there was a group of us, there were some that walked ahead and some of us hung towards the back. Then I saw one of our group in the first group trip over one of those speed bumps and bounce up as their tummy hit the asphalt. None of us could actually help our friend. We all saw it in slow motion. We came to our friends aide. Made sure there were no cuts or scrapes. Thankfully, there were none. Just a bit of embarrassment. But it was just us work buddies that witnessed it so it was all good.

Two summers ago, the Hubs and I went away to Chicago for one his business trips. He had to attend a conference for 4 days, so we arranged it so I could go with him. We had just arrived at our hotel (the Hilton on Michigan that's right across from Grant Park) and our room wasn't quite ready. We were starving, so we walked over to the outdoor patio area of their Irish restaurant. We were enjoying the scenery of a hot-humid Chicago day. The flowers were all brightly in bloom. The grass in the park was an intense green. The trees in the park had an immense canopy of leaves. It was lovely but humid. We were both looking across towards the park as we waited for our lunch. A group of women started to cross the street from where we were located and were headed towards the park. And for those of you who know Michigan Avenue, there's a street divider in the middle. Well, it seems that one of the ladies didn't remember that she was on it and walked off it as if she was stepping forward like normal. BUT she needed to step DOWN onto the street. Needless to say, I was shocked when this group of 6 ladies became 5. The one gal landed in the street. Of course, her friends were quickly around her and pulled her up. Made sure she was uninjured. Thankfully, from our vantage point she appeared unhurt and they continued on their walk to the park. Good for her that she had her friends around her.

Lest you think that I'm only going to only recollect trips by others....

When I was in college, I had a bunch of classes on the 2nd floor of the Business College. Yes. I was a business major. Anyway, none of us ever took the elevator. We all crowded towards the stairwells. Not a big deal. But this one time I was walking down with a friend talking about who knows what....when the tip of my shoe caught the edge of the stair. Of course, my foot goes flying forward in rochochet mode. And before I knew it? I jumped to the bottom of the stairwell. Thankfully, it was only 2 steps from the bottom and there was NO ONE in front of me. Can you imagine if there was some cutie in front of me and I landed on him? Oh boy! But everyone was going up and down the stairwell trying to get to their next class, so no one really noticed. Except my friend. She just looked at me with wide eyes and an open mouth smile. Like....DANG...what just happend?

When I was growing up, I was an acolyte in church. I was brought up Protestant and having a girl acolyte was allowed. I wanted to make that clear to my Catholic friends. We usually worked in pairs. Our duties were to light the candles on the altar, distribute the offering plates to the ushers, gather the offering plates from the ushers, and then extinguish the candles at the end of the service. Simple right? Well for some unknown reason, this one time I must have been in a daze. After I extinguished my 3 candles, my fellow acolyte and I started to walk down from the altar to the main level -- which was about 6 steps. And I don't KNOW what I was doing. I was only halfway down when I then stepped FORWARD (not down). Midway through my step I realized I was going to fall if I didn't jump. And so I bent my knee on the leg that still on the one step and jumped to the main level. There I stood and waited for my fellow acolyte to join me. Then we continued our walk down the center aisle of the church.

This last memory is my MOST INFAMOUS foible. Because I saw these people every single Sunday. My family all volunteered at this church. My Mom was a Sunday School teacher. My Dad would help out as an usher. And it was a large congregation. About 100 - 150 each week. So it's not like I would never see these people who witnessed my "trip". But now? It's one of those funny stories that my sisters' like to tell when we're reminiscing about when we were kids.

"OH!!! Remember when Grace almost took that tumble when she was an acolyte? She like JUMPED to the main area. And it was SO loud when she landed. Remember???"

Yeah. We've all tripped. What's your best or most memorable trip story?

Another possible positive change?

My husband just told me he's interviewing for a new job.

He's been chatting with these people on the phone for a couple weeks. Now they want to meet him in person! And they're located in California. He's going up to meet the team that last Friday or Saturday in February. He's still waiting to get the travel itinerary.

He forwarded the job description and email he received from them to me as well. It sounds like a great fit. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for him to grow professionally.

I'm all for it. Why? Because he can still keep his current job while working this new job. It's going to be like mine where I work from home. He'll be able to work from home in the evenings and on weekends. But he'll find out more details when he meets up with them in a couple weeks. I'm crossing my fingers and toes. And of course I'll let you know if it turns out the way we're hoping.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

I'm a bit confused on the focus here

Yes. I get lost in the conversation sometimes. I can't hide that fact. But why are people focusing on the ONE side of what this new vaccine can do? The sexual side?

Texas has had a bit of drama because Gov Rick Perry wants all girls age 11 and 12 to get the new vaccine which guards against the human papillomavirus (HPV).

Some folks are focusing on the cost of the vaccinations ($360). And it's not just the cost of the vaccine, which must be administered 3 times - once every 2 months, that costs. It's the pediatrician/doctor visit that's an out-of-pocket expense as well. Our co-pay is $30, so that'd be $90 from my wallet.

And people are saying that there are is a HIGH percentage of those in Texas that are uninsured. So who will have to pay for the vaccination for those families with no insurance? I guess that burden would fall to the tax-payers.

Then there is a group of folks who are focusing on the fact that they think this immunization would result in more sexual activity for girls. That since two of the types of HPV that this immunization guards against are related to genital warts.

Here's some info I found about the vaccination:
....may help guard against diseases caused by HPV Types 16 and 18, which cause 70% of cervical cancer cases, and HPV Types 6 and 11, which cause 90% of genital warts cases.
....Cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix. Cervical cancer is caused by certain types of HPV. When a female becomes infected with certain types of HPV and the virus doesn't go away on its own, abnormal cells can develop in the lining of the cervix. If not discovered early and treated, these abnormal cells can become cervical precancers and then cancer.

For those of you who read regularly, you know that I've had to face some female issues. I had an abnormal PAP late last year. I had to go back in for a colposcopy. This is where they look at my cervix under a high power scope. They found abnormal cells on my cervix. So they had to take a biopsy to test the extent of the abnormal cells. The results of this test were low. That I didn't have a high level of abnormal cells. Thus, I had to scheduled a 3-month recheck PAP. I just went in last week for a follow-up. It'll take about 2 weeks to get those results. If there are abnormal cells again? I'm going to get a LEEP procedure scheduled. This is where they basically remove layers of the section where the abnormal cells are found. Then I'll have a 3 or 6 month follow-up PAP.

All in all, this has been a VERY nerve-wracking experience for me. The waiting. The wondering if something is wrong.

If this vaccination was available when I was 11 or 12? Looking back now at my stress level and all that I've been through recently? I would definitely have asked my Mom to make sure I got it. Because for me? I wouldn't have read it as a "green light" to have sex. I'd see it as a possible way to prevent my body from being able to "get" the high-risk forms of HPV. Because even though the HPV clears in some women, it doesn't in others.

Most women do have an abnormal PAP result sometime in their life. Some women have to go through the route I've had to go through. Some women end up with cervical cancer. And it this immunization will help prevent my daughter from getting some of these high-risk HPV strains? I'm going to allow her to get it. And that's what I'm going to explain to her if she asks what it's for. That it's a shot that'll help prevent her from getting a certain type of virus that sometimes causes cancer.

But that's MY OPINION folks. That's what I think about it. This is what my husband and I feel is going to be 'best' for our daughter. You can decide for your daughter(s). And if you don't agree with the immunization? OPT OUT of it. There's a process - like with all other immunizations - where you can opt NOT to have your child receive it.

Now what were YOU thinking when you first heard about this new immunization? Good idea? Bad idea? What did your mind focus on?

Okay.... now I've got that off my chest. Whew! Now onto lighter topics I'm sure....

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The drama continues

Near the end of January, the Today Show had a blurb about Mommies doing some social drinking at playdates. And they invited Melissa from Suburban Bliss onto the show to be interviewed by Meredith Viera along with another guest, Dr. Janet.

I'm all for it. At the end of the day? A bunch of Moms having one glass of wine? Yeah!

What I'm against is a parent (ANY PARENT) drinking all day long. Day in and day out. That's when it's self-medicating. That's when a person turns numb. That's when it's a problem. And THAT issue was not the one that was being (or should have been) highlighted in THIS piece. But that's what Dr. Janet seemed to be harping upon. The people who drink excessively.

But these gals they showed in the initial piece and Melissa? They were fine. One glass of wine. Not a big deal. These ladies are not "babysitters" Meredith. These are Moms. Twenty-four seven. And if they take a time to chat it up while their kids run around and play, then it's a win-win for everyone in attendance. The ladies aren't boozing it up. Got that Dr. Janet? These ladies aren't advocating drunken behavior. They're socializing with one alcoholic beverage. And for us Moms who've been full-time stay-at-home Moms? We KNOW that one drink can make us feel like an adult. After spending hours upon hours negotiating and guiding our children. Picking up after them. Wiping their little noses and bottoms. Trying to decipher words out of the goobly gook language that some of our littles ones use. That one act of having a glass in a wine glass (not a plastic cup) can make all the difference in the world! Makes you feel like an adult. Makes you feel a part of the outside world. You ladies KNOW what I'm talking about.

And this morning? The Today Show had an "update" interview with Dr. Janet and another Mom, Stefanie from Baby on Bored (I think it was her house and friends they showed in the initial piece). This interview was MUCH MORE balanced. Stefanie actually had an opportunity to speak. Intelligently. With LOTS of humor.

But this topic of Moms having a drink at playdates seems to have Moms/Dads polarized. It's another right versus wrong thing. It's amazing to see. I've been reading other Mom blogs. I've read the comments on Meredith's blog. Everyone has their opinion. Like with all other parenting decisions.

There have been comments that many Dads (and Moms) have a drink during a football/baseball game. With their kids running around. And watching a sporting event while drinking an adult beverage happens every week in some households. And no one ever seems to have a debate about that. Why? Why not?

And just imagine the behavior displayed when you actually ATTEND a professional sporting event! The yelling! The cursing! The fighting on the field and in the stands! And then there's the drinking! This is why we don't attend professional football games. The drinking at the pre-game tailgates? A lot of people get crazy! That's just something I don't want my kids around.

Anyway, did you see TLC's Moving Up on Saturday night? Episode #221 called Shipped Out, Spent Up? I bring this up because there was a single Dad who purchased a home. And he would drink wine at the end of the day. He's a SINGLE Dad, so he's got no person to share the child-rearing duties with. Did TLC get a bunch of complaints about this guy? No. I went to their site forum and there's nothing about it. Nada. Zero. Zilch. So is it because he's a Dad and HE is responsible? Hmmm....

What would you say to or about my neighbors across the street who both have a bottle of beer in their hand when they're out watching their kids play in the cul-de-sac. It's not a once in a while thing either. They've got a bottle every time they're watching the kids play outside. When the neighborhood kids play, all us parents generally gather and chat. So I see the beer. But do any of us say anything? No. They are the parents to their kids. It's THEIR decision to relax with a beer at the end of the day.

Just like I tell my daughter. Our family does things our way. Other families do things their way. So can't we all just get along now?

Monday, February 5, 2007

He's wondering

My son is behind me in the office here. He climbed up on the chair next to the cabinets my husband has.

It's foootbaw.
How dat get there? Hmmm? Who put dat thaw?
I have big head...

He's wondering about a BOX he saw on top of the cabinets. A box that has a football helmet in it (size 4-6). The box also has a jersey and pants in it, which of course we can't see. The Bear is wondering about the box and WHO the box is for. If it's his? Or it's just a box for my husband?

The box came on Thursday via the postman. And there's no card in it. No nothing. We have NO IDEA who this gift is from.

So we're wondering who the box is from. And the Bear is wondering IF and WHEN he'll get to wear it.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

So disappointed

I am so sad that Marcel didn't win! DEVASTATED!

But things happen and he didn't shine (I guess) to the judges compared to Ilan. What I appreciated was his spontenaeous creation of his menu. He had ideas but didn't bring any "food products" with him. He brought his chemical ingredients but no produce or protein or anything. He knew he'd just use whatever was there in Hawaii. Ilan did have an idea that he'd use those eels so his entire menu was not 'on the fly' but he rocked it in the judges eyes.

What I found irritating was that Ilan totally relied upon Elia. He knew that she was better technically than he was and he got her on the intricate pieces that required cooking. The fish was done right. The meat was fine. So was the outstanding reception of his food more based upon Elia's knowledge of the technical side of cooking these pieces? Or was it his ideas? Hmmm... I found it funny that Betty was a 'mess' in the kitchen. Typical Betty!

And if you go to the Bravo website, there's a clip where Marcel is writing up the "plan" for the meal that detailed everything out. He knew that would be needed and he prepared that information for his 'team'. Too bad the team didn't use it!

But I enjoyed this second season of Top Chef. Great, great, GREAT! Success to Ilan and well as Elia and Sam!