Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alive and kicking and (hopefully) on the mend

Today I had my second doctor's appointment since I've relocated to my hometown.

My first appointment was with an internal medicine doc. After finding out about my acid reflux situation, he recommended that I visit a gastroenterologist. And today was the day I saw the new 2nd doc.

It was a good visit. I felt VERY comfortable with the gastroenterologist. She was very easy to talk to. She listened. A trait that some doctors don't have, you know?

I ended up getting some blood drawn before I left the facility. Just a few vials. I guess she wants to find out if I've got a high level of H.pylori in my stomach or not. Everyone has some H.pylori in their stomach. There is an unlucky portion of the population whose count is really high, which can result in nausea (check), bloating (check), frequent burping (check), vomiting, and weight loss.

I'm starting on some new meds today as well. I'm going to be taking Zantac in the evening and some other new acid reflux med that's similar (but different) to Nexium in the morning. I do so hope this helps me. I'm seriously tired of having to sleep on my back on my 6" wedge and TRYING not to turn on my side. Ay-yay-yay! I'm a side-sleeper!!!!

I'll be visiting my internist in about two weeks and my gastroenterologist in about four weeks. We'll see if my health gets better in the next few days. The next few weeks.

I'm crossing my fingers and my toes!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Life this week in bullets

No real posts lurking in my head
  • My heartburn/acid reflux has reared its ugly head once more
  • Not getting too much good sleep the past 3 nights due to the acid
  • Contemplating taking aloe vera pills to sooth my insides
  • MUST make an appointment with a new primary care physician since I've moved and have a new health plan
  • As of today, my youngest niece is a new walker -- she crawled maybe 1% of the time she was here at my parent's house
  • My kids have been a BIG part in the development of my youngest niece's walking since they have been encouraging her to walk to them every day
  • My kids are anxious to be go daycamp next week
  • My 2nd youngest niece may have qualified to be a part of the Junior Olympics this year for her achievements in both mini-javelin and shotput
  • My oldest nephew should be qualifying for the Junior Olympics (yet again) with his throws tomorrow in the javelin
  • I'm "enjoying" work for the most part
  • I did have my first RUDE call this week
  • I did get annoyed with my boss this week. She left without telling me she'd added more to my job queue. I didn't find out until 4pm that the stuff was in there and I leave at 4:30pm. ARGH!
  • I spent 2.5 hours at the DMV this week and that was WITH an appointment
  • Even though my wait at the DMV was long. I stayed sane by playing Brain Age2 on my daughter's DS. Thus? I approached every DMV employee with a smile. And I'm sure they appreciated that in the sea of impatient faces.
  • I did get my new license plate AND I got 100% on my short written driving exam. The grader even made faces on the zeros in the 100%  mark on my test. I'll be getting my new drivers license in the mail in about 4 weeks
Life is good. Even with a sour tummy.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still here but oh so busy

I've been working at my job for about 3 weeks now. Woohoo!

I'm getting up every day. Getting dressed in REAL outfits. Putting on makeup. Even putting on heels!

But I'm still getting used to the whole gig. I'm tired when I get home. at least I'm there to eat dinner with them. Living here at my parents temporarily has been a blessing. My Mom makes dinner hafl the time. I pick up easy stuff or make a crockpot meal the other half. So when I get home I quickly change so we can all sit down together for dinner. Afterwards? I spend my quality time with the kids. We've been spending those last few hours of the day together. We've been playing hangman. We broke out Boggle a few days ago. Last night we were playing Sorry! Then I get them ready for bed. And they go to sleep. [sniffle-sniffle]

Next week they'll be getting up with me (as they've been sleeping in until after I leave at 7:15am). They have a week of camp! Even though they're happy here at my folks playing all day, they're pretty excited to be spending the week away. but the fun doesn't stop there! They'll then be attending Vacation Bible School the week after. Then another week of camp. Then it'll already be 4th of July!

We've already hit the pool and the beach though. It's been so nice being here with my family.

And with that? I leave you with a few photos that I took recently.