Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still here but oh so busy

I've been working at my job for about 3 weeks now. Woohoo!

I'm getting up every day. Getting dressed in REAL outfits. Putting on makeup. Even putting on heels!

But I'm still getting used to the whole gig. I'm tired when I get home. at least I'm there to eat dinner with them. Living here at my parents temporarily has been a blessing. My Mom makes dinner hafl the time. I pick up easy stuff or make a crockpot meal the other half. So when I get home I quickly change so we can all sit down together for dinner. Afterwards? I spend my quality time with the kids. We've been spending those last few hours of the day together. We've been playing hangman. We broke out Boggle a few days ago. Last night we were playing Sorry! Then I get them ready for bed. And they go to sleep. [sniffle-sniffle]

Next week they'll be getting up with me (as they've been sleeping in until after I leave at 7:15am). They have a week of camp! Even though they're happy here at my folks playing all day, they're pretty excited to be spending the week away. but the fun doesn't stop there! They'll then be attending Vacation Bible School the week after. Then another week of camp. Then it'll already be 4th of July!

We've already hit the pool and the beach though. It's been so nice being here with my family.

And with that? I leave you with a few photos that I took recently.

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