Friday, May 21, 2010

Things are looking promising

Just got off the phone with the Hubs and he informed me of some new developments.

I guess the Hubs spoke to his direct boss (Raf) on Tuesday about how he's looking for a new job out here in SoCal. The fact that I found a new job out here already (and I start this Monday!) and the kids are out here as well.

Raf was very understanding. Since Raf used to be a consultant, he knows a bunch of people in the industry. He told the Hubs to look on a few websites (of businesses that are almost identical to the one he's at in Arizona). If the Hubs found any that he was interested in that Raf would be more than happy to forward the resume to the folks that he already knows at these places.

Then yesterday Raf touched base with the Hubs and recommended that the Hubs talk to Raf's boss about his plans to leave. Reason being? Because there's a potential merger afoot and the Hubs name is up on the list for a possible promotion. Ay-yay-yay!

So the Hubs spoke with Raf's boss, who was also VERY understanding. And Raf's boss told the Hubs about a couple big-wigs at another facility that could possibly use the Hubs' talent.

Can you believe it? A couple folks are putting their reputations up there for the Hubs and helping him get a job out here. It's so awesome. I just hope something comes of it. And you know what? I think that the Hubs is feeling a bit better. I'm sure that the fact that these folks are willing to help him out makes him feel warm and fuzzy inside. That people DO appreciate his hard work. His willingness to jump in when needed. See that HE is the type of person who contributes without complaint. What can I say? I married an awesome man. I'm just glad the Hubs knows that other people appreciate him too.

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