Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reconnecting & keeping busy

The kids and I have been reconnecting this week.

The Bear has continued to be cuddly and a little edgy when he's tired. The Princess has been a  little short with her brother.

My last day at work was Monday. I had another FOUR hour conference call. That went along with the four hour call on Friday. Eight hours of training? And I wrote up about 25 pages of instructional material beforehand as well. I had about five hours of training myself. So I completed my obligation on getting the new guy up-to-speed on things. I gave him overview instructions as well as detailed field-to-field instructions for the main database tasks.

So now? I've been keeping busy with the kids. We've been lazy tourists. A local park and the movies. Seaport Village. Birch Aquarium. We've been out every day. I've got to relish in these days before I actually start my new job. Yes. My new job. Which I'll be starting next week. Yeah!

There was a nice lady who answered all the kids questions.

The kiddos had a blast touching everything in the tide pools & we even were able to watch the small sharks getting fed.

Yes. The kids definitely had a good time walking around and checking out the marine life. We spent the whole morning there and we were ALL starving for lunch when I took this pic of the kiddos. Those Chipotle chicken burritos were delish too!

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