Saturday, May 15, 2010

The foursome all together

We've been a foursome again for about 4.5 hours.

The Hubs and the kids got to my folks house around 6:15pm. They were all smiles as they piled out of the car. It looks like they all actually extricated themselves from the car. I must tell you that the car was FULL of stuff. The Hubs was able to put a plastic bin between the kids so the two didn't even have to LOOK at each other the entire ride.

They did hit a hiccup. The Hubs put the movie DVD cases in the car. Unfortunately, all the DVDs were in either of two CD containers that sit on top of our tv in the family room. The kids failed to tell their father this. So (alas) there was no movie watching in the car.

Anyway, once the Hubs and I got the car emptied out. We set to getting the kids clothes situated in the closet of the room they'll be bunking in. I wasn't sure if everything would fit in the room. But it did mostly. Their jackets are in the other bedroom that my folks use as an office.

After we got the clothing situation settled, we sat on the couch. The kids quickly clamored onto us. We were like a blob on the couch. All touching. Each of the kids grabbed an arm. Yes. The Bear took my left arm even though he was sitting on my lap. The Princess took my right hand in both of hers as she leaned her head on my shoulder. My legs were draped onto the Hubs lap. We all kind of just relaxed and relished in each other's space. It was joyous.

Even though I've enjoyed my time as a single person for two weeks. I'm back into the reality of motherhood.The daily tasks of getting my young ones up and ready to face the world and then down again to rest their weary bodies. Me trying to sneak in hugs and kisses on their faces and even their necks when I can.

I'll have them with me. And now that they're here? I am going to miss having my husband near me. He's my partner in crime when it comes to the kids. He's my sidekick. My support. The one that keeps me sane when the kids are moody and on the brink of driving me insane.

But I'm continuing to hope that our physical separation will only be for a short time. That an opportunity will show itself. A wonderful new path where my husband can continue to grow professionally. A place where he can show what a great analytical mind he's got. Where he can be an asset and an irreplaceable resource. Somewhere that will appreciate him for his effort and his ability to get the job done. An avenue that'll allow us to be a foursome once more.

So now I must go. And spend time with my husband. Because before there was our merry foursome. There was a twosome. And I need to cultivate that duo just as lovingly as I do our foursome.

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