Sunday, November 30, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 30

We're home safe and sound.

The kids are asleep. Tired I'm sure from all the late nights they've been keeping. We haven't been putting them to bed a their regular time. Uh...they've been in bed between 10pm-11pm each night. Totally uncharacteristic of us when we travel but wefelt okay about it this visit. Especially since we weren't obligated to be anywhere. We didn't have anywhere that we planned to go. Just slept in late every morning.

The ride home was uneventful. The kids and I all fell asleep for a little bit. We left by about 10:30am and got home before 5:30pm.

I checked my emails from work and I've got at least 50 things I need to take care of tomorrow. But I'm not reading anything until tomorrow. This was the first fully relaxing 5 days away that I've had in years. No stress. No fuss. Relaxing...

How was YOUR holiday weekend?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 29

Just another day of hanging out with my peeps.

I wanted to relish in my family this weekend instead of rushing to and fro. No shopping was done - except for visits to the grocery store.

The kids and I went to the park for an hour so that they could burn off some energy. Get their blood flowing. We're waiting for Sis#2 and Jello to come over with their kids -- Mickey, Kay and Theo. My kids LOVE their cousins! LilSis and Shorty will be coming over as well. WHY is everyone coming to my Mom's? Because she is making her homemade lasagna. The stuff that we ALL love to eat. Yummy. Yummy. In the tummy!

It'll also give us time to sit and chat more. I have talked with my Mom alone every night. Last night we were up until after midnight chatting. The night before we were up until 11pm. It's just time to talk about the past. To talk about the future. Talk about politics. To discuss her plans for retirement. To talk about family. To discuss marriage. We talk about everything and anything. We talk about important stuff. And nonsense drama of folks in the entertainment industry. It's about all or nothing. But it's just a wonderful sense of good to talk to everyone.

I really think it's our investment of time with each other. To gauge whereour thoughts are at. If we're overalll happy with our lives. If we've got concerns. If we're troubled about any issue. It gives us each a good sense of where we're all at emotionally. And I love that.

I love the fact that I know my family is there. I love the fact that they know where my heart is at. I love the fact that we can be together and do nothing. And it means the world to me.

Friday, November 28, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 28

Relaxing day.

There was no rushing to the stores to try to get a deal. Nope. I dislike shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I enjoyed it when I was in college, but not anymore. Too much trouble.

Actually, I did go to Tarjay this morning. No. Not to fight for any toys or gift items. I actually went to get some female supplies. Yes. I got Aunt Flo yesterday. Unexpectedly. FIVE days early. So I had no supplies packed in my bag. I'm supposed to see her this coming Tuesday. So to see her come early? ARGH! But I got in and out of the store in less than 15 minutes. Easy parking. Got through Express check-out.

We actually drove to the mall and had the kids visit Santa. There was NO line when we dropped by. I got a bunch of nice photos. The people who were helping out Santa? They said the photos was so great. When I finally took a look at the photo? I had to agree that it was a fantastic shot. Both kidlings looked ecstatic.

Then we went out for lunch. A nice relaxing lunch.

And then we were to my folks house. And we chatted. And then all fell asleep. Actually, it was only me, LilSis and Shorty that passed out. The Hubs did some work on the computer. The kids played quietly.

We had some turkey noodle soup for dinner with some crusty bread. We did eat some leftover pumpkin pie for dessert. A calorie-filled weekend. That's for sure!

Now did YOU go to the mall and get some deals? Was it worth it?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Heading out

Yesterday, we arrived at my Mom's house around 12:45pm (1:45pm my time). LilSis and Shorty were there to let us in the house. We hung out. We went to the store for dessert supplies. The Hubs took a nap. I sat with LilSis and talked. Shorty played with the kids. When my Mom came home after work, we headed out for dinner. El Torito! The kids got a 'present' from the manager -- sombrero hats! Of course, they both wore the hats the rest of the meal. We went back to my Mom's after and talked and watched tv. It was nice. Once my Mom finishes up her Thanksgiving dishes, we'll be headed out to my other sister's house. Yeah! The kids get to see their cousins! It'll be all good fun.Now are you already eating your Thanksgiving meal? Do you do dinner? Or do you do lunch?

Just a short ramble on what's going on..Hope you and your loved ones have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!

NaBloPoMo - Entry 27


I'm having fun with my family today.

To keep you occupied while I'm having some laughs, here are some things to help YOU laugh a little

This one doesn't have any sound but it's still funny.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 26

We're heading out this morning. YES!

Driving out to see my family. I. AM. SO. EXCITED!

I so enjoy seeing my family. I love them with all my heart. But it's visits like this that make me miss them all the more. [sigh]

What's great about seeing my family is that we pick up right where we last left off. It's not like we haven't seen each other in months. We just talk like we talked yesterday. There's a level of comfort where we don't need to guard our words. You know? We don't have to consider how things are going to be interpreted. We talk about everything and anything. Even when our opinions differ. We're able to listen and HEAR what everyone else is saying. It's so nice.

What's funny is that me and my sisters always find a moment to move into an empty room and start chatting. And then others find us and join in. Suddenly my BILs and my Mom are there. And now that he's older? My oldest nephew is joining. It's kind of like he's graduated into the older group. I remember when my little sister "graduated" into the discussions. It was just like it was yesterday that she joined in. But now my nephew is finding his comfort level with us adults. It's amazing how quickly time passes.

I can't wait to get into a discussion with my sisters and everyone else tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 25

I'm sure everyone now has heard of SCOTUS Docket No. 08-570.

What do you think about it?

I guess SCOTUS Justice Souter agrees that the federal lawsuit filed by Phil Berg warrants further attention. That this particular docket, which was dismissed earlier, actually has a some meat to it.

The reason for the change is that there is a Constitutional requirement that "No person except a natural born citizen ... shall be eligible to the office of President..."

So what does that mean? It means that prior to or on December 1, Barack Obama needs to provide a vault copy of his original Hawaiian birth certificate.

Now I don't know why this wasn't produced already. I know this business of Obama's citizenship was brought up by some during the election. Why wasn't this dealt with already? I mean, practically everyone in the media was digging into Sarah Palin's life and history during the couple of months that she was Senator's McCain's running mate. All these investigative reporters out there in the world had TWO FREAKING years to figure out this business about Obama's past. And now this all is coming out? Why so late?

Now Senator Obama was in Hawaii the day before the election to see his grandmother. How difficult would it have been to send someone to get his birth certificate at that time? I mean he's got a staff right? All he had to do was send someone over. Granted, he had other things on his mind but this docket had already been filed. So he knew something was up with it.

What I didn't realize about the election process is that on December 15th, all the representatives of the Electoral College must go to each state capital and cast their votes for President and Vice President. It's an official thing that we never really hear about. But Senator Obama is required to substantial his citizenship two weeks prior to this voting process.

What if he's unable to produce the required paperwork?


I mean, I've heard that his father's Mom along with his half-brother and half-sister have said that Senator Obama was born in Kenya. And I found out that according to the U.S. Nationality Act of 1940, when parents choose to expatriate that minors lose their American citizenship. Since Obama's mom moved to Indonesia and married an Indonesian citizen that act basically ended her own and her son's American citizenship.

So what do you think about all this?

Monday, November 24, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 24


I just about busted a gut last night watching the Amazing Race.

I even had to stop the Hubs and get him to watch a few minutes of the program. Even he couldn't believe how uncoordinated the "Fraternity Brothers" were. According to a t-shirt one of them wore during last night's episode, they were from Alpha Epsilon Pi.

I mean the red-headed guy couldn't get the cloth tied around his feet properly. And the other guy couldn't march. HE. COULD. NOT. MARCH.

Now you tell me. Was that not hysterical?

"My motorskills and coordination are definitely some of my poor attributes, so the marching incorporates all the things I'm not good at."

He could NOT coordinate his arms and his legs. I mean all the soldiers were cracking up! It looked like he was punching the air! It's not about rhythm. It's about coordination. It's about knowing how to control your arms and legs. What made me laugh even more was that he said he was a "sports and tv based" kind of guy. All the people I know who are involved in sports are coordinated. I mean, you have to be right?

I'm laughing at this guy's expense but DANG! You can't help but laugh.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 23

What the heck?

Yesterday was my city's annual bike race.

Over 9000 cyclists participated in yesterday's race. They start around 7am for the full race. They let riders continue until 6:30pm. Why so long? Because the full race course is a 109 mile loop. Yes. One HUGE loop around the city. There are several other start areas so that folks have the option to ride smaller increments. There are 80 mile, 67 mile, 35 mile start lines on the loop. Cool right?

Since it's not a repeat loop that you go around a few times, you have to plan for this one. In the morning it's around 50 degrees. Chilly cold. But it can get up towards 80 degrees. Racers have to layer efficiently so they can easily strip items off.

And you'd think that since we're in the desert that it would be a flat course. so much. While there are flat sections, there are also roads made in a wavy pattern to ensure that rainwater flows to existing washes and into dirt and concrete lined riverbeds. There's even a section where riders go through dirt roads. Yes. Seriously. Look at a few photos from yesterday's race.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for the race. And because we had a windy day yesterday? It blew out any extra pollution we may have had out of the air. Beautiful!

But there was a disturbing event yesterday. A man actually made a left turn and ran into a group of 10 cyclists. He ran them over, got out of his car to check what happened, and then got back into his vehicle and took off. Yes. A hit-and-run! Can you believe it? They did get a brief description of the man out. Elderly. About 6 feet tall and 190 lbs. He drove a gold or silver Toyota or Honda that had major damage to the front right side. Five of the cyclists were injured with one rider listed in critical condition.I can't believe the man actually stopped and looked at the people on the ground and drove off. I hope they catch the guy soon. It boggles my mind that he thinks that he can just take off like that.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 22

Yesterday I was struck again how differently parents can..."parent".

When I was walking the kids along the front sidewalk to the gate, I saw one of those huge SUVs stop in the parking lot next to the rock section in front of the gate area. This typically happens with some kids. There parents stop there and they hop out. I actually park my car on the far end of the parking lot and walk my kids into the gated area so that I can give them final hugs. It's just something that I do. It's not like I'm rushing to get to an office since I work from home. It takes just a few minutes to walk them in, so I do it.

Anyway, I parked and we got out. I noticed how chilly the air was. There was a breeze so it definitely felt colder than the 55 degrees indicated by my car dashboard.

"Thank goodness both kids put on their jackets like I asked them to," I thought to myself.

As we walked along the sidewalk and got about halfway to the gate, the Bear stopped walking.

"Mom, can you help me close my jacket?"

Now my son? He's hot-blooded like me. When it's hot outside, I tend to feel a lot hotter than the Hubs. When it cools down and the Hubs decides to put on jeans, I am still wearing shorts. So if the Bear was asking me to close his jacket, then it was chilly. It was the darn wind!

Anway, I see this big SUV stop and I see at the corner of my eye that someone hopped out. As I turn right to walk my kids into the gate, I notice the person who got out of the car. It was a little girl. From her size (and her backpack), she was obviously one of the kindergarten kids. It wasn't her size that got my attention. It was the fact that she was wearing a short-sleeved dress and no jacket. Not even a sweater!

This parent is able to afford this huge SUV. This parent doesn't take the 5 minutes to park their vehicle and walk their child into the gated area. This parent doesn't think to put a JACKET on their child when it's 55 degrees (not counting the wind factor) outside. WTF?

Granted, it generally does warm up pretty quickly once the sun gets higher in the sky. So by 9:30am it's comfortable. But it was breezy yesterday. AND it was at least 15 minutes before the kids were allowed inside the classroom. So that little girl? Had to sit outside in a dress and no jacket.

So you parents out there? Be sure to have a light jacket or sweater (at least) stashed in your car's trunk. I mean,just in case your child runs out of the house without a jacket and you figure out as you're driving them to school that it is definitely a cold morning. Okay? Please? THANKS!

Then again there was a funny moment inside the gated area that I found funny. The gate all the kids walk into in the morning enters into the kindergarten play area. So normally when we walk in every morning, the Bear sits down with his friends while I walk with the Princess to the back "big kids" play area. I give her hugs behind the wall and then walk back to the Bear to give him his final hug.

Yesterday he was surrounded by a bunch of his buddies. As he saw me coming, his eyes focused on mine. I walked into the fray of boys, knelt down, and let him give ME a hug (he slipped in a kiss on my forehead as well). When he finished giving me a hug, one of his buds showed me something he had brought to school. I asked him a question about it and he answered. Another boy told me something and I responded. And then another of his buds told me about his older brother getting a phone. I noticed this last boy's shoes were BOTH untied. And I asked him to step closer to me so I could tie them.He kept talking to me about his brother. And then another little girl came up to chat with us as well. I made sure to look at each one as they said something. When I finished tying the laces, I stood up.

"Well. It was nice talking to you all. Have a great day. Be sure to listen to Ms. D so you can earn stickers! Bye Bear! See you after school!"

And with that? I was gone. What struck me was that they swarmed like bees. They all had something to say. I mean, all the kids know that I'm the Bear's mom. I walk him in every day. But did they swarm because they were copying each other? Or did they swarm because they saw that I was actually listening to them and responding to what they had to say? I'll never know. But that just reiterates to me that walking my kids in and chatting with them for those last moments in a relaxed manner with a final squeezy-hug is something that some of these other kids don't get.

Friday, November 21, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 21

I've had some heavy thoughts in my mind the last few days. Nothing I can control really. Just someone in my mind. A person I cannot help physically. But someone I can help through my positive thoughts and prayers.

Do you recall a couple months ago when I wrote this up in an entry to see if anyone could help?

When I couldn't get it out of my mind and I submitted samples of my own to be on the register?

Well, this extraordinary gal that has been on my mind just received an breakthrough blood cord transplant yesterday. And hopefully will be make am amazing recovery.

For those of you who don't know about it. Ladies who are pregnant can choose to have their baby's umbilical cord blood stored. You can choose to bank the cord blood in a private facility for your own family use. Or you may chose to donate the cord blood. Normally a newborn's umbilical cord is thrown away. Those life-saving stem cells are normally not used at all. Can you believe it? But you need to discuss these options with your doctor and the hospital you'll be delivering at way before your due date. Proper arrangements and paperwork will need to be completed.

A newborn's cord blood has precious properties. The cord blood can be used in the event your child develops leukemia or another disease as he/she gets older. The cord blood may be used on another child as well if there is a match. Or like with Michelle, you can donate the cord blood to someone who has not been able to find a donor with matching bone marrow.

Just something serious to consider. I hope that I'm able to help Michelle by reaching you -- the folks who read my blog. That through you more people will get involved in the cause. Become a registered blood or bone marrow marrow donor. Or donate your child-to-be's cord blood. Something. Anything. I think it's important we all try to do even the smallest bit to help.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm still waiting

Remember the other day when I was all excited about my latest purchase ?

Well, I finally received a confirmation that they are shipping my items today.

Yea, right?

Well. No. I just checked the status of the tracking number and it's NOT YET in the system.

Yes. I have a tracking number. But NO the people who are shipping my stuff haven't picked UP my item yet.


This just means that I won't get my package until NEXT WEEK!

I won't be home next week. Thanksgiving with my family. Remember?


I'm still excited to be getting my bags. I'm just disappointed that I won't get my stuff by this weekend. Hmm...I guess that's what I get for $4.95 standard shipping. I guess they're not in a hurry to get stuff out to their customers. But they DID have time to revamp their main page. I guess that's where their priorities lie.

NaBloPoMo - Entry 20

The CEOs of the major automakers got "spanked" when they visited Congress yesterday.

Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford, mentioned that his company let 51,000 people go and shut down 17 plants.

According to Rick Wagoner, CEO of General Motors, “We want to continue to play the vital role that we’ve played for America for the past hundred years, but right now in today’s circumstances we can’t do it alone”.”

So what did these guys do? They went in front of Congress yesterday…and got “spanked”.

Why? Because their lack of frugality came to light when Congressman Brad Sherman asked the CEOs if they flew into Washington on one of the commercial airlines and it came to pass that each of them had flown in via private jet. These executives who are in charge of companies that are supposedly on the verge of bankruptcy had come to Washington to ask for $25 billion to bail them out and had come on their company’s private jets. The cost for taking a flight from Detroit to Washington? $20,000!!!!

Sure. These CEOs had apparently done a lot to curb costs. They renegotiated union contracts. Stated they had started producing more fuel-efficient/alternative-energy cars. That they needed the loan to prevent them from filing bankruptcy, which would mean 3 million people would lose their jobs. But why couldn’t these guys curb their own costs and use one of the commercial airlines? For a roundtrip flight on Northwest from Detroit to Washington DC, they could have spent a measly $288 for coach or $837 for first class. But NO! It was a $20,000 trip each.

I guess after yesterday’s failed attempt to get any money, these executives are choosing NOT to use their private jets to attend this week’s annual auto show in Los Angeles. Good choice. But I think that decision came a little too late.

Check out THIS article by a recent Presidential hopeful that I found mighty interesting.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 19

I awakened at 1:15am by the Bear wandering into our bedroom. He said he had a bad dream and couldn't go back to sleep.

I brought him into the family room and laid down with him. Within 10 minutes he was snriing up a storm. I got up and went back to bed with the Hubs.

Around 30 minutes later, I heard someone meander upstairs. And then back downstairs. I didn't move. But the Hubs heard the Bear.

And he put the Bear into our bed. Where the Bear resumed his LOUD snoring. The Hubs soon decided to get the Bear out of our bed. He got up and was picking up the Bear.

Bear: Dad? What are you doing?
We're going to sleep upstairs bud.

What was funny is that when the Bear started talking you wouldn't have known by his voice that a millisecond beforehand the kid had been in a deep sleep. CLEAR. AS. DAY. He does that all the time. Like when we've been traveling and the kids fall asleep in the car, he always wakes up like a crackerjack when we pull into the garage and open the car doors.

But I've already been to the dentist this morning. No emergency. It was my 6-month check-up. Since my last visit, the office got a new hygienist. And she is SO NICE! She and I were talking and laughing. It was good. And best of all I had no issues to report. I still have the same to teeth that may potentially develop into something. But the two teeth haven't gotten any worse over the last 18 months. Yeah! So I got my teeth cleaned and got a flouride treatment. I was home by 9:30am!

And now? I'll be headed to my DRs office in another 15 minutes. Remember? The possible hernia? Yeah. Still have to get that looked at.


So I'm back.

My primary care physician did an easy evaluation. She had me lay down on the table. Then she put her hands on the area that I indicated was hurting. She had me sit up and then lie back down. She had me to it a few times.

And YES. Indeed. I do have a hernia.

She gave me a referral to a surgeon. Thankfully I was able to call the surgeon's office before their lunchtime break to make an appointment. I guess it's a busy time of year for surgery. I won't be able to get in to see him until December 4. ARGH!

I'll have to get through Thanksgiving weekend and take it easy instead of chatting and running around with my family and eating a ton.[sigh]

But thankfully she told me that most hernias are corrected via laproscopic surgery. So recovery from the procedure should be easy.

Anyone out there experience a hernia? Tell me what happened to you.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 18

The Hubs and I were chatting last night. He was going to change so he could work out and I followed him into our bedroom.

Me: It's so good you're working out. You're motivated. You probably weigh about only 50 pounds more than me.
FIFTY pounds more? I don't THINK so.
I think it's more along the lines of forty pounds.
What makes you say that?
I only weigh 170 honey.
No. Really? I thought you weighed 180.
Not even close.

Since we were in our bedroom, he walked into our bathroom. Pulled out the scale. And stepped on it. He looked

Me: That scale is 5 pounds off. It gives you a number that's 5 pounds less than you actually are.
FIVE pounds?
Yeah. Why? What's the scale say?
It says I'm 180.

Ha! Ha! I told you. I told you!

I totally knew the Hubs was more than 170. When he was 170? He didn't have a double chin. AND his pants were a smaller size. So I knew he was at least 180.

Just another example of where he doesn't believe what I'm talking about. And another example of the universe siding with me on a topic. HA!

Love ya babe!

Monday, November 17, 2008

It just cracks me up

I emailed one of our new providers earlier today.

I received the following email about 5 minutes ago.

Hi Grace,

Our name is spelt wrong in the directory. Should be XXXX not XXXY.


So they let me know that I entered the name wrong by one letter.

But did you read their email? Instead of typing in SPELLED, they used SPELT.

Uh...thanks for catching my error. How about you check your own?

NaBloPoMo - Entry 17

I've got a call into my DR's office.

Actually, I left a message last night so that they'd give me a buzz this morning. This way they know I want to be seen today.

I'm freaking out just a little bit.

During my self analysis this weekend, I concluded that I may have a hernia.


I've got a slight bulging on the lower right part of my abdomen. It's tender. No. It doesn't hurt but it has a "heavy" feeling to it.

I realized last night while I was talking to the Hubs that I may have hurt myself on Thursday when I tried to push the washer back into place. Our washer did a little "jig" while doing a large load of white towels. And I pushed that big thing back in place. And THAT is probably where I strained myself.

So now? I sit waiting to hear from my doctor's office to see if they can get me in today. Hopefully this morning.

Anyone out there experience a hernia? Did you have surgery? How was it?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh no you didn't!

Good gosh people!

It's Sunday.

It's 10:05am.

Why the heck is someone ringing my doorbell?

Oh no.

Why is someone ringing my doorbell a SECOND time?

The kids are in their jammies.

I'm in my jammies (with no robe).

The Hubs is still in bed sleeping.

And whoever it is rang my doorbell. Not once. [pause-pause-pause] But TWICE!

I ran and grabbed a robe. I turned off the alarm. And opened the door.

To a man in a shirt and tie. And his daughter, who looked to be about 3 years old.

Man: Hi. I'm Dave. And this is my daughter Hannah. [all chipper and smiling]
Hi. Um. We're just still waking up. This is not a good time.
Oh. Okay. [looking unsure now]
Okay. Bye. [closing door]

I shut the door. I must have looked like a crazy lady. Thank goodness that we've got a security gate. So the man didn't see me in my full just-out-of-bed glory. I've not washed my face. No. I don't have googies all over my face. I'm sure I'm shiny as I do have oily skin. But my hair is standing up as I've not yet brushed it. And I'm in a black full-length black robe. Pretty, eh?

But who in their right mind goes around the neighborhood on a Sunday morning ringing/knocking on people's doors? And then not getting the HINT when no one answers on the first ring that they should move on and NOT ring a second time?


NaBloPoMo - Entry 16

I finally bought the bags I've been YEARNING for for the last few months.

It's the beige one that I've been wanting. Cute, no? I mean these particular bags hold more than a regular paperbag. And it's got HANDLES! I thought I'd wait and ask for these for Xmas but I couldn't wait.


Because they are on SALE for 50% off!

That's right. You read that correctly. Apparently there is a BIG sale going on at I saw items going from 30% to 50%. So YOU should go check it out.

So I purchased 4 bags for the same price as I would paid for only 2 bags. Woohoo! SCORE!

I did want to buy THESE bags below, but I know the Hubs wouldn't want to be caught carrying these into and out of our normal grocery store. What's great about the bags below? They can be wrapped up very compactly so they fit into your purse. See those little hanging tags? Those are the little things you snap together so they stay rolled all neatly. Kind of like an umbrella?

I'll be keeping my 4 new beige grocery bags in my car -- under my passenger front seat. This way when I go grocery shopping or the Hubs goes...the bags will be within easy reach.

Now do YOU have reusable bags? Are they the standard kind that you get at your local grocer? Or are they cute and fancy? And if you haven't yet purchased any bags...are you going to check out the site to see all the GREAT items they've got on there for sale? Go...check it out!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 15

The Bear attended a birthday party today.

It was at the same jump castle place that the Princess had her 8th birthday party at in September.

The Bear? He had a BLAST!

Oh....It's his weekend to have the class mascot. It's a giraffe named "Special". So we took Special to the party. Of course, I had to carry the giraffe in my bag. I took a photo of the Bear and Special at the party.

You know what I noticed about the kids versus the Bear? That my little guy is the only one who took a water bottle when they all sat down for dessert. All the rest of the kids? They attacked the juice and drank it up in no time flat. They were SO thirsty from all that running around in the jump castle room. Whew! But my little guy? He chugged water. He certainly got enough sugar with the ice cream and cake that he ate. No need for the juice. Actually...he really dislikes juice boxes. Can you believe it? No Capri Sun. No Juicy Juice. None of it. He prefers a water bottle.

When the Bear and I got home in the late afternoon, we didn't find a quiet house. We had visitors. One of the girls down the street and her little sister were playing upstairs with the Princess. My girl went over to their house and invited the girl her age over and came running back to the Hubs (who was washing his car). Turns out that the little sister always crires when her older sister leaves for a neighborhood playday. My daughter asked the Hubs if it was okay if the little sister came over too. It was okay with the Hubs, so both girls came over. They dressed up and had a good old time. They were here at the house almost 3 hours. A huge break for their parents. Because the two girls? They are LOUD! So with both of them out of the house, it must have been quiet at their house. Also, they've got an 8-month-old son at home. So they're sleep deprived. Hopefully the two parents got a nap in this afternoon!

The Bear and I got home around 4:45pm. And I didn't want to cook. And the Hubs hadn't started anything.So we went to one of those chain restaurants for dinner. And we brought Special with us. Yes. That giraffe had quite a day. A party. Dinner out. Tomorrow, the Bear is going to draw a picture of something that he and Special did together.

Fun day here. What did you do?

Friday, November 14, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 14

Did you know that today is World Diabetes Day?

Diabetes is a disease that is either something that someone is born with OR is something that can develop due to life choices.

My father has adult onset diabetes. He was diagnosed when I was a teenager. He didn't make the best choices in life. He ate a lot. He ate a lot of fatty foods. He didn't exercise. And the result? Diabetes. He has to check his insulin levels in the morning before breakfast and in the late afternoon before dinner. When he travels, he has to carry his injection kit with him. Since he didn't take good care of himself when he was young and vital, he is not in the best health now. My Dad isn't the only one in our family who has diabetes either. The Hubs maternal grandmother had diabetes. My BIL's 11-year-old nephew (his sister's son) was diagnosed with it earlier this year.

Now that we're on the verge of possibly getting a national healthcare program, we ALL have to consider how widespread diabetes is throughout the United States.

It's one thing to be born with diabetes. It's another thing entirely when you make poor life decisions (like my Dad) and develop diabetes. My Dad could have prevented this disease from being such a major part of his life. He has other health problems, but the diabetes issue always has to be taken into consideration when medications for his other health issues are prescribed. [sigh] It's a battle to balance it all.

So if you know someone who is making some poor life choices that will contribute to the possibility of developing diabetes? Please try to help that person. Help them move a little more. Help them select a better food option. Anything. Diabetes isn't a one time issue. It stays with someone for the rest of their lives.

If you'd like to donate to help children with diabetes, please do so.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 13

The Hubs and the kids are finicky eaters. They are. It's quite annoying. Especially since I like to eat lots of different kinds of food. So I tend to keep meals simple and make what the kids and the Hubs will eat. To me? It's a bit boring but ... I have to go with it.

When we get take-out? I get to order whatever I want. Spicy? Unusual? Different? Yes. That's me!

But what's great? When I do have my food, you know who asks to have a bite? The Princess. She is now at an age where she wants to try new things. And since she's open to trying open things? I'm starting to take advantage of it.

Last week, I made a new chicken dish. And the Princess ate it up. She even asked when I would make it next. And last night, I made a different version of meatloaf than I normally do. And she ate that up. Even the Bear at half of the portion I gave him. And on Tuesday when the kids were off, I made that new dessert dish. Which both kids fully enjoyed.

They are venturing into new meals. YES!And I am fully amazed. But totally happy about it. Of course, I'm sure it'll be a hit-and-miss mission. Well worth the effort though.

Now are your kids picky eaters? What do you tend to make for them?

But right now? I'm munching on some leftover meatloaf and rice. YUM!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 12

People, I just almost pee'd in my pants with laughter.

It was PRICELESS to watch Brady being voted off. HA!

I am every so proud of Amy C. She did exactly what her Mom told her to do. "Think about yourself". Yeah!

The Blue team showed their UGLINESS by celebrating Phil being voted off by the Black team. It wasn't something the Black Team gals wanted to do, but that's what happened.That smirkiness that the Blue team showed was SO horrible. They just blamed everything on Phil. He made one comment to Brady and it got all blown up amongst the Blue team. They were the ones talking smack each and every turn. Their dislike for one person blossomed between the four of them. It was so destructive to watch. And those two couples are definitely NOT good examples for people. They didn't see or ever have an inkling of how ugly they being either. [shaking head] They just saw in their mind that Phil was the "bad" guy.

It's funny how Vicki says that "we always said we'd have 3 strong women at the final". That statement totally contradicts the fact that the 4th person of her original foursome was back in the game. It was always Vicki / Brady / Heba / Ed. That was the foursome. And everyone knows it. So Amy C was NOT being "stupid" Vicki. She was being smart knowing that you and the rest of your "team" would kick her to the curb.

The Blue team thought they had it in the bag last night. That they had a group that was five strong. Those smirky-smirk faces. Ugh. Amy C changed the entire game by voting like she did and I LOVE IT!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 11

Oh boy folks...

My son woke up last night at 3:35am. He came down and slept in our bed.

But this isn't a one time event. It began a few days ago. On Sunday, he woke up around 5 and the Hubs got up with him. And they both laid down on the couch and slept for another 1.5 hours.

The night before last, the kid woke up at 5:30am. Thankfully, the Hubs was already awake and was getting ready for work.

So last night was the THIRD night that the kid woke up insanely early.


When the Bear was younger, he did this exact thing. He'd wake up in the middle of the night and walk downstairs and would fall asleep on the couch in the family room, which is next to our master bedroom. We'd find him on the couch in the morning with a little blanket. But he would walk down the stairs in the DARK. And now? It seems that he's begun this walk downstairs to us. Ay-yay-yay!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I've almost got it!

Remember yesterday's post about the BIG gift the kids are getting from Santa?

Well, this little elf went to the place I mentioned is being reserved just for me!

[doing the happy dance and hooting and hollering!]

I got to the store a few minutes after opening, like I normally do, and perused the aisles for a DVD. I'm on one of those monthly plans where I can rent as many movies as I want each month but only taking 2 at a time.So like I mentioned before, the kids and I were in the place 1 to 2 times per week. Now I go in maybe once a week.

Anyway, I got there soon after they opened and picked out two new releases and made my way to the counter. And wouldn't you guess it? The lead manager and his 2nd in command were BOTH there. The other person was helping another customer, so I was able to chat with the lead manager.

Me: Um...I'm going to take you up on that offer we talked about last week. [under my breath]
Manager: Oh...the game thing?
Yes. Is that okay?
Which one?
We would like that one. [wink-wink]
Manager: Okay. For those, it'll normally be on a Tuesday when I'm in. So that'll be the day to touch base with me. It's not a problem.
Okay. Thanks. You're a lifesaver.
Yup. Those are going to be hard to find. We're only getting maybe 6 of those from now until Thanksgiving.

Did you hear that people? I've got a deal with the lead manager to set aside one of those prized units for US! Weeee!!!!! Ha-ha-ha. Of course, I called the Hubs in triumph to let him know. And he was pleased.

But can you believe they're only going to get SIX units for the entire month of November? Things are definitely slowing down in manufacturing.

NaBloPoMo - Entry 10


It's Monday, right?

School day. Normal.

Then WHY in the heck-a-doodle do my kids have tomorrow off?

Yes. I know it's Veteran's Day. But shouldn't the kids have today (Monday) off? That's how they used to schedule things when I was in school. It's just strange how the kids today have so many days off at weird times. You all remember Fall Break in October. That's just been happening a couple years for us here in Arizona. Then we have this strangely placed Veteran's Day off on Tuesday. Of course, there's the normal 4-day Thanksgiving weekend. Then we have the normal 2 weeks off for the holidays in December. Then MLK day in January. Then in February, the kids here don't have President's Day (Monday) off but have Rodeo Days (Thursday/Friday) off instead. Then there is the normal Spring Break. Then the kids have Good Friday off? We never had this when I was in school, but the Hubs who was brought up in Chicago says it's a normal day off. I guess it depends on the city you live in. Finally, the year ends. But DANG! I guess they're calling this progress? It just looks like a lot of days off.

I would seriously like it if the kids school went to a yearlong schedule. This way we wouldn't have a big break for the summer. The kids education would be more smooth. No more ramping up to speed for the entire month of August. My younger sister had a year-round schedule for a little while and she loved it. She was able to see her friends more often. We noticed that the kids did better because they didn't "lose" any information because the break in between grades wasn't 3 months long. But alas, year-round school districts are only found few and far between.

Now do YOUR kids have Tuesday off? Or today?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 9

The Hubs and I are already talking about the holidays.

He's given me his "wish" list that I'm supposed to forward onto my family and his family.

I will be giving him my "wish" list soon.

We're already figuring out what we're getting the kids. The Hubs ventured out to Best B** to look for a Wii. We do not have one yet. Yes. We're a few years behind most folks with school-aged kids. But we wanted to make sure the kids would be interested in it. And since the Princess spent about 5 hours on her cousin's Wii when we visited them over the summer, we know that we'll get some use out of it here at home.

I digress! So the Hubs went out yesterday to look for the hardware and came back empty-handed. They didn't have any in stock. And they don't do rainchecks. And they don't know when they'll get more inventory. That is some customer service for ya!

I go to a particular movie rental place every week. During the summer, the kids and I would go in there maybe TWICE a week. So the folks who open the store during the weekdays know us. The store manager and 2nd in command know me. I've chatted it up with both of them during the quiet mornings when no one else is in the place. They've always got great movie recommendations and are always sweet to the kids. NICE PEOPLE!

Anyway, last week I was asking the store manager about the gaming hardware they now sell. They didn't have anything on the shelves last week, so I asked about pricing. He let me know about how much each was retailing at -- Xbox 360 / Playstation 3 / Wii -- and that they get stock every 2 weeks. AND....if I was interested in something that I should let him know so that he can set one aside for me. Now THAT is the kind of customer service we need in this world!

I mentioned this to the Hubs and he said that to be on the safe side that I should go in and "reserve" a Wii console. Who knows if we'll be able to time it correctly to get a Wii from Best B**? I mean, I even looked online and that retailer is sold out of the consoles for online purchasing. Oy!

But we'll be getting one this year. It'll be the BIG gift the kids get from Santa. Yes. My 6 year old and 8 year old still both believe in Santa. I'm thinking that this "secret" will be revealed to the Princess this year by someone or another. [sigh] I'm glad that it's lasted this long. But I won't be surprised when she tells me that Santa is not real. I won't be surprised but I'll be a little bit sad. It's a wonderful fantasy to have as a kid. You know?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 8

The Princess attended her 2nd Girl Scout meeting this past week.She's in a combined troupe that is half Brownies (which she is) and half Girl Scouts. And let me tell you that she's enjoying it.

I didn't hang out this 2nd meeting like I did the first. When I told the Princess at dinner that I would just be dropping her off at the meeting, she seemed a little apprehensive.

I want to give you some privacy. I know you all talk about stuff and I want you to be able to express yourself.

After the meeting, she was all smiles. She had a good time in the round-table discussion. She participated a few times and didn't have to guard her words. She was able to relax without feeling that I was looking over her shoulder. And THAT is what I wanted to happen. I wanted her to have a relaxed outlet to express herself.

She's growing up and I want her to have a place and some space to be able to get things out. And I think that this group of young ladies will be a terrific emotional outlet for her.

Friday, November 7, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 7

When I picked up the Bear this afternoon, the teacher approached me.

Teacher: If the Bear seems blue, there was a little incident this afternoon.
Oh? What happened?
All the kids were racing and one of the little girls fell. She got tripped up in another girls' feet and she hit her head. Pretty hard on the ground. The Bear took it pretty hard because he was near her.
Me: Oh. So he's blaming himself for her falling?
Yes. I think so. Both of your kids wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Yes. My kids do. The Bear can't stand it when the Princess gets busted. Both of them don't like getting yelled at. The Bear can suddenly burst out into tears when he sees an animal that's hurt - especially that commercial about animal rescues with Sarah McLachlan's song in the background.

But I'm not surprised. I was the same way when I was little. So I let them be. I don't make fun of their sensitivity. They should be able to express their feelings, especially now while they're young. They'll be time enough for them to suppress their emotions when they get older. You know?

Now do you have a sensitive child? What makes your children cry?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Winter Clothese & Why Ask?

Last week, I ordered the kids more winter clothes. Jeans. A couple turtlenecks. Long sleeve shirts. Everything came this morning! I am now in the process of getting everything washed


I have to wash everything before we wear anything. The Hubs can wear things directly from the store. But me? I'm a bit squeamish about wearing stuff directly from the store. Gives me the heebee-jeebeez. Bleah...

Hopefully I'll be able to get everything in the kids closets before I have to go out and pick them up.


I got irked earlier today when someone from work emailed me asking how to do something. I emailed this person back with step-by-step instructions on how I would do the process. Then this person basically emails back something along the lines of Oh yeah! I know how to do this.

You do? Then why are you asking me how to do it? Why didn't you just figure it out on your own then?

[shakes head]

This person is NOT going to get any help from me from now on.



Why am I being so harsh about this person's response? Because this is not the first run-in with this person. I am constantly finding lackluster work being sent my way from this person. Information left out on documents. KEY elements that I need.I mean, I had to email this person twice just this week on two contracts I saw that had missing data. [shaking head]

I really dislike it when people who do half-ass work get snippety with me. So? I am cutting this person off from any kind of "help" this person may need. Go ask our supervisor for help. The co-worker assistance line that used to exist is now finito.

NaBloPoMo - Entry 6


I'm alone for the night and look what I do -- change the look of the site. Ya know. It's something that I like to do. Keep it fresh. I used to do the same thing with my bedroom when I was a teenager. I'd move my bed from one wall to another. I'd move my desk to whatever wall was available. A couple times a year.

Yesterday, the Hubs woke up extra early and got ready for the day. He then took the time to sit down with the kids for breakfast, which was really nice. He left by 6:20am. He gave the kids extra tight hugs. I got a few more extra kisses. And then he was off to the airport. [sigh]

Is it weird that he and I haven't talked since he left? Is that weird to you? It's not for us. He took a direct flight to his destination and took a shuttle to the hotel. And he'll be home today. If he had a more complicated itinerary -- aka had to stop and take a connecting flight and then drive himself to the hotel -- then he'd call. But nothing was amiss with his flight, so he didn't call me. We're just that way. Why? I guess it stems from the fact that I was a consultant after we got married. I basically traveled for two years for a couple long-term clients. I was one of those road warriors. I'd be in airports with my little rolling suitcase with my mix-n-match clothes and my laptop. Those were the days....

Anyway, the kids and I had a pretty relaxing evening. We had a relaxing dinner. Some pork,rice, spinach salad with some yummy sweet-tasting tomatoes. The Bear had some banana as well. The kids and I then sat down and watched "Journey to the Center of the World". Short movie. But the kids enjoyed it immensely. I'm sure they'll want to watch it again tomorrow after school. It was so great listening to them laugh at the funny/chasing parts. The Bear definitely is related to my Mom. When he gets scared/excited he stands up and hops around. This is exactly what my Mom does. When the Bear hops around I have to laugh because I just picture my Mom.

The Princess has a Girl Scout meeting tonight. Thankfully I took some time over the weekend to finish sewing on the rest of her patches onto her vest. Her vest is complete. Actually only until she earns more patches. Since this is her 2nd meeting, I'll just drop her off instead of hanging out at the meeting site. This way she's more comfortable talking about stuff without having me listening. I don't want her to feel self-conscious about opening up. Y'all know how embarrassing THAT is with a parent nearby. The Bear and I will have some time alone. I might just end up hanging out at the library with him for a little bit. The Hubs should be home late night. Way after the kids are in bed. But he'll be able to come home and sleep with me. A nice short overnight trip. Yeah!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 5

I'm on my own today and tomorrow.

The Hubs left for a business conference late last night. He'll be home late tomorrow after the kids are bed, so I'm running a solo mission for two full days. It'll be fine. I'm just used to having the Hubs to bounce off of. We tag-team the kids in the morning. [sigh]

But like I said it'll be fine. I just hope there won't be too much drama. Meltdowns. I detest the meaningless meltdown! But that's what happens with kids, you know?

You know what? I had a revelation with one of my part-time jobs. I need to step back. I shouldn't work with urgency. I should lay back and slowly do work. Not put in too much time to get things in promptly. Why? Because a day after I turned in my monthly timesheet, I got an email about my hours. Apparently, they noted that I went over 150 hours and that messes up the budget.

I almost blew a gasket when I saw the email. I had to take some time away from my computer after I read it. The hours that I clocked? Were for some dumbass project that this one guy is piece-mealing together. He started the project in February and just last month started asking me to do stuff on it. Create new numbers for each account for this new field we created. Oh wait. Here's another new field we created that we need you to populate. I had 3 special requests and then had to do rework at least twice on each request. Because this person didn't know what he needed. He had MONTHS to determine what the new package needed. He had MONTHS to evaluate what our current system contains. I clocked at least 30 hours doing work/re-work for him. And then I get an email regarding my hours? WTF?


So I'm going to slow it down. Keep myself sane. Don't stress myself out when there is some special request. I'll do things slow easy. Let's see if anyone notices the shift into first gear, eh?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 4

9:06am local

I voted.

I used my voice.


I went and got my free tall drip coffee from $tarbuck$.

--------------------more to come later-----------------------

The Hubs and I are hanging out in the office working with the small tv on low. We're kind of watching but not too tied to it. We're just checking now and again for updates. I'll resign myself to whatever happens. We all have to. Hopefully, our nation will continue to prosper. Hopefully, our citizens will remain safe here and abroad. I can only remain positive about our lives. To push on no matter how things pan out tonight.


I'm sad with the turnout. But let's see what happens.

These two guys have no opposition to get things passed. So let's see what they decide to get done right off the bat. Education? Healthcare? Taxes? They've worked on a platform of "change", so what sweeping change are they going to tackle first. Don't drag your feet now. Walk the talk and make the changes you promised.

Monday, November 3, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 3

My voice.

I learned to use my voice when I was a teenager.

Being the third child. The third girl. I was often the silent one. But after all those years of silence, I learned that my voice was my own.

I learned that trying to be cool wasn't a key to being happy. That what I felt and believed was of value. Even if my opinions differed from those who I felt (in my own mind) were cool or popular. I bucked the system when I was in high school. I didn't hang around with one group. I moved between them all. My own ethnic crowd. The sporty kids (I was in volleyball and track). The "I hold a class position" crowd (I was Secretary in my Junior year). The surfers (I had a good friend who surfed). The smart kids (I was in advanced classes). I didn't keep to one group and that was great. For me.

And because I didn't hang out with group? I didn't hear only one point of view growing up. And I could voice MY opinion in this array of groups. And it didn't matter that our opinions differed. We were all friends. We enjoyed the fact that we were all part of the same mold.We respected the fact that we were all different. And still friends.

Why can't this happen during our election process?


There is SO much bashing from one side. It's amazingly blatant. The media has skewed many into this one voice. A voice that can't seem to hear anything else. It's sad. It's like everyone is jumping on the one bandwagon because that's what their friends are doing.

Has everyone really looked into what each candidate can do for our nation in the long run? Has everyone really looked into each candidate's history as a public servant? Did you write down the 10 biggest issues in your life and compare where each candidate stands on the issues?

I do not want to see someone who has associated with bad people - This is a lesson that I tell my children. There are nice kids and not-so-nice kids. You choose your friends. Hopefully you'll choose friends who are good people. You can still be kind to the not-so-nice kids, but you don't need to hang out with them.

I do not want someone who has voted "present" - Sure. This person voted. But where does this person stand on these issues? Voting "present" is nothing. You're only telling me you're there and too wimpy to make a decision. That tells me you don't stand up for what you believe. That you don't care to take a stand. If you can't vote on legislation, then how are you going to decide on things when you're in charge?

I do not want someone who doesn't say the Pledge of Allegiance or show respect for our flag - If you don't show your respect for the flag or say the Pledge, then what kind of example are you for the kids and people of our nation? Are you telling me that when you walk into a room, we don't need to stand show our respect for you then? It just puts my mind in a tizzy that you may even possibly say that kids no longer need to learn the Pledge.

I do not want someone who pays women less money than men - One candidate pays the women less than 3/4 of what he pays the men on his staff who do the same job. The other candidate pays everyone who does the same job the same salary. So one candidate obviously feels that women should be paid equally and actually pays them equally. It's not just WORDS. It's his actions.

Me? I'll just say it.

I'm voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Their platform is more in line with what I believe. Clearly, there are things in the platform that I don't agree with. But in the big picture? They are who I believe in. They each have shown their decision making skills. They have both shown where they stand on issues. They want to keep our nation safe and strong. They both believe in family. They are both humble. They are both proud to be Americans and you can see this in their actions. These are the type of leaders that I want.

But my voice is my own. Based upon what the slanted media has said, my voice is in the minority. And I'm okay with that. Entertainers and the popular media have shoved their opinions onto our nation for the last 2 years. And I'm definitely going on my own path. What I'm voting for is the FUTURE of our nation. Not what I can get in my pocket in the short-term.

Tomorrow? Use YOUR voice. Think about your life. Think about our nation. Vote...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 2

Last night I slept in the Bear's room. He has an extra mattress on the floor and that's where I slept.

He woke up around 10:30pm coughing again. And he couldn't get back to sleep. So....I asked him if he wanted me to sleep with him. He said yes. I then let him know that I'd sleep on the extra mattress so that he could have the bed. And that was fine with him. But it took him forever and a half to get to sleep! Which means it took ME forever to get to sleep. You see, I can't sleep if he's rolling and coughing. Ugh.

And this morning? The kid woke up at 6:30am. ARGH!

You'd think that when a child goes to sleep super late that the child would wake up a couple hours later than normal, right? But we're talking about my kid. My Bear.

Me: Bubby? Why are you awake so early?
Bear: The sun is shining through the side of the curtain! It's morning!

He sees the itty-bitty bits of sunlight peeking past the cracks on the side of the thick curtains. And he's ready to go. No sleeping in. Even for the weary Mom. [sigh]

Saturday, November 1, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 1

I can't believe it's already November.

And with November comes NaBloPoMo.

I've never participated. But I figured that after a couple years of reading lots of other folks who participate that I'd jump in. And ya'll know that I can ramble. So I can ramble a little each day. HA!

Yesterday being Halloween, it was expectedly busy. But it so happened that yesterday was a field trip for my kids' school. The kids who met the 1st quarter reading program criteria were awarded with a free trip to the zoo. Both my kids were scheduled to go. So I was roped in asked to be a driver. Thankfully, they had enough drivers for all the other kids that I only had to drive my kids. It ended up being a Mommy-Kid day!

The kids had a good time. We got to see all the animals. They so enjoyed touching the snakes and lizard that were on display at the one venue. My son fed a giraffe too! They got to try Dipping Dots for the first time. Yes. For the very first time. It was their first dose of sweets for the day. Hey, it was Halloween! We finished up at the zoo and walked across the parking lot to the park next door. All the kids ate. And then they played for about 45 minute. Yes. They ran. they jumped. They had a grand old time.

Around 1pm I herded my kids towards our car. I knew they were tuckered out. They looked hot. I blasted the air conditioner (it was about 85 degrees) and turned on The Incredibles. The two relaxed, drank water, and cooled down. Once we got home, I moved the DVD to our big tv and had them lay down on the couch. I needed for them to rest up for the evening, you know?

Then I heard someone cough.


It was the Bear. He coughed that cough where you know it's the tip of an iceberg. It was a cough that sounded like he was on the verge of a rough couple of days. I had him drink a bunch of water and lay down.

The kids and I headed out for the night and left the Hubs to hand out candy. I had a figure 8 configuration in mind for our route. I had a feeling that the Bear wouldn't make the entire circuit. And I was right. As we walked the end of the first section he was dragging. We'd hit about 50 houses and he was bushed. What was great was that he was kind and friendly to everyone that we saw. Every house got a smile. A "Thank You" when the treat was being dropped into his bag. And a "Happy Halloween" along with a wave as he ran back to me at the sidewalk. But he was tired, so he went in to help the Hubs. But that left the two girls (me and the Princess) to finish the loop. And we were quick! She had a fun time chatting it up with me between houses.

We let the kids stay up until 9pm, which is LATE for them. And they were both barely able to make it through bedtime prep because they were both so exhausted. When I had the Bear in the tub, I noted how warm he was so we gave him some Motrin. They two fell asleep in no time flat.

Around 5:30am, the Hubs and I woke up to coughing. Or better yet...hacking. The Bear was awake and sounded like he was vomiting. Poor little man. He never did get anything up. But I think he was just feeling horrible because he was burning up. He felt so bad that he didn't want to drink any Motrin, even though he knows it makes him feel better. But I eventually convinced him to take a sip of it to take the edge off. The Hubs went back to bed and I lay on the couch with the Bear. When the kids are sick we try to split things up so that at least one of us is rested. Around 7:30, the Hubs got out of bed and let me get back into bed to catch a little more sleep. You see, the Bear NEVER went back to sleep. He just lay there on the couch and twirled my hair. Oy! But his fever went down a little after about 30 minutes and I was able to have him drink the rest of the dose of Motrin.

So to date? The Hubs was sick on Monday. I felt sick on Wednesday. The Bear got sick on Friday. The Princess? She should be sick on Monday. Right? I'd better make sure I've got enough Tylenol for her (she doesn't like the taste of Motrin).


Welcome to cold-flu-sick season!