Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 19

I awakened at 1:15am by the Bear wandering into our bedroom. He said he had a bad dream and couldn't go back to sleep.

I brought him into the family room and laid down with him. Within 10 minutes he was snriing up a storm. I got up and went back to bed with the Hubs.

Around 30 minutes later, I heard someone meander upstairs. And then back downstairs. I didn't move. But the Hubs heard the Bear.

And he put the Bear into our bed. Where the Bear resumed his LOUD snoring. The Hubs soon decided to get the Bear out of our bed. He got up and was picking up the Bear.

Bear: Dad? What are you doing?
We're going to sleep upstairs bud.

What was funny is that when the Bear started talking you wouldn't have known by his voice that a millisecond beforehand the kid had been in a deep sleep. CLEAR. AS. DAY. He does that all the time. Like when we've been traveling and the kids fall asleep in the car, he always wakes up like a crackerjack when we pull into the garage and open the car doors.

But I've already been to the dentist this morning. No emergency. It was my 6-month check-up. Since my last visit, the office got a new hygienist. And she is SO NICE! She and I were talking and laughing. It was good. And best of all I had no issues to report. I still have the same to teeth that may potentially develop into something. But the two teeth haven't gotten any worse over the last 18 months. Yeah! So I got my teeth cleaned and got a flouride treatment. I was home by 9:30am!

And now? I'll be headed to my DRs office in another 15 minutes. Remember? The possible hernia? Yeah. Still have to get that looked at.


So I'm back.

My primary care physician did an easy evaluation. She had me lay down on the table. Then she put her hands on the area that I indicated was hurting. She had me sit up and then lie back down. She had me to it a few times.

And YES. Indeed. I do have a hernia.

She gave me a referral to a surgeon. Thankfully I was able to call the surgeon's office before their lunchtime break to make an appointment. I guess it's a busy time of year for surgery. I won't be able to get in to see him until December 4. ARGH!

I'll have to get through Thanksgiving weekend and take it easy instead of chatting and running around with my family and eating a ton.[sigh]

But thankfully she told me that most hernias are corrected via laproscopic surgery. So recovery from the procedure should be easy.

Anyone out there experience a hernia? Tell me what happened to you.

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