Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Through the wee hours

How pathetic am I?

I JUST logged off my work computer 5 minutes ago.

It's 1:15 am. That's right. It's after 1 in the morning.

What's even more pathetic? The last thing I did on my work computer was have an IM conversation with a co-worker.

That's right. We BOTH were working.

Thankfully, I had good news for him. What he thought was a boatload of missing data? WAS NOT missing. Now he can sleep easy and not worry all night long. AHHHH...

I had a good answer for him!

But work is the reason I haven't been creating entries more regularly. It's been busting me big time. The latest I've stayed up is about 4:30am. I did that Friday night and Saturday night. What's pathetic is that I woke up between 8:30am - 9am the next morning -- both times. Of course, I laid down with the Bear for his nap. I got an hour each day this weekend.

I can't stay up THAT late during the workweek though. I have to get the kids ready for the day. And then I have to work. On the weekends, the Hubster can handle the kids and amuse them.

But hopefully in the next month of so the work will die down a little.


[crossing fingers and toes]

Friday, March 17, 2006

Party around the block....

Tomorrow we're going to a party.


It's not for the whole subdivision. Just for the neighbors that are located in this front section of our street and the adjoining cul-de-sac.

We're not being snobby. We all just know each other. Well most of us. Those of us with kidlings got to know each other as we all moved into the neighborhood.

It's a bring your own food kind of deal. We're testing the waters you see. Those who want to grill something can bring their own stuff as a couple men will be hauling their grills out onto the street.

It'll be a good time.

I just can't WAIT to talk to everyone. It seems like ages since we all got together.

With the kids in school and the sun setting by 6pm, it's hard to get together. By the time everyone gets home after work and has dinner, it's DARK!

So now that spring is here and the sun is setting later???? We'll probably be hanging outside more. YEAH!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Making Mommy Laugh

As you're waiting for YOUR turn to take a bath.

I'm washing your sister.

I turn and look at you.

Naked as a jay-bird standing next to me.

You look at me square in the eyes.

Stick out your belly.

Put your hands on your hips.

Thrust your belly out.

And shout...

"Care Bear STARE!"

Seriously....that's what my son did.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sleep progress

I got a raise people!

[doing the happy dance]

But the thing is that I've been SO, SO, SO insanely busy. I work on the computer. So at the end of my day? The last thing I've been wanting to do is sit any longer in front of a computer.

But with my raise? I bought......the Bear a brand new bed!

Actually, it's not here yet. It'll be hear in another week. It's a platform bed with 6 drawers underneath. I've decided to by-pass the headboard for now. I do believe the photo below is a KING size. My little guy will have only one stack of drawers under the platform. So 3 drawers on each side. I didn't want it high off the ground. He's a jumper!

I've also got a mattress on the way. It's one of those foam ones. Since he's not going to have a box spring underneath him I thought it would be more comfy.

He has NO idea that his bed is on the way. I'm sure he'll be excited when he sees it though. I mean...I am excited for him. He so needs a bigger bed (we got him a full-size). I mean he's 3-1/4 years old!

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering WHY we waited so long to graduate him to a real bed. Right now he's in the converted crib -- in a toddler bed. When we converted him, we wanted to be sure that he'd stay IN the bed all night even though he had the ability to get down and roam. Roam around upstairs. And our bedroom is downstairs.

So now he's past the test. He stays in the bed when he wakes up. And he calls for us.

"Mom?" "Dad?"

Then we go upstairs and greet him with smiles and kisses.

I'll let you know in a couple weeks how the transition went from toddler bed to BIB BOY bed.

Now what linens am I going to get....hmmm...