Friday, November 28, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 28

Relaxing day.

There was no rushing to the stores to try to get a deal. Nope. I dislike shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I enjoyed it when I was in college, but not anymore. Too much trouble.

Actually, I did go to Tarjay this morning. No. Not to fight for any toys or gift items. I actually went to get some female supplies. Yes. I got Aunt Flo yesterday. Unexpectedly. FIVE days early. So I had no supplies packed in my bag. I'm supposed to see her this coming Tuesday. So to see her come early? ARGH! But I got in and out of the store in less than 15 minutes. Easy parking. Got through Express check-out.

We actually drove to the mall and had the kids visit Santa. There was NO line when we dropped by. I got a bunch of nice photos. The people who were helping out Santa? They said the photos was so great. When I finally took a look at the photo? I had to agree that it was a fantastic shot. Both kidlings looked ecstatic.

Then we went out for lunch. A nice relaxing lunch.

And then we were to my folks house. And we chatted. And then all fell asleep. Actually, it was only me, LilSis and Shorty that passed out. The Hubs did some work on the computer. The kids played quietly.

We had some turkey noodle soup for dinner with some crusty bread. We did eat some leftover pumpkin pie for dessert. A calorie-filled weekend. That's for sure!

Now did YOU go to the mall and get some deals? Was it worth it?

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