Thursday, November 27, 2008

Heading out

Yesterday, we arrived at my Mom's house around 12:45pm (1:45pm my time). LilSis and Shorty were there to let us in the house. We hung out. We went to the store for dessert supplies. The Hubs took a nap. I sat with LilSis and talked. Shorty played with the kids. When my Mom came home after work, we headed out for dinner. El Torito! The kids got a 'present' from the manager -- sombrero hats! Of course, they both wore the hats the rest of the meal. We went back to my Mom's after and talked and watched tv. It was nice. Once my Mom finishes up her Thanksgiving dishes, we'll be headed out to my other sister's house. Yeah! The kids get to see their cousins! It'll be all good fun.Now are you already eating your Thanksgiving meal? Do you do dinner? Or do you do lunch?

Just a short ramble on what's going on..Hope you and your loved ones have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!

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