Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 5

I'm on my own today and tomorrow.

The Hubs left for a business conference late last night. He'll be home late tomorrow after the kids are bed, so I'm running a solo mission for two full days. It'll be fine. I'm just used to having the Hubs to bounce off of. We tag-team the kids in the morning. [sigh]

But like I said it'll be fine. I just hope there won't be too much drama. Meltdowns. I detest the meaningless meltdown! But that's what happens with kids, you know?

You know what? I had a revelation with one of my part-time jobs. I need to step back. I shouldn't work with urgency. I should lay back and slowly do work. Not put in too much time to get things in promptly. Why? Because a day after I turned in my monthly timesheet, I got an email about my hours. Apparently, they noted that I went over 150 hours and that messes up the budget.

I almost blew a gasket when I saw the email. I had to take some time away from my computer after I read it. The hours that I clocked? Were for some dumbass project that this one guy is piece-mealing together. He started the project in February and just last month started asking me to do stuff on it. Create new numbers for each account for this new field we created. Oh wait. Here's another new field we created that we need you to populate. I had 3 special requests and then had to do rework at least twice on each request. Because this person didn't know what he needed. He had MONTHS to determine what the new package needed. He had MONTHS to evaluate what our current system contains. I clocked at least 30 hours doing work/re-work for him. And then I get an email regarding my hours? WTF?


So I'm going to slow it down. Keep myself sane. Don't stress myself out when there is some special request. I'll do things slow easy. Let's see if anyone notices the shift into first gear, eh?

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