Thursday, November 6, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 6


I'm alone for the night and look what I do -- change the look of the site. Ya know. It's something that I like to do. Keep it fresh. I used to do the same thing with my bedroom when I was a teenager. I'd move my bed from one wall to another. I'd move my desk to whatever wall was available. A couple times a year.

Yesterday, the Hubs woke up extra early and got ready for the day. He then took the time to sit down with the kids for breakfast, which was really nice. He left by 6:20am. He gave the kids extra tight hugs. I got a few more extra kisses. And then he was off to the airport. [sigh]

Is it weird that he and I haven't talked since he left? Is that weird to you? It's not for us. He took a direct flight to his destination and took a shuttle to the hotel. And he'll be home today. If he had a more complicated itinerary -- aka had to stop and take a connecting flight and then drive himself to the hotel -- then he'd call. But nothing was amiss with his flight, so he didn't call me. We're just that way. Why? I guess it stems from the fact that I was a consultant after we got married. I basically traveled for two years for a couple long-term clients. I was one of those road warriors. I'd be in airports with my little rolling suitcase with my mix-n-match clothes and my laptop. Those were the days....

Anyway, the kids and I had a pretty relaxing evening. We had a relaxing dinner. Some pork,rice, spinach salad with some yummy sweet-tasting tomatoes. The Bear had some banana as well. The kids and I then sat down and watched "Journey to the Center of the World". Short movie. But the kids enjoyed it immensely. I'm sure they'll want to watch it again tomorrow after school. It was so great listening to them laugh at the funny/chasing parts. The Bear definitely is related to my Mom. When he gets scared/excited he stands up and hops around. This is exactly what my Mom does. When the Bear hops around I have to laugh because I just picture my Mom.

The Princess has a Girl Scout meeting tonight. Thankfully I took some time over the weekend to finish sewing on the rest of her patches onto her vest. Her vest is complete. Actually only until she earns more patches. Since this is her 2nd meeting, I'll just drop her off instead of hanging out at the meeting site. This way she's more comfortable talking about stuff without having me listening. I don't want her to feel self-conscious about opening up. Y'all know how embarrassing THAT is with a parent nearby. The Bear and I will have some time alone. I might just end up hanging out at the library with him for a little bit. The Hubs should be home late night. Way after the kids are in bed. But he'll be able to come home and sleep with me. A nice short overnight trip. Yeah!

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