Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Winter Clothese & Why Ask?

Last week, I ordered the kids more winter clothes. Jeans. A couple turtlenecks. Long sleeve shirts. Everything came this morning! I am now in the process of getting everything washed


I have to wash everything before we wear anything. The Hubs can wear things directly from the store. But me? I'm a bit squeamish about wearing stuff directly from the store. Gives me the heebee-jeebeez. Bleah...

Hopefully I'll be able to get everything in the kids closets before I have to go out and pick them up.


I got irked earlier today when someone from work emailed me asking how to do something. I emailed this person back with step-by-step instructions on how I would do the process. Then this person basically emails back something along the lines of Oh yeah! I know how to do this.

You do? Then why are you asking me how to do it? Why didn't you just figure it out on your own then?

[shakes head]

This person is NOT going to get any help from me from now on.



Why am I being so harsh about this person's response? Because this is not the first run-in with this person. I am constantly finding lackluster work being sent my way from this person. Information left out on documents. KEY elements that I need.I mean, I had to email this person twice just this week on two contracts I saw that had missing data. [shaking head]

I really dislike it when people who do half-ass work get snippety with me. So? I am cutting this person off from any kind of "help" this person may need. Go ask our supervisor for help. The co-worker assistance line that used to exist is now finito.

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