Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 4

9:06am local

I voted.

I used my voice.


I went and got my free tall drip coffee from $tarbuck$.

--------------------more to come later-----------------------

The Hubs and I are hanging out in the office working with the small tv on low. We're kind of watching but not too tied to it. We're just checking now and again for updates. I'll resign myself to whatever happens. We all have to. Hopefully, our nation will continue to prosper. Hopefully, our citizens will remain safe here and abroad. I can only remain positive about our lives. To push on no matter how things pan out tonight.


I'm sad with the turnout. But let's see what happens.

These two guys have no opposition to get things passed. So let's see what they decide to get done right off the bat. Education? Healthcare? Taxes? They've worked on a platform of "change", so what sweeping change are they going to tackle first. Don't drag your feet now. Walk the talk and make the changes you promised.

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