Monday, November 3, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 3

My voice.

I learned to use my voice when I was a teenager.

Being the third child. The third girl. I was often the silent one. But after all those years of silence, I learned that my voice was my own.

I learned that trying to be cool wasn't a key to being happy. That what I felt and believed was of value. Even if my opinions differed from those who I felt (in my own mind) were cool or popular. I bucked the system when I was in high school. I didn't hang around with one group. I moved between them all. My own ethnic crowd. The sporty kids (I was in volleyball and track). The "I hold a class position" crowd (I was Secretary in my Junior year). The surfers (I had a good friend who surfed). The smart kids (I was in advanced classes). I didn't keep to one group and that was great. For me.

And because I didn't hang out with group? I didn't hear only one point of view growing up. And I could voice MY opinion in this array of groups. And it didn't matter that our opinions differed. We were all friends. We enjoyed the fact that we were all part of the same mold.We respected the fact that we were all different. And still friends.

Why can't this happen during our election process?


There is SO much bashing from one side. It's amazingly blatant. The media has skewed many into this one voice. A voice that can't seem to hear anything else. It's sad. It's like everyone is jumping on the one bandwagon because that's what their friends are doing.

Has everyone really looked into what each candidate can do for our nation in the long run? Has everyone really looked into each candidate's history as a public servant? Did you write down the 10 biggest issues in your life and compare where each candidate stands on the issues?

I do not want to see someone who has associated with bad people - This is a lesson that I tell my children. There are nice kids and not-so-nice kids. You choose your friends. Hopefully you'll choose friends who are good people. You can still be kind to the not-so-nice kids, but you don't need to hang out with them.

I do not want someone who has voted "present" - Sure. This person voted. But where does this person stand on these issues? Voting "present" is nothing. You're only telling me you're there and too wimpy to make a decision. That tells me you don't stand up for what you believe. That you don't care to take a stand. If you can't vote on legislation, then how are you going to decide on things when you're in charge?

I do not want someone who doesn't say the Pledge of Allegiance or show respect for our flag - If you don't show your respect for the flag or say the Pledge, then what kind of example are you for the kids and people of our nation? Are you telling me that when you walk into a room, we don't need to stand show our respect for you then? It just puts my mind in a tizzy that you may even possibly say that kids no longer need to learn the Pledge.

I do not want someone who pays women less money than men - One candidate pays the women less than 3/4 of what he pays the men on his staff who do the same job. The other candidate pays everyone who does the same job the same salary. So one candidate obviously feels that women should be paid equally and actually pays them equally. It's not just WORDS. It's his actions.

Me? I'll just say it.

I'm voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Their platform is more in line with what I believe. Clearly, there are things in the platform that I don't agree with. But in the big picture? They are who I believe in. They each have shown their decision making skills. They have both shown where they stand on issues. They want to keep our nation safe and strong. They both believe in family. They are both humble. They are both proud to be Americans and you can see this in their actions. These are the type of leaders that I want.

But my voice is my own. Based upon what the slanted media has said, my voice is in the minority. And I'm okay with that. Entertainers and the popular media have shoved their opinions onto our nation for the last 2 years. And I'm definitely going on my own path. What I'm voting for is the FUTURE of our nation. Not what I can get in my pocket in the short-term.

Tomorrow? Use YOUR voice. Think about your life. Think about our nation. Vote...

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