Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh no you didn't!

Good gosh people!

It's Sunday.

It's 10:05am.

Why the heck is someone ringing my doorbell?

Oh no.

Why is someone ringing my doorbell a SECOND time?

The kids are in their jammies.

I'm in my jammies (with no robe).

The Hubs is still in bed sleeping.

And whoever it is rang my doorbell. Not once. [pause-pause-pause] But TWICE!

I ran and grabbed a robe. I turned off the alarm. And opened the door.

To a man in a shirt and tie. And his daughter, who looked to be about 3 years old.

Man: Hi. I'm Dave. And this is my daughter Hannah. [all chipper and smiling]
Hi. Um. We're just still waking up. This is not a good time.
Oh. Okay. [looking unsure now]
Okay. Bye. [closing door]

I shut the door. I must have looked like a crazy lady. Thank goodness that we've got a security gate. So the man didn't see me in my full just-out-of-bed glory. I've not washed my face. No. I don't have googies all over my face. I'm sure I'm shiny as I do have oily skin. But my hair is standing up as I've not yet brushed it. And I'm in a black full-length black robe. Pretty, eh?

But who in their right mind goes around the neighborhood on a Sunday morning ringing/knocking on people's doors? And then not getting the HINT when no one answers on the first ring that they should move on and NOT ring a second time?


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