Sunday, November 16, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 16

I finally bought the bags I've been YEARNING for for the last few months.

It's the beige one that I've been wanting. Cute, no? I mean these particular bags hold more than a regular paperbag. And it's got HANDLES! I thought I'd wait and ask for these for Xmas but I couldn't wait.


Because they are on SALE for 50% off!

That's right. You read that correctly. Apparently there is a BIG sale going on at I saw items going from 30% to 50%. So YOU should go check it out.

So I purchased 4 bags for the same price as I would paid for only 2 bags. Woohoo! SCORE!

I did want to buy THESE bags below, but I know the Hubs wouldn't want to be caught carrying these into and out of our normal grocery store. What's great about the bags below? They can be wrapped up very compactly so they fit into your purse. See those little hanging tags? Those are the little things you snap together so they stay rolled all neatly. Kind of like an umbrella?

I'll be keeping my 4 new beige grocery bags in my car -- under my passenger front seat. This way when I go grocery shopping or the Hubs goes...the bags will be within easy reach.

Now do YOU have reusable bags? Are they the standard kind that you get at your local grocer? Or are they cute and fancy? And if you haven't yet purchased any bags...are you going to check out the site to see all the GREAT items they've got on there for sale? Go...check it out!

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