Saturday, November 15, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 15

The Bear attended a birthday party today.

It was at the same jump castle place that the Princess had her 8th birthday party at in September.

The Bear? He had a BLAST!

Oh....It's his weekend to have the class mascot. It's a giraffe named "Special". So we took Special to the party. Of course, I had to carry the giraffe in my bag. I took a photo of the Bear and Special at the party.

You know what I noticed about the kids versus the Bear? That my little guy is the only one who took a water bottle when they all sat down for dessert. All the rest of the kids? They attacked the juice and drank it up in no time flat. They were SO thirsty from all that running around in the jump castle room. Whew! But my little guy? He chugged water. He certainly got enough sugar with the ice cream and cake that he ate. No need for the juice. Actually...he really dislikes juice boxes. Can you believe it? No Capri Sun. No Juicy Juice. None of it. He prefers a water bottle.

When the Bear and I got home in the late afternoon, we didn't find a quiet house. We had visitors. One of the girls down the street and her little sister were playing upstairs with the Princess. My girl went over to their house and invited the girl her age over and came running back to the Hubs (who was washing his car). Turns out that the little sister always crires when her older sister leaves for a neighborhood playday. My daughter asked the Hubs if it was okay if the little sister came over too. It was okay with the Hubs, so both girls came over. They dressed up and had a good old time. They were here at the house almost 3 hours. A huge break for their parents. Because the two girls? They are LOUD! So with both of them out of the house, it must have been quiet at their house. Also, they've got an 8-month-old son at home. So they're sleep deprived. Hopefully the two parents got a nap in this afternoon!

The Bear and I got home around 4:45pm. And I didn't want to cook. And the Hubs hadn't started anything.So we went to one of those chain restaurants for dinner. And we brought Special with us. Yes. That giraffe had quite a day. A party. Dinner out. Tomorrow, the Bear is going to draw a picture of something that he and Special did together.

Fun day here. What did you do?

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