Monday, November 10, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 10


It's Monday, right?

School day. Normal.

Then WHY in the heck-a-doodle do my kids have tomorrow off?

Yes. I know it's Veteran's Day. But shouldn't the kids have today (Monday) off? That's how they used to schedule things when I was in school. It's just strange how the kids today have so many days off at weird times. You all remember Fall Break in October. That's just been happening a couple years for us here in Arizona. Then we have this strangely placed Veteran's Day off on Tuesday. Of course, there's the normal 4-day Thanksgiving weekend. Then we have the normal 2 weeks off for the holidays in December. Then MLK day in January. Then in February, the kids here don't have President's Day (Monday) off but have Rodeo Days (Thursday/Friday) off instead. Then there is the normal Spring Break. Then the kids have Good Friday off? We never had this when I was in school, but the Hubs who was brought up in Chicago says it's a normal day off. I guess it depends on the city you live in. Finally, the year ends. But DANG! I guess they're calling this progress? It just looks like a lot of days off.

I would seriously like it if the kids school went to a yearlong schedule. This way we wouldn't have a big break for the summer. The kids education would be more smooth. No more ramping up to speed for the entire month of August. My younger sister had a year-round schedule for a little while and she loved it. She was able to see her friends more often. We noticed that the kids did better because they didn't "lose" any information because the break in between grades wasn't 3 months long. But alas, year-round school districts are only found few and far between.

Now do YOUR kids have Tuesday off? Or today?

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