Monday, November 10, 2008

I've almost got it!

Remember yesterday's post about the BIG gift the kids are getting from Santa?

Well, this little elf went to the place I mentioned is being reserved just for me!

[doing the happy dance and hooting and hollering!]

I got to the store a few minutes after opening, like I normally do, and perused the aisles for a DVD. I'm on one of those monthly plans where I can rent as many movies as I want each month but only taking 2 at a time.So like I mentioned before, the kids and I were in the place 1 to 2 times per week. Now I go in maybe once a week.

Anyway, I got there soon after they opened and picked out two new releases and made my way to the counter. And wouldn't you guess it? The lead manager and his 2nd in command were BOTH there. The other person was helping another customer, so I was able to chat with the lead manager.

Me: Um...I'm going to take you up on that offer we talked about last week. [under my breath]
Manager: Oh...the game thing?
Yes. Is that okay?
Which one?
We would like that one. [wink-wink]
Manager: Okay. For those, it'll normally be on a Tuesday when I'm in. So that'll be the day to touch base with me. It's not a problem.
Okay. Thanks. You're a lifesaver.
Yup. Those are going to be hard to find. We're only getting maybe 6 of those from now until Thanksgiving.

Did you hear that people? I've got a deal with the lead manager to set aside one of those prized units for US! Weeee!!!!! Ha-ha-ha. Of course, I called the Hubs in triumph to let him know. And he was pleased.

But can you believe they're only going to get SIX units for the entire month of November? Things are definitely slowing down in manufacturing.

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