Sunday, November 9, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Entry 9

The Hubs and I are already talking about the holidays.

He's given me his "wish" list that I'm supposed to forward onto my family and his family.

I will be giving him my "wish" list soon.

We're already figuring out what we're getting the kids. The Hubs ventured out to Best B** to look for a Wii. We do not have one yet. Yes. We're a few years behind most folks with school-aged kids. But we wanted to make sure the kids would be interested in it. And since the Princess spent about 5 hours on her cousin's Wii when we visited them over the summer, we know that we'll get some use out of it here at home.

I digress! So the Hubs went out yesterday to look for the hardware and came back empty-handed. They didn't have any in stock. And they don't do rainchecks. And they don't know when they'll get more inventory. That is some customer service for ya!

I go to a particular movie rental place every week. During the summer, the kids and I would go in there maybe TWICE a week. So the folks who open the store during the weekdays know us. The store manager and 2nd in command know me. I've chatted it up with both of them during the quiet mornings when no one else is in the place. They've always got great movie recommendations and are always sweet to the kids. NICE PEOPLE!

Anyway, last week I was asking the store manager about the gaming hardware they now sell. They didn't have anything on the shelves last week, so I asked about pricing. He let me know about how much each was retailing at -- Xbox 360 / Playstation 3 / Wii -- and that they get stock every 2 weeks. AND....if I was interested in something that I should let him know so that he can set one aside for me. Now THAT is the kind of customer service we need in this world!

I mentioned this to the Hubs and he said that to be on the safe side that I should go in and "reserve" a Wii console. Who knows if we'll be able to time it correctly to get a Wii from Best B**? I mean, I even looked online and that retailer is sold out of the consoles for online purchasing. Oy!

But we'll be getting one this year. It'll be the BIG gift the kids get from Santa. Yes. My 6 year old and 8 year old still both believe in Santa. I'm thinking that this "secret" will be revealed to the Princess this year by someone or another. [sigh] I'm glad that it's lasted this long. But I won't be surprised when she tells me that Santa is not real. I won't be surprised but I'll be a little bit sad. It's a wonderful fantasy to have as a kid. You know?

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